Craigslist Training Series: How To Manage Your Ads + Advanced Product Roundup Bonus Lesson

Jeffrey Dennis, Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction To Managing Your Ads

    • 2. Ad Renewals, Life Cycles & Reposts

    • 3. Editing Your Ad

    • 4. Deleting Your Ad

    • 5. Take Action

    • 6. Introduction To Advanced Product Roundup

    • 7. How To Find Even More Stuff To Sell


Project Description

Class Project

For this class project, you'll be doing some ad housekeeping to help keep organized and efficient. You’ll also be hunting for new products to sell.

Step 1

Go through your ads and delete those not necessary, edit existing ads as needed and renew any stale ads. Also make sure to repost any expired ads if needed.

Step 2

Use one of the ideas mentioned in the advanced product roundup lesson for your next item and go through the process again as discussed in the Craigslist Training Series.   You’re well on your way to reaching your goals. Nicely done!

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