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Craig Bennett II teaches web design

Craig Bennett

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5 Videos (1h 3m)
    • HTM Beginners 1 The Basics

    • HTM Beginners 2 Setup and font

    • HTM Beginners 3 List and Tables

    • HTML Beginners 4 pictures

    • HTML Beginners 5 Hyperlink


About This Class

This course comes from my YouTube channel, and it meant for better understanding of the material and this gives you a way to download my videos. Within this course, students will learn the basics on HTML. This is to include how to get started, how to make a layout, how to create list, how to add images to the site, and more.

Students can use any compiler they want, but in this class I'm using Notpad++.  Students can use their own computers, and they don't need a web server or a domain name. This is just a basic HTML class to get students started, and so students will know if they want to learn more about web development or if they should do something else.





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Name: Craig Bennett II

Info: I host a YouTube channel to help people around the world with their technology problems. This is to include coding, cyber security, Windows, OS X, Linux, networking, aerospace, modding, and any general questions that may come up. Hosting this channel has allowed me to gain insight amount what many people around the world find valuable, and what many find to be difficult subjects.

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