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Craigslist Training Series: How To Manage Your Ads + Advanced Product Roundup Bonus Lesson

teacher avatar Jeffrey Dennis, Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction To Managing Your Ads

    • 2. Ad Renewals, Life Cycles & Reposts

    • 3. Editing Your Ad

    • 4. Deleting Your Ad

    • 5. Take Action

    • 6. Introduction To Advanced Product Roundup

    • 7. How To Find Even More Stuff To Sell

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About This Class

Discover how important and easy it is to manage your ads in this class with Craigslist management tools.

You'll learn about your ads life cycle and why renewal is so important to your success.  See just how easy it is to edit, delete and repost your ads.

As a thank you for enrolling in the Craigslist Training Series, I've also provides a bonus lesson on other secret places you can find things to sell.  This class will expand and evolve over time based on feedback and suggestion from stay tuned !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeffrey Dennis

Author, Entrepreneur, Videographer


Jeff is passionate about teaching students how to create multiple streams of passive income. He loves helping others reach their fullest creative and independent potential so they can live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Jeff's engineering background provides a no-nonsense, straight forward logical approach that sets him apart. His easy to follow step-by-step strategies allow you to turn your dreams and passions into reality.

His Craigslist success has earned profits exceeding $15000 utilizing the system he developed in this course.

Jeff is an accomplished award winning videographer whose work has appeared on numerous television broadcasts such as CBS News and Outrageous Acts of Science.

He is a regular contributor to many stock footage sites and author of ki... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Managing Your Ads: As you begin to sell more and more on Craigslist, you'll soon realize how important it is to maintain a level of good housekeeping. Being able to manage your ads will make your life much easier. Luckily, Craigslist provides a really easy way to do this. Now, in this section, you'll learn all about your ads, lifecycle how to renew repost at it and a liter adds to. 2. Ad Renewals, Life Cycles & Reposts: in this lecture, we'll talk about the life cycle of your ad and what you can do to maximize its exposure. Now, I wanted to talk a little bit about add freshness. See, when you create your ad, it will appear at the top of list in the particular category that you selected As time goes by. Ads created by other sellers will take its place at the top of the category list, and as a result, your ad begins to fall down the list, just like a blogger or Facebook post. And with every new entry, your ad becomes more and more stale now. When potential customers searched Craigslist for your product, they end up seeing the freshest, most recent post first, followed by others in descending chronological order. Now, if you happen to be on the first page of entries and you'll stand a much better chance of catching the viewer's eye, however, if you're on the second or third page, you'll be really lucky if they even see your ad, let alone click to view it. This is much like what happens with search engines like Google and why it's always better to be on the first page of rankings. The reason is that most people are lazy and don't want to bother scrolling through multiple pages of listings to find what they want. Most people make their selection from the first few entries only. This is why it's so important to keep your ads as fresh as possible. And this has happened to me so many times when my ads get stale and I start to see a lack of response, I just renew them and all of a sudden the email start rolling in again. Now, the best way to keep your adds fresh is to make sure to renew them on a regular basis. You see every 48 hours your ad will have the option to be renewed. You will know this option is available when you see the word renew in the manage column of your account homepage. Just select the word we knew, and you'll be taken to your ad where you can make any changes necessary and then select publish and your ad will be placed at the top of the list again. Now the average post will stay active on the site. A total of 45 days in some cities and large metropolitan areas. The duration is only seven days. Once this time has elapsed, your ad will expire and be taken off line. Now, whether or not you renew your ad during this time has no effect on the expiration now. Don't worry, Expired adds, won't have to be recreated. It's really easy to make them active again. And this is one of the beauties of having an account. All your work is actually stored in their database for easy recovery. All you have to do is repost your ad, which actually creates a copy of your original ad and turns the status to active. This is really easy to do just by selecting the repost option in the manage column of your account home page. No one important thing to keep in mind is that photos may have to be re uploaded. If your ad has expired for a certain period of time, then the photos will be gone. However, the content will still be there. Craigslist actually purchase photos from adds to reduce the storage base on their servers. Photo uploading is very easy to dio. Just refer back to the lecture on posting your photos for details. You get an email notification when your ad has been reposted, so make sure to file it away in the proper folder to now. I found that there is an optimal part of the week for renewals and repost. It's usually at the end of the week, either on a Friday or Saturday. Thes days are usually best, since most people have more free time to check out the ads and make plans and arrangements during the weekend. The idea is to get your ad in front of his many eyeballs as possible. 3. Editing Your Ad: In this short lecture, I'll discuss how to edit existing ads. Having the ability to edit existing ads is a really bonus for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is to correct for any errors you may have made in the original post. You can go back and very easily modify spelling mistakes or make changes and additions to content or change photos. You should also consider editing your ad. If you've experienced slow or no response, you could breathe new life into your ad with some basic edits. Try making changes to the title by using additional keywords. Try modifying your content to make it more enticing. Also, consider adding some additional photos. You can even reduce the price to help draw more attention. No, to edit your ad, just select edit from the Manage column on your account home page. 4. Deleting Your Ad: In this short lecture, I'll discuss how to delete existing ads. Now we briefly covered how to delete your ad in the last sections lecture on closing loose ends. But we'll go into a little more detail in this lecture. When your ad is deleted, it's not actually removed from the site. It's still there in the site's database. It's just not active for others to see. Now this is convenient. If you want to use old post as the basis for new ones, it's also handy if you want to bring a deleted post back to life by re posting it now. The most obvious time did lead. A post is right after making a sale, as was discussed earlier. Now this is very important and will save lots of head aeration for you and potential customers who get all excited after seeing your ad, only to find out it's been sold. There have been occasions where I've deleted an ad posting because there is something inherently wrong with the item, and it was only realized after the post was created. Sometimes you may have a change of heart, too, and decide you don't want to sell something. How Maybe there's some sentimental value attached to something, and you just can't bring yourself to sell it. That's okay. All you have to do is to lead the ad. I have also had friends that have gifted items to after a post is active, so I've needed to delete those ads as well. Some sellers delete and repost their ad on a daily basis in an effort to keep them at the top of their category listings. Now this is technically against the rules and is considered gaming the system. I'd advise against doing this as it may set off red flags against your account. A much better option is to let your ads come up for renewal is automatically has discussed in the previous lecture and bump them up the list. Naturally, leading a post is very easy. Just select elite from the Manage column on your account homepage. Now, if you happen to delete an ad in the 1st 48 hours, you'll see a message at the top that will allow you to under lead. Note that doing this will place your ad back in its original position and will not move it to the top of the category listing 5. Take Action: Okay, it's time to get off your duff. Take action and do some house cleaning. Please do the following steps. Comb through your ads and delete those not needed anymore. Edit any ads you feel need new life or revitalisation. And if enough time has passed, renew any ads to bring them to the top of their category listing again and repost any ads that have expired. 6. Introduction To Advanced Product Roundup: everybody loves getting a little something extra. I know I dio. That's why I included this bonus section. The Lexus in this section are really a thank you gift for taking the course. Now I'll be adding more content to the section in the near future. But for now I wanted to stop by, including a lecture on advanced product round of ideas, so let's dig in. 7. How To Find Even More Stuff To Sell: So you've sold everything from your Craig's corner, and it's looking pretty empty over there. You realize you having such a blast selling stuff, and you're just itching to start cranking products out the door. So what do you do now? Well, you could do another patrol mission around the house in hopes of finding something or check out the resource is and ideas from this lecture. How about starting with yard sales, garage or moving sales? Now, these are great places to find good deals that you can turn around and sell on Craigslist. In fact, Craigslist has a section called Garage and Moving Sales. You can also scan your local newspaper under the classified section. Oh, look them up online now. What I'll usually do is go to these at the end of the day, when the owners are getting ready to pack things up. You can usually find better deals then, as most owners don't want to pack all their stuff up and haul it all back inside and have to find a place to store it again, consider the weather as well. Try to go on days that are not perfect, you know, days that are overcast with maybe light rain or wind. I usually better than nice, sunny days. Since fewer people will want to bother, you'll have less competition and a more likely to find good deals. Sellers are likely to be more motivated and want to just get rid of their stuff, too. Sometimes I'll even offer to take what the owners don't want to the dump and even box it up for them. This could be very appealing, since they're usually tired at the end of the day. Just don't want to bother with it. Once you get all the boxes home, you can go through and decide what has enough value to sell on Craigslist, and then you can donate the rest, Goodwill or some other charity? Speaking of which, how about shopping for products that your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or other thrift stores? These options are similarly ad sales, but the proceeds from sales go directly to help the organization. When purchasing items here, you just want to make sure that there's enough profit margin to make it worth your while. Now it may take a bit of practice to get a good sense of what something is worth when you sell it, so keep at it. Some people have success flipping items on Craigslist. They buy something really low and then turn right around and sell it for a profit. I feel this is a great option, especially since you now know how to make a product look and sound very appealing. With your newfound skills, you can search for deals and negotiate with sellers to get the best price and then give the item a real good cleaning. Take your awesome photos, right a killer ad and flip it. No, Crixus also has a section of a battering, and this may be a good option if you'd like to trade something you have with someone else. Some buttering ads will specify what owners are looking for in trade, while others will trade anything as long as it has equal value. Chances are pretty high that owners will not spend the time taking nice pictures in creating awesome as for something they intend to barter, And this leaves you with a great opportunity toe. Apply in new skills so you can turn around and make a sale. Now, if you don't have an item or something tangible to barter with you could offer a service instead. What do you good at? Photography, Art design, Computer skills making YouTube videos? Think of something that you know how to do that others might not, and those skills have value that you could then trade for items to sell. How about trying Craigslist Free section, which is full of all kinds of stuff, like furniture, TVs, toys, bikes, all kinds of things? Now I'll admit some of this has very little value, but you may come across something that you could work your magic on and then turn around and sell. Anything with real value tends to go quickly, too, so make sure you check out the free section. Often you want to make sure to jump on any opportunity no. One making contact with owners. Make sure to stress that you have a vehicle and can pick it up right away. You could even offer to give them a few bucks if there are others interested in the same thing. That way, you'll stand out and are more likely to get it. I ended up finding an awesome sailboat in the free section. It had been sitting at the water's edge of upon for many years, and the owners didn't want to deal with cleaning it up. So I dragged at home, gave it a great cleaning, added a little bit of fiberglass and used it for a couple of summers with my daughter. Then they sold it back on Craigslist. It was totally awesome. You might want to try using something called Freecycle. This is a site affiliated with Yahoo. Now they have many different local groups that you can join. People post pictures of their unwanted free stuff, much like the Craigslist free section. You'll have to check often and jump on any good opportunities. Now, as I mentioned in the introduction section of this course, the dump is a wonderful place to find products to sell on Craigslist. See, once you get past the mental barrier, he'll start seeing things differently. You'll start seeing dollar bills laying around the dump, not trash. You'll develop a keen sense of what has value that you could turn into cash, and this is especially true if you're handy with tools or know how to fix anything that's broken many times. All you need to do is give this stuff a good cleaning. I found that spring and summer months tend to be better for spotting opportunities at the dump. The weather is better and more people are out and about throwing things away. No, I found that late afternoon is the best time since most yard sales and then, in many people, bring their leftover yard sale stuff to the dump instead of packing it back up and storing it again. This presents a wonderful chance for you to score something good. Many dumps have reserved areas or something called swap shops specifically allocated for stuff like this. The's areas I usually meant for pickers like you and me. Yes, I said it. I'm a dumb picker and proud of it, and you should be, too. So on trash day, keep a close eye on what people put out at the curb. I've spotted furniture, bikes, TVs, sporting goods, all kinds of good stuff. I'm continually amazed at what people throw out. He may consider offering to provide a clean out service in your area. You can put an ad in your local newspaper, a makeup, flyers and a business card. You would provide a service to take customers unwanted stuff to the dump of them. This gives you an opportunity to pick anything you feel has value that you could then sell . You could also donate the remainder to goodwill or something similar. You could also expand this service to local businesses. See, quite often they end up with unused items like office furniture, old computers, fax machines and printers. And many of these things still have value that you can take advantage of. Now, if you happen to work for a company that has some kind of a facilities department or manager, try to get to know them. And this could be a great untapped asset for you to get free stuff to sell. The facilities manager will have first hand knowledge of anything the company is getting rid of. This could be office furniture, equipment, whiteboards, file cabinets, tables, chairs, you name it. Often, companies have to pay an outside disposal service toe hall, this kind of stuff away, and I'm sure they'd be thrilled at the prospect of giving it to you. Instead, they wouldn't have to pay a fee, and you get to sell it and make a profit. It's a win win coaching in my book. So Okay, As you can see, there is no end to the possibilities of finding stuff to sell on Craigslist. Give some of these a try. And if you happen to think of any other resource that you'd like to share, please post it in the discussion forum for this lecture, I'd like to wish you the very best luck with your product searching.