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Craigslist Training Series: How To Sign Up and Create Your Ad On Craigslist

teacher avatar Jeffrey Dennis, Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction To Free Sign Up

    • 2. Benefits Of Free Account

    • 3. Signing Up Walkthrough

    • 4. Account Page Navigation

    • 5. Take Action

    • 6. Introduction To Ad Creation

    • 7. Research And Gather

    • 8. Ad Layout Components

    • 9. Secrets To A Great Ad

    • 10. Categories

    • 11. Titless

    • 12. Descriptions

    • 13. Pricing

    • 14. Take Action

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn the many benefits of having a FREE Craigslist account.  You'll see how easy it is to sign up and navigate the site too.

Then we'll dive into researching and gathering information for your product so you can create the best ad possible.  Discover ad layout and design secrets to capture customer attention and get them motivated to buy what you're selling.  Learn how to write awesome titles, descriptions and set the best price to draw customers in.  This is a great class... so let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeffrey Dennis

Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer


Jeff is passionate about teaching students how to create multiple streams of passive income. He loves helping others reach their fullest creative and independent potential so they can live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Jeff's engineering background provides a no-nonsense, straight forward logical approach that sets him apart. His easy to follow step-by-step strategies allow you to turn your dreams and passions into reality.

His Craigslist success has earned profits exceeding $15000 utilizing the system he developed in this course.

Jeff is an accomplished award winning videographer whose work has appeared on numerous television broadcasts such as CBS News and Outrageous Acts of Science.

He is a regular contributor to many stock footage sites and author of ki... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Free Sign Up: Now, you may be curious about the Craigslist site itself. I mean, up to this point, you've only been dealing with the product side of things. I'm going to change things up and shift gears a bit now and talk about the site itself in this section, I'll show you how to register on Craigslist and provide you with some of the many benefits of having an account and give you a general overview of the site to 2. Benefits Of Free Account: Now, if Craigslist let's you post ads without having an account, you may be wondering, why on earth would I ever need one? Well, there are some major benefits to setting up an account, which I'll go over in this lecture. Craigslist, unlike eBay and other online marketplaces, doesn't require you to register for an account before posting or replying toe ads. Now this is convenient for those not using Craigslist that often, however, you can take advantage of a number of privileges like easier add. Posting in pre pay adds a swell as re posting expired listings. When owning a registered account, the's registration advantages make it worthwhile. If you're doing a lot of selling on Craigslist, registered users get access to AH Handy Control Panel for publishing new ads, as well as editing current listings and re posting those that have expired as well as renewing older ones. User information such as email addresses and geographic location is also maintained in their database, which makes managing adds much easier, and you'll also be able to save your search criteria for future use. You see, without an account, the only way to manage a post is through an emailed link. When created, all postings must undergo a verification, regardless of whether using a registered account or not. When submitting for approval, non registered users will receive a verification code via email. Paid posting accounts, although not applicable for us, provide special features as well. See Craigslist charges fees for things like job postings in most major cities in the U. S. Ah, therapeutic services and brokered apartment rentals in New York, for example, how these types of listings can be posted with convenient tools, including discounted rates for bulk ads and purchasing blocks of ads in advance to minimize credit card data entry. And you can also authorise multiple users to manage the same posting. Again, you don't have to be concerned with ease paid posting benefits as all your ads will be free . These benefits make signing up a Craigslist account well worth it. And because it's free, I mean, why not 3. Signing Up Walkthrough: in this lecture, I'll show you how to sign up and log into your free account on Christ list. It's really very easy. Just follow these steps. Go to the Craigslist site into your email address and select create account button. He will then get a thank you message instructing you to go to your email account. Okay. Now follow the link in your email message to get to the password page, enter and submit a password. He'll then get a password success message where you can follow the link to your account, read and accept the Craigslist terms of use agreement. He'll then see your main posting page. You can log into an existing account really easily. Just follow these steps, go to the Craigslist, log in screen and enter your email and password and log in. Okay, Now that you have an account, you're ready to roll 4. Account Page Navigation: okay in this lecture will go over the basic navigation of your account page so that you can get comfortable with how things are laid out on the site. Okay, let's start with the main posting page or dashboard, which has five tabs across the top. The first or default postings tab. We'll show all of your current and past posts. The filter options lets you view active, inactive or all of your posts in any given category for a particular year. The table of postings gives you information about your current status posting title, as well as the area and category for your ad. And it also shows the posting date when the ad will expire and a unique I. D number assigned through the site. You can make a new ad by selecting your area and clicking on the go button in the upper right hand corner of your count page just above your posting table. Now this will be covered in more detail in a later lecture, along with the manage options, which include letting you delete at it repost and renew your ads, too. The draft stab will keep track of your ads that haven't been posted quite yet. This is a real handy place to access work in progress. The Searchers tab lets you save specific search terms and queries for future use, but this comes in real handy during your product research phase. Now the Settings tab lets you alter your personal settings like email addresses and passwords. You can add a handle for use on there forum so that you don't have to use your real name. The default site setting will bring you to your local area Craigslist when you sign in or make a new post. And for those of you wanting to spend lots of time on the site, Ah, handy setting allows you to stay logged in automatically for a fixed amount of time without getting booted off the site. Okay, I'm not really sure who would actually want to do this, but there is a setting to deactivate your account if you'd like to do that in the last tab called Billing has account information for those who choose to use paid postings. Now the photo across the bottom of the site has some very useful information to, of course, we have the typical help, which includes lots of links regarding classified and paid posts, as well as how to avoid scams and fraud. There are also links on legal, copyright and harassment issues and some miscellaneous content to You can also access the same help page from the link in the upper right hand corner of your account page labeled Help Pages. There's also a safety link. Now this has some great advice on how to avoid scams as well as links to personal safety. When making deals. I've actually included a complete lecture dedicated to safety in a later section, The privacy link covers Craigslist policy on protecting your privacy. The feedback link takes you to the Forum Feedback Area, where you can leave comments, suggestions, those types of things. If you ever felt compelled to work for Craigslist, you'll find a list of job openings in the C L jobs link. Sorry, there only often in San Francisco, but I have the weather's nice out there and you'll find the Craigslist terms of use document. Under the terms link, you want to make sure to read this pride of posting your adds to their site. Now, this will help guarantee that you won't be breaking any of their rules. And the about link has a standard list of useful tips on using Craigslist and some interesting facts about the company that I think you'll really find interesting. And lastly, the mobile link has a handy feature that lets you select a view that's optimized for either a mobile device or a desktop computer. When you're done with your Craigslist session, you can log out of your account from the link in the upper right hand corner of your count page, and it's labeled Log Out. 5. Take Action: Okay, time for the sections Action step. If you haven't done so already, now is the time to register for your free account and get familiar with your account page. So please do the following steps. Sign up for your free Craigslist account and then spent some time navigating around your account page to get familiar with the layout. It's really very easy, I promise. 6. Introduction To Ad Creation: This is where the rubber meets the road. You're now getting to the heart of the Craigslist process. In this section, I'll cover all the different aspects of creating your head content. You learn how to research and gather product information so that you can write the best ad possible. You'll learn all about ad layout and the key components that make a great listing and how to assemble them in such a way to give you a product its highest sales potential, you learn how to create the most effective titles, headings and descriptions to capture customers attention and get them interested and make them want to buy what you're offering. Keep in mind you won't be posting your ad just yet. That comes in the next section. For now, you're going to create, organize, assemble and adjust and tweak all the necessary components ahead of time. You'll be preparing everything to go in your at now so that when it comes time to post on the site, you just copy and paste and will are Remember, I recordkeeping principle. Well, this is where you get to practice it, spending time. Organizing your content now will save you a ton of time and aggravation later on. So let's dig in 7. Research And Gather: So you've got your product just sitting there looking all fine and dandy, right? Well, if you had to describe it in words, what would you say about it? How do you find the information to write an awesome ad? Well, in this lecture, I'll cover how to research and gather up all the information necessary so you can write. You add content now, before getting into the details. I'd like you to first print out either the product, data, spreadsheet or product data template, which can be found in the supplemental material section of this lecture. See, these will be used for your product research and contain important fields you'll feel in about your product. You'll notice I filled in sample data for our course. Example. Product. Just a za guideline, but you can right over this when filling in your particular information for your product. The product Data spreadsheet is an Excel file used to keep track of all your product information in one commonplace. Now this is for those who prefer to manage their product information from one central file instead of separate documents for each product. The product data template is a word document used to keep track of information for only one product at a time, and this has been created for those who prefer to manage things individually. How these documents can be kept in individual product folders on your hard drive. If you don't happen to have access to either Microsoft, Excel a word. I've also included the open office equivalent in the supplemental material section. How these programs Can be found here. If you really want to go old school, you can use a notebook, but I think you better off sticking with a digital file. For obvious reasons. You know the ability to cut and paste and include links and formatting options. A definite advantages. You may already have some familiarity with your product, in which case you can start filling in your product data sheet. Otherwise, the best place to start researching is with Google. You know, if your product has a model or part number. Mayko Manufacturer name. You're in luck has searching these terms helps narrow the search results. Using our course. Example. Product ID search on terms like Bear, Cat receiver, Model B, C four and electric Company. Now, as you find results and visit each site look for the key information called out in your data sheet. I tend to include more information than necessary, which gives me plenty of material to choose from While writing the description, Providing more information will give you an edge over competitors. It takes a bit of digging to get all this information, so I'd like to turn it into a game kind of like a scavenger hunt. Keep track of sites you visit by copying and pasting. The URL links into your data sheet as well. Is he doing this will help tremendously. If you want to take a break and return later, chances are your Google search will lead to manufacturers sites, which is an ideal resource to gather all your product information. You may run across sites like Amazon, WalMart, Sears and other retail stores full of good information to sites like CNET often do reviews on electronic items and make a great resource. If your product has no make model apart number or has outlived its manufacturer, then digging up information is more of a challenge. Try entering search terms that describe your products, visual and physical characteristics. You can then select Google Image tab to search through photos of similar products. You may get lucky and spot the same item or something really similar, and you can then click through and hopefully find some useful information. In addition to Google, might want to try sites like eBay, etc. In something called Google. And more than likely, someone else will be selling the exact same thing on one of these sites and sites like Search Tempest A really handy because they provide surging across multiple sites at once when searching classified sites. Take note of the price. Other Sella's a charging. See? This will give you a real good ballpark figure for your listing. You also want to make sure the price is sufficient enough to warrant the work necessary. You don't really want to spend all this time going through all this effort on Lee to come out with a few bucks in the end, to make sure the payoff is worth your time, you might want to set a minimum price to our shoulder. That makes sense for you. Maybe like 20 bucks. That way, if any product you want to sell has an average price less than your minimum threshold, you can decide to skip it, since it won't be worth your time. Searching for similar items on Craigslist itself can be really useful. You can either search from within your local site or do a global Google search across the entire site by entering site colon craigslist dot orig, followed by your search terms. So using our course example, I'd enter in sight colon craigslist dot org's Bear Cat scanner into Google. Now the global method often gives results to things that are high defined from within the site itself. And one more great resource I wanted to mention is the site called Search All Craigslist, which allows searching across cities, states and geographic areas. It's a really cool site. Another thing I really like to do is spend some time of the product, you know, pick it up, look at it, inspect it and check it out. Use it. You see experimenting and using it will give you a better understanding of how it works, operates and functions, and this will provide insight when gathering your information. As you gain familiarity, you might have questions that lead to deeper and more thorough investigation and a deeper understanding of the product. Also helps you answer customer questions, and this gives them a kind of warm and fuzzy feeling that you have knowledge about the product and also instills confidence and trust, all of which increase your selling potential. 8. Ad Layout Components: Now that you have all your product information, I want to concentrate a bit on the physical appearance of the ad itself. Now, for the sake of this lecture, I'll use our course. Example ad, which I've taken a screenshot of its soon here. I've also included this in the supplemental material section of this lecture under instructor example Number seven. Now print this out and refer to it as we move forward in the section. See, getting familiar with its different components will really help when it comes time to posting your ad for which you'll do in the next section. Okay, so let's take a look at the ad layout itself. Now I'll admit, from an artistic standpoint, ads on Craigslist won't win any awards. They are all pretty basic, and you won't have any fancy fonts or flashy advertising. Graphic elements. Aside from your snazzy photos, that is, see, you don't have much control over where things are placed, either. The title headline description and photos all have a fixed location in the ad layout. Now, this may be considered a disadvantage to some sellers wanting more control over the visual appeal of their ads, but what's interesting is that toe others. This is kind of considered an advantage in that it levels the playing field for those less graphically inclined. Now, even with this apparent limitation, you can still create your ad for maximum impact, giving you a major advantage over other sellers. There have been some really interesting studies about the proper layout of advertisements to attract the most attention, and the Nielsen Norman Group has a really interesting article on something called The F Shaped Pattern, which is very effective for Web content. Now the basic idea is that most viewers actually skin Web pages in a pattern that resembles the shape of the letter F. So you can really take advantage of this research by crafting your ad to conform to the shape, referring back to our course. Example. You can see that this is very easy to do once the ad components are placed in the proper order, it does in fact, resemble the letter F, which is kind of cool 9. Secrets To A Great Ad: So now that you've seen a typical ad with all of its components and collected some great information for your product, how do you put it all together to create a great ad? Well, in this lecture, you'll uncover one of my top secrets. Now your ad is one of the key elements of selling on Craigslist. It is the first introduction that customers have toe. What you're offering, and being able to control some of its elements is key to giving you a big advantage. It was mentioned in the last lecture. You actually do have control over the content of your title, heading description and photos, and crafting these components using something called the eight of Formula allows them to work together to create powerful adds that helped lead to sales time and time again. Now a. There is an acronym that stands for attention, interest, desire and action, and it's used often in advertising when it comes to attention. If you can make your ads stand out somehow, you have a better chance of catching the readers. I Ideally, you want to stop them in their tracks and grab their attention and wet their appetites. And this is important because consumers are bombarded every day with a multitude of advertising messages, so it's crucial to rise above all the noise. Since Craigslist only displays listing titles in search results. Now, this is the only place to capture the reader's attention. And one of the most common ways to do this is to write something that makes the reader curious or elicits an emotion. Keep in mind that the reader searching for something to solve a problem or fill a need think of a few problems readers may have that your product could help solve and include one or two of these as a benefit, and you really enhance your title. Now that you've caught the reader's attention, you must keep it. And you can do that by making sure every aspect of the description peaks their interest and engages them. Remember, a person's main objective for reading your ad is to determine what's in it for them. It may sound harsh, but he just don't care about you or your problems deep down. Also, I really want to know is if you can offer something that makes their life easier, better or more pleasurable or less painful, he'll do a much better job maintaining their interest if you can keep those goals in mind when writing a description, try to focus on and demonstrate benefits and advantages that they will receive by buying your product. You want to try to use creative language and not just the facts. Your product photos, which you already worked on in the previous section, will really help to enhance interest in your product as well. But that's why you spent all that time making sure that they are of the highest quality. Aren't you glad you did that? Now the next step is to build desire for what you're offering. You want to continue showing the reader how your product could make their lives easier or better, but also doing in the way that provides more than just the benefits. Convince them that this is what they want and that it will meet and exceed their needs. You also want to explain how quickly they can start enjoying the benefits or how simple something is. Try to paint a picture in their minds about how you're offering will help them get closer to realizing their dreams, passions, hopes or desires and your product. Photos actually aid in this visualization as well, since readers can see different angles and shots, making it very riel. Intangible to them words in your description like fast, easy and simple. A really good hot buttons which trigger emotions. See people buy things to a large extent based on their emotions, and then they use logic to back up those buying decisions. If you can also include a provide logic, any description, you'll have much more success, including in the description that your item is high quality or great price are great examples. Now it may seem obvious that after reading your had, someone would naturally take some kind of action or do something right. Well, not so much. You must include a call to action. This is often missed one sellers right there listings. But it is so very important. Readers need to be given explicit instructions on what to do after seeing your ad. This may include something like Call today. Act now or email quickly and creating a sense of urgency and giving them a reason not toe weight will help you readers to act. So for maximum success, keep the aid of formula in mind when building your ad 10. Categories: if you haven't noticed already. Part of your ad creation involves placing it in the proper category. You see, this is important for helping customers find what they want on the site. We'll cover this in more detail in the next section when you actually post your ad. But for now, it's a really good idea to be thinking about what category a product best fits in. And here's a complete list of all the available categories on the site. 11. Titless: in this lecture, I'll cover how you can create your awesome title has mentioned in previous lectures. The title is one of the most important attention grabbing elements in your ad. After all, it's the first thing that customers see when searching, and you remember that old saying, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, it's definitely true here, too. People are so busy nowadays and have no time to waste their attention. Spans are really short, too, and your window of opportunity to attract and capture their attention is very brief. That's why you really need to focus on making your first impressions matter. Now. Let's go over some title elements, and some examples to your title is limited to 70 characters, So it's really important to make the best use of the space you have try to be as descriptive as possible, yet concise and efficient. In general, you want to include these elements for an effective title, name of item brand make model number, manufacturer quality or condition, features and benefits, as well as any bonus or extras that you plan to include and keep in mind, those items don't have to necessarily be in that order. It's not absolutely necessary to use all these elements. In fact, some are considered optional, like model, number and manufacturer. Most people tend not to search on those specific keywords, but it really depends on the type of product that you're selling now. If you happen to be selling a recent smartphone, for example, than I'd say, the model and manufacturer would probably matter. But if, on the other hand, you're selling something like, you know, an old police scanner, as in our course example, then I'd say the model number and manufacturer less important. And you can probably exclude those from the ad. So let me give you a couple of examples using our course product. We might have something like the bear Cat FM Police scanner. Extra speakers led is power cables works great. Well, maybe something like bear cat scanner tune in. FM police fire Military Coast Guard broadcasts or we might have bear cat scanner gives breaking news information. FM, police, fire, military and the last example would be something like bear cat FM, police scanner, free speakers, led power cables, great hobby try to design your title for humans and search engines to keep your titles in formal and casual. And don't use heavy, complicated words that are difficult to understand or try to be too clever or obtuse. Keep it pretty simple. The title doesn't have to be a perfect sentence or grammatically correct. Now it should be crafted in a way that makes enough sense for humans and search engines in . One of the best ways to do that is to include keywords. See these air specific recognisable words that someone would search for when looking for your particular product. So in the case of our course, example, product keywords might be something like Bear cat, police scanner, FM, fire or military. And keep in mind, too, that if your product is old, you might want to consider using keywords like vintage, antique or classic, since he's more popular search terms and I found it really helpful to include words like free. If you're going to be offering bonus items as part of your ad, that this will increase the perceived value and capture more attention, consider using words like new or like No. Two when describing the condition, and have also found it helpful to include words like price reduced to help attract attention. And that's particularly important if you're at is lingered for some time with little action . You can also include punctuation like exclamations to show emphasis. But do keep in mind the carrot account limitation. Another attention grabbing idea is the use of special characters called Ault Keyboard sequences. The's a unique characters, unlike those found on standard keyboards. A small sample includes characters like this. Keep in mind, these characters aren't beneficial from a search engine standpoint, but only really help your title stand out visually when looking at multiple search results . I've included a file full of all the different special character options in the supplemental section of this lecture under Ault keyboard sequences. Not to embed these characters in your ad. Just hold down the old key while entering the appropriate number and then release the all key. Now I haven't used any of these special characters in any of my posts, but I have seen many of these in search listing results. Making your title all caps is another attention grabbing option, although I haven't used this myself since. This is a really easy thing to dio. They tend to think it's been over used by some sellers. Now these methods of attracting visual attention are also helpful when viewing your Craigslist response. Emails, too. Since you're headings will appear in the subject line of the response emails, he'll be able to spot them much faster amongst all your other emails. I also wanted to mention a couple of things you might want to avoid, too. You don't want to include questions in your title. Otherwise, it'll make it sound too much like marketing and sales talk. This tactic usually works better in personal ants, but not when selling something tangible. And don't use special characters in place of words in an effort to cover up slang or swear words. Or try to be funny. As you can see here. Now, this looks kind of hokey and unprofessional and often backfires, And you also want to avoid putting prices or your location in the title as they could be included in other fields. When posting. And one of the beauties of Craigslist that I really like is, the title is an etched in stone. You can experiment and change it at any time, so if you're not getting much response to your ad, you can modify elements to make improvements. My motto is, try and then tweak 12. Descriptions: has mentioned in a previous lecture. Your ad description is all about luring, capturing and maintaining the reader's interest in your product, increasing the desire for it and then guiding them to take action on it. Now, in this lecture will be taking the information that you gathered during your research phase and craft your ad description. When laying out your description, make sure to break your copy up with plenty of white space, so it's really easy on the eyes. The bullet points work well for this, and you also want to follow the F visual pattern for maximum effect. As we described in the previous lecture, the general format, for an effective description, includes the following elements a repeat of title description, body bullet points, which include features technical specifications, size dimensions, colors and material extras and bonuses, documentations, software delivery options and any special notes you want to include. And then this pricing and a call to action in the last piece is a key word list, and I'll describe each of these in a little bit more detail, starting with the very first line, which is a repeat of the title. See, I think duplicating this year gives you a description of frame of reference or a heading of its own. In addition, it helps with Seo by increasing the keyword density of your ad. Now the next section is the main body of the description. This is where you explain the item itself. Like the title. You want to be assed, descriptive as possible, yet concise and brief without a lot of fluff. Although this much more space allowed for writing a description, it's really a good idea to keep it pretty short. After all, remember people's attention spans. They're really pretty sure, and people don't want to spend a lot of time reading through a lot of stuff that sounds like a novel. If it's too long, they'll actually move onto the next ad. I think some way between 3 to 5 sentences should be fine. Have the audience in mind and keep it short. You want to be factual, accurate and appealing without sounding, too sales er over the top. See, you're trying to paint as complete a picture of your product as possible in as few words as you can. Doing this correctly lets customers know as much as possible before investing lots of time , money, gas and travel to see the item. In addition, I've also found that a thorough description helps minimise unnecessary concerns. Are uncertainties or even questions or risks in the minds of the customer, so you don't want to give them any reason to hesitate? You want to try to think of all the potential questions a bio might have by putting yourself in their shoes and then provide the answers. The quality of your description is also a reflection of you. It really speaks volumes about your integrity, professionalism and your commitment, offering the very best now when writing, you want to concentrate on the benefits and not so much on the features. Customers really get much more excited about how they'll benefit from your product. What's in it for them, and how will it improve their life or make them feel consider, including some emotional benefits, too? You see what it will do for them is much more appealing and stands out in their minds. Let me give you an example just to show you what I'm talking about. If I gave you a list of features like dead pig meat, bacon and then a list of benefits like tasty, delicious, lean, sizzling breakfast see which is more appealing. The benefits will appeal more to their senses than the features makes sense. Man, I'm getting hungry. If your item has one main use, there's no real need to state the obvious. See if you're selling a bed, for example. There's no need to say it's great for sleeping on. On the other hand, if you're selling something that could have multiple uses, you want to try to spawn some new ideas on the customer's mind. For example, your product may be useful as a prop in a movie or a music video. How about a birthday Christmas or even a gag gift? You want to try to think outside the typical use cases you may consider a little wit to in your description, as it gives it a personality and lets the buyers know your human. But be conservative and don't overdo it. Make sure not to be a wiseass or demanding in your approach that this could be a real turn off. You want to be lighthearted, engaging, respectful and professional. Provide full disclosure on your items condition, too, you know, doesn't work as expected, although this may have been mentioned briefly in the title, It's a good opportunity to expand in more detail. Here you want to be is completely honest and up front with the attitude that you've really got nothing to hide. Have this builds trust and saves on any future embarrassment and avoids angry or disappointed customers. Mention any faults, blemishes, dents, scratches, discoloration or any other imperfections in reference photos when appropriate. If the item happens to be brand new, are unopened or in the original box or packaging, make sure to include that as well. Consider mentioning why you're selling the product to see by is really want to know if you had any particular problems with it so they can avoid them. Provide valid, understandable reasons. You know things like, Well, we don't have the room for it in our apartment anymore, or it doesn't fit without decor anymore. He see those reasons make total sense and provide some level of comfort to the customer that there was no real issue with the product itself. If your product has any amount of fabric on it, make sure to indicate that it was cleaned. You can also mention that it came from a smoke or pet free home. As long as that's a true statement, you see, some people are really very sensitive to allergens, pet hair and dander, and really appreciate having one less worry. Okay, let's move on to the bullet point section. Now. This is reserved for describing other aspects of your product that is better suited for bullet points. This makes it much easier if other read it a quickly scan without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail. Your product may not include some of these categories, so filling knows that apply. The specifications section may include technical specs for manufacturers. How these air really useful for electron ICS and can easily be copy and pasted from their website. Provide products size and dimensions. Now. This is really useful for customers to determine if the product will actually fit in their vehicles or doorways of their home. It may want to include product material in color, too. Now, even though these can be determined from the photos, it's better to have them written down. Since some people have issues with color blindness for large items, consider including product weight to This is really useful for customers who may need to bring a helper to lift the item into their vehicle. As you'll see in the next section. When posting Iran, there is a specific product details Area, which does include some of the same information has entered here. You may elect not to duplicate information and enter it there instead. In fact, some sellers think that it's not really necessary to enter product details here at all. I found no that having it in both locations makes it really easy for the customer, as many only look in the description section anyway. This keeps all your product information in one area and context, so the customer doesn't have to go searching to find everything. Adding extras and bonus is is a great way to stand out from the competitors that this is in keeping with our core principle. Go the extra mile. The idea is to provide something extra that makes the product ready to use, with no extra effort on the customer's part. This can include things like batteries, cables, cases, blank cassettes, CDs, DVDs, those kinds of things. You can even include personal extras that don't have anything to do with the product itself . This may include things like movie tickets or passes or gift cards to coffee or donut jobs . Fast food chain. Or how about a free token for a public transport ride? Be creative. I'm sure you can come up with some little extra. Believe me. When your customer experiences these little bonuses, they will really take notice and you'll stand out head and shoulders above the rest. List any documentation you'll be providing to, such as user manuals or user guides or reference material or instructions. Decide if you'll provide hard copy. PdF or you are l links. If including a you earl, it may need to be a clickable link when the ad is live. Also list any software that you might be providing in the media type like CDs, downloads or you RL's. Another method to consider if you want to stand out and increase your buyer pool is to offer some kind of a delivery option. This is particularly useful on large items at a harder to transport. You may want to offer to deliver the product within a given radius. If the product will only fit in a truck and you happen to have one, and your customer doesn't now. This may be a very appealing option for them. You could offer this as a free service or charge a small fee depending on the mileage. If the product is small enough and fits in a backpack, you could provide a delivery service on your bike. How this may be attractive if you live in the city and the last bullet point is for a special notes or requests. This area can be used for anything unique, special or out of the ordinary. You'd like to request or even disclose or mention. I've seen it used effectively toe weed out. Hackers and spammers will cover these in more detail in a later section. For now, the idea is to write a few lines that help filter out people who aren't serious prospects. Examples may include cash only for those wanting to use check or other means to pay. Another example might be I still have the product. If you're reading this, you see often spammers will start with a question. Do you still have the item? It's just my personal favorite. If you sound like a spammer, your email will be deleted, so please for the love of God use. Normal English sentences have also found that another effective anti spam technique is to request that the customers submit their telephone number or specific mention of the item in the response email. Okay, I did want to talk briefly about spell and grammar checking. You see, Unlike your title, the description really does need to be grammatically correct. You should use proper sentence structure, and it should read and flow very easily. Make sure to take advantage of your software applications spell and grammar checkers. Removing these types of errors makes you more professional and increases that perceived value and really improves perception. This leaves a more professional impression with your customer. He'd really be amazed at the spelling errors in some of the ad postings. Here are some good examples. Chest of drawers, wrought iron, suede, leather and end tables. Now, as far as pricing goes, there is a separate field exclusively for your products Price, which will discuss in more detail in the next lecture. I also like to include the price at the bottom of the ad posting to keep it in the same context. This gives readers a chance to see it as one of the last items after reading the ad. In addition to the dollar amount, you can also include other notes on the same line, including cash only or best offer. The next piece is our call to action. This is the last piece in the puzzle. Now this is where you take the customer by the hand and guide them on what to do after reading your ad. Now it may seem obvious, but people really need a nudge or a Q on taking the next step, they really need to be reminded of what you'd like them to do next. You want them to take action by contacting you? No. Some take action examples include Please email me. If interested, please call me if interested. If interested, please email your number so I can contact you. And the last one is. Send me your number so I can call or text you. This call to action may also feel throughout those less serious about your product and may help reduce scammer emails to help personalize your listing a little bit. You could include your first name. See this helps establish or build a little psychological connection. This tells the customer you're a real person and helps build a little bit of a bond. Now you may consider including some kind of a deadline in your call to action. This tends to establish a little bit of a sense of urgency. The idea is to motivate your reader to take action faster. Try to instill the idea that if they don't take action now, then they'll really miss out on an opportunity. Some examples may include item needs to be picked up by Wednesday or only available for pickup until Saturday in the last one is We're moving. Item must go by Sunday and the last piece is all about keywords. You want to include keywords specific to your product that customers would search for Are these special words. Allow the search engines to find your add more effectively and improves S CEO Now for our example Product. I used words like bear cat, police scanner, FM, fire, military. I'll make sure the words you use a relevant make sure also not to put your phone number or personal email in the ad description. This will provide some level of security and reduce spam to see Once you establish contact with customers and begin correspondents, you may decide to share this information, but only after you've developed a certain report and feel comfortable doing so. Who will discuss this further in the next section? 13. Pricing: figuring out a price for your product can be pretty difficult, so you don't want to charge too little and make all the effort not worth your while. But on the flip side, he really don't want to charge high prices and skated customers away, either. Unfortunately, there's no magic formula, and each situation is different. But luckily there are some general pricing guidelines you can follow in. This lecture will cover techniques you can use to determine the best price. We touched on this a little bit in the research and gathering lecture, but we'll dig into more details here now when trying to figure out a price. One of the first things to consider is a change in mindset. Try to be aware of something I call price ego. This is that feeling that you're going to get top dollar come hell or high water. How you may be thinking, I pay a damn good price for this, so I'm gonna recoup as much as I can, But be one. This motor thinking leads to minimal sales, if any at all. Try to adjust your thinking and remember your objective is to get products moving out the door and not to let them sit around longer. How this becomes more important as you sell at higher volumes. Think of it as some money is better than none. Another good thing to keep in mind this depreciation. You want to try to be realistic when pricing. You may have high hopes for getting top dollar for what used to be your prized possession, but let's look at it from the customer's perspective for just a sec. What kind of investment must they make now? They have to put in the time to make contact, to correspond, to negotiate and drive to your location. To pick up a used product. They want to feel like they're getting a great deal if they can buy the same thing new for only a few dollars more at a retail store. Believe me, they'll do it hands down. Even if you paid top dollar when it was new, your product will most definitely depreciate over time. Unless it's an antique or highly collectible or some hot, new selling electronic gizmo, you want to set an attractive price that makes it worth your time and effort. After all, people come to Craigslist, assuming they'll get a huge deal, and that's kind of what the site is known for. A massive discounts and many customers are frugal and just won't pay top dollar for anything. One general rule to consider is that higher priced items tend to be harder to sell and take longer due to a smaller audience. And conversely, lower price items tend to sell faster with higher audiences. A good starting point and rule of thumb that I like to use is to price at roughly half the original retail price. Now, To showcase this, you can include the original price near or next to the asking price, as in this example, paid over $300 brand new asking 1 50 This is a very clear reminder that the customer is getting a really great deal. The other half price rule may not apply in your particular case based on your competitors. Refer back to your research on eBay and Craigslist and other classified sites discussed in earlier lectures. You may want to gauge your price from similar products on these other sites. One tactic is to set a price just slightly lower than your competitors. Your price also depends on how you stack up compared to everyone else. If your product has issues like missing pieces or dents, scratches those kinds of things and others don't, then you'll have a really hard time competing on price. That will say, in general, with no product issues, the power of perceived value will be hard at work in your ad. If you really taking the time to adhere to all of the principles throughout these lectures , your ad and product will really stand well above other competitors. And you can therefore legitimately set ah, higher asking price and a really much more likely to get it. Now. Negotiating on price really does play a big part in your Craigslist selling. Most customers have come to expect some level of haggling and negotiating. We'll discuss thes tactics in a later lecture, but for now, determine if you're really willing to budge on price or not. If you set a fair price and are not willing to negotiate, then make that known up front. You want to include the word firm next to your price. This indicates to the buyers not to bother even trying to talk you down. Of course, the downside to fix pricing is, it may take longer to make a sale, and you may limit your audience somewhat, too. But if you are willing to negotiate, consider including some haggle room in the price. Determine a price that you think is fair and bump it up just a little bit, maybe 10 or 20% in anticipation of some haggling. That way, the customer has room to talk you down, and if they dio, they feel like they've gotten their way. And likewise, you end up with your original design price. You can even set up tears of acceptable pricing, which can be broken down into ideal good and lowest. Now, getting these rangers said in your mind prior to posting your ad and negotiating will help . Another thing. You can include next year prices O B. O. Which stands for or best offer. And this indicates to the buyer that you're not absolutely fixed on price and are willing to take many offers into consideration before choosing the best one. And this is nice because it usually attracts more buyers as well. No dropping your price may be necessary if your ad has actually sat around for a while, with little or no action. This is actually a really good way to attract new attention to an otherwise stale ad, and you may decide to drop the price by a fixed dollar amount of maybe 5 to $10. Say, or you could also do it on some percentage like 5 to 10% and try doing it at regular intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. That usually works out pretty good. I did want to mention a couple of pricing. No knows, too. You may see other sellers create a ned with the price of a dollar. Now, when you read through the ed, you realize that they have no intention of selling something that cheap. See, their only interest was to lure you in so that you could make an offer. And this is really misleading. And I recommend not playing this game. You might run the potential of pissing people off this way. I wanted to mention something I call convenience pricing to now. This may seem like a really small thing, but it is an added courtesy to your buyer. You could set a price that's an even multiple of $20. You see this is the smallest denomination for most ATM machines, and it's quite possible that your customer will end up stopping at an A T M. On the way to meet you with sees both you the hassle of having to make correct change when making a sale. Also, don't forget you can refer to the product reference guide for pricing comparisons. Now there's no guarantee that your product will be on the list, but it will give you a starting point when setting your pricing. 14. Take Action: get excited. You are getting so close to having your item upon Craigslist for all to see and purchase. Okay, you know the drill by now, if you haven't done so already, please do the following steps. Download or print out either the product data spreadsheet or the product data template, depending on your preference, and then download a printout. The ad layout showing our course. Example. Product. This could be found an instructor example Number seven. And then I want you to create your awesome add content using the data you collected during your research and the lessons learned in this section.