Crafting Infused Tea: Herb, Flower, and Fruit Iced Teas

Katie Glenn, Connoisseur of tea and book pairings

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10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Welcome to Crafting Infused Tea: Herb, Fruit, and Flower Iced Teas

    • 2. Tools for Brewing and Crafting Tea

    • 3. Methods for Brewing and Cooling Tea

    • 4. What Makes Tea, Tea?

    • 5. Tea: Types and Tasting Notes

    • 6. Ingredients and Pairing Logic

    • 7. Tea Crafting 1: Lady Lavender Iced Tea

    • 8. Tea Crafting 2: Green Garden Iced Tea

    • 9. Tea Crafting 3: White Zinger Iced Tea

    • 10. Bringing it All Together


Project Description

3-Ingredient Signature Drink: Iced Tea Edition


It's time to begin the journey of crafting your signature iced tea drink and because boundaries can force us to explore and be creative in ways we didn't expect, let's add a few parameters.

  • Choose 1 base tea
  • Add 3 (no more, no less) additional ingredients from the flavor categories. You can choose 1 ingredient from each category or mix and match between categories.
  • Create a tea blend intended to be served chilled


Share your signature drink idea in the Project Workspace as a photo, text document or quick video - whatever you feel comfortable with. You don't need to include exact measurements but do include the name of your drink, the base tea, the ingredients, and be sure to tell everyone why you chose the ingredients you did.

Bonus: Brew and blend your signature drink, or one of the class recipes, and upload a photo!


  • Class Pack: Includes - 1 tea brewing chart, 1 ingredient pairing chart, and 3 recipe cards (Lady Lavender Iced Tea, Green Garden Iced Tea, and White Zinger Iced Tea)