Crash Course 2 Keto - The Ketogenic Diet Made Simple

Brady Salcido

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35 Videos (1h 40m)
    • What Is "Keto"

    • Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis

    • Goal: Getting Keto-Adapted

    • The Importance Of Insulin With Keto

    • Benefits of Keto

    • What To Expect When Going "Keto"

    • The Top 4 Keto Trouble Foods

    • Keto Diet Breakdown

    • Hacks For Dealing With The Keto Flu

    • Your Goals Change Your Ratios

    • Exercise and Ketosis

    • When To Test Your Ketone Levels

    • Long Term Tracking

    • Ketometer

    • Keto Sticks

    • Keto Breathalyzer

    • The Protein Problem

    • How To Find The Right Amount of Protein

    • Quickest Route To Keto

    • Stay The Course

    • Sneaky Sugar

    • Fat Fueled Coffee

    • Exogenous Ketones

    • What Are Bad Fats?

    • Avoid Alcohol

    • What If I Stop Keto?

    • Can Vegans Go Keto?

    • Review

    • Snacks

    • Not Getting Into Ketosis?

    • Keto For Weight Loss

    • Keto and Minerals

    • How Often Should You Workout

    • Digestive Troubles

    • Bone Broth

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About This Class



  • "Very good presentation and hearing Keto explained by an authoritative source provides clarity. My husband and I are using this course as our bible to going keto. Not only is the curriculum comprehensive, but it is also explained in layman's terms for newbies, such as myself, to understand. I've watched the course several times because that is how I learn, but each time I seem to focus on something different and it has helped me plan and execute my journey to ketosis. So thankful I found this course, thanks for sharing it with those who are interested in a logical and proven way to a healthier lifestyle." - Angie Norris 
  • "This was an excellent course and very motivating. I'm new to the Keto diet and this was the perfect place to start. Instructor was engaging and direct. This diet is the perfect fit for my lifestyle as i have already seen the benefits of intermittent fasting and as I'm trying to gain more energy and burn more fat to fuel my love of cycling."  Kevin Frank
  • "Excellent, videos carefully explaining Ketosis and it's benefits. Of all the books I purchased on Keto, I finally understood it's meaning and application from this course." - Jose Carbo
  • "Very informative! I've been doing Keto for about 4 months for weight loss and haven't lost that much weight. This helps me see where I have been going wrong a tweak things and keep on track." - Teresa Cronin

Keto aka Ketosis has seen tremendous growth in popularity recently for it's amazing results. Ketosis has been helping countless people BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, IMPROVE ENERGY, INCREASE THEIR FOCUS, and REJUVENATE THEIR HEALTH!

What if I told you that they were able to achieve these amazing benefits while eating the foods that they LOVE!

Ketosis is a state in which your body is burning FAT as it's primarily fuel source and if done properly can actually burn your own fat stores to fuel massive weight loss. Not only that but it has been shown to improve athletic performance, brain function, and energy.

The problem is many people are unaware of the proper strategies and tools needed to flip the switch on their metabolism for fat burning. This is leading many people attempting the ketogenic diet to make some critical mistakes that are preventing them from experiencing the full benefits of ketosis. 

In this course, you'll learn how to get all the benefits of ketosis with as little bumps in the road and mistakes as possible. You'll also learn:

  • How to maximize the benefits of ketosis and avoid the top 3 mistakes!
  • How to use ketosis for fat loss!
  • How to combine ketosis with intermittent fasting for rapid and powerful ketosis!
  • Hacks for beating the Keto Flu and making the transition a breeze!
  • How to track and measure your progress along the way
  • Get Recipes, Workouts, and Guides to get the maximum benefit

The Crash Course 2 Keto also comes with a FREE FASTING GUIDE, FREE RECIPES, and 20 FREE WORKOUTS!

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Great course, solid information. I have been following a keto diet for a few months now and have been constantly researching - this is by far the most informative source I have found to date, explaining fully the science behind it - I highly recommend to anyone who is considering changing to a ketogenic diet and lifestyle.
This course is fantastic. I really enjoy how Dr. Salcido covers each article. I have been on the Keto diet for two weeks and lost 7 pounds so far.