Crank Up Your Creativity: 1000 Freelance Secrets | Lori Fournier | Skillshare

Crank Up Your Creativity: 1000 Freelance Secrets

Lori Fournier, Biz teacher & freelancer

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6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Take the Benefits to the Bank

    • 2. Make Use of Your Fresh Brain

    • 3. Attack the Problem

    • 4. Dig Deeper

    • 5. Lori's Favorite Tricks

    • 6. Now Sell It


About This Class

It's one thing to be born creative – it's another thing entirely to master your creativity so you can make a living from it. In this class you'll learn to focus your creative skills on common problems faced by clients. The goal is to learn to create on a higher level and deliver fresh, interesting solutions that get results. You'll learn how to:

  • make use of your objectivity and fresh energy
  • attack the problem methodically
  • dig deeper to access your unconscious
  • get unstuck with tricks

For those new to the business of creativity, this class will provide the groundwork you need to perform like a seasoned professional. For old hands, it's the kick in the pants you need to stay competitive. 

Learn more about the instructor. Visit her blog The Hooky Player or check out her portfolio





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Lori Fournier

Biz teacher & freelancer

Lori credits her fear of commitment and mistrust of authority for her fruitful career as a freelance copywriter. Among her many adventures along the path of avoidance, she was a long-time writer on Canada's famous Insider's Report, brainchild of grocery trailblazer Dave Nichol. Her client roster includes leading agencies like Watt Retail and Jackman Reinvents as well as Scotiabank and online educator Desire2Learn. To date, she's billed for more than 1,000 freelance jobs – hence the...

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