Crafting Infused Tea: Herb, Flower, and Fruit Iced Teas | Katie Glenn | Skillshare

Crafting Infused Tea: Herb, Flower, and Fruit Iced Teas

Katie Glenn, Connoisseur of tea and book pairings

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10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Welcome to Crafting Infused Tea: Herb, Fruit, and Flower Iced Teas

    • 2. Tools for Brewing and Crafting Tea

    • 3. Methods for Brewing and Cooling Tea

    • 4. What Makes Tea, Tea?

    • 5. Tea: Types and Tasting Notes

    • 6. Ingredients and Pairing Logic

    • 7. Tea Crafting 1: Lady Lavender Iced Tea

    • 8. Tea Crafting 2: Green Garden Iced Tea

    • 9. Tea Crafting 3: White Zinger Iced Tea

    • 10. Bringing it All Together


About This Class

Join tea enthusiast, Katie Glenn, as she shows you how to craft yummy iced teas using herbs, flowers, and fruits. 

This class is for anyone who loves the idea of creating a unique beverage for outdoor parties or just something to sip on while reading a book on your porch. You'll learn about the six types of tea, how to brew them, and how to expertly enhance them with flavorful herbs, delicate flowers, and sweet fruits. Class includes three recipes you can make today, a brewing chart, and an ingredient pairing chart!

You'll finish class with the skills you need to start creating your own infused tea blends and to begin the journey of crafting your own signature iced tea drink.