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Crash Course 2 Keto - The Ketogenic Diet Made Simple

teacher avatar Brady Salcido, Helping High Achievers Get Things Done!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

35 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. What Is "Keto"

    • 2. Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis

    • 3. Goal: Getting Keto-Adapted

    • 4. The Importance Of Insulin With Keto

    • 5. Benefits of Keto

    • 6. What To Expect When Going "Keto"

    • 7. The Top 4 Keto Trouble Foods

    • 8. Keto Diet Breakdown

    • 9. Hacks For Dealing With The Keto Flu

    • 10. Your Goals Change Your Ratios

    • 11. Exercise and Ketosis

    • 12. When To Test Your Ketone Levels

    • 13. Long Term Tracking

    • 14. Ketometer

    • 15. Keto Sticks

    • 16. Keto Breathalyzer

    • 17. The Protein Problem

    • 18. How To Find The Right Amount of Protein

    • 19. Quickest Route To Keto

    • 20. Stay The Course

    • 21. Sneaky Sugar

    • 22. Fat Fueled Coffee

    • 23. Exogenous Ketones

    • 24. What Are Bad Fats?

    • 25. Avoid Alcohol

    • 26. What If I Stop Keto?

    • 27. Can Vegans Go Keto?

    • 28. Review

    • 29. Snacks

    • 30. Not Getting Into Ketosis?

    • 31. Keto For Weight Loss

    • 32. Keto and Minerals

    • 33. How Often Should You Workout

    • 34. Digestive Troubles

    • 35. Bone Broth

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About This Class



  • "Very good presentation and hearing Keto explained by an authoritative source provides clarity. My husband and I are using this course as our bible to going keto. Not only is the curriculum comprehensive, but it is also explained in layman's terms for newbies, such as myself, to understand. I've watched the course several times because that is how I learn, but each time I seem to focus on something different and it has helped me plan and execute my journey to ketosis. So thankful I found this course, thanks for sharing it with those who are interested in a logical and proven way to a healthier lifestyle." - Angie Norris 
  • "This was an excellent course and very motivating. I'm new to the Keto diet and this was the perfect place to start. Instructor was engaging and direct. This diet is the perfect fit for my lifestyle as i have already seen the benefits of intermittent fasting and as I'm trying to gain more energy and burn more fat to fuel my love of cycling."  Kevin Frank
  • "Excellent, videos carefully explaining Ketosis and it's benefits. Of all the books I purchased on Keto, I finally understood it's meaning and application from this course." - Jose Carbo
  • "Very informative! I've been doing Keto for about 4 months for weight loss and haven't lost that much weight. This helps me see where I have been going wrong a tweak things and keep on track." - Teresa Cronin

Keto aka Ketosis has seen tremendous growth in popularity recently for it's amazing results. Ketosis has been helping countless people BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, IMPROVE ENERGY, INCREASE THEIR FOCUS, and REJUVENATE THEIR HEALTH!

What if I told you that they were able to achieve these amazing benefits while eating the foods that they LOVE!

Ketosis is a state in which your body is burning FAT as it's primarily fuel source and if done properly can actually burn your own fat stores to fuel massive weight loss. Not only that but it has been shown to improve athletic performance, brain function, and energy.

The problem is many people are unaware of the proper strategies and tools needed to flip the switch on their metabolism for fat burning. This is leading many people attempting the ketogenic diet to make some critical mistakes that are preventing them from experiencing the full benefits of ketosis. 

In this course, you'll learn how to get all the benefits of ketosis with as little bumps in the road and mistakes as possible. You'll also learn:

  • How to maximize the benefits of ketosis and avoid the top 3 mistakes!
  • How to use ketosis for fat loss!
  • How to combine ketosis with intermittent fasting for rapid and powerful ketosis!
  • Hacks for beating the Keto Flu and making the transition a breeze!
  • How to track and measure your progress along the way
  • Get Recipes, Workouts, and Guides to get the maximum benefit

The Crash Course 2 Keto also comes with a FREE FASTING GUIDE, FREE RECIPES, and 20 FREE WORKOUTS!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brady Salcido

Helping High Achievers Get Things Done!


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1. What Is "Keto": Alright, guys. So let's get right into this now the purpose of any ketogenic diet or if you ever hear somebody say they're going key toe The ultimate objective in the ultimate goal with doing the ketogenic diet and going Tito is to get your body into the state known as key toe Sis. Now we're gonna tell you exactly what that is. But before you understand, what it does is you need to understand this thing called mitochondria. Now, mitochondria are essentially ourselves battery chargers. You have thousands of these in each one of your cells, and their job is to take the food that you just ate and turn it into fuel for your body to be able to use really important that these mitochondria stay healthy. Now there's really two primary sources that are mitochondrial use. Now. Proteins will talk a little bit about that in a later video in a later module. But for the sake of mitochondria mitochondria basically used to sources, they use sugar which would come from your carbs, your fruits, breads, things like that. Or they will use fat. Now fat gets broken down into key tones. Sugar gets broken down into glucose. Now you may have caught that real fast here that key tones also ask Ito and we'll talk about that. But essentially, when you look at sugar and fat side by side, you're trying to decide what's gonna be a better fuel source for your mitochondria. It's like going to the gas station and going, I do the 87. Or should I do that? 91? Which one is gonna be a better fuel source for your car for your engines? Now we look at this side by side. What's really interesting is we find, based on the science and based on the research that sugar actually creates mawr oxidative stress than fat dust. Really interesting, because what happens is when sugar gets broken down in mitochondria and mitochondrial, try to use it as fuel. It actually creates more free radicals, and actually this oxidative stress. I want you to think of this like rusting in the body. It's basically smog starting to build up in your cells, and when smog builds up in your cells and you start getting this oxidative stress, it creates loads of inflammation and basically creates resistance for yourselves to able to do their job, which is really, really important. But when you look at fat, when in fact it's broken down, it turns out that fats actually really clean source of fuel. Here's the other thing is too fat actually gives you more energy than sugar does. When you do the breakdown of sugar and fat side by side, it turns out, fat will actually give you more energy with less residuals, with less small with less oxidative stress. So if we had to choose between one of these two, we want to use fat for fuel. It's a much cleaner fuel source. It's a better fuel source for about, and we'll talk about all the amazing benefits that happened when we use fat as our main fuel source in the next video. But in particular, this is what you toes is all about. Ketosis is essentially when your mitochondria and when your metabolism is now running off of fat for fuel rather than sugar, with the ultimate goal being to get the benefits that will talk about in the next video. So being in a state of ketosis is basically running off of key tones which are broken down fat, which is a cleaner source of fuel, gives you more energy is a by product, creates less inflammation in the body than sugar is, or glucose. So ultimately, that is what ketosis is that is going to be. Our objective for the course is how do we get to this state? Will we finally start burning fat as our fuel source? Now? One thing that's important to know because many people would go. Oh, well, why don't eat more fat and I should be able to start burning fat right away, right? I'll get into ketosis right away. Here's the problem is our mitochondria and our metabolism has literally created grooves so you can see my poor drawing here. And most people tend to be stuck on the groove of burning sugar, thanks to our standard American diet, where we're told we have to 50 to 60% of our calories from carbohydrates. It turns out the research doesn't support that. But what happens is people get stuck in the sugar burning mode and they have a hard time actually transitioning their metabolism in the fat. And the longer and the deeper that we've made these grooves, the harder it is the transition into this state were actually burning fat for fuel. So the goal in the objective is going to be getting us to a point where we can finally get out of this groove and then getting into a state where our bodies now able to use fat as a fuel source much easier than ever before. And this is a state that you might have heard it before, called being fat adapted. Or some would call it qi toe adapted. And that is our ultimate objective. We want to start creating a new groove where our body is in ketosis. It starts burning fat for fuel rather than sugar and gets us into a state where we are now fat adapted. And that's where your to experience all the major benefits that come with Cheetos is that we'll talk about in the next video 2. Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis: all right. So a common question I get from most people and this just really comes from a lot of confusion, especially in the medical community, about what ketosis actually is and what it's supposed to be used for. Many diabetics come in and say, You know, my doctor told me, Kiddo is not right for me because ketoacidosis is really bad for diabetics. But there's a lot of misconceptions here, So I want to touch on this just in case you or maybe somebody else that you know who's looking to Duke. Ito has been told some missing information, so I want to make sure this is very clear. Ketosis is a state where our bodies running at a minimal level of key tone. So there's minimal levels of blood key tones in our blood at a given time. Now, Keto acidosis is something very, very different. This only happens in diabetics, and the main reason that this is because they're not managing their insulin well, so let's break this down a little bit. So what happens is, let's say we're starting to get some blood sugar start to build up in our blood. Let's say we're a diabetic we take insulin to bring that blood sugar out of our blood and bring to ourselves for energy. Now, for diabetic isn't managing their insulin Well, here's what happens that glucose continues to stay in. The blood doesn't go into ourselves now are cells were saying? Oh my gosh, we're We need energy right now, but obviously there's no glucose because we're not getting any end, even though there is glucose in the blood. So it goes. Okay, body. We need a source of fuel right now. So it talks to the liver and tells the deliver. Hey, we need key tones, breakdown some fat and make sure we can get some fuel. So now, with the body doesn't realize, Hey, we're in starvation mode. Not really, and it starts to produce a significant amount of key tones. But again, it's not getting the energy that it's supposed to be getting, so it just continues to increase these holes of key tones and glucose in the body at the same time. Now we're not just talking minimal levels of key tones. We're talking substantial amounts of key tones, way more than normal. So what happens is now we have a buildup of key tones and glucose that Aaron significant levels in the blood. It makes our blood extremely acidic. It's very, very, very dangerous and very different. You know, when you're in ketosis you were actually not giving your body carbohydrates. You're not giving it substantial amounts of sugar, so your levels of glucose are going to continue to stay at its minimum. Now, if you are diabetic, you do want to make sure you're checking in minor in your insulin levels and your blood sugar levels as you go through key toe. But essentially, this is gonna be great for diabetics because you're not going to have to worry about these significant levels of key tones. Excuse me of glucose because you are now taking away many of those sources that would create a lot of glucose building up in the blood. I hope that makes sense. Sochi toes is very different from ketoacidosis. This really happens when you're not managing insulin levels. Well, this is a great state of healthy health benefits. It is great for diabetics. Just make sure you're always talking and speaking to your doctor before you begin something like this. And if they do say that is danger of ketoacidosis. Just let him know you're gonna be watching your blood sugar and your insulin Well, but key toes will help to make sure your blood sugar level stay at their proper levels. 3. Goal: Getting Keto-Adapted: all right. So remember those grooves were talking about in video one where we've been running off of sugar for so long that we need to make a transition to actually becoming what we would call keto adapted or fat adapted. And that is the process that's called key toe adaptation. Now basically, essentially what that means is we're trying to get the body used to running off of fat for fuel. Now the best way to describe this is, let's say you're someone who's been going to the gym. You were doing the same routine for years. It's been kind of your gig. That's what you dio. And all of sudden you decide to go the Pernis personal trainer who has a very different way of doing it. At first, that transition is gonna be a little rough. You're not used to doing those things right. You'll be sore. You're gonna be a little a little beat up after the first time. Probably right. So what happens is we have to make a transition from burning sugar to bring fat Now. During that process, it could be a little bit jarring, as you may have heard, and that is what's called the key toe flu because it really kind of mimics these flu like symptoms as your body's trying to burn fat and trying to get away from running off sugar. Thinking like your body's been addicted to sugar for so long, even if it is just from carbs that your body is gonna have to go through many of these flu like symptoms so you may feel some headaches, you might feel a little bit of brain fog. Your brain is not working the right way. You can feel a little groggy, a little sluggish. You'll feel very similar to as if you're detoxing. So some people actually will break out on their skin as they go through this, because the body is really trying to transition to a cleaner fuel source, and sometimes that could be a little tough on that. Transition will be tough, but we will show you as we get into the later later modules. Some hacks that will make this go faster and easier, so you don't have to add as many of those setbacks going through. But trust me, this will be well worth going through this, even if it is just for a couple days or weeks to get to the benefits that we talked about prior. Now, how long does this last? I wish I had a set point for you, but it's different for everybody, depending on what your lifestyle was like before. How stuck in that groove you were, how deep that groove was for you and how much you were burning sugar so it could take anywhere from 4 to 5 days to even several weeks. And so we've had some clients who are already pretty healthy. They weren't a very carp intensive lifestyle. It only took him several days. But then we also have clients who maybe are a little more overweight, and they're used to a steady diet of sandwiches, bread, pastas, potatoes and snack foods, and that end up taking them to three weeks. So it just depends. But we're going to be showing you in this module is Let's say you were someone who would typically take a couple weeks. We're going to show you some hacks that will cut that down so much faster and make that so much easier for you. Now, in the next module, we're gonna be talking about How do we actually go about achieving ketosis? And I'm really excited to see you guys in the next module. 4. The Importance Of Insulin With Keto: all right now, one of the important hormones that you need to understand for keep toeses is he didn't understand insulin. Now this is probably as deep is will go with this one, so I won't make this too complicated. But essentially, when we're looking at insulin and you'll hear me talk about this, a lot is basically insulin's job is to take this blood sugar that we get from our carbohydrates and fruit and sugar and all these different sources, and its job is to take all of this blood sugar. And basically, if I can open my pen here, take that blood sugar and get it through into ourselves for fuel. That's insulin's made job. But what happens is when we constantly have high levels of blood sugar, our bodies constantly running on a lot of blood sugar. What happens is insulin and glucose start to build up in the blood, and that's bad. That creates a lot of inflammation in our systemic circulatory system. In our body, that's not a good thing. So what happens is over time, when insolence constantly doing its job and it's binding to these different insulin receptors, which helped bring that blood sugar into the cells over time. What happens is these receptors start to get a little bit more cow list to insulin. So now what happens is it has to take so much more insulin to get the job done than it did prior. Now it happens is now We start to get a buildup of insulin in our blood, and this creates even mawr inflammation in our system and makes it that much more difficult for a body to get energy to our cells. And this is not not good does not make ourselves very happy at all. Flipped that around, turn that frown upside down. So the objective when it becomes to ketosis and going key toe is we need to give our receptors a break. So the goal is we want to try to reduce as much blood sugar as possible so we can reduce our insulin levels as much as possible and allow these receptors to start healing again. And that's gonna help your body become not only less inflammatory. Overall, reduce inflammation throughout the entire body, but it's going to help your body re sensitized to blood sugar. It's gonna help it re sensitized the insulin again, which is gonna help your body better respond when in the future you do have more sugar or carbohydrates, your body is gonna be so much more responsive, and it's gonna be able to utilize that so much better so that you won't have this build up of inflammation in the future. 5. Benefits of Keto: All right. So let's talk about some of the amazing benefits that happened when your body gets into the state of ketosis, starts using fat for fuel rather than sugar. So the 1st 1 obviously kind of has we touched on in the last section ISMM, or energy that gives mawr energy per unit than sugar does with also less inflammation, which is gonna help your body restore more. Juve, Nate, its energy level. So that's the 1st 1 That one makes a lot of sense. The next one is mitochondria. Health. What we're seeing a lot more of now is what's known as early onset mitochondrial dysfunction. Now, remember your model. Conjure yourselves batteries. They run literally every single, energetic metabolic process of your entire body. When you were in off of sugar for that long and your mitochondria constantly working against the resistance of inflammation. Over time they start to wear down. We start to get sick damages they started not be as effective, and that can affect every aspect of your life and your health. So what happens is when you start using fat, which is a cleaner fuel source, it gives your mitochondria chance to get a break to hell to recover, to start, to rejuvenate themselves. And that is where you start to see significant benefits because your mitochondria start to heal, rebuild themselves. And it's also been shown ketosis has been shown to actually stimulate what's called mitochondrial biogenesis. Now, you don't even remember that word. But all I need to know is that ketosis will actually stimulate the production of more model Condra, especially in your brain, which is really powerful. So not only you're gonna heal your mind, a country that are already there. Your body is actually only to produce more mitochondria as a by product, which could give you mawr energy, more performance in the gym, the weight room and so on, which is really, really powerful. The other one is stabilizing blood sugar as well. Talk about in achieving ketosis. The main objective is going to be reducing our bodies, intake of sugar and all the sources of sugar as much as possible, including carbohydrates. So what happens now, as we talk about in one of the next video's is it actually gives your body a chance to stabilize its blood sugar. We're seeing a lot more instances of what's called insulin resistance. And basically, when you have 50 to 60% of your diet coming from carbohydrates, especially if they're processed carbohydrates, the body is constantly secreted insulin as we talk about the next video, insulin is this really powerful hormone that takes all that glucose that we continually put into our body. I like continuous sugar to put into ourselves or to put it into fat for storage. And when we run constantly off of insulin or bodies continually secreting insulin over and over and over, what happens is it starts get callused. Insulin. Insulin doesn't work very well, which allows our body to start increasing its levels of insulin, starts increasing our blood sugar levels, which then creates mawr Inflammation, makes you feel more tired and leads to a lot more chronic illnesses and obesity as well. But since you were going to be getting into a state of ketosis and we're getting away from sugar, it allows your body to re sensitized to insulin again allows it to lower its blood sugar. It has some substantial benefits that come along with that, especially if you are diabetic. Now the other one is going to be anti inflammatory as we touched on in Mawr Energy, you're gonna be running off cleaner fuel, which in turn produces less inflammation overall, which is really, really powerful and allows your bite to recover quicker, allows you to lose weight faster and just really rejuvenate your health. Information of the sort is the source of a lot of chronic illnesses and diseases that we're seeing today. So this could be incredibly powerful. If you're looking to restore, rejuvenate your health, the other one, obviously is if we're gonna be using fat for fuel Now, there's gotta be a way that we can actually burn our own fat for fuel. And this is something that I did it help me lose over £50 doing this and I'll teach you how to do it in this course is it will teach your body to burn its own fat stores. That is really fun. We're going to talk about that later Module. Another one is antioxidants. Sochi toes has been shown to improve an increase. These levels of what's called glued if I am so glad to find is the most powerful antioxidant. Our body now, if you are, are quite sure what antioxidants are. But you know they're good for you. Probably look this anti meaning against oxidants member. We're talking about oxidative stress that rust forming antioxidants are basically trying to fight against that. So anytime they see that rest of that smog Bago in there, they suck all the inflammation in that smog and the oxidative stress. They pick up the free radicals and take them out so that your body can still run clean and reduce inflammation. And Bluetooth ion, which has produced significantly more in ketosis, is one of the most powerful ones that your body can't produce, and key tones or ketosis will up that significantly. And then the last one here is Gabba. Now Gabba is a neurotransmitter. Ketosis has been shown to increase your levels of this neurotransmitter. Now a lot of people, when they get into the state of ketosis, no, it's much more clarity than knows that they're much more focused and attentive. They feel much more clear. Most of this could be coming from the fact that your brain loves running off key tones, key tones or one of the only fuel sources besides some, these other ones that can actually cross the blood brain barrier and supply the brain with instant nutrition and fuel. But also Gabba is a very calming neurotransmitter, helps the brain calm, focus and pay attention. So you're gonna get significantly increased levels of Gabba, which can help really calm the nervous system to help you focus and be more productive. 6. What To Expect When Going "Keto": All right. So you feeling ready? You ready to get to ketosis? Right? To get fat adapted and ready to see all those amazing benefits that we talked about in module one. All right, well, let's get going. Now. You have all the tools in your tool belt to get started now and then later modules. We're gonna dig even deeper into some different hacks That'll help you get in ticket. Oh, sis. Quicker. That goes even beyond diet, but especially this one. It's important to know what to expect when you are transitioning when you're going through this transition period. Now, we've talked about this a little bit, but the more you know, the better you can prepare. So I won't make sure you have all the tools in front of you. So you know what to expect. Moving forward. So, ideally, our primary objective is we want to get to this state of where we are fat adapted, right? We have gone through ketosis, and we've been in long enough to create a new groove. There are body could better use fat and make our lives so much easier and better for it. Now, initially, that's gonna look like the transition period of the jarring period that I talked about. It's gonna be a little difficult at times now. It's gonna be worse for some and maybe not as bad for others. And this is what we call the key toe flew right in the next video. We're going to talk about how to deal with the Cato flu and adapt to that. Make it even easier. But essentially that transition period were going through the cato flu. The Kyoto flu may last days. Two weeks, right? That's where you feeling really sluggish and just kind of down. But the full transition to become key to adapted probably takes a few weeks after that. So what you'll notice is maybe the headaches and sluggish is going. And then afterwards, after you've gone through the Kyoto flu, you're gonna start to feel your energy start comeback coming back up, Mads, when you fully made the transition and then after a little while after that, then you start noticing your performance gets better. You're gonna start feeling better in the weight room in your workouts. That can take anywhere from weeks to possibly even months. So, ideally, you're looking at maybe 3 to 4 weeks to possibly, like a month to a month and 1/2 Ideally now some of those could be affected by how strictly are you sticking to your ketosis goals? How stick house stricter. You sticking towards the diet, you know, Have you been cheating here and there? Some of that will come into play as well. But if you use all the tools we talk about in crash course Taquito, this will help this go so much faster that hopefully you'll be in the lesser range of the weeks and be able to get to all the benefits as quickly as possible. Now the question always becomes okay once I become fat adapted which that again can take weeks to possibly even over a month for some people. What do I do after I become fat? Adapted after I feel this energy come back and I feel like I'm on top of my game. Do I need to stay super strict to my carbohydrates? Now? Do I need to do all these? Everything's don't need to stake Ito forever. No, of course not. Of course you don't now, but the great thing about this is once you're fat Adapted. The best part about this is it's so much easier and bounce back into Q toast because what you're gonna find is as soon as you have those carbs again assumes you go back to some of your old ways, you're not gonna feel so great. You're gonna notice it much more and you're just gonna feel like just on top my game, I'm feeling more sluggish. And for me personally, I notice if I start dipping and going back to my old ways, I started a little bit more anxious. My brain feels like it's a little more sluggish. I start feeling more anxious around people, and that's not always fun. So now what I found for myself in a lot of other people is they prefer to be in that mild stated ketosis. But there's so much more freedom in it now. So where If you want to go out with your friends on the weekend having ice less pizza, maybe some garlic bread, that's OK, you can do that, but always you know how you're gonna feel when you do that. But then also, you know you can get right back into becoming into ketosis and staying in that fat adaptation cause your body is used to it now, so you'll notice your body will become so much more responsive to those foods now. It was so much easier to maintain your weight because you'll be able to go right back into it without creating that new group. Right, Because now you've gotten yourself adapted to that. It's I'll tell you what. It gives you so much more freedom in your lifestyle afterwards. How do you say super strict icky? Don't. No, of course not. Of course you're gonna have. So those trouble foods, right? You're gonna desert every once in a while, you're gonna have some grain, some dairy things like that. But again, once you're adapted to using fat, it's so much easier to go back and you'll be able to better maintain your energy levels. Your weight and in life is just going to so much simpler. Especially when you use some of the hacks that we talk about in the next modules. 7. The Top 4 Keto Trouble Foods: all right. So having worked with many clients and patients, I've really come across four troublesome foods that really wrecked people's ketosis goals unknowingly. And these can be some of the biggest problems that I find for most people. So let's walk through these real quick 1st 1 is gonna be sugar. Now, obviously, we've talked about this before. We know we don't want to sugar, right? But what many people don't understand is that sugar is actually hiding a lot of these everyday foods, especially ones that you buy from the store. So I always say, Check your labels, check the back. Make sure there's no hidden sugar in there cause you'd be surprised at how many foods out there and how many boxes and especially condiments and salad dressings are loaded with sugar. So definitely the Big Three that I want you to avoid is gonna be the salad dressings, condiments and bars, any sort of protein or granola bar. You would be shocked at how much sugar is hiding these. So if you are gonna go for an economist or any salad dressing anything like that, always check the back and make sure there's no sneaky sugar hiding in there that could be wrecking your toes of schools. Number two grains. Many feel toe realize that grains actually break down into carbohydrates and sugar in the body. Plus, many people do not tolerate gluten well and can wreak havoc on your gut and can actually make getting into ketosis mawr challenging as well. So I always say, Avoid as much grains as possible. Number three is going to dairy and dairy, especially by the way that it's processed typically can actually be quite inflammatory for most people. So I always say, If you are going to have dairy, let's say you're having grass fed butter. You want to get the most natural form possible. You want to look for grass fed organic products if you can. And don't overdo the dairy, especially if your sense of to dairy. So I always say, if you're gonna be in cheese, I see these instagram photos of people have in steak and a block of cheese, and that's their meal. That's not Kita. That is not gonna do it for you. So you want to make sure you're not over doing the dairy. Use cheese Morris. Hey, garnish, please and that's going to save you so much headaches down the road and keep that inflammation down in your body. There's also a great alternatives if you're someone who's likes to use milk. There's plenty of nut milks that are phenomenal out there, so feel free to check those out as well. And number four, unfortunately, is alcohol. I know it would be nice. Have a glass of wine at the end of the night after a rough day. Have a nice little nightcap. Unfortunately, alcohol prevents the liver from detoxifying because your liver is actually what breaks it down fat into key tones for your body to be able to use energy. But if your liver is too busy detoxifying from the alcohol that you had, it's gonna prevent it from producing the amount of key tones that you need to sustain your energy levels and actually gets you into that fat adapted or key toe adapted state. So always say, especially when you're trying to make this transition into ketosis and you're trying to get fat. Adapted. That's where you're really gonna watch it now. Obviously, after you get Keto adapted in your body is used to run on fats for fuel. You can start incorporating some of these, and your body will be much more responsive to them than they were prior. And it will be so much easier to get back into Kyoto. Kyoto system was before. But as you're trying to make that transition to getting fat after dark, Ito adapted. You're going to want to avoid these as much as possible to make sure you're not unknowingly taking yourself out of ketosis. 8. Keto Diet Breakdown: All right, So let's break this down. Here is what it would look like on a classic ketogenic Orc Ito diet. Now really, really flipping the script a lot because you typically or most people I would say ones that you But most people are typically used to 50 to 60% of their calories coming from carbohydrates or sugars. Now it is totally gonna be flipped. We're gonna be getting roughly 60 to 75% of our calories now coming from fat or even more. And then 15 to 30% of our calories are gonna be coming from protein, and 5 to 10% of our calories are going to be killing from cars, which is a dramatic difference than what we're used to have it. Now you'll see that the Ranges air pretty wide 60 to 75%. That's a pretty big gap with 15 to 30. I mean, why is there so much change and variance it through that? Well, depending on your goals is really gonna be depending on how much or how much variance there is in your percentages as well talk about in the next video. But one way that I find is really simple to kind of get a general idea of how many calories or grams you should be getting of certain foods. I highly recommend going to the ketogenic calculator. You can go taquito genic dot com fort slash calculator And there they have a really simple calculator where you put in your body weight and your hype and gives you a relative breakdown. Ingram's of what you're ketogenic diet should look like. Now that isn't a perfect estimate. It's gonna depend on your body fat percentage. All those everything's your activity levels are really gonna throw it off, but at least it's going to give you a general idea, and then depending on your goals when we talk about in the next video, you can really start to tweak it and cater it to your specific lifestyle from there. But one easy way to do this and make the key toe that really simple. It's just a look up Keogh Recipes and snacks. Now, one thing I will say, as I've kind of gone through this journey. There are a lot of people who are doing this wrong, so you kind of be careful on Pinterest and instagram with some of the recipes that you find because some of these recipes, for instance, I found that there's actually sugar and some of them they're totally not key. Does he got to do your due diligence? Make sure you go back to some of these prior videos and make sure there could grow with what we're talking about in this course. And so the next step, as we've been looking in the Kyoto diet, is gonna be making sure that we're avoiding all sources of sugar. And I don't just mean artificial shore sugar, but even the things that break down in the body into sugar, and that's gonna be also all sources of carbohydrates. So it's going to your breads, your pasta, your potatoes, snack foods, chips, pretzels, popcorn, things like that. Anything that has a carbohydrate load to it is gonna break down into glucose when it is digested. So we have to avoid as many of those sources of sugar as possible, and that includes any sort of sweeteners. Now, the only exception for sweeteners. The only things that you can use in the ketogenic diet is going to be things like stevia monk fruit which is gonna be very minimal or zyla tall is another one. And then also another one you're gonna really want to pay close attention to is fruit and fruit obviously contains sugar or fructose. And I would say if you are going to be eating for you want to eat this very sparingly, so I'd say one cup of less and primarily you're gonna want to stick the Berries because Berries have a very low sugar load. There also loaded fiber, which helps carbohydrates, get digested differently in the body and also the lowest amount of sugar out of all those. So that would be my best bet for you. Guys. Stick to one cup of less or less of Berries a day, and then, obviously, if you're in the lower your carbohydrate and take you and I want to increase the amount of healthy fats, so that means, including things like coconut oil, M C T oil. Now, FCT oil is basically a derivative of coconut oil. It is the most what we call ketogenic version or ketogenic oil that there is, which means when that oil gets into your body, it rapidly turns into key tones for your body to use as energy. It's an energy powerhouse, but I definitely recommend if you are using M C T oil. Start very slow because it can be a lot for your body to use. Another one is grass fed butter. Now this may sound pretty surprising, especially if you're not used to hearing about the ketogenic diet. Be prior Butters. Bad guy. Watch out for all sources of butter. The only exception is grass fed butter. Grass fed butter has great amounts of healthy fat, but your body can use unless you are very sensitive. Dairy, not person, is very sense of to dairy. My recommendation would be for geek me, great source of healthy fat. So don't be afraid to use the grass fed butter. Just make sure it is grass fed. Another option is gonna be avocados, avocados, air full of great nutrients and especially great sources of mono unsaturated healthy fats. Olive oil is another great option. The key with olive oil is you don't want to heat it, so you want to make sure it's unheated because as soon as you heat all oil, it actually oxidizes, and it changes the shape of the fats and actually makes it rust in the body, so it's not gonna be as beneficial for you. So drizzle it, maybe use it as a topper for your vegetables or addressing for your salads. Avocado oil is another great one. Also things like wild caught fish and grass fed meat. The more quality you get for your meat, the more high quality fat is gonna be in those products. Always look for wild caught fish. Grass fed meat are also great sources of healthy fat eggs. Again if you are not sensitive. Dairy eggs are incredibly healthy source of fats, especially if you're getting organic pasture raised cage free eggs. Just don't skip out on the yolks because the yolks contain a lot of good, healthy, nutrient dense fats. They're really, really beneficial for you. And then, lastly, another great options. Give me things like pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds. Nuts in general have a really healthy source of fat. The only problem with nuts that you look out for is don't eat too many you want to have, like maybe a handful or a few at a time. You don't wanna have you know 10 handfuls because they are very calorically dense. They have a lot of calories, so if you have too many, it could be doing the opposite, especially if you're trying to lose weight. So just pay attention to that use. Those is more of a healthy snack. Just have a couple here, a couple there and you'll be a okay. And then lastly, healthy protein sources. So healthy protein, especially when we're talking about protein you want. Make sure you're getting the best quality possible. Means you want to get grass fed. You want to get wild caught. You want to get pasture raised cage free because those meats have been shown improving to have better quality fats so they have more omega three fats, which are the healthy fats that are really right for your brain and your body. The ones you want to avoid are the Omega six fats, which are very inflammatory. They promote high amounts of information about not great when you're trying to get into ketosis so you can get grass fed beef, you get past rates. Chicken, lamb, fish. I always recommend avoiding high mercury fish can find a list of what are the highest ranking mercury fish And so basically your best bet is going to be some sort of wild caught salmon. Isn't he a great choice? Bone broth is well, we'll talk more on bone broth in a later video. Bone broth is another fantastic choice. But again, quality matters. And then watch out for protein powders. I know proteins and protein powders are an easy way to get some protein into your system. But you gotta watch out for him because a lot of them have hidden sugars and they're not the best quality sources of proteins. I always say, if you're trying to get into to ketosis, you're gonna want to avoid protein powders because they do have some sneaky sugars in there unless you're doing a vegan protein. But even those, I'd be a little skeptical with Sun Warrior. Protein is a great protein that I like to use, and again, quality matters with this. So, you know, someone may say, Oh, cold cuts. That's protein and cheese that's got fat in there, right? That skeeto, right? Not so fast. That could actually be a huge mistake because inflammation matters inflammation, puts the body into a stress response and actually raise your insulin raises your cortisol level, which helps hold on the fat and can actually prevent you from getting an ticket toasts. And this is one of the biggest mistakes I see on social media, people saying they're going Keto and all their eating, his cold cuts and blocks of cheese that is not key toe that will not get you the benefits of ketosis. In fact, they'll probably make you feel pretty terrible, so highly recommend not doing that for your key toe goals and stick to healthy sources of fat protein and you'll be a okay. 9. Hacks For Dealing With The Keto Flu: all right. So the cato flu is not the easiest thing to go through. All the 100% honest with that, it definitely is jarring. That's why people hate it. And that's why it's called the Kyoto flu and not taquito transition. So in this video, I'm gonna give you some my favorite hacks that are going to save your life when it comes to dealing with the cato flu. So if you can use these while going through the cato flu, it's gonna make that transition so much easier on yourself in a lot of people. Miss these and don't know these air out there. So you're going to be way ahead of the curve by using these right here. So number one, my number one kiddo flu hack is gonna be bone broth. Now, I know that sounds kind of strange, but bone broth is full of college in nutrients and minerals that are basically already pre digested. They've been simmered and all the minerals and nutrients have been extracted, so your body doesn't have to use a lot of energy to digest it. So when you are taking in bone broth, it's basically pre digested fuel for your body and its little with all these minerals. Now refuel your body in such a way that it can really help with the key toe flu. And plus, it's full of all great things for your gut, for your digestive system. That really helps that transition as well. One of the biggest tax out there has to be bone breath. So the first thing they always say with this is you want to make sure getting good quality bone broth a highly recommend. Don't just buy something off the shelf that's not frozen. Look in your frozen shipped section that's gonna have the highest amount of collagen, gelatin, good quality nutrients. Because if you just buy something off the shelf, it's not gonna have the same nutrients in there. It's not gonna have the same benefits and that deplete. All you do is you just boiling on the stove, wait till it's hot, just about to when it starts simmering and then use drink it. It's a simple as that one of the most profound hacks out there definitely highly recommend that one. Another one is gonna be exogenous key tones now exogenous ketones. We're gonna talk about this in module seven of the hacks. But just to give you a foundation what this is if you broke this down, exogenous means coming from the outside. So basically, these air powdered key tones there, already pre broken down fat into a powdered form and their key tones that have been bound to a mineral either salt, potassium, calcium or magnesium. So essentially, it's really good as well. Talk about in a 2nd 4 also getting good minerals and electrolytes back in, and this seriously is like rocket fuel. If you are someone who, as we kind of talked about in the next sections of it, are in fasting, this can be a huge, huge help, but also it just floods your body with more key tones. Helps your body get to that through that transition phase as quickly as possible. Someone even have caffeine, which gives you a little boost when you're in the key toe. Flu highly recommend, but it's just gonna be depending on your budget. Also, they can be a little expensive, so we'll talk about that one of the later later modules and then, like we talked about before, exercise so so important and I always recommend high intensity interval training exercise high intensity interval training. In particular, high intensity exercise has been shown to rapidly use key tones compared to any sort of a aerobic or resistance exercise. So if you have the opportunity and I gave you in this module, you're gonna get 10 free workouts. That'll show you 10 different high intensity exercises that you can use to actually fuel your ex. Tries make it super simple. They could be done in less than 20 minutes. So take a look at that. Use those if you need some examples of some high intensity exercise is to use the other one is Sana the reason I say Sana, Sana is also a cardiovascular exercise, so it helps your body use a most key tones. But especially as you're going through this transition, your body tends to have this detox effect, especially if you use intermittent fasting. And essentially, son is a great way as your body's trinity talks to. Further that process along, your body's gonna need to go through some of that detox process, but if you can speed that along, it allows you to get over it quicker. So saunas there definitely one of the best ways to do it. If you can try to get 20 minutes, that's one of the greatest ways to do it. To help your body flush and detoxify. Want your local gym or near you highly recommend checking that out. Another one is water and electrolytes. Now, as you're going through this process of ketosis and making this transition going Keto, what's interesting is that insulin actually holds on assault. So if you ever see anybody who's on pretty carb heavy diet and they're holding on to a lot of water weight, it's because insulin holds on assault, which also holds on the water weight. And so is interesting is once you actually drop your insulin levels, gets what your body gets rid of all the salt and as the salt ghosts, so does your water. So in the beginning, it's very, very important. You stay very hydrated when you are going into ketosis, and you're making this transition because your bis me losing a lot of water and sometimes you're. But I can't quite tell the difference between thirst and hunger, and you'll think you're having all these hunger cravings when it's really just that you're thirsty now at the same time, because you're losing a lot of water. You're also losing a lot of electrolytes. So one of the most important things to Dio is making sure you're not getting too little salt. Don't be worried about salt when you're trying to go key toe because you're losing a ton assault. So definitely getting some hilly and sea salt put on your veggies. You know your food definite, great way to do that. You can throw just a little bit into your water as well. And if you need it even a further hack One of my favorite supplements that I uses something called Noon and you you and they have electrolyte tablets. You put him into your water great for going Keep So definitely make sure getting plenty of water, plenty of electrolytes and then, lastly, stay the course. I know it's always hard when you're kind of in the thick of it. You're like, man, when is this going to get better? You know, I just want to get through this as quickly as possible. But if you break during this time for the Cato flu, it's just going to set you right back. So instead of it taking me three days or four days, it might take 89 days if you keep breaking along the way. So stay the course. Especially like you flew. You want to stay is tight and a strict to that as possible, because it's gonna make a huge difference in the time it takes to actually make that transition. So feel free. Use these hacks as you need Teoh. When go through, it's going to save your but very much so. So I hope you appreciate these hope. These are helpful for you, and we'll see his next video. 10. Your Goals Change Your Ratios: Now, this is a really important video because sometimes we have this tendency. We want to get stuck. We want to know the exact percentage. And sometimes I could be very limiting because guess what? Your goals are really gonna determine and change those ratios as we talked about before. You know, those percentages air pretty wide 15% could be a big gap. That could be a lot of calories. That could be a lot of grams protein or carbs, so it makes a big difference. So we want to know, How does our lifestyle influence how much of each one that we get now, the big one that's gonna change the most is gonna be your carbs in your protein. And most of this is gonna be determined on how basically athletic and how active you currently are. So let's say your goal is really strictly for performance. You feel like you're in a good way, but you want to take your performance to the next level. You're pretty active. Let's say maybe you do CrossFit. You do TRAF loans, whatever it may be your a very active person. You can figure that out for yourself. Here's what's gonna happen. Those ratios. You're probably gonna be a little bit higher up on the carbohydrate levels because you want to make sure your performance stays at its peak and carbs are very important for optimum performance. So you may be closer to that 10% range as you go through. And then also, because you're putting so much wear and tear on your body, you're gonna need mawr protein compared into the normal person. So you are gonna want to be closer to that upper range of your protein intake because you're gonna need your muscles to be able to recover as much as possible, build muscle and recover for the next day. That's an important aspect of that. And then also, you're probably not gonna want Want to watch your calories too much because you need as much energy as possible. So you're really gonna want to focus on just eating enough to support your lifestyle and support your performance goals. If that makes sense. Now, let's compare that to someone who say there goes purely weight loss. Now they are athletic. They are staying pretty active, which hopefully you are. If you're trying to do weight loss But here's where the difference is gonna be. One you're gonna definitely need to watch your calories. Make sure you're not overeating, so you're going to want to go to ketogenic dot com. Look for that calculator, which will tell you how many grams and how many calories you should be getting right. Make sure you stay kind of focused on that. Not too strict, but just a general idea to make sure you're not overeating and getting too much. So that's gonna be the 1st 1 The other one is, If you're especially gonna be wanting to focus on weight loss, you're probably gonna want to be closer towards that 5%. You want to keep these down as low as possible because you want to force your body to start using that fat for fuel. You want your body to not be burning carbs because you're not too focused on performance at this point, your folks on weight loss. So if you lower your carbs, mawr your BIS and I'm going to use your own fat stores to actually burn that and actually lose dramatics and dramatic amount of weight, and then the other one is depending on how active you are and the activities that you're doing, you are gonna want to stay more to the moderate toe lower. And so if you're not very active or let's say you're not doing very intense exercise, then you could probably go down to a lower amount of protein. I'll show you in another module how to find the perfect amount of protein for you, and you're gonna want toe fluctuate that depending on how active you are, but you won't be as high as, say, someone who's going for performance goals. So this is just to give you an idea of how it's not so simple as they're saying, like, Oh, I'm Kito and this is my percentage is you're gonna have to find what works best for you. So fluctuate those in a little bit if you are looking from a performance, if your weight loss that's basically essentially what your goals are gonna be keeping the carbohydrates low, too, so that your body can use its own fat stores and then watching the calories as well. So hopefully this helps kind of clarify some of those tweets that you'll make depending on your goals 11. Exercise and Ketosis: all right. Now, we all understand how important exercise is in general for health in our longevity, but especially when it comes to ketosis and achieving ketosis and becoming more fat. Adapted exercise gonna become more valuable than ever before. And here's why. Basically, if you are constantly supplying your body with sugar, sugar is gonna be your primary source of fuel. Win working out. It's really important for athletic performance in particular. So let's say you are competitive. Weightlifter Athlete, you really do need carbs. You need carbs. Were able to perform in the field. It's a much longer lasting fuel source than fat is. Member fat is a cleaner. Fuel burns through it very fast. But what happens is when we're trying to get in this state of ketosis and we need our body to transition to become fat. Adapted as we're starting to lower our sugar levels, what happens is when we exercise. Guess what? There's no more sugar left to burn. So then the body goes Okay, Well, I need another source of fuel. What am I gonna use? It's gonna use fat and guess what exercise burns a lot of. And what it does is Not only does it basically burn lots of your home fat, which is one of the key ways that we eat a lot of fat loss through using ketosis, but also more importantly, what it does is research has shown that when you actually exercise in estate, acute doses and your body starts using key tones for fuel rather than sugar. Actually makes Mork Itoen receptors that your body can better use key tones in the future. A k. It helps you get more fat, adapted quicker. This is really, really important. So it basically forces If we were to look at that continuum of our grooves and our metabolic grooves in going from a sugar burner toe, a fat burner exercises basically pushing us up that hill over that groove into that key toe adaptation as fast as possible. So I always say, especially as you're going through that transition point, let's say maybe you're going through the cato flu. You're feeling groggy, sluggish. It's extremely important. OK, hear me. I know it's gonna be challenging. You're not going to like you want Teoh. It's really, really important that you exercise still just get out, Move! Force your by to use those key towns because trust me, it will help you get over that hump even quicker. Trust me. You got this. I believe in you. You can do it. 12. When To Test Your Ketone Levels: All right. So you got your key toe sticks. You got your Breathalyzer. You got your call, Tom Attar. Whichever one you chose for you doesn't matter. Now the obvious question becomes one's a good time to test. When should I test my levels? When's the best time? So here's what I will tell you the best time. Absolutely. That is a must. If you are going to test if you're not gonna test that upsy forget all this. But if you are testing, you're using one of these three. That obviously very 1st 1 I want you test is in the morning first thing in the morning because as you're sleeping, your body is burning through all the glucose in your system. So the morning is a great time to establish a baseline and see how well is my body producing and using key tones. Very, very important. This can help you track, and I want you to write these down, gather, track him on your phone orders on a piece of paper, track him down because then you can kind of see how well your body is progressing as you're going through this Kato journey. The other option This isn't a must, but this could be extremely helpful. Is a test again at night? So when you test at night, guess what you're getting a chance to check. How was the way that I went about my day? Contributing or hot? Contributing to Mike does his goals. So let's say you wake up in the morning and you are in ketosis. Yes, I'm in it. We're rocking and rolling. Let's say you get to the end of the night and you test again. Your addict. Oh, sis, you're not in a toast anymore. You are at a zero. Okay, well, what happened during the day? Something must have happened that threw me Attica toasts. Then you gotta backtrack. You're steppin. See, now is anything that I ate. Maybe having some sneaky sugar in there. Maybe I kind of let myself have a little too many carbs today. Maybe I snuck in something here and there, that dramatic doses. So it could be a really helpful way to gather some data to say something's not working here . Something's pulled me out of ketosis, so I like checking both morning and night now something that's a little bit more advanced that we don't really have a time to fully divulge in this course is by using Blue Commoner . One of the reasons I suggest Kato Mojo and Precision Extra is they allow you to test both key tones and glucose. This could be really helpful because as you become fat, adapted, one of things we love to teach people to do is how to start transition back to using the right type of carbohydrates. For them, it may come as a surprise, but some people do better with carbs and others. And there are certain carbohydrates that some people respond better to than others. So, for instance, you can use a glue commoner to see how well does your body respond in terms of its blood sugar to certain carbohydrates. Let's say you have a sweet potato, and within an hour after eating that sweet potato, your blood sugars should come back down to a normal level. But let's say you're Joe and Joe has a sweet potato, and he checks his blood glucose about an hour later, and it's still high. Guess what? His body does not respond well to sweet potatoes, so he probably shouldn't have those super tails because that means his blood sugar staying high. And that's not what we want. Remember, So we want to buy to respond really well and respond quickly to those carbohydrates as an energy source. Get him in quick and not let him linger in our blood in our system. But let's say Joe has a trailer white potato or maybe a golden potato or maybe some brown rice. And let's say he tests his glucose reading after about an hour after eating and he goes, Oh, perfect, right back where I wanted to. I feel great. Those would be the type of carbs that he wants to include in his system after he's become fat. Adept. Does that make sense? This is a really powerful tool in this made a huge difference for me because now when I want to have a carb heavy day, you're kind of refuel. Maybe I got a really hard work out the next day. I know exactly what type of carbs are gonna be best for me and my specific body type. The more you know, the better you're gonna be able to make decisions moving forward. So that's why I always say We don't guess we test. I want to know the data and this could be really helpful. Way to tweak it specifically for you. Because guess what? There's no one size fits all. 13. Long Term Tracking: All right, now, remember when I first started this course with you, I said, I want to make Ito really simple for you, right? As you are probably going through, measuring and tracking all these changes. You go. Gosh, do I have to do this for the rest? My life while I'm doing kiddo, that doesn't make any sense. You're right. It doesn't. That's not simple. That's not easy. The whole point of measuring and testing is we need to help you get from where you are too fat adapted. And the more data you have, the more you'll be able to tweak. Because let's say you're going through and you're just not getting into ketosis. Well, then the earlier You know that you're not getting the change that you want, you know that you could start changing your workout. You can start adding some of the tools and tips that I'll tell you about a little bit, especially in module seven. You start tweaking things to make sure that you're getting the right direction. You're getting traction rather than not knowing. That's why tracking and measuring is so valuable, especially in the beginning. So what you'll notice is in the beginning here to be tracking a lot, you'll be doing a lot of checking a lot tracking because you need to gather data. But guess what? Once you become fat, adapted and what I mean by fat adapted once, it's basically once you have been testing for a while and you know you are consistently getting to a good level of Cato's is on a regular basis. Easy like you're not even having a guess about anymore. You don't have to keep checking. You just know you're gonna wake up in the morning. You are in Contos ISS, and that is what we would call fat adapted. It's not as simple as it sounds, especially when you're not tracking, but by tracking you'll be able to know, all right. I've been waking up every morning for the past two weeks, and I'm always in ketosis. I'm probably fat adapted. Then what happens? And plus you also be feeling the energy levels come back. You'll be feeling really good on top of it. But then what happens after you become fat? Adapted? Guess what? You pretty much know the lifestyle of your living. It's working pretty well. So then what you're gonna do is then, after become fat adapted, you'll then start living your life like you normally would write. And hopefully you're still using the control strategies that we talked about. But you'll be checking less and less. And really, the only time they I check in now is just more maintenance. Just to make sure my lifestyle still on point. Or let's say I made a lifestyle change. Let's say I got a new job. I'm trying to diet things like that. Maybe I'm trying to work out. Maybe I'm tweaking my die a little bit, based on what my doctor told me or some different changes that I want to make for some certain goals. Then those air just in different times that I'll check, make sure it's not influencing my fat adaptation in any way. I hope that makes sense, and hopefully that clears that up a little bit because that could be a pig. Incumbents. If we have to constantly check like this throughout our entire Kyoto journey, that's not sustainable. That's not what we want long term. So again, just to recap in the beginning, you're to be testing a lot, right? You'll be testing lot because we need to gather data once you become fat adapted, You know, you're consistently Contos issue feel great things were going and progressing the way you want Teoh. Then you start spacing that out and then checking as more maintenance or more wellness and just checking based on lifestyle changes and factors that may be coming up. You can use it as a way just a modern maintain and make sure you are staying in ketosis, and that is the value of the long term tracking again. In the beginning, it's gonna be a little bit. 14. Ketometer: all right, so Number three here is definitely my top choice for this one. But again, it's gonna depend on your budget. And how strict or how much data do you want to get on? How your key does This journey is going, so this one is called a tatami Rourke Ito Meter. And essentially, what it's doing is it's measuring your blood for blood levels of key tones. Now the tricky part with this is it's very highly accurate because it's measuring your blood, but it does end up being pretty pricey. Now. I recommend either Kato Mojo or Precision Extra, which I'll show on the video here. But essentially, those can come out to about $50 maybe even more for the actual unit. That testing meter and the ones where they really get you is on the key tone test strips. Those end up being over a dollar per strip, so you can imagine if you're testing every day. You know, a couple times a day ends up being quite expensive, so that is the only issue there. But you do get a significant amount of data from these, so that's why this is my top choice is what I use. It's really, really helpful in those cases. Now here's what's gonna happen. What you'll do is you'll have a little prick, and what you'll do is you'll get a little pin break. You'll draw some blood and you'll take your key tone tester. Put into your device and actually measure your blood. Let it get into the device, and it will come out as a certain reading in Millie more. And this will tell you how deep into ketosis you are Now. If you are under $0.5 million guess what? You are not in Cato's. If you are within the range of 0.52 point eight mil Miller's you are now in light ketosis moderate vetoes this with any 0.9 to 1.4 and then your best one for weight loss as gonna be deep ketosis or high ketosis. And that's going to your 1.5 to 3.0 1,000,000 Mueller Range. Now that's gonna be your optimum for weight. Loss is gonna be those levels because you're really burning. Ah, lot of key tones. You're burning a lot of fat, so this would be my top choice. But again, it's gonna come down to your budget. If this is just a little too pricey for you, you're not. Because let's be honest. Ideally, this is probably gonna cost you somewhere around 100 to $120 for kind of to get all this equipment to be able to use it for about a month or two. So can be a little pricey. So if that's just too much out of your price range than stick back to one of those other two those air also great options that are much more affordable, not just in the short term but also long term as well. 15. Keto Sticks: All right. So one of the first ways that you can track and measure your ketosis that'll show you is gonna be probably the most affordable option out there. This is definitely the cheapest one. They're called key toe sticks. Now, these air the cheapest availability. They usually come about 50 of these sticks per bottle There. Usually I think around $2030 some like that for the full thing, maybe even less now, because there's more of these companies popping out out here. But essentially, with taquito stick, you essentially test your urine so you be on them and they essentially are measuring the key tone levels in your urine. Now, the only issue with this that we find is that they're just not as reliable as some of the other ones that I'll show you coming up. But again, this isn't supposed to be super strict. We just want to get a general idea if we are in ketosis. So if you're not too concerned about being super specific on this, that this is a great option. I think this works just as well. You don't need to be super stranger on this, but I will say If you are someone who is really struggling to get into ketosis, here's not making that break. Things just aren't going well. Maybe it's been a couple weeks and you're still not breaking through. This may not be clear enough. We may need to work on something else to get more data to understand. Why are you not getting into criticism? We'll talk about that later module, but essentially, I won't demonstrate this. But essentially what you're gonna do is you have a little stick like this and I'll have a bunch different little, um, tags on there, if you will. You be on it and you compare it after about a minute into a color graph on the bottle. And the bottle has different levels that tell you how much into ketosis are you So can be really helpful, really helpful to know. And just to get a general idea of where you are at in your kiddo goals. Because if you find yourself does not getting a diagnosis, we need to find out. Why is that water? Some things we need to do in our lifestyle. Go back to a previous models and make sure fine tuning our lifestyle to get us into. Does this 16. Keto Breathalyzer: all right. So option number two is gonna be a key toe Breathalyzer yet It's exactly what you would think it is. It's actually this little stick that you blow into, and it essentially is measuring your breath for a type of key tone known as acetone. Now, as stone you could think of from the cleaning supplies or maybe from chemistry Lab. It's the exact same thing. Acetone actually is a key tone that your body produces, and it's measuring it through your breath. Now this one's gonna be Maurin your moderate price range in through there and full disclosure. I've never actually tried this before, but I've heard some really great things about it. Her. It's very accurate and can actually be a great way to get that middle ground between the first option in the third option that I'll show you. But this is actually using a computer program so it actually connects via USB to your computer. It can really be a helpful way to monitor and log data, So I've heard really good things about Breathalyzers, haven't actually tried it myself, but maybe something to look into for you 17. The Protein Problem: Alright, So I've talked about protein a couple times so far. It's a now It's time to dig into protein and why I paid so much attention to protein in the past couple modules. The reason is, and this is really interesting. We only have a certain amount of protein that we need per day so that protein gets broken down into amino acids. And if we get too much more than what our body means for that day, it was really interesting Is their body has no way of actually holding on. And storing those amino acids for later use was really interesting sugar and fat and get stored as fat. But protein really has no way of being stored, so the body is really smart. So what it does is it takes that extra protein that our bodies not needing or using and what it does, it does something called glucose neo genesis. Now you don't need to remember that word for any reason. But what you need to know is that the body is actually going to take that excess protein amino acids and turn it into sugar. And remember, sugar is exactly what we don't want during our key toe goals and while we're trying to get into ketosis and become fat adapted, and that's why protein is so important. Because oftentimes I see when people are trying to poquito and they don't know what you now know, they often times get way too much protein. They're trying to stay very strict with everything else and really keep the carbs low. But they're eating 12 ounce steaks for every meal, and they're getting way too much protein, and it's robbing them of many of the benefits that it could be experiencing. That's why this is so important now. This also depends on your activity level. So in this next video, I'm gonna show you how do you find the optimal amount of protein for you, which ideally, will be more your minimal levels and then from there, depending on your activity level. If you are very avidly exercising and doing intense workouts and can increase those levels 18. How To Find The Right Amount of Protein: All right, So here's the easiest and simplest way I found to give average ballpark of where you need to be in terms of your protein intake. Now, again, this is gonna be more on the minimal level. And if you are exercising pretty intensively and actively, you're going to want to increase this for sure. But this is gonna be your minimal level kind of gives you a ball park. So if you find that your double this or even triple this, you're definitely getting way too much. So basically, the simple formula is gonna be you're gonna want your lean body mass divided by two. And that's gonna give you the amount of grams of protein that you need per day. So essentially, what that looks like is you're going Teoh. In order, find your lean body mass. You were going to need you to take your total body weight and multiply that by your body fat percentage. Now you can go to a local jam. You can get hydrostatic body tests. There's many different ways to find your body fat percentage. It doesn't need to be incredibly accurate. You just need to get an average ballpark of where roughly you're going to land. So let's say you have Joe. He's £100 he has 10% body fat, right? Just as an example, Make this easy. When you do that, you're gonna find total body weight. Times body fat will give you a body fat mass. So does £100. We multiplied by his body. Fat percentage should be 10%. And then that's gonna give you £10 of body fat. So now it will do is we'll take his total body weight again. £100 minus his body fat mess. Which £10 that's going to give us his lean body mass without the body fat that will do is that gives us in £90? We're gonna divide that by two, and that's gonna give us 45 grams of protein. That's how many grams of protein Joe is going to need in a day. Now. Joe's exercising a lot more. He may need up to 50 55 60 depending on how active he is, but he definitely wouldn't want 90 or 100 If that makes sense. You don't want to increase that slightly for higher activity levels 19. Quickest Route To Keto: All right. So I'm going to show you the essential roadmap to getting into ketosis in the quickest way possible, cause if you get there quick, you can also get fat adapted quick. So I'm going to show you the quickest route to get there in this module. So let's start with the first step is really to focus on intermittent fasting. First, if you get the schedule down, will focus on the eating after so really going to start intermittent fasting. Use the tools we talked about in the last section, working to build up to 16 plus hours. If you build up to 18 hours, that's fantasy tastic. Now, if working up to 16 hours, no problem, then you're immediately going to start using step to right away, which is then we're gonna use the strategies of ketosis where to start lowering our carbohydrates as much as possible. The goal is to get within those target grams that you found on that kiddo calculator. Now, even though those were your target grams, sometimes you want a little bit less If you're trying to get fat. Adapted just forces your body to use more of those key tones as fuel after your fat adept. Then you can get more to those target carbohydrates. Now, if you are pretty active, then you want to stick Probably pretty close to what your carb intake is recommended on your key toe calculator. And then again at lots of high quality fats from the list that I gave you in an earlier video. You can use fat bombs, use whatever you need to go get high quality fat added to your coffee. These are gonna be some strategies that we talk about in the next module. One easy way that I found just to make this really simple is to go and look up key toe recipes for your meals within that eight hour window. So go on to Pinterest to search Google and look up different key to recipes that maybe something similar what you're already eating. So maybe you can find a rest before pizza. Maybe you can find a recipe for just to stir fry whatever it may be. Look up recipes that are similar and get ready to do this so you don't want plan ahead and make sure you don't have to worry about these meals you want to make sure they're set up ready to go. So you don't think about it? Because if you have to constantly use willpower to get those meals every single day, the likelihood of you sticking to it is not going to be really strong. So definitely plan ahead. And then, as you go for your goal, is gonna be trying to stick to just two meals during the day with very little to no snacks . Because if you snack again like we talked about, that's gonna spike your insulin and probably wreck a little bit of that key Tosa strategy they had going on. So look for a high fat stacks like nuts or fat bombs or an avocado even can be a great strategy. Then Step three. You're gonna want to exercise to break your fast. Now that is, if you have the opportunity to do so. Obviously, if work doesn't want you to or there's other things that are keeping you from being able to work out, that's OK. But ideally, you want to work out during your fasting state. So maybe that's first thing in the morning or sometime when you get a chance to get a break something. Maybe you could do a 20 minute workout in. Maybe you do it for lunch and then just try to eat your lunch at your desk. Whatever it may be, try to get an exercise in during your fast that's really analyzed by to use a tremendous amount of key tones. And it's just a very powerful fat loss tool as well. And then your first meal after should be full of healthy fat and protein. You want to get your body right back, indicate Oh, sis, that you're not having to have these cravings for carbs and sugar, of course. And again, with this you want, make sure you're not being sedentary throughout the day. You want to keep your body moving, keep your body's energy level is high, so you don't wanna be sedentary. Try to get at least 10,000 steps a day If you're using a Fitbit, or make sure if you're at a desk job, you're trying to get up every hour. The half hour. Just walk around outside, get some vitamin D if you have to, but just stay moving throughout the entire day and then, lastly, you don't wanna make sure as you're going through is your staying hydrated. You're keeping those electrolytes up by making sure you're adding salt to your to your meals. Himalayan pink salt, especially. Maybe you're using. Those are just key tones, noon tablets, Whatever it may be, make sure you're staying hydrated. You keep those electrolytes up as we talked about in another video, and then you want to stay consistent. So I know this may be challenging, especially when you are first transitioning indicate Oh, sis. But make sure you stay consistent. That's what's gonna make the big difference. It's gonna pay dividends long term, so make sure you stick with it. Trust me, it'll be well worth it in the long run. And then obviously, as you're going through this transition, you don't wanna make sure you're using those key toe flu hacks of Go back to that module. Look up those Kato flu acts and make sure you look ahead of time. So what, you're prepared? You know what to expect. And you already have those tools and strategies at your disposal, radio rock and roll, so you can get through it as quickly as possible and get yourself on all the benefits 20. Stay The Course: so it's very important. I want to reiterate this as you're going through your trying to getting to ketosis and become fat adapted. It's very important you stay the course, there's gonna be bumps in the road. There's gonna be things that change throughout your life. And even if you do say, Let's say you break here, you break there, maybe have a little bit of carbs and you went out one night and had just a little bit of fries, right? That's gonna happen for most of us. Just stay the course and stay on track because trust me. Once your body finally becomes fan adapted, you're gonna know so many more benefits that come with that. And so many people will break that one time. They'll have that French fry by that slice of pizza with their friends. One night, right? And they go, Oh, my gosh, totally threw everything off. Its I'm worth it anymore. Absolutely not true. You are still in the running. You're still creating those groups, so stay the course. Stick with it. Trust me, it'll be well worth it. In the long run 21. Sneaky Sugar: Now I make this really simple. Now, if you're trying to get Teoh ketosis and become fat adapted in the quickest way possible, it's very important that you're checking all the food, especially the ones you buy from the grocery store and making sure there's no hidden sugars . Now the most common ones are going to find our in your condiments. So ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, even salad dressings especially have hidden sources of these sneaky sugars. Other options are gonna be your protein powders. That's why I say it's probably not the best to use protein powders. Also any sort of protein bar or granola bar. Because guess what? A lot of those have these hidden sugars. One you can look for his multi Dextre in. That's another sugar that many people don't know is in there. Also, sugar lack tose, which is milk sugar. You don't want to look for some of those things because they will throw you out of ketosis , so you're always wanna check the back your labels and make sure there's none of these hidden sneaky sugars in there that are disrupting York Ito journey and making sure you can get into ketosis in the quickest amount of time possible 22. Fat Fueled Coffee: all right, so here is an option for what we call fat fueled coffee. It's also called bulletproof coffee or kilo coffee. There's many other names out there for it, but this is one of the most powerful things that I've found to keep my body inner, intermittent fasting, especially because it gives your body healthy fats to keep you body in ketosis, but also gives you some energy because they essentially have some calories and some fuel for you. Toe last through your invent fast without actually breaking your fast, which is really powerful. But also you can have it if you're not intermittent fasting as well, just as a source of healthy fat for your key toe journey. So essentially what you're gonna do is you take your coffee or you can use T T is another option. Taste great as well, and what you're gonna do is we're gonna add up to a tablespoon of coconut oil or M C T oil . Now, one thing I will say is if you are using M C T oil or another option is complete like acid , it should be called brain octane oil from bulletproof, essentially what you can do is if you use M c t oil, you need to start a little bit slower. Because if your body is not used to all those fats, it could be a little disruptive and can give you a case of the disaster pants. So you don't want to start nice and slow with that one start maybe with half a tablespoon, maybe even a teaspoon to start off with and then work your way up. Make sure your body can tolerate it. Okay, so those air great options you don't want to both the same time you want either coconut oil or M C T. Oil. Then what you're also gonna do is you're also going to add some grass fed butter. Now, the important thing is you want it to be grass fed unsalted butter. You wanted to have good, healthy fats. That grass fed butter has regular butter does not have the same nutrient profile, so you don't want that. Also, grass fed butter has a great source of beauty rate, which helps promote healthy gut bacteria and helps promote phallus as well, which is really interesting. So you don't want a tablespoon of that or up to a tablespoon of that and up to a tablespoon of grass fed butter. Now, a great way to work up would be maybe doing half a tablespoon and seeing how you like it and then working your way up from there as need be. And you can play around with how much coffee you put in that now an optional thing. What I typically do is I had just a dash of cinnamon in there. You can even use cinnamon essential oils in there if you want just to give it a little bit more flavor. Essentially, this will come out tasting like a lot, so it tastes phenomenal, in my opinion. But sometimes I just like to add just a dash of cinnamon to give it more that cinnamon latte flavor. Or if you just need a little bit of that sweetness, you don't want to use stevia. Remember, we don't want any sources of sugar, so your only option is going to be either stevia or xylitol or a retreat. All those gonna be your three basic sweeteners that you can use to give you some of those taste profile that you probably would want. So that's a great option. Trust me. If you use all these together, it comes out. Tastes like a cinnamon lot. It's more my favorite drinks. I look forward to it every single morning as my breakfast. Well, I fast and I hope you would do it. 23. Exogenous Ketones: All right, so let's talk exogenous ketones. What are exogenous? Ketones? Exactly. So pretty much what exogenous means. You can see XO, which means coming from the outside. Exogenous means key tones that air coming from the outside. They're not being produced internally by the body, So essentially the exogenous key tones are basically beta hydroxybutyrate, which is a key tone. It's one of the most abundant key tones that gets produced in the body, but unfortunately, beta hydroxybutyrate by itself tastes absolutely horrible. So what they do is they bind it to assault to make it a little bit more palatable. So they either bind it to a sodium, a magnesium and calcium or potassium. And then they allow you to put that into a powdered form, and then you put into water. You drink it. It's delicious. Taste great, but essentially what it really is. It's pure qi tone fuel, so it's giving your body this rush of key tones of fuel energy helps cut cravings, helps curb your appetite. I mean, it just does amazing things, but I want to make sure you know this isn't a weight loss cure. Oftentimes, exogenous ketones are sold as this miraculous weight loss hack. And that's not exactly what they are, but they're really used for is to help your body get this abundance of key tones that it can make the transition to becoming fat adapted easier, Plus supplying your body with pure qi tone energy fuel. So don't be fooled, because a lot of times they're sold as this miraculous weight loss thing. As long as you start drinking, I'm going to be burning mass amounts of fat. No, they really mean is you're gonna start using fat for fuel because your body is now using key tones as a primary fuel source. You don't think to know what this is that they can get a little pricey? Roughly about, I think, for perfect, Tito would be about $52 for roughly 15 servings. So this is gonna be depending on your budget. It is a great tool to use, But if your budget doesn't quite allow, these definitely aren't necessary, but a great hack nonetheless. So my two favorite options are going to prove it, which is a multi level marketing company. I'm sure if you go on Facebook, ask some people around who may be involved with. Prove it. I'm sure they can help you out as well. The other option is perfect, Tito. Perfect. Tito is available on Amazon. You can just go purchase it straight from there. They have tons of great flavors as well. Exogenous key tones typically taste amazing. That tastes really good. So no matter which one you go with, you're gonna be in great hands either. 24. What Are Bad Fats?: Thea. Other thing you don't want to make sure you avoid is the bad fats. So this is gonna typically be from your seed oil. So your cotton seed canola, grapeseed oil. The main reason is in order to mass produce these oils. They typically are highly processed and contain a lot of contaminants with him on top that they're already oxidized, which means they are already kind of rancid. They're already resting in the body. So what they do is they highly processed them. So you don't really notice that they're not good oils. And when they get into your body, they create tons of inflammation, wreak havoc on your gut, don't have the same profile as they would from some of the healthy sources of oils or fats . So some of your great oil options are gonna be like your olive oil and avocado oil, especially, and coconut oil. You're gonna make sure you probably stick to those ones. Um, in terms of other oils. Justo, throw this in your fish. Oil is a great option in terms of getting healthy fats and your head into your diet also has a healthy source of D A J, which is great for your brain, but you're gonna want to make sure you avoid those those unhealthy fats of those seed seed oils. Especially because really, what this comes down to is when you have those oils, when your body gets all this information you're got especially, it's gonna give you more cravings. It's gonna zap your energy. You're not gonna feel great. So even if you have already made it through the cato flu, you're still gonna be feeling pretty bad because you're getting on these oils that are creating tons of inflammation, your body, and are really wreaking havoc on just your health in general. So that's why we say, to avoid some of those bad oils like the canola cotton. See the grape seed oils because they will have an adverse effect on your body, even though you are trying to get indicate, Oh sis. So just pay attention. That will really save you a lot of time. And the headache when it comes to transitioning and becoming fat 25. Avoid Alcohol: all right. Now there's a couple different reasons why you're going to want to avoid alcohol, especially when you are trying to become fat. Adapted and get your body into ketosis as quickly as possible. Now the first reason why is if you are in taking alcohol, that's to go through your liver. Your liver's your really important order for detoxification, but also your liver is where key tones air produced. That is the organ that breaks down that fat to produce key tones that your body can use as energy. Now remember, we need to be producing key tones in order to become fat adapted. So this is really important. If your body is your liver is having to work to try to detoxify the alcohol that you just drink. Guess what your body is not gonna be producing as many key tones was before. It's gonna make your liver have to work extra hard to get the job done, and that's not gonna be good for trying to get into ketosis. Now. That's one of the first reasons why, but also what happens when you have that alcohol? Guess what the next morning, if you're intermittent fasting, let's say it is going to give you so many more craving. It's gonna make you feel more tired. You're gonna notice how much alcohol is going to affect you because it's gonna make the next day so much harder. It's gonna make you more likely to have those carbohydrates because it's going to give you cravings for sugar because your liver is working extra hard. It didn't produce the key tones it was supposed to. So now your body feels like it's gonna be depleted of energy, and it's gonna make you want to actually cave and crave and not feel so great. So especially while you're getting fat adapted. My best recommendation is to avoid alcohol as much as possible. Once you get fat adapter, then you can start tweaking with what kind of alcohols work best for you and your specific 26. What If I Stop Keto?: All right, So another question we get quite often is okay. Maybe I made it to becoming fat adapted. What if I stop Kato? Am I gonna lose all these benefits that I just, you know, spent that time trying to get? Here's the best thing about this is once you become fat adapted, your body is better used to it. But here's the thing I find with most people once you got to the point where you were fat Adapted. If you try to go back to your old ways If you try to go back to that carb heavy lifestyle, you're going to start noticing a significant difference. You know, they say the grass is greener on the other side, and when you look back to their side, you don't want to go back that way. And when you start going back to carbohydrate heavy diets and sugar heavy diets, you're gonna feel pretty bad, especially when you're used to feeling really good by using the key toe lifestyle you're gonna find. Yeah, you could break here and there, but you're gonna find you want to go back to the Kyoto lifestyle. But even still, let's say you decide. Yes, I love my pizza every once in a while. I love him, my carbs, which I don't mind having carbs every once in a while. But the best thing about becoming fat adapted and getting into key toe is once your body gets adapted to it, it's so much easier to bounce back. You're not gonna have the big up and downs like used to before. It's gonna be so much easier for your body to get back into ketosis. And you won't have to go through all the stages of the key toe flu and adapting back to becoming a fat burner again. It's already gonna be ingrained in your body, and it's gonna make it so much easier to bounce back. And that's one of the favorite things that I love about it. Because guess what. I like going out with my wife every once in a while and let's say, having some Mac and cheese or maybe having some garlic bread or maybe a pizza right, we all want to be able to enjoy those foods. It's just about moderation. So now when I go have those, I don't feel like I'm totally tank. The next day, my body is able to get right back into Contos Issing back to feeling good the next day. 27. Can Vegans Go Keto?: Another great question I've got before is, can a vegan or a vegetarian Gokey? No, of course you can. The keys you want. Make sure you're getting a lot to get quality fans, but then, for your protein sources in particular and your fat sources, even especially if you're vegan, you want to make sure you're getting sources that are consistent with your vegetarian or being lifestyle. Now, one helpful option I've seen for most people who are vegetarian, trying to joke Ito is to get a vegan protein powder. Now vegan protein powders are typically very well sourced, and they also don't have added sugars in them as well. My favorite one is one called Sun Warrior Protein. That's a great source, that Skeeto friendly. You could also just look up kiddo friendly vegan protein powder, and you'll find tons of great options there. But typically, I recommend if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you're gonna want a supplement your protein some way, especially if you are very active. Just able to make sure you're getting enough protein that way, so feel free to check out those options. You definitely can do a going vegan, vegan or vegetarian you have to make sure it's consistent with your lifestyle and just find other ways to get those protein sources. 28. Review: Hey, guys, Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this course and go through these modules. I know it's a lot of information. If you enjoyed the content so far on this crash course Taquito, please do me a huge favor and leave it a review and a rating. Let other people know what she thought about this course. We spent a lot of time putting this course together for you. So by leaving your rating review, it just shows that you appreciate this content and will help us provide more courses in the future. So I just want to thank you in advance for that and hope you are enjoying crash course pita . 29. Snacks: all right, so some of the most challenging aspects for people when they are going into ketosis is finding healthy snacks. That's one of the hardest things to people. That was the hardest part for me, especially in the beginning when I was snacking a lot. And so really, there's a couple things I want to point out in terms of snacks and finding good quality snacks. First is your best source of stacks is gonna be a fat intensive snack. So when your best options things like avocado or nuts now nuts you want, make sure you're over doing them with because they are calorie calorie dense. So you want to make sure that you're not getting too many of those almonds. Walnuts, pecans are always great choices. Another options protein. You can use this from, Let's say, like a jerky source. Just make sure there's no extra added sugar in any of that. A good quality protein source like steak, chicken. Anything like that can also be a great tool, especially if you were working out a lot. But if you are not working out a lot, you gotta be careful with this because that will turn into sugar as we talked about before and going back to fat real quick. Another great option is fat bombs. Now, basically, what you'll do is you'll look up on Pinterest or things like that. Look up, fat bomb on Google and you'll find are actually better get look up key toe fat bomb Because I found with many of these sources, sometimes they actually have added sugar with them, which completely negates the effects of the fat bomb. So you want to look for fat bombs that air sweetened with stevia, not sugar or agave. So take a look at those. Also, make sure you're not getting too much of any of these. So again, let's say you have an avocado as your fat source for Cenac. You may want to have half the avocado, not the entire avocado, or you don't you wanna have. Maybe just a handful of that's not quite the whole bag of nuts. If that makes sense and then also lasting, make sure you're hydrating because a lot of times, if we feel like we're constantly snacking and having a lot of snacks, most the time I find most people are just thirsty and they just haven't drank any water that day and they need to get hydration back in. Also gets some minerals Great way as a snack. That I use now is I put a new tablet in some water and that is sort of my afternoon snack in between. My two meals really helps. You can also use exogenous key tones are another great source to help curb your appetite. So you're not eating too many snacks and you can last longer in between your minutes. 30. Not Getting Into Ketosis?: All right. So one of the first questions we often hear is, man, I'm having a hard time getting Contos. I'm having a hard time getting fat. Adapted. What is going on? Why is this not working? Well, here's one of the options that we have for you. Here's some troubleshooting advice that I can give you one of the first ones as you may be , subtly getting too many car. So you need to look back the dyin. See, man, am I getting just a little bit too many carbs for my body? Maybe I need a dial back even more than I was before, especially if you are not doing your fasting. This is typically one of the most common ones that we find. The other one is like we talked about one of the previous videos. Maybe you're getting too much protein, so you need to dial it back on the protein, increase your fat a little bit more, So watch out for those protein levels because those will turn into sugar and the number three you might not be getting enough fat. Now, remember, if you're reducing the amount of carbs, carbs were your primary source of energy before. So you need to get enough fat to supply your body with enough fuel to able to do things it wants to do. Or else it's not gonna feel great. Your body's not gonna get into ketosis, so if you're not getting enough at that, could be a big issue. So make sure you start over doing it on fat a little bit. Make sure you start getting more fat than you were before just to get your body to fuel ketosis and get your body more fat. Adapted quicker. All right, so your other one that I want you to look at is exercise now, often times if you are exercising. Let's say you're just doing bicep curls and a couple pull ups here and there and just spend about half hour hour in the gym. That may not be enough. Go back to those workouts that I gave you and you need to get some high intensity. Or maybe some aerobic activity in there. You need to start sweating. You need to sweat. You need to get your body fueling tons of energy, get expend a lot of energy, so just kind of doing a couple reps here and there. The gym is not going to cut it. Going on a walk may not be getting it. You might need to increase your level of exercise to fuel your body to use more than energy . Burn more key tones. Other one. Is it unfortunate may just be taking longer than average. You might have just been in such a deep groove in terms of your sugar burning that it may just be taking you, unfortunately longer to get out of it. And that's why you may need to use the most hacks, like exaggerates, key tones, bulletproof coffee, intermittent fasting, things like that to get you out and into that transition into fat. Adapted quicker. So bees are the primary reasons we find people are not getting indicate doses. If you fit one of these categories, try troubleshooting with some of these and see if that makes a difference for you. 31. Keto For Weight Loss: All right. So what if I want to lose weight with using key Toe and Aaron fasting? Is there a difference if I want to lose weight now? Like I said in the verse video, Yes. I've lost £50 by using the same strategies right here. By combining key toe sis and intermittent fasting, I'm gonna lose £50 keep it off and feel amazing while doing it. Now, the key is, if you want to lose weight, it's very important one that you're making sure not over doing on the calories which your minute fasting definitely helps with. But also, you see, they be very strict with how many carbs you're in taking. That's a very important part to losing weight. Especially also you don't want make sure to stay the course. We want to make sure that you're staying on track as much as possible. The mawr time. You can log by using these strategies without breaking the better off you're gonna be, and the faster you're going to see results that you want to see. The other one is you definitely need to be exercising as much as you can. So really, my main thing and this is for a whole separate courses. You want your workouts to be predominantly a robotic, and then also you're gonna want to include high intensity exercise training. Now, aerobic is really to build up the tank so that you can do more exercise. And then what you do is use high intensity exercise as the cherry on top that burns a massive amounts of calories, massive amount of fats and the best thing about high intensity exercise that keeps you burning fat longer, even after your workouts over really ramps up your metabolism burn even more fat. And then, if you want to get more that chiseled look, you want to start building more muscle. You can also use a resistant strain. But just understand it's not gonna be as great for weight loss. It's more to what I would call build the temple, right? You want to start building those muscles up and chiseling things as you see fit, but in order, lose fat and burn that fat. To be able to get to those muscles, you're gonna want to use a robot, extra eyes and high intensity training, predominantly to go to get those results that you're looking for. You can also use things like doesn't key tones and other options to prolong your fast, to burn more fat. And then you're also gonna want stick to those two meals a day And those air really my ultimate tips per burning fat to lose weight. 32. Keto and Minerals: all right, So this was personally a game changer for me when I learned about this. But what Many people don't realize that this is another one of the big mistakes that I find . Oftentimes, when people are trying to go key toe is that key toe and minerals are very, very important. And what I mean by minerals, that's gonna be like your sodium potassium, calcium, magnesium, things like that. These are very, very important in terms of hydration, but also just the energetic processes that are needed to fuel your body properly. What many people don't realize is that as you go, kiddo, especially if you're doing intermittent fasting, your body is going to be losing a lot of minerals as you go through this, and part of that's because you're lowering your insulin. Your body's getting flushed out detoxing with a lot of water, so you're losing a lot of those minerals, so it's very, very important to get those minerals back in. Now you can use different supplements. You can also season your food with them, specifically salt. In particular, I would use a Himalayan pink salt has tons and tons of nutrients. You can also use apple cider vinegar, things like that. They're a little with potassium and magnesium and different things like that. One option that I really love is noon tablets. I believe that's how you pronounce it. But it's n you you and the little tablets. He put in about 16 ounces of water. They're loaded with electrolytes to give your body the nutrients that it needs. Because guess what? If you don't get these nutrients, you're gonna always feel like you're not quite getting hydrated. It can also mimic hunger cravings. You can also leave you feeling really fatigue, so getting those healthy minerals back into your body will make a big difference and be able to stay on Cato prolonged period of time. But also, as you're making that transition, it's just really going to help, especially with the cato flu. So one of my favorite supplements is new tablets. You can find them on Amazon there really, really great and really, really helpful for your paedo journey into becoming fat. Adapted 33. How Often Should You Workout: How often should you work out? There's a great question. It really depends on one or your activity levels prior to be getting kita. So the easiest way that I can say this is really to work out to your comfort level, and maybe that's not the best way to say it, but you really want to build up slowly. If you're not used to working out prior, if you already used to working out great, I say work out as much as you can. The more working out that you can do, especially as you're trying to become a fat burner, become fat adapted. It's just gonna help you get through that process quicker. So the more you work out, the better. Now, of course, you obviously don't want to overdo that. And some of the best recommendations I would have to work with someone who specializes in fitness in that world, if you're not used to it so they can help guide you through that process, especially if you are trying to get into ketosis. Other good options for high intensity exercise would be things like CrossFit boot camps, orange theory, hundreds of several training we even provide you with 10 workouts. You can use those, but work out as much you can in what you'll find is as you go through, you're gonna feel better and better and better the more you do it now, you may need to start slow by using maybe 23 days a week. But the goal is to build up to as many times during the week as you possibly can without overdue. 34. Digestive Troubles: all right. Another really interesting question that I just got recently actually was. When I'm transitioning Taquito, I feel like my digestion is getting off. There could be a couple things with this. So to paying on how your lifestyle was before some of it just could be the transition of actually using fats. And you're just not used to eating that many fats. So maybe something where you need to slowly transition into a Kato and actually adding fats and slowly so your body can get used to this. My wife had to actually do something like that cause because she wasn't used to having so many fats throughout the day. Now the other thing that could be happening is your digestion is a little off. You may have had digestive issues in the past, so especially one thing that could be very helpful is getting some sort of digestive enzyme that helps your body digest protein and fats a little bit easier. You can find summat, sprouts or whole foods or your local supermarket. Find some digestive enzymes that can help your body digest those a little bit easier, and give your stomach a little bit of a break in overtime. What you'll notice is that we'll get easier as your digestion improves. Another thing that I will say as well, because fats needs some that acid in your stomach to get digested. Try not to drink water within 30 minutes of your meal to make sure that your stomachs able to get those digestive juices in there. And they're not being diluted by any sort of water that you're drinking while you eat. So within 30 minutes of your meal, don't be drinking any water. That's one of most helpful things liken have for you, but those should get you started in the right track. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. 35. Bone Broth: now, as I mentioned before, Bone broth is one of my favorite favorite tools and hacks for ketosis and four minute fasting especially. And the main reason I love bone broth is because it's loaded with good nutrients. First and foremost, it is very bio available, which means the nutrients, and they're already pre digested. They're ready to rock and roll, so as soon as they hit your gut, they're easily absorbed. It doesn't take a lot of energy for your body to do it. And that's because bone broth is simmered for hours and hours and hours on pawn in which extracts all the minerals and nutrients from the bone. It makes it very available for your body to use for fuel. But again, bone broth quality matters really, really important. One. My favorite place to get bone broth is from the broth. Three. That's when I fair places high quality, organic, sustainably raised products and taste amazing as well. So that's by far my favorite. Check him out, and then the other thing I love about bone broth. This is low with collagen. Collagen is a great protein source that fuels your tendons, your ligaments or muscles. Your skin your hair. So this is a really healthy protein source that's gonna make you look and feel great. Also provides a lot of anti aging and healing benefits. The other one is gelatin. Gelatin is really important because, especially we've been a sugar burner for a long time. Are gets are probably a little bit of a mess. And gelatin is really powerful for helping healed again and lubricate our joints and the rest of our bodies. So it's really, really helpful. Important. The other one is bone broth is loaded with helpful amino acids, and these amino acids could be like broke paroling girl icing. He's a really important for building proper neuro transmitters. So these neural transmitters air basically made, stored and housed in the gut. And when he put these amino acids right there and the get helps boost your levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin, gabba, dopamine, these feel good hormones, it's gonna fuel those neurotransmitters to get produced easily and quicker, and then also lowered tons of minerals as well, which could help your body rehydrate as we talked about in the previous video. So definitely check out some good quality bone broth. Quality matters Don't just pick it up off the shelf. You want something that's frozen, but check out the bra three. That is, by far my favorite brand.