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Crafted Cocktails at Home: Vodka Cocktails aka "I don't want to taste the alcohol!"

teacher avatar Dan M, Cheers!

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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Bar and Cocktail Overview

    • 3. Overview

    • 4. Making the Gimlet

    • 5. Overview

    • 6. Making the Salty Dog

    • 7. Overview

    • 8. Making the Moscow Mule

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

You can make great drinks at home! In this class, you'll learn about the materials and ingredients you need, or even have around the house, to have a basic home bar, so you can make great drinks at home. We'll even cover a little history behind cocktails, to give you some bar cred, and then we'll take you step-by-step on how to make some great vodka cocktails for you and your family.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Dan M



I am an educator and long time bartender. I love what I do, and want to share the world of simple, fresh and delicious cocktails with anyone who wants to learn.

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1. Welcome!: Hey, I'm damn, uh I'm here to teach you a little bit about bartending at home and a little about cocktail making in general. I've been a bartender for about 15 years and I've been a educator for about 10 years, So I figured, Why not teach a bartending class? Because not everybody is in the service industry. Not everybody knows how to make a lot of drinks. They get confused when they're in the liquor store yet. Oh, I don't want to ask any questions and they get embarrassed and they just want to get out of there with something. They end up drinking rum and coke can. So I wanted to kind of open up everybody's handbook per se of great cocktails that you can make it home and get your skills improved. And hopefully this is something that you're interested in is improving your cocktail making at home. And this is what these classes are about. So I hope you enjoy 2. Bar and Cocktail Overview: I don't want to taste the alcohol. I've heard that from customer on customer, our guests on our guest for I don't know how long, whether it's a wedding or a party or event or just my random shift behind the bar. One of the most requested things is I want a good drink, but I don't really want to taste the alcohol. Well, I don't agree with that because I like the taste of most alcohols. However, it's not my decision to your drink. It's not my drink. So let's get some great drinks where we don't taste the alcohol instead of just filling it up with more grander juice or putting mawr lemonade. So we basket. We just had a huge 32 ounce tub were crammed bridges with a little bit of, but we are going to be making vodka cocktails. It is the perfect spirit to go along with drinks that we don't want a taste, a specific flavour. It's a neutral grain spirit. It is a distilled alcohol made from grain made from potatoes made from corn, sometimes which obviously is a grain, but we can use lots of different grades to make were even using grapes to make vodka countries. So we've got a lot of different things that we can make a neutral grand spirit out of that don't have their own flavor. Like Jit, Jim had its own flavor. Gin was the first thing we were making cocktails off in the 18 fifties. In the 18 eighties, all the way through toe always toe prohibition. We were making gin cocktails because that's what we were making alcohol. That's what we're making spirits from because we couldn't just have straight grain alcohol that was just burned. We wanted to add some things to it that we've been distilled, that had some flavors that had some interesting things going on. So they added botanicals and they spices and they added Citrus fruit. They added cucumbers and Berries, and they still that all down. And what they got was Jim. All the different. Various kinds of Jin's were used in different ways to make different drinks. Later, post World War Two you the U. S. Starts getting Varco was an alternative. All this we're out of World War two were happy is a country. A lot of people want to start drinking because we're happy and it's a little bit more socially acceptable. Now we're way, way, way out of the Prohibition era. It's not just the people in the flappers that are going to the speakeasies. All those people are grown up now, and they're wanting to have a drink. But they're not so much into that to that gin anymore. There may be new to to alcohol world, so they want something that has less flavor. Vodka waas Perfect for that. Vodka came in and it started getting crazy popular in the fifties, and they started making all kinds of different cocktails in the vodka and just replacing hit your vodka martini became super popular. Uh, you're, uh, vodka replacing gin in something like a Great. So that's what we're doing here today, and we have a simple, simple bar set up to make some great. I don't want to taste the alcohol cocktails you shake or two. A Boston Shaker set is great. If you don't have a set like this, you could just do 1 10 and a pint glass to cover it up in shape. You, of course, need some kind of glassware. I tend to stick with a nice double fashion glass of some sort. You need some fruit laying around lemons, limes, oranges. They're easy to find. No, no matter where you are most of the time in any major city, a knife that you probably got land around the kitchen is great. Any size will do small, large as long as you can cut something like a line with it. Some way to measure our booze and are are mixtures. This is a jigger. It's a two sided measuring cup, essentially, ah, full shot on one side outside 1/4. And then we've got 1/2 ounce on the other side to measure smaller amounts. That's a pretty standard bar thing. You don't really even need that if you have other ways to measure, you've got measuring cups laying around. You can use those things whether you're measuring and settle leaders or you're measuring ounces. These things we can we can use in our home I'm gonna be talking announces today, because that's just what's common. Where I work part time, I need some ice. Any kind of ice will do buy at the store making your freezer, Um, and you need your ingredients, and from there stuff like cutting war in the towel. Everybody's got that. Hopefully we can get to make some great vodka cocktails today. We're gonna make a vodka gimlet. We're gonna make a salty dog. We're gonna make a Moscow mule. Let's get going. 3. Overview: the gimlet Guillen is one of my absolute favorite drinks. It is fresh, is simple three ingredient drink, and it is one of our oldest cocktails that we that we've been making for oh since the late 18 hundreds. The recipe for the gimlet was written down, I think in 18 60 18 58 was called a gimlet then. But combining spirits with the juice of a lime and some sugar has been a classic idea since very early on the spirits. Then we're Jake. Now. Bob has kind of taken over its throne, especially in the United States. So we're gonna make the vodka gimlet. There are recipes all over the place. Some people use fresh, fresh juices. Some people use syrups. Some people use no sugar at all. There's a lot of not really argument but discussion on what makes a proper gimlet. But it is a well known drink. It is a delicious drink. What is it best to drink? I like this drink, outdoor weekend, lunch, picnic table, back, er, porch kind of thing and you're having some food with friends, and it's just really great any time you want to have a drink. But you don't want a heavy alcohol flavor or are breath on you. You just want a nice, fresh, clean finishing cocktail. But that's not loaded down with sugar, either. It's not too sweet. This is a really well balanced drink. We can do this served up in a cocktail glass, shaken and strain. Or we conserve this on the rocks Central Fashion Glass. Today, we're gonna make this on the rocks. We're gonna need our vodka. Any kind will do. I'm using a local vodka here from Austin, Texas, 18 76. Vodka. It's not too pricey. It's not too cheap. You probably don't want to go bottom shelf when you're making a decent drink for yourself. But there's no need to go super top shelf when it comes to you could buy a leader vodka for 20 to $30 really sometimes even below $20 they're having a sale, and it was still make a really nice drink because they're making good stuff, especially a lot locally. Now you know a lot of cities they've got because that you need your lime juice. I'm gonna use fresh lime juice from the store and you need your simple syrup. I'm going to use some simple syrup that I made today, some ice for shaking at our shape or set. Let's make again. 4. Making the Gimlet: I've got everything I need here to make a great drink. Let's go ahead and get this going. We're going to start with our mixing tonight. We're gonna get some ice for this. And enough. Still a glass up. Okay, that's a nice cubes here. And these were just from your standard ice cube. I got the store and those have been frozen. We're gonna go ahead and put our vodka. It's a two ounce pour vodka. You couldn't go three if you wanted, Like, two ounce 12 for a lot. If you do decide to go less, ERM or on the alcohol, make sure you adjust the ratios of your mixers as well. You don't want it to be too tart, and you don't want it to be too strong. You want everything? So I've got two ounces of vodka. We're gonna do 1/2 ounce of fresh lime juice, and I'm just gonna measure that my little measuring cup here life just goes a long way. This particular is pretty tart, so I'm gonna even it out. And with an exact 1 to 1 ratio with that half ounce of my Cipel's, that's the whole drink. Let's shake it up. We're just shaken to get this bind it because we're gonna use this ice in the drink. We don't need to chill it really, really bad. We don't need to get a lot of water in there, so we're just getting it bound together. All the three greedy. It's become one main one main ingredient. That's about all you need. Go ahead. Let your tin drain. Not that in there. If you wanted to use one big cube of ice in there, do that. If you wanted to serve this up, you could do that as well in a cocktail glass. Just strain that ice out of there. I'm gonna garnish this with a little bit of lime zest. Get that line oil right out of there and just kind of floating on the top of our drink. She not only makes it look next pretty, but you get a little extra. That potent line oil flavor. You can see that coming out. I'm just using my zester at the end of my channel Life. Well, just get those in there. One more set that aside for later. We've got one perfect, beautiful box. Cheers 5. Overview: So in the thirties and forties, we started gaining more and more cocktails. We had books coming out with lots and lots of recipes and collecting different bartenders recipes from all over the country. Teoh kind of get our knowledge together. One thing and the great fruit cocktail was was one of those things. Now this is another cocktail that, because it was produced prior to the mid forties, used we since a zey drinking culture kind of replaced the jig for this this drink, the salty dog that we're about to now is most commonly used. You wouldn't be stopped and if you're with Jim, because it would still be delicious. But we're doing vodka cocktails because again, I don't want to taste the boots. So the a vodka cocktail that is the salty dog is essentially a variation on the grave. Greyhound is bica. Great reviews fresh. Well, why did you get that name? A Greyhound Greyhound. They served it at Greyhound bus stations, but they had little bars in the Greyhound bus station will probably not go over as well these days, but back in the forties, they served a Greyhound bus station that was vodka, grapefruit juice. Super simple. Later on, we threw some salt on that rim to kind of balance the natural sweetness of the grapefruit juice. And we're gonna get the salty dog. This is one of my favorite cocktails. It is so perfect. It's so simple. Great times to drink this at a party. All of these things were gonna be at a party. More than likely, you're gonna have some great for just laying around. You're gonna have some salt people and maybe doing margaritas or tequila shots, and you're definitely gonna have somebody. So if you could find a cup and some ice, you could make a salty dog another time to drink. This is just when you're thirsty. Because with this drink, when you drink the 1st 1 much like Margaret, it's like I'll have three more, please. They make you thirst for more and more, which can be dangerous. So watch out. But this is a great drink. Let's make a salty dog 6. Making the Salty Dog: what we need for a salty dog. While we've gone over and over and over and over, we need our vodka again. We're using our 18 76 local lock You here in Austin, Texas, and I've got some great produces. Well, fairly easy to find. Great for juice all over. Now, even if it's in a can and not super fresh, you can probably still get some great for juice in most places in most cities. So those are the two things we need. You can garnish it with a lime if you like. And, of course, it is a salty dog. So we need that salt. What we don't need is our simple syrup, because great news has its own natural. Sweet. Yes. That is really, really nice. We're gonna make this particular cocktail, meaning that is gonna be chilled into our blasts and strength. We're not doing another ox. We're not doing it meat. Which would be warm. Awful. We're doing this served straight up cocktail glass. So first things first, let's mix our drink. We've got our tins. We're gonna put some ice in there. Enough to get cool down maybe five or six years. We're gonna dio two ounces of our vodka and then I'm gonna do about it else and 1/2 with this great purchase a little bit mawr than most of these drinks that were making. But this is a little bit of a bigger drink that's still in there on. We definitely want that grapefruit juice to come across. So we're gonna have a little bit more mixer than me. Only if you want to go toe two ounces or so to what happens is it's not gonna kill the doctor. It's not gonna kill the drink it all you will definitely taste more and more like a, uh, just a grapefruit juice drink with a little bit of a kick to it. But I feel like this way if you're shaking it, plus the salt, you're still covering up that alcohol flavor. But you sell him a nice mobile doctor shape something, getting class 10 starting to get cold crossed over, you know it's done. We're going to strain this with Putin's pop that like that, and keep it in the glass. If you get any ice chunks in this drink, just know yours. Have your school in handy. You can scoop on out. We forgot assault. So what we're gonna do for this back in and get a little bit of a rim are sometimes me Forget step. Gotta go back. No big deal. So we got a little bit of the dream on the rim of the glass is gonna pick our salt up. There's a salted rim and we're going to restrain this and you can see that color in the great produce. It's nice and cold from shaken. I like to add a little garnish to this one. Just a nice line wedge Cut one of those quickly. It's always easy to cut three when you're gonna cut and you've already got your slice goes right side we've got are salty dog Delicious, salty, fresh doctor Cheers. 7. Overview: we're doing all those vodka cocktails because we don't want to taste the alcohol. Well, the 1st 2 cocktails we did were originally gin cocktails, so I wanted to do one more that waas from its birth. A true vodka cocktail. Well, Viking didn't get popular in the United States, like I said, until the forties and fifties, and that's when this drink was great. In the early forties, at a hotel in Manhattan, too, rich white dudes wanted to sell some products. One guy had a manufacturing company that made ginger beer, and the other guy had a manufacturing company that made fun. Uh, they got together, put it in a cup, some Citrus in it, they called it a Moscow mule. Mule was a common term for something using ginger ale, ginger beer or secret service. They called in a mule or buck. That was something that had already happened, and Moscow, because people thought all vodka was from Russia, which, sure Russia makes a good vodka, Russian stated is great. There's a lot of different vodkas you can get that are from Russia. However, most of what's on your shelves of your local liquor store, not from Russia. It's either going to be from where you live. It's going to be from California, Austria. There's some several very nice Oculus from Poland from France, Ukraine. There's vodkas from all over the place. Russia just happens to be one of the places everybody can distill the neutral rate spirit and then filter it down so they do it and they sell it and they sell a lot of we drink a lot of vodka in this country and one of the drinks that's really, really hitting menus at a lot of places. Big time in his back. Being known by name is the Moscow We're gonna make a Moscow mule Right now it is again a really nicely balanced drink. If you have your vodka, you have some nice spicy ginger beer, not ginger ale, ginger beer. I was gonna have a lot more of that pure ginger flavor. In fact, just having that up to my nose, I could smell that pure ginger in it. Some are spicy of another's by a bottle to test them out, see what you like. See what's too hot for you. What's not too hot for you? It's not like a jalape o heat. It's a little bit different. It's like it's hard to explain. But Ginger, he was Ginger, right? Um, there's probably 10 different brands that you could go through. This is my favorite. It's got a nice spice to it. We're gonna add a pinch of lime juice. You can use lemon juice as well, and we're gonna build this on our glass. A built cocktail means you're gonna have your ice already in your glass, and you're just going to pour your ingredients into it and serve it with a straw without a straw. Doesn't matter now. Originally, when these two big, huge companies got together and made this drink for marketing purposes, they put it in a cup that was unlike any other cup. They used a copper cup, and that was the tradition that Moscow mules were and everybody did it, and it got really popular on the West Coast. People were drinking while still feels like they're going out of business, and they were not going out of business. Moscow mules and ginger beer companies were doing very good after this. So what we have here is a drink that they kind of marketed into a cup. I'm not going to use a copper cup. I don't have a copper cup in my home bar. Who has a copper cup in their homework? Nobody that most bars don't have copper cups, however. We do have trusty double fashion glasses that can serve our purpose. So let's put some things together and build ourselves a Moscow. 8. Making the Moscow Mule: So we're gonna make a Moscow mule. We're gonna build this drink. Like I said, this is a technique as opposed to shaken or stirred or neat. We're gonna build it in our glass on the rocks. So we're building on the glass in Iraq's. We want to make sure our glass is completely full Excuse get here Wasn't very many. So use hand. Now fill our last. That's how much One more over we're gonna use a two ounce pour as usual of our broadcast and I'll count this offer us. You could kind of see this poor count again. If you want to use poor tops at your house that you can have a better idea of what means what when it comes Teoh when it comes to a port. So we're gonna hold it up here. Report. 1234567 That's a transport that's a hefty poor of vodka. We're gonna do a splash of nice tart lime juice, shaking justice splashing. Then we're gonna fill it up with our nice, spicy ginger beer. We're just gonna build this drink when we put our garnish on it and we put our straw in it if we like it. It's just got kind of mix ourselves itself as we pick it up and it gets going down our throats because this is the first thing we want to do is we want to drink this trick. I can smell it here. Cheers, Moscow, mule. 9. Final Thoughts: So we're done class over. You got three delicious drinks out of this class. I hope you made every single one. Got to enjoy every single one. And you're feeling really nice right now about the drinks you accomplished in making way. Started off with that old school vodka gimlet. Not gin gimlet, but we replace that June with the vodka. It was lively and tart and perfect, and I really enjoyed that one a lot. A drink I drink give months quite a bit when I go to when I go to a nice bar, especially in the warmer months. Next, we had our salty dog, a play on that Greyhound cocktail at assault. Call it a salty dog. Assault really, really, really helps with that grapefruit juice, that tart and sweet, beautiful grapefruit juice. And that vodka is just even though there's plenty of it. It sits there, and you're not overpowered by that vodka flavor. And then, finally, the new classic from the forties and fifties that is a true vodka cocktail. We've got our Moscow mule garnish with a lime with a little great ginger beer. It is a little spicy. It's gonna be a little sweeter than the others because we're using a kind of a brood soda, but it's still great. It balances with that vodka perfectly. Even when you got a two ounce pour, we've got the tartness from the line. You make three great cocktails today. I hope you enjoyed the mall, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my classes. Cheers.