Craigslist Training Series: How To Manage Your Ads + Advanced Product Roundup Bonus Lesson

Jeffrey Dennis, Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction To Managing Your Ads

    • 2. Ad Renewals, Life Cycles & Reposts

    • 3. Editing Your Ad

    • 4. Deleting Your Ad

    • 5. Take Action

    • 6. Introduction To Advanced Product Roundup

    • 7. How To Find Even More Stuff To Sell


About This Class

Discover how important and easy it is to manage your ads in this class with Craigslist management tools.

You'll learn about your ads life cycle and why renewal is so important to your success.  See just how easy it is to edit, delete and repost your ads.

As a thank you for enrolling in the Craigslist Training Series, I've also provides a bonus lesson on other secret places you can find things to sell.  This class will expand and evolve over time based on feedback and suggestion from stay tuned !