Craigslist Training Series: Welcome and Introduction | Jeffrey Dennis | Skillshare

Craigslist Training Series: Welcome and Introduction

Jeffrey Dennis, Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Who Should Take This Course

    • 3. Course Benefits

    • 4. Course Requirements

    • 5. Instructors Craigslist Story

    • 6. Importance Of Taking Action


About This Class

Explore how Craigslist instructor Jeff Dennis can help you create a supplemental income to fund your dreams and passions.  Learn how to clean out and purge your unused stuff and de-clutter your living environment.

In this 16 minutes class, you'll be introduced to his Craigslist Training Series.  You'll learn exactly who his lessons and training series are designed for and how you can benefit the most from taking them.  Discover his secrets to success and join him on this journey!  No prior knowledge or experience required!





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Jeffrey Dennis

Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer

Jeff is passionate about teaching students how to create multiple streams of passive income. He loves helping others reach their fullest creative and independent potential so they can live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Jeff's engineering background provides a no-nonsense, straight forward logical approach that sets him apart. His easy to follow step-by-step strategies allow you to turn your dreams and passions into reality.

His Craigslist success has earned profits exceeding $1...

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