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Chris Fredricks, Brand Strategy & Content Creation

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8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. The Project

    • 3. The Branding Process

    • 4. Brand Positioning - Quick

    • 5. Auditing A Brand

    • 6. Collecting Visuals & Voice

    • 7. Building Your Brand Book

    • 8. Finishing Up

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About This Class

Branding is all about PERCEPTION. What the public thinks of your brand is what your brand is. The only way to control that is to have a focused message and to be CONSISTENT. In this class we'll cover 

  1. What consistency looks like
  2. How to audit your existing brand
  3. Gathering visuals and voice examples to build your brand book and inspire your future content creation. 
  4. Building a digital Brand Book to use as a guide for your brand. 

In the end you'll have the framework and the tools to create your own brand book. A guide like this is important to keep you on track, those around you, or anyone you work with in the future. Knowing what your brand looks like, sounds like, and being able to document that will help keep your brand Consistent!

This class is part of a series covering the Branding process. They do not need to be taken in order, but I'd obviously recommend them all. 

1 / Find Your Focus

2 / Find Your Voice 

3 / Keep it Consistent

4 / Tell Your Brand Story

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