Crappy Copy: 8 Digital Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid | Camille Beaumont | Skillshare

Crappy Copy: 8 Digital Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Camille Beaumont, Digital Copywriting & Marketing

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11 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Mistake #1: No Goal

    • 4. Mistake #2: Writing for the Wrong Audience

    • 5. Mistake #3: TL;DR

    • 6. Mistake #4: Answering the Wrong Questions

    • 7. Mistake #5: Bad Fonts & Colors

    • 8. Mistake #6: Too Pushy

    • 9. Mistake #7: Errors, Errors, Errors

    • 10. Mistake #8: Inconsistent Brand Voice

    • 11. Bonus Tip!

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About This Class

In this class you’ll learn the most common digital copywriting mistakes and how to avoid them. This class is for anyone who wants to improve their writing online, though it is primarily targeted at business writers. Any level writer can gain something from this class!

From bad spelling to writing for the wrong audience, this class will teach you to write copy that makes your business stand out for all the right reasons (instead of the wrong ones!). Learn how to avoid pushiness in your marketing and turn leads into paying customers for your business.

The project for this class is a fun one. All you have to do is write the absolute WORST digital copy you can think of, then share it in the class project gallery so that you and all the other students can laugh and learn from each other. 

*Be sure to watch the whole class to catch a bonus tip at the end!