Cozy Interior: Сreate Flat Style Illustration In Adobe Illustrator | Elena Pyshnograi | Skillshare

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Cozy Interior: Сreate Flat Style Illustration In Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Elena Pyshnograi, Vector Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sketch

    • 3. Draw a chair

    • 4. Draw a lamp

    • 5. Draw a table

    • 6. Interior background

    • 7. Final

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About This Class

Flat style is now very stylish and trendy and many illustrations for websites, magazines and apps created in this style. In this class we will learn how to create the interior in a flat style in Adobe Illustrator. Elena Pyshnograi, vector illustrator, will show you the process of drawing a sketch with which we then create the graphic illustration in the program. In several parts, we will draw some furniture that create a cozy interior.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Pyshnograi

Vector Illustrator


Microstock illustrator and graphic designer.

I love to draw vector graphics and illustrations in a flat style. I like to work in the Adobe Illustrator program. I will be happy to open its secrets for you, and teach successful work.

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1. Intro: Hello around. My name is Indiana and them in You stated I love to create and fled design ministrations a special result beating in pairs in just a little. I will show you how to address and reject to great causing data in and open the state. Let's that 2. Sketch: First we draw a sketch of the future dinner. It is important to pay attention, toe all the details, the sizes of contacts so that every single car Mourners think about God. I haven't made the sketch. You can either keep looking at the during the process of creating administration, but you can take a photo with us candid and open in the program. 3. Draw a chair: now I have opened it in the adorable a state program. As you can see, I have already created a color palette for the future illustration and put it in this watch panel. This as the cars I will use and the bottom you can see a panel with the hot keys that I use all objects off this flat illustration are made of simple shapes. Draw a big and small rectangles with rounded corners that circle. Use the result of a line use or bus off certain for great circle inside. Group hoped its transformers Vertical reflect. Draw a Europe Kendall draws the workers off the chief great oval and rectangle and unites him. Select the direct selection tube and rounded corners. Abuse Court keys to move chief breakers through the back, making their bottom. Also cheer and rectangles transforms a rectangle. Quartey and group at highlights and shadows. Corti and you spend a plus finding minus front. Use white collar and Penhall transparency. Screen more repeat steps with black color and multiply Mort Repeat. Step with wide car. Got a style Great. A small decorated element. Great align. - We'll object. Expand called the Enter flicked group. Corporate and birthdate. Unite! Okay, got style. It's drones. A pillow you got. Make this expand. Hansa Shaibu got the shine of style group or objects. The chair is ready. Next, a limp. 4. Draw a lamp: Let's draw a lamp on the floor. Great along rectangle news. Achieve. Draw a small rectangle and drought corners, New York tango and to use Panel Pathfinder minus front. We made a stand for the limp. Create a new rectangle orange and go Pete. Transform objects, group objects. Draw all well and use panel Pathfinder. Deride and delete needless objects. Use a Web options bio style. Okay, great circles. Quoting at objects, Renno responded. Best finder. Divide corporate necessary and delete needless unite objects and repeat steps. Corpus Style Group What I do next to draw a table with books and cup of tea or coffee. 5. Draw a table: Let's draw a table with books and a cup of tea. Oh God, him great Derek Tango New rectangle used Transform court and group New Small rectangle group and allying droppers Group Winston Rectangle. Red collar Korpi and creates a car off book used. Multiply more on transparency. Panel. A Little Corp in book change. Golf. Yellow and Orange Gent Shadow column. Change shadow color on yellow and orange books. Draw A cop and a rectangle Blue collar drawn Europe Tendo and minus food I know Best Finder . Make a hangar for cop at all Well and swept few and stroke transform Stroke size expand. Okay, at highlight Does the table got the style from cheap? Next will draw a picture and integral background. 6. Interior background: Let's draws a picture. Ed Inc. A rectangle new collar Used object offset. Best cookie white collar grid. A yellow Brando Keys Court here multiplied more group and alive. Ruth and Alliance Picture. I didn't a shadow got the stove drawing slow and rules great thick tangle with rounded corners. Use hold keys to move floor to the back. Great rounded corners used for keys at new rectangle and you're spending best finder toe minus front. Thanks. Move or roll to the back, ending a shadow. Draw all well and use transparency and multiply Mort a line Hope is afraid of and transform it moving slow and trade does to the back, Drawing few breaks into black collar used transparency panel and multiply mode. Coffee group . All objects already. So that was it. Here's your nice flat and terror or illustration. 7. Final: Thank you. I hope that's the Doral Waas. Useful and interesting to you. Bye bye.