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Crafts With Your Kids: Make a Jump Cardboard Ship

Good Housekeeping TV

Crafts With Your Kids: Make a Jump Cardboard Ship

Good Housekeeping TV

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12 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Required Materials

    • 3. Tracing The Template

    • 4. Cutting The Template

    • 5. Scoring The Cardboard

    • 6. Assembling The Boat

    • 7. Making The Seat

    • 8. Gluing The Paper

    • 9. Painting The Boat

    • 10. Making The Sails

    • 11. Attaching The Sails

    • 12. Hanging The Ship

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About This Class

All hands on deck! Learn how to make a jumbo cardboard boat with your kiddos in this 50-minute class with Rachel Faucett, the crafty creator of Handmade Charlotte. Little hands will love tearing up construction paper, painting cardboard and taping together the pieces for the giant, gorgeous play ship. Rachel walks you through the whole process with her own daughter, Charlotte, plus her fabulous team of creative ladies! By the end of the course, you and your kids will have a great project to hang up in their room. Even better, you'll have a ton of fun making it!

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Rachel Faucet and I love to make things. I live in a farm in Dallas, Georgia, with my husband and five kids. It's also where I run and make Charlotte my team of crafty ladies and are always trading cool stuff. Today we're making a super awesome ship for my gets or the kid in you, and I'm gonna show you how is it's fun. It's easy. And you get to use a ton of mod podge, which I love, Uh 2. Required Materials: Wait. What are we gonna need for this amazing boat made out of construction paper? We are going to need this downloadable free template. Now, this looks really giant. And you're saying I don't have a printer that large? Don't worry. We're gonna put him on, um, 8.5 by 11 sheets, and you're gonna be ableto piece this together, so you're gonna need your your printable You're gonna need to large cardboard boxes 24 by 24 inches square, and we're gonna lay those flat. We're also gonna need mod podge to apply the construction paper. You're gonna need tiny little hands to help you rip up all the paper wire, duct tape, Exacto knife favorite play, but rushes ruler and pencil for measuring. So the sales, we're gonna need towels. And then oh, the rag papers below me. So, rag paper, peters rags from, like, any hardware store, you can pick these up easily. Um, they're awesome. And you're gonna want to use them for ah, a lot of different things. Okay. I had Aly from Austin, Texas, help out with this project, and so she's gonna come up, and we're gonna like, kind of go through it so we can give you all the details you need. And you know what? It's just more funded craft with a friend. Rightly high. Okay, so the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna cut out our template, right? Right. 3. Tracing The Template: we've got to 24 by 24 inch boxes. And so what do you think about cutting it right here? So we'll take one of these off, right? Let's take out the other piece of cardboard from underneath us. Okay? Like that out. Okay, so we've put down some cutting mats here, So when we're cutting through, we're not cutting through our sewing cable, right? So or like, your kitchen table or wherever you would be making this. We're going, Teoh, take our template that we've pieced together and and we're just gonna trace it. Could I have a piece of tape to hold this down? You'll hear me. Always a add. Just eyeball it with this project, You really want to get it pretty exact so that both sides lineup. I mean, you have a little leeway because you have to join two pieces together. Some cardboard boxes aren't big enough to take this big of, ah, boat we're making. So if it's got some slight creases or, um, some pieces that aren't connected. Just tape them up because we're gonna be Decca. Pausing it anyways. Exactly what do you want to jump on the side and finish that up on the side, you got you would take it T t o work. Gonna be moving around on this one a lot. So if you're working in your kitchen table, you might want to just scoot it out and so you can work on all sides. So you're not just constantly flipping around your template. Okay? The same box, the 24 by 24 inch box. And we're going Teoh, Um, place it on the box exactly like we did before. Let's use up the same tape. Let's trace it again. Come all the way around. Look, I'm doing this. I'm just using the the paper here just to guide my pencil. If you get off. Like if you get off track, like right here, skin back over because you're gonna cut that part off anyway, we're gonna come across and down around this ship is gonna be so awesome. It's gonna be so it's gonna be really cool If you want to coordinate with your child's room . This would be great for a nursery over a crib. This is gonna be awesome for, um, a party. You're gonna have it for a long time in any room in your house, a play room, and the kids, you know, get to join in and, you know, collaborate. Okay, so we've chased our template on both pieces of cardboard, and now we're gonna take this one often. We're gonna cut our 1st 1 4. Cutting The Template: I want to do this on your kitchen table or on your floor. Wherever you're gonna make this project, you're gonna want to put down some cutting mats. Or at least if you don't have cutting mats, some foam core, Um, and, uh, or just something protective underneath. Ah, plastic tarp or something? Um, so you don't cut into your floor. And believe me, I've had a lot of accidents. So unless you, um, like, yeah, want a boat carved into your kitchen table, you're gonna want to do that. So we're gonna take a box cutter. You know what? You know what? Don't skimp on the blade. Go get a new blade. When you're gonna start this project, go pick up your box. You know, pick up your supplies, but make sure you like you remember to get a new blade. Um, because that's gonna make all the difference in, like, a smooth cut across across the cardboard. Um, so I'm going to let Allie cut it out. We'd that I get in there and not be afraid of it. Sometimes you have to go through twice. Just keep keep hacking at it. Yeah, that looks good. Okay. And she's just following the lines. You're being very exact. But like I mean, you're not like hyper. Yeah, not going bananas. I mean, she's just literally trailing. I mean, blazing through this and you're gonna be able to do that too. Oh, yeah, It's pretty easy with cardboard again. Ah, son, photo you a little too to train hasam. That looks great. Alright, we get it out. That looks yes. So you're but yet just pop it yet. There you go. It's just popping out half of rcep. OK, we're gonna take the whole, remember, like when we place it on. We knew that this was gonna be there. So we're gonna be covering this up with the construction paper anyway, So let's just cover it up with the duct tape right now. A little. We're just giving it a little more armature. Instability exactly was turning around. Bam! Okay, let's let's cut out the second shape. Now, let's set the sky aside. So I'm going to cut out this again. He's Here we go. I'm not quite as fast is Allie, but just very precise. I am. Yeah, honestly, I'm just really just dragon. It's really easy to use the court. The cardboard is gonna pop out. And you know why it's so easy is because the blade is sharp, you know. There. Yes. Sometimes it's easier if you don't go all the way through your first time. Just go over it with the blade again instead of trying to yank it out. I'm just gonna dig it in here, just going for it. I'm like sitting my girl managing still mess up. You know? Honestly, it's just like it's almost easier than tracing. Yeah, I kind of agree I got off the line there a little bit, but I think it'll be okay. Will definitely be okay. Yeah. Okay. Let's see if the single pop out. I need a little help. Yeah. Here. All right. Get me fingers. Yeah, definitely. Don't have any fingers. Watch out. Texas a little too. Okay. Part of it, such that doing the dance. Okay. All right. Kallis popped out a little easier than Hey, it's still not hard. You just have to retrace a little bit, right? Easy. Perfect. You know, it's popping out. The shape is just so cool. I love the shape of this ship. It's like a I want to be a passenger. I want to be a passenger on the ship to waken Go together. I forget the rest of the world. Come with me. Yes. Hi. Let's patch it up. And if you're a perfectionist like myself, you can always clean up the edges. But really, because we are we're Decca posturing the entire thing, so it does not matter. It's pretty ness at this point, ain't nothing exactly. I mean, like each one of these boats is going to be completely unique to you. And you will be able to, you know, choose your own colors and, um, or you can follow our color palette. 5. Scoring The Cardboard: don't, cardboard. When you cut halfway through, you get your able to bend it. But it still has the hinge that's attached. So what we're gonna do is cut it. The two most important parts are kind of where it it takes the Spencer right here. And right here, we're just gonna cut halfway through with our Exacto. Okay, So if we're at the middle, let's get let's get up. Yeah, a measuring tape out. So if we're at the middle, let's say we're at the middle here. So how many inches out? Let's say, what's the show right here? So for at the middle, you're at the middle of your, um, your ship here. So why don't we say nine inches on both sides can remark that. Okay. And I look, watch this. What? OK, so let's mark. Okay, so then here you go. Thank you. Perfect. You want to kind of go at an angle, like as if there was a point coming up above the boat so that it's the perfect. So remember, she's like, remember when you went all the way through the cardboard, you just go in halfway, see? So it's just coming slightly through you're basically just sort of like braising that this top layer here. Perfect. That way. See that? And you see how the card boards made right here in layers here. So you're just really coming through that first piece in keeping all of the rest of this that intact, so just really just getting through that top layer. All right. Thanks for the golf clap. Yeah. Do you play golf? How amazing. Golfer on top of mad graphics goes that kind of go hand in. In. Okay, here we go. Same thing. OK, so in the middle, right? Nine inches. All right, there's the middle, and yep. Exactly. Already make Mark. We'll go. This so you know. Okay, so it's like cuts when she's using the metal ruler. She's just dragging the box cutter right across it. She's just using the straight edge. Come across over here. Perfect. We're gonna go ahead, not only make thes scores, the dining is up, but then we're gonna go another six inches in another six inches. So we have this I spend. Now, we're going to stop about 12 inches in on both sides. I want your scoring about four inches apart because you don't want too much flexibility, right? So we want to have some of that are mature in that foundation to stay intact. So we look, look at this guy. E. I mean, then it's really, really We've given a lot of movement. Yeah, so let's get on to the next. Down the middle. At this point, she's like, free hitting it right? We did our nine inches on the side. She's going straight into the middle. I mean, she's just sipping to this. Yep. Zip's up Wind band. Thank you, ma'am. Right. And now we are going. Teoh, take him up. 6. Assembling The Boat: Look, this is what it looks like if it's lined up. This is what it looks like if it's not lined up. Right, So we want to line it up. Okay? Yes. Okay, here we go. Now we want the bends to be on the exterior. So we got a flip side, okay? Right. Just put that one on the bottom. All right? Well, a little bit of a dance. Perfect. And now we're just taping this whole bottom edge. Really simple with duct tape. Okay, so I love duck tape. It really does hold really, really well. Okay, Any electrical tape? Any, like, masking tape? But, I mean, this is really sturdy and hardy, and it's going to really hold your boat into place. So I'm just making strips. I'm gonna place the bottom down, and then I'm gonna wrap it around What I'm doing here, it's gonna wrap that over. This does not have to be perfect. It's all going to be covered up. Yep. And so now I'm because I do still want toe. Nice. No needle work. You know, somebody that's really in the needlework, They'll judge you by the back of your, um, of your project. Yeah, that will turn around and, like, look at your dots and how neatly that is. And so I don't know. I've always, like, have it in my my mind Me, my never looks need we're not gonna take over The scores were gonna go across, but that that's only about a one in space E hit, too. It's gonna imagine this. Yeah, Siri is Cherry Valley. So I, uh I just can't imagine, like, you know, hanging this over, um, you know, a child's bed or, like, you know, my daughter Charlotte's bedroom on that all of the dreams. And like all of the things that you would think of, like just staring at the boat and the voyages that you would take in your dreams and then your imagination, because just so cool, I really, really love this project. And I think it would be something that you would hand down and this this would be a project that you would definitely keep, um, you know, to hand on that they would hand onto their ches, and it's that special heirloom crafting I mean, the only way to do it. Yeah. I mean, I think this one and you could write sweet messages, like on the boat inside as we cover it up. Just a Nobody will see the messages, but But you know that they're there. And I think that, like it'll, you know, sense and the vibration out into the year that, um, just put a little more love into it. Okay, I'm going to do that. Like I feel like I want to do that. That's not I know I'm going a little lab lib had lived here, but I feel like I want to write some messages. So we're gonna make this vote for Charlotte. So I want to say, I love Charlotte four ever everybody. Mom loves you in 2014. Okay, Okay. We could just sit here all afternoon, like, Okay, so let's get on to the next up. 7. Making The Seat: All right, Get up. OK, so let's open it up. See how it does. Um, now we put in the middle man to keep him open. Frag here. So it's just gonna be this this three section seat that's gonna fold into a triangle that we placed in the middle. So I got a couple more cardboard, And then when do we start? And then we start with, Then we start Decca positing. Okay. Awesome. Yep. Through this up here, we put out real fast. Yeah, Go to work. All right, you this? But that's cool. OK, this one I don't need a ruler for because I've got this stencil, and it doesn't have to be very exact. Take and ran the night. Do these perforations again? Uh, At what scores? Glory. Refrigeration. Definitely not the right word, I guess. A perfect semi perforated. But you would like tear like a perforation. You would tear off this. We want to just cubit We don't We don't want to tear it off. All right, so now we fold it up. You've got this little triangle, dude. Okay, so we tape it up. You want to take it up before we even put it on waken tape it inside the boat. Okay. So that these panties like flaps are separate and can attach to both sides. Okay. Gotcha. Kind of adjustable once you get it in there. All right, so you take this sticking in like that. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I'm like, look so cool. Have a seat and loop. Okay? Okay, a lot. Here. What a shape. This is so cool. I mean, okay, you might want toe lay it towards us that we can kind of profess the tape down, get real and reinforce that stadium. Another one in safe measures. Yeah. On both sides, maybe. Yeah. Okay. That perfect. Live it. Okay, tape this thing up. Still accounts good. Awesome. I want one more on said. Okay, so now we get to take a pile. 8. Gluing The Paper: Now it's time to collaborate. Some too clever. It was Charlotte. I love collaborating with my kids. Um, you know, when you have a project of this size I mean, your kids, they're always gonna want to jump in. Whenever you're doing something fun with, like, cupcakes are and you're like, doubt That's it's like, Well, well, it's for them. And why not let them touch? So we like to do a lot of, like, controlled madness for this project we had on the kids pull apart and rip apart and, you know, um, take a whole book of construction paper and just literally rip it to shreds. So then we're gonna use all those pieces that they had a blast making and then literally cover this entire but with it. So without further ado, entering Charlotte Starlet is my awesome seven year old, and she's she's in the studio. I mean, hello. Yeah, season the studio a lot, and she loves aircraft, and she loves this. So and she she's up here quite a bit, actually. So we're gonna have Charlotte help us mod pods. But because we have so much, um, to mod podge. And we have so much to cover that We're going to get all the girls from the studio to come in. Come on over. 13 of you guys come on. This side Here's a plate like honestly, guys, you're just gonna grab like a whole handful. It is, Yes, you can start tearing that up. We've got a whole box over here and you know, honestly, we're gonna put, like, a little more of the browns on the bottom and we're gonna put a little more blues on the top, the inside of the ship We're gonna paint brown. So we're just working on the outside with the day capaz. So I'm going, Teoh, Honestly, I'm gonna dump dump some of the mod podge out. We're using a Matt finish and mod podge comes with glitter, and it comes with high gloss finishes with colored finishes and tents and things like that . But I'm going with the theory regional formula. I'm gonna take my brush, Got a nice flat brush right here, and I'm going Teoh simply painted on no rhyme or reason. Just slapping it on. And then I'm going to take my construction paper in these little strips that Charlotte made I'm gonna start putting them on and I'm putting that. I'm putting the blues on the top in the browns on the bottom. So if you like the browns look the ship and then the blues on the top of sort of like the ocean and like the the stormy seas Okay, There you go, Charlotte. Perfect. Perfect. Okay, girls, let's do this. Let's see how fast we can do this. Let's g o So this mod podge is gonna dry. Clear, Perfect. Charlotte CEO Charlotte's just kind of going for it, and she's gonna just kind of putting it wherever. That's exactly what you want to dio. It's really kind of miscellaneous. And the kids she's gonna like, she's gonna get this that I need a moment. And I'm gonna love it, too. And I'm gonna remember this time with the girls in the video. You know what? We're covering it up as much as we can hear that some of those brown like your cardboard shine through. Don't even worry about it. You know what we do want to cover up, though, is the tape on the bottom? So my older kids, I have five kids. Isabella is just turned 15. And then Jonah is 12. And then Murphy's 10 and then Charlotte seven. And Noah is four. And we call, uh, no and Charlotte the Littles. And so the little Zehr, like best friends. And I thought, Yeah, yeah, I know. Now they're kind of like Mom, We're not little anymore, but I still there anything? Yeah, like I can't I can't I can't get out of that. Really? Like I can't I can't stop calling. Little is I think it'll be like 25 the Littles air coming home. The little zehr having. I'm having grandchildren. Little you can always like layer on if you see a piece that you're not super happy with, but we're gonna we're gonna flip it over to the other side. Okay? You ready? So let's Okay, Caroline, Do you want to take that right? I take it all right? Yep. Perfect. Okay, so let's continue on. So you're just gonna keep adding and adding and adding and adding until you get exactly where you want. You know what? Get your husband involved. Your kids, boys and girls. Your neighbor's kids. You have this thing done in a Okay, guys, it looks really, really good. Let's just put another round of mod podge over here to really get those shapes down. So it's really smooth and, like, cemented down. See what Caroline doing right here? She's really, really coming across that with the brush and really like cementing it down. And that's gonna be really important to get really that smooth finish to make sure make it feel like it is truly just like one piece of paper like razor. 9. Painting The Boat: So we're gonna paint the inside of the boat, and we're gonna paint it green. And, like Charlotte said, a boat that as blue inside Mom is sunk, but we're gonna go for it anyway. We're gonna We're gonna We're gonna have an underwater odyssey Sea adventure. So and it's just such a beautiful color. We, you know, we've made a couple of these boats to show you here, and we painted the inside brown. And so now we're gonna go with this chalk paint blue and a couple of different yet same shade. A couple of different shades, actually, Um, and it's all gonna mix together nicely. So, uh, we're using these sponge brushes right here, and it's gonna go on so fast. I mean, literally. And it dries really quickly, like the acrylic. So, uh, let's go for it. The inside of the boat looks great talking like covers. It looks just like so smooth. Only a food coast. It's already almost drive. What we are waiting for to dry is some of the mod podge. So we're gonna take this girls like, let's take this outside 10. Making The Sails: So we got our dowels are 12 by 12 piece of scrap of paper and are anodized steel. Ah, Wire. Look. Look how bendable this is and you're gonna be able to get this at any hardware store or craft store. Um, And then you're gonna need your wire snappers and then your painters rag, and so it's like ghazi material, and this stuff works like a charm. So let's start with Ah, with our first sale, what we're gonna do is cut the fabric first. We make three sales. All right, give your difference. Types of. And now this is where you can eyeball it. Look, I am just laying the gauze straight over the 12 by 12 template, and it could be a little bigger to weaken. Have differences, sales. So I've got this one made. And the number two now, that's pretty much done right. Is that okay? So number two and then you wanna get a slightly off white color? Yeah, I like it. This is really cool. I could look. Look at this. It's like it seems like you're working with, like, a t shirt material, but you're not. It's really sort of like a cosy ghazi material. So let's just from that up a little bit. So why we are adding the the wire to the sales is because we want it to look like the wind is blowing right through those sales to give that illusion. And now we're gonna cut the wire to the length of the sales. So we're gonna make a frame across continuous frames that will just shape it into a square , okay around and just bend at the corners. You can use this rounded edge if you don't feel like you're You know, if it's too hard to bend, you just do that kind of thing. Okay, So why don't you just hold the side? So I think you can just do this with our hands, too. So strong. So we're gonna go here yet, and it's okay if it bends, then that's what makes it look like winds going through. It's right. Okay. Here we go. Gonna go over to this side, and then we're gonna come up over here. Yep. Must have snapped. It's not bad, boy. Okay. And then let's get what's good in the place. So we we just have ah, low temperature glue gun and we're going to go ahead and just make a line of glue across the top of the gauze. Nice. Healthy does. I mean, slather it on there. Hey, come across again. All the way to the edge. Just keep going. This drives really fast. So yeah, that's perfect. So now we're gonna just stick the glue straight into this. It is a little hot. Adds part of it. You can fit it over to make it ready. So now we're going Teoh fold. Yikes. A rule apart. Yeah. Poking out exactly like what we did here. We fold it over the close and lets you know what I'm taking this necklace off. It's over getting into the wire. My mother gave me this and I thought was significant as a Spanish to bloom on it. But it's gone. Okay. Okay. Look, I Anna. Exactly. OK, so let's go. Let's go to the next. Blew it. Do you want it? Perfect. Okay, we go. Let's now fold it over. Perfect. Okay. Next. Look, it's already It's already the wind is already starting. Okay, let's go. Perfect. It's looking really good. You have to go back of this little corner here. You just go back. Ready? Hold that guy down. All right? Okay. Let's come right across. I mean, slather Slather city all the way to the top two. Ready? Now we've encased this entire sale and the gauze. Let's get let's get yet. Let's just wait for that to dry. Just a second. Under control. Get it? So we're gonna do this is closed these up? Oh, yeah. Uh, well, bend it into shape when it gets actually on the dowels, I'm gonna bring s turnover. Esther, will you help us make the other two sales? If we all make one, and then we'll get it done really quick. If we do that, you guys make yours, and then we'll we'll have a race. Ladies, for this one. You're taking the wired. It's already got this natural curve to it. So you just snippet and extended a little bit, and you put it on top of this sale that you already made. And, um, it'll give it that winded Look kind of like the breezes flowing, and this needs to people. So one holds it just like this so that it's got that bow. And then if Esther's holding it. I just sit in glue gun down the line, and you don't need a ton of glue von or glue, because, um, it's such a thin material. But that's what makes it look like it's flowing in. Louis Glue guns, air the best. It's like that super quick and fast adhesive. It's going to stay together for this kind of project. It's perfect. Okay, so let's rule it up. Yeah. Awesome. And snips up. Snap. So now we've got, ah, sale number to done, and we're just gonna were gonna take off our I just here, staying close to your fingers. Perfect. Esther actually is made. How many boats have you made? I mean, not like she's made several different versions of boats as their Esther makes movies, as you can sail it literally. Yeah, I think I made three or four, which was so I'm just gonna bending it, like on 1/2 like 1/2 circle. Right? So what do you see? How the wind that's coming through there more, Father, when? Okay, we can all help with this one. Come on, Anderson. Let's go. My parents were gym teachers, so I often often referred Teoh like anybody? Pretty much anybody I know by their last name. Anderson. Let's go. 50 foot shops. Come on. Okay. This last round here. Perfect. She's just following the wire. Then she's just wrapping it around. You know what, guys? It doesn't really require five people to do this. We're just, like, trying t o. Yeah, It's just I mean, we're just We're just getting the job done. I mean, yeah, you could do this by yourself, And you're just, you know, sit a rock or something on the other end of the wire to keep it down. But you can do it. It will just be a little It's a little wonky, but Okay, great. Okay. So it's true that what I also want to do, I want to trim this guy here, and then I want to put it. Can we trim a piece of fabric that will go over that wire in the middle suit? I mean, let's do a piece of fabric over it so you don't even see it. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Oh, Katie. What do you think they're doing? A good job. Almost. You're almost there. You're almost there, Allie. Yeah, there. Sunday, I love these. The's a really cool when they really make the perfect sales. Esther gave us the idea for them the right cloth because he's made so many. Thank you. Yeah. And another interesting handmade Charlotte a team factoid. Katie, listen. A tree house like a literal treat. Stairs intrigue going through my room. Uh, there's a tyrant blacking. That looks great. That looks great. 11. Attaching The Sails: So our next step, we're gonna put the main del for the mast to do that, we already put our, you know, triangular triangular piece inside. And we are going Teoh, um, place in X. Look, she's just popping that through. Yeah, okay. I'm gonna pop this guy. There we go. There we go. When we can. Just hot glue around the edges. You have to keep him in place because of the acts that she made no more. So she's making that X perfect. Perfect. Perfect. That's gonna anchor that in nicely. Once it dries. We're going to use duct tape to attach the dowels to the mast in the middle of the the Dow will. But you know, the master of the of our ship here. And, you know, duct tape works really well. So why don't you do the honors and attach the 1st 1 and you're gonna find the placement worry, But we're putting it about 26 inches above your triangular piece in the middle and she's putting in an X. I want you to do that one more time, Aaliyah. Really secure. Thank you. You're welcome. This is working beautifully. Just using that same duct tape that you had. Okay. And do you want? Let's get I'm gonna lean us over for your next piece thing. Go, Craft team, go Craft team. Uh, this is when it helps to have tall people on your team. That's great. I think a little more. Let's get a little more reinforcement there. Perfect. That's looking really, really, really good. Okay, so let's now, let's get our set. Let's get our first sale. Okay? Thank you. Thank you for sale. Okay. It's going to go there. And so we're gonna attach our first sale with a little bit of wired up in a good. So we've left a loop on the top here. See, from that center piece, you're gonna want this about be about 3.5 inches or or or 10 inches. That's about firewire skill, right? How much you need to wrap? Yeah. You want about four inches? Yeah, s. So we're gonna cut that down, and we're gonna hide all of that. Okay, Let's let's really clamp that down a little. Its user scissors and are right. Let's get and then we'll get this bottom peace, and we're gonna finish it up and we're gonna we're gonna wrap it's and gauze around that. We're gonna cover all of that up. You're gonna see it, okay? And let's let's secure the bottom with our handy dandy glue gun That's looking really good . She's got that in place. Good job. Once we get all of the sales on, we're gonna, like shape our sales, and that will be our finishing touches. In the meantime, I'm gonna like because we have, like, a sticker here, and I want to cover that up completely. I want our boat to be completely authentic. So why don't we get some brown shock paint, like obviously, guys? I mean, my mother for chopping grows, but yeah, we're gonna let's get the chalk paint. I feel like I just want to rub it on the on the dowels just to give it a little more of like a shabby chic like old worlds, you know, sailing the seas of cheese. Any of you guys are promise fans. Les Claypool fans. Um I guess there's no Les Claypool friends in the house, One of the greatest bass players of all time. All right, enough for us. All right, So Okay, so we've got? Let's let's get this a glued down. Guys, this looks fantastic. Next sale, please. I want to use some of this rag. Well, they're securing that. The next, the third sale. And I'm literally So we grabbed this. So you grab boat, grab the boat, and I'm just gonna rub. Kind of just made a little, uh, papers. All hands on deck way have all hands on deck right now. I love that fester. You know what? I'm gonna hand this job over to you, and I just want you to just sort of smush all of that on and just sort of, like, make it exactly Let's let's let's make give it a little rustic feel their cover up that sticker pretty good. What's more, pain. And then, uh, if you want to start in just yet, exactly start on the top. And, Katie, if you want to cut some strips out of this because I'm gonna cover up, I'm just gonna wrap like a like a grip, like a tennis script for, like, you know, um, across the wires on the top. So you don't see any of that wire healthy strips? Maybe about 10 of them great. See, they're just kind of like rubbing it on. It's like no big deal. It's really good. Um, and I'm just tying across here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So, to get this last this last sale here, like flying off in the wind were attaching another piece of wire on each side of the sale on this back sale here to To to this front this front sail. This guy's, like, really flying away. So and we're just rubbing. You were rubbing paint on him. You see the Clippers? Sure. Right here. I'm sorry. Where did Guru take some of this milk? Chocolate. It's like it's like a melted like chocolate bunny from Easter. You're making me hungry. What? These let little finishing details after, you know, you spent us a couple hours or, you know, an hour. You're gonna want to take a little time for all these, um, little details. And that's the fun part, because, like, the hard parts are all done 12. Hanging The Ship: we need to pop two holes on each side, so on. And then we're gonna string twine or hemp rope through as long as you need it from the ceiling to hang from the ceiling. Um, or you could make a base for it. But this is that This is a mobile. So let's pop are holes in. We're using our handy dandy. Um uh, him handy dandy box cutter. Perfect. You connect through little like that for here. Perfect. So you're you're really you're ready to hang. So once we get that side to hang with language hanging with Henry, our boats complete pope. Of course. I'm like looking at every last little detail. Okay, so let's hang him up. You want to just hang in? Awesome. There he is, all of his glory. You know what he's gonna take? I would say give him a good 4 to 6 hours to dry, but he's looking pretty awesome. You're not just making things when you're crafting, you're making memories like this cool ship. I love looking at this shit, hanging up and remembering the day we spent putting it together. Thanks for coming by. Handmade Charlotte, Get crafty