Crash Course: Atom IDE for PHP 7 | Tilly Wittrup | Skillshare

Crash Course: Atom IDE for PHP 7

Tilly Wittrup, Junior Full Stack Web Developer

Crash Course: Atom IDE for PHP 7

Tilly Wittrup, Junior Full Stack Web Developer

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction & Download Atom

    • 2. How to use Atom workspace

    • 3. Install packages

    • 4. How to use Atom outline

    • 5. How to use Atom diagnosis

    • 6. How to use git in atom

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About This Class

In this crash course, you will learn how to use Atom IDE and set it up. This will ultimately help you write your code more efficiently. The followings are what you will learn in this course:

  • Basic usage of atom.
  • How to use outline functionality.
  • Usage of git in atom.
  • Usage of diagnostic in atom. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Tilly Wittrup

Junior Full Stack Web Developer


I'm passionate about building web applications through React.js, SCSS, CSS, Ruby On Rails and other tech stacks to build advanced websites. I have been programming since I was 13, and in the past 6 years, I've experimented with lots of different programming languages.

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1. Introduction & Download Atom: everyone working to this girl. So this course we're gonna look into Antam i d e. Which is a development environment that will help you improve. How you logical checking for it wasn't box and so on. So you cannot try with PHP. And first of all, if you haven't already, you need to download a term which works on Windows. Mac os and Lena is pretty simple to download. If you're on a Mac, you just click eight and Mac download, and then we wait for it to be downloaded, and you would put it inside deprecation folder. And this was simply just being put in down a phone. Or in this case, we fight over is just unseating him. And recon didn't put it inside Applications folder. Since I already have it installed it. I'm just gonna say, start and then you can open it up from here. Why didn't get this window him? And in the next video, we're gonna get started and look out installed. Different package for the I ve Thank you so much watching 2. How to use Atom workspace: So in this video you're gonna show you how to use works space in Ayton, which is basically allowing you to add in a folder and then have a tree view. Teoh have an overview of two different fracture here so we can see Here's to you and we can go in and opened issue. Yes, I feel you condone creating a new file. See indexed Haiti. And then we can go in and quit a full Nichols here says for a cold and and then Ringo wins . Make a new phone, a cold output and you can see it will just basically appears. It was a trivial person, I guess. Like this is apparent element. This is our I am a parent Florida. Then we have in our cell phone and are so fola suffo lotus uses and a so fine with the knowledge that will be showed in here and make it more simple for you to never gave to treat a different kind of fowls are so that's how you can use didn't work space in 82 simplified your I am process 3. Install packages: So now that you have got a to Mr Well, what we need to do is now go in and click on Preferences. Uh, CMD our control coming, and then you will basically get in here, and then we need to go under install a package in a team. It's basically an extension off the editor. So we're gonna install different kind of package and re another look into them in disk media. We're just gonna install them and see that you're actually in eight. And I d u I which is made by facebook eight. Um and this won't in come up with em. Use interface. If I d. It won't really work with anything because we haven't installed on an extension like peanut fee, which is the one we're gonna focus on and this Medio discourse, I So when we have been started, one minute installed about one. So in the meantime, this is stalling. We can go in and look at the actual page where you concede, Hear any to my knee? You'll get everything from night smiler hour to complete into outline view and like no. Six and oh, it's that kind of things You can see you picked if it here and we're basically gonna install this one here, which we Christ PHP seven, Which is important if you don't have PT seven, I highly recommend you to install it. So you can I use this power If it otherwise you're not gonna be able to follow along this course again. All of this is completely free. So now that the ideas install it, we just need to stop this one here to check that I, Dean, you said two faces of stone that we should be able to go into view outlaw line and I know secures you that had to outline and diagnostic. And this one is Don't know. So what are we going to do now? Is ready to close it down. And then we said Thank you and my short in this video Syrian. See you in the next one. 4. How to use Atom outline: So in this video, we're gonna look into outline off a two mighty so was going and create a Haiti mill PP. Firewood, Haiti, more content. And in here we're gonna have a paragraph off and the world, and then we need to go pee and save you. And to whom outline space Evening outline isn't really functional that well with Haiti. Milko. So we need Teoh going actually and create a new foul only contains for each team, which is just because after PCP and then we're gonna have a classic. So again doesn't work with hate tomorrow. And but if you create a class in here, you condemn created furniture and then basically the outline if we got in and created a lot off Wyndham French is like from chin takes a mill from action pick Gene from chin Hey to mold and so on. What would be discovered is that we would have loved line of code, which then at some point would be really annoying because we wouldn't be able to just is grow further coat really easy. So we had our income and help us. You can basically jump from one section to another station without having to scroll the cold. You just have to scroll this one. Simple one here that didn't just will see stuff here. And this is what we will be a good thing to actually help you keep a structure over your coat. Thank you very much for watching this video seeing the next one. 5. How to use Atom diagnosis : so interest part. We're gonna look into diagnostic, which basically allows you to check if there's any interim decode. So what we can go in, he hands say, is we can go in and say tickle, diagnosing. Then we can go up here. I had a dollar here. If you didn't know said before, this wasn't here, then this will give the nearer. We can also go in the same ankle. And funny thing here is it actually doesn't consistency from Europe. But it does check for Simcoe, so it's not fully functional, but compared to its free and is still in very early beta stage development. And it will be improved a lot when in today's a couple of years. This is actually really good. So we can go in here and basically just shaking fists in the air in the code and say which and again, this gives an error so you can see he had this way to help you expect it was We have him, and this can be helpful if you have love code and you might not have noticed they were first glasses it off, sing it when you re first a patient dead it actually gives you the area that you're just missing. A small cynical and which then fixed there. Thank you so much for watching this video. See in the next one. 6. How to use git in atom: All right, So in this video, we're gonna face issue and not issue, we're gonna show you how to actually use. And I did the first a phone I found just fixing the small. Your CIA there were ingrained and create. Get a reverse repo initial acid. And then we can basically make it committed in here so we can see that we doesn't want to open it, commit this fall we can actually committed. So basically, you can see the change made here and all of that. This is not a version control costs. So I'm not gonna go too much into to Tito with that, But let's make it commit so weak in school, we can wipe. Sorry, I am at code to index dot PHP and after PCP. Normally, this would be more descriptive and force make Monson's, and then we just need to have say stage. And now this is like to stage we can create a commit So now that we actually have to commit in here, this is committed into diskette. And then we can, from here make a new foul and at another commit which didn't will be able to go on from here. We can also make a new branch down here. Cordish irritable Neffa. Then you can check out and all that that Sheesh! I suppose you would know if you know about version control and that's over this video figure very much watching. See you in the next video.