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Crafted Cocktails at Home: Holiday Edition!

teacher avatar Dan M, Cheers!

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Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Bar and Cocktail Overview

    • 3. Spicy Cider

    • 4. Cranberry on Ice

    • 5. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

You can make great drinks at home! In this class, you'll learn about the materials and ingredients you need, or even have around the house, to have a basic home bar, so you can make great drinks at home. We'll even cover a little history behind cocktails, to give you some bar cred, and then we'll take you step-by-step on how to make some great seasonal, holiday cocktails for you and your family.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Dan M



I am an educator and long time bartender. I love what I do, and want to share the world of simple, fresh and delicious cocktails with anyone who wants to learn.

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1. Welcome!: Hey, I'm Dan back again with some holiday cocktails. If you took my previous class, we did some fall season cocktails. Those were really great. But we're gonna get into some new things, but we're still going to go over the basics of your bar. My name is Dan. Like I said, been a bartender for almost 15 years and a teacher as well for almost 10 years. And so I like to take those items and put them together and teach a little cocktail class where you can kind of up your game at home when it comes to making some great drink worthy bar worthy cocktails on your countertop at your home. We've got a nice little spread of ingredients here that are gonna be great for some holiday drinks. Let's get going. 2. Bar and Cocktail Overview: So why do we need to know how to make great cocktails around holidays? Well, for one, you might have to go visit some family where you got some family in town. And that's one reason you might wanna get a couple drinks. In another reason is just a great celebration. And we got some new things. And maybe you've got a gift of a glass center of bottle that you really want to try out, not just drink your old bike, a cranberry year old whiskey soda or whatever it is. You want to try something new and get some new ingredients going that are a little more holiday friend, one of the kinds of things that we need to have on our bar around the holidays. Well, some cranberries are always good, and a lot of times you're going already have those around the house when you are having holiday meals or festivities or parties or whatever. So you could just check that out ginger again. A lot of times you're gonna have some ginger knuckles just sitting around. That's really good mint again. It's not necessarily super seasonal, but with this amazing world we live in you can kind of get meant whenever you want, along with things like Citrus, lemons and limes were using those for a lot of our recipes that we're doing over the holidays. We need some oranges hanging out in the house as well, Possibly. And then let's talk about our actual bar. The things we need in a not just a holiday bar, but what's great in a home bar. What can we get together? Well, we've got our classic Boston Shaker mixer. Basically, we've got two tins. They come to get like that, and that's how you get to shake and put some ice. You get your ingredients in there and you've got that shaken off. OK, we've got our bar spoon. If you're not doing a shaken drink, you're doing a stir drink. Thes foods are great because they can move around the ice and they could spin while they stir. If you've got a lot of ice in there. Okay, so you're mixing a drink, and that's what a bar spoon looks like right there for measurement. You're gonna need one of a couple things. We've got four tops on bottles today, so it's gonna be a lot easier for us to measure. But we've also got a little double sided measuring cup that they call a jigger in the business. One of the sides is an outside 1/4. The other side is 1/2 ounce. Sometimes they do. They'll do an ounce on one side and 1/2 outs. On the other side, everyone is different. This particular one is outs in 1/4 which is your traditional shot. And then 1/2 outs on this side would be for a float or a corporal. Most drinks. So that's a really nice thing to have. If you're not really confident on your measuring, or if you don't have one of these around, you can just get a standard measuring up for shop class or something like that has those things on the side. It's always nice to have a knife around the house. I use this night that my bar, it's got a nice plastic handle. You can pick one up any restaurant supply. They're super cheap. They last a really long time, a nice steal edge. You can sharpen really, really easily on their in their great super easy to wash, really. All that's left it was got a strainer. Last time we used a tin that had a strainer kind of built into it. This time we got I want a little bit more strain to it. These little tools can be picked up a lot of different places and linked in this course you're going to see there's a whole set with a lot of these items in it that you can get off places like Amazon Bar store dot com things like that. This is one of our four problems. Strangers. You can see those problems. 1234 around the edge there. And then we've got the spring to kind of keep it locked into our glass or 10 or whatever it is we're doing okay. And then we're gonna add a Citrus juicer this week. His classes. Well, it's very simple. You put your wenger your half or whatever it is, you're Citrus and you strain it through into your 10 or your copper. Whatever it ISS today, we're gonna be doing some lemons. So we've got a couple of great holiday cocktails we're gonna make, whether it's ah, winter time, Christmas time or Thanksgiving or Hanukkah for new year's These air great times, Teoh have some drinks with some friends. So what kind of shoes do we need at our holiday bar? Well, a lot of times somebody gives you a gift of boots, which is an excellent gift. It's one of my favorites. Or sometimes you just have some stuff laying around the house from an old time and you open the liquor cabinet. Is there It is. What are we gonna use? That's great for the cold winter and what flavors go well with these winner ingredients. Champagne and wine are always great toe have behind the bar. We're not gonna be working with those is much today, but they are excellent. Excellent holiday drinks. We're focusing on cocktails today. Mostly gin is a great great holiday winter fall spirit. Let's talk about Jim a little bit. Jim is gonna be a old spirit. It's typically a high proof spirit. It's gonna be 95 to 100 proof, sometimes even higher than that. It's gonna be made with the distillation of aromatics and florals and, more specifically, juniper Berries. And that's what gives it that holiday feelings. You've got those juniper Berries that kind of remind you off. Um other great was he is another great spirit to have over. You get that warm, you get that bite. It's it's really nice to have whiskey around the house over the holidays and the old standby vodka. Of course, that's what you leave out for the guests. When they come over, grab the vodka. It's to go to It goes in everything. It doesn't have a huge taste. In fact, it's supposed to be tasteless because they call it that neutral green spirit that they filter that out to make your finished product of vodka. It could be made out of wheat or corn or potato or even rice. I'm sure there's some market. There's even a vacuum eating grapes, so you could make a new jewelry and spirit out of a lot of things. These are all great spirits to have around the house and actually these of the spirits we're gonna be working with today. So we've got two excellent delicious holiday sell cocktails that we're gonna make in this class and you're gonna be able to enjoy when they're all done. First, we've got cranberry on ice on. That's gonna have some fresh muddled cranberries. You're gonna have a little gin, a little vodka, a little bit of lying juice in their little simple syrup, and that's gonna be shaken together and served over ice. With a little bit of mint oil and mint leaf. It's gonna be a really simple, fresh, not too complex cocktail that anybody could make with a lot of the things they have in their house. Our next drink we've got is gonna be a spicy cider not to be confused with spiced cider. We're gonna have a little heat at the end of this one. Hopefully, we've got a little bit of fresh apple cider that we got at the store and we don't have any spices added to it. It's not bold side or anything like that. Got that fresh cold apple cider? We've got some lemon juice. We've got some fresh ginger as well that we're gonna chop up and get shaken up in there. And that's all gonna go together with you guessed it whiskey. We're gonna put that in there, and that's gonna be a perfect cocktail. So let's get going. Let's make a couple of drinks 3. Spicy Cider: So let's make our second winter Excellent holiday celebration cocktail. We're gonna make the spicy cider not a spiced cider but a spicy side. We're gonna get that ginger kick in. Okay? This drink is great for dessert. Drink after a really nice holiday meal or just by a warm fire. Something like that. My cat from a shop in the holidays. You got your family over. You can make a whole batch of this because you've got a siren. It almost even make a punch out of this. I like to make my drinks one at a time. But you can do and adapt this recipe any way you like to make a large recipe or a small recipe. So what we're gonna do here is the first thing we're gonna get lemon juice with our juicer . We're gonna go ahead and juice a couple of lemons here and squeeze those into the mix. And probably to have the lemon are gonna be good. We're gonna pour that lemon juice into their. Okay. Next. We've got our cider. Where any. Use a full ounce and 1/2 ounces. Yeah. Ounce and 1/2 of this. If you want a little bit of a less strong drink, but two outs for maybe even a three ounce four of the cider get you a little bit of less heavy on the bourbon so you could do that. I like that. But that outs and 1/2 it's really nice and mellow. Even you've got the sweetness of the cider and you've got that bourbon. We're gonna pour that bourbon. Now, that's two ounces of urban in this cocktail. So we've got that. We've got 11 juice about core out because it's pure fresh lemon juice and we've got some gingers whole ginger shaken up in there. We've got some ice. Put about five cubes of ice in there. We're gonna go ahead and we're gonna shape this drink up. We've got a glass, We've got a piece of ice. We're gonna use our Boston shaker to strain this out. Nice big drink. I'm gonna take my orange. We're gonna slice a nice piece of the Ryan off of that. And after that, because it got a little deep. We're gonna go ahead and take our pith off that when that hit is just a little bit more of a bitter part of the fruit. We're gonna take that off with a knife a little bit. You don't have to do this. It's just something I do because I want to make sure that that drink has all the ingredients. I do want none of the treatments. I don't. You want that nice, pure orange flavor instead of that bitter pit of the orange. So we'll twist that up, bring the glass and drop it in. We've got a nice, perfect spicy. 4. Cranberry on Ice: So we're gonna make cranberry on ice. So what? This is sure Za drink I made up. That's why I'm sure there are 100 variations that are very similar to this, and they have their own names. That's a great thing with cocktails. Is you can kind of make your own thing and call it your own thing. That's basically how every drink on its name. Sure about the classics out there, More teams have. I've been grown in the old fashioned, like all of these drinks that have had their name for 100 years and you're not gonna change . Well, this is not one of those This guy, his name. Oh, last month. So let's let's make one of these. We need some cranberries. We need submit. We need some vodka. We need some gin. We need a little bit of simple syrup. So we've already made the simple sheriff, and I got that here. And we've got some cranberries here. What we're going to do, we're going through these fresh cranberries right into our mixing. 10. We've got our modeler here. We talked about our modeler last time, and we're gonna smash these up a little bit. And if they're not really juicy in the tin, which doesn't look like they are, What we want to do is we just want to go ahead and at our simple syrup to this so we can get a little bit of flavor. We're gonna use about 1/4 rounds of simple syrup right in there. And I'm actually gonna add a little bit of our jin to this. That kind of suck that out of there as well again. About 1/4 ounce and you're going to see that's all 1/4 ounces. And I'm gonna show you a little bit more about the, uh, pouring a little bit here. So let's just mash that in there, get some flavor out of it, and this is gonna be a tour. A three minute cocktail. When you're making it at home, you probably already have your ingredients out. So that's really nice. So I think we got those fairly smashed up. Okay, then we want to get some ice on this, and I'm gonna use smaller cubes of ice. Okay, maybe five or six. Put those in there and we need a couple mint leaves now. I didn't put these mint leaves in there for the muddling Because we don't want this minute kind of overpower what we're doing. What we want is just a little bit of that oil to come out. So I'm just gonna rub in a little bit my fingers and throw that in there, rub it a little bit and throw that in there and give a nice big piece off. And we're just gonna rub that mint leaf in there through that, okay? No, I've got our two shakers. We're gonna have a little bit of lime simple syrup that we already added. But we're gonna have just a touch more. Not too much. We're gonna add one else. Jim, How do we know what one ounces one ounce is going to be what they call a four count on these poor tops? So I'll count that for you. It's not exactly seconds. It's more like, Just like like almost 1/2 2nd but a quick. So we've got a 1234 and stuff. Now you see red at the end there you kind of popping a little bit. And you can practice that. That's how you kind of cut the cut the bubble off in bubbles once, and then you can snap that poor back. Can we go and pick this up and we're gonna counter vodka off? We're gonna do another outs. Poor of our vodka. We're gonna do a 234 and then cut it off. Okay? Now, if you're not comfortable with the poor tops, I totally understand. You can measure your ounces with your jiggers like that. And then, poor men, that's totally fine. But for now, we're gonna shake this drink. Okay, We're going One nice big ice cube. Put it Are double old fashioned glass. If you wanted to, you could make this drink up. But we're gonna do it on one big rock. And because we've got so much of that cranberry on that mint leaf in there and it's kind of mushed up in, we want to actually strain that out. So we're gonna use this strainer. Okay? We're going to get all of that that we can. They're still gonna be some little bits, and that's okay, but you can see it took on that pink color of the cranberry. There's gonna be a little bit of that sweetness from the simple strip, and we're gonna garnish this with a nice mint leaf and just a cranberry. Her looks and there we have a cranberry ice. Cheers. That's good cocktail. 5. Final Thoughts: So we finish off the day we had a couple of great cocktails that we make. We've got our cranberry on ice, which is a great gin cocktail that will go well at a holiday party, just one to carry around. And we've got our spiced cider. That's another great drink. You notice we make him in the same glass. Let's talk about last wear a little bit here for a moment. I like to make a lot of my drinks in that same double fashion last, whether their meat or up or on the rocks. That way, we couldn't just have a small number of glasses around the house. Some people will even just use a mason jar. Some people want to do the fine stemware. There are reasons to do this, so stemware. The reason we have stemware originally and still today is you're going to drink a drink that's at a good temperature that you want to keep that. So when you're drinking it, you're holding that step and you're not warming. Drink up with your hands if you would holding this. That's why I like to buy kind of there a little stemware. These nice, thick bottom double of fashions. I can hold it from the bottom. They won't warmer. Okay, when we set it down, what the surface won't touch, it could hold in your head. It's easy to set down. There's not a lot of breakage. A lot of times you had a lot of breakage. When it comes to the somewhere, people knock him over this slide around their top heavy. But if you really like that, either of these drinks can be made in a nice piece of stemware. You just take that. Cuba bites out, and instead you straight perfectly into dems cocktail glasses, martini glasses. You might know it looks really nice, but it's not as home friend. More spills that. So we've got these two great drinks and double fashion. They're beautiful. They taste really great, well balanced. When you're with your family and you're enjoying your cocktails, whether it's the ones you make with me today for recipes of your own, you come up with based on some things you've learned here today, I hope you enjoy them. Of course, always enjoyed them safely. Don't drink and drive you here, Nick. I say it all the time. There's plenty of options to get home safe after a night of drinking. But if you are home, please do enjoy fall asleep in your own bed. Thank you.