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Covert Marketing Technique #1 - Driving Traffic With Google

teacher avatar The "How To Gal" ✌, ⋆ Marketing ⋆ Cooking ⋆ Success ✌

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Covert Marketing Techniques #1 - INTRO

    • 2. Driving Traffic w/ Google

    • 3. How to Get Started NOW & Thank You!

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About This Class

Hi folks!

  • Are you struggling to get traffic and students to your courses or other projects online?
  • Does it seem that everyone else knows "THE SECRET" to succeeding that you don't?
  • Do you feel like an excellent opportunity is passing you by?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Covert Marketing Techniques series is for you!

See what others are saying:

      - "I took the course last night, reviewed it and already received some interesting Intelligence in my inbox this morning!" - Jason Tremer

  - "I've been using alerts for a long time but never like this. Fantastic idea Mel!" -  Steve Dougherty

  - "A useful traffic tip. Thanks Mel. :-) " - Neil & Linda Shearing

I ran a successful SEO business for a few years, and one day while panicking over whether I would get students or not, I realized that the same principles I used to get people found in Google could be applied to my courses.

You could say I had a bit of a "light bulb" moment - I can be a bit slow sometimes!

Every course in this series will give you ONE small thing you can do that can reap BIG rewards. The courses in the series will be short, sweet, and to the point.

They will end with an actionable project that will start getting your courses noticed more IMMEDIATELY.

If that sounds good to you - hit that enroll button, and I will see you on the inside!

(For best results and maximum impact, be sure to enroll in all of them.)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

The "How To Gal" ✌

⋆ Marketing ⋆ Cooking ⋆ Success ✌


Hi there Skillshare - nice to meet you! I'm Mel "How To Gal" Possehl, and I am so excited to announce I am now a Teacher Assistant here on Skillshare! I absolutely LOVE this platform and the people on it, and I look forward to my new role helping new and struggling teachers alike find their groove here. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. My discussion board is open for questions, so feel free to post any issues you may be having on any of my posts. You will also find me hanging around the teacher challenges to provide any support I can.

About Me:

I ran a successful SEO business in a previous life; got completely burnt out on making others a ton of money and having nothing really to show for it, and decided to switch gears. I have been c... See full profile

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1. Covert Marketing Techniques #1 - INTRO: Are you struggling to get traffic and students to your courses? Are you making course after course and just not getting anywhere? Maybe you feel like a great opportunity is just passing you by. The other teacher seemed to know the secret that you don't. Hi, my name is Mel and I feel your pain. I've been panicking and wondering if I would get students. Then it hit me. You see, I ran my own s CEO company for a few years and I was pretty good at what I did, which was getting sites found in Google. I realized that I could apply those same principles to my courses. And not only that I could teach these methods to other teachers who need them. I'm going to start implementing these methods right now. And as I dio, I will teach them to you in this course and the covert marketing techniques, Siri's, you're gonna learn how you can force Google toe, let you know when marketing opportunities arise that you can use to drive traffic to your classes and your other projects online. So if you want more traffic to your classes or to any site or project that you have online click that enroll, but now and let's enjoy success together. Sound good? Great. I'll see you on the inside. 2. Driving Traffic w/ Google: Hi, folks. Thank you so much for enrolling in the class. I know you're excited to get started, and I'm excited to show you these. So without further ado, here is the first covert way to market your skill share class or anything else, for that matter. The first super secret side I have for you is Google. I know you're probably thinking that I'm crazy, but bear with me, go to Google and type in Google alerts the way use this is you simply let me digress for a 2nd 1st of all, you will need a Google account for this. But that's really easy to set up. When you get to this page, Google alerts, you simply set up on alert for your keyword. So, for instance, I do a lot of cooking classes and my site is called Yummy Press. So I might do a key word search for yummy recipes. So I go ahead and type that in. And don't just go ahead and hit. Create alert because that it might not be set up exactly the way you want it. Go over here to show options and you can choose how often you want to be notified about these alerts, and you can change this for each individual one. But you can have it, as it happens, which means that you'll get an email as soon as anything on the Web happens with that keyword. Or you can get it once a day or at most once a week. And if you do once a day or once a week, what they're going to do is send you an email with all of the alerts in one. This could be good if you have a key word that there's going to be, Ah, lot of alerts about, like say, for instance, if, for whatever reason you're doing a class on Donald Trump, maybe how he could fix his hair or something. There's probably gonna be a lot of alerts about that. So you probably don't want to be inundated with a bunch of emails when for certain alerts. So you might want to do once a day. Um, that way you could do this particular thing once a day. Or maybe you just want to promote that particular class once a week or get a list and promoted throughout the week. The choice is up to you. So you just pick which one you want. I prefer as it happens. Yummy recipes. Is it going to come up a lot? You can see the alert preview. And as you can see, only have one on here. Sources. You can choose your sources. I usually leave it on automatic. Um, sometimes I just want discussions, or I may just want to comment on videos. That's fine, too. You can choose whichever of these that you want. I'm just gonna leave this on automatic, and it's gonna pick these three. Then I'm gonna go over here. Of course I want English. And then region. You can pick any region that means anywhere from around the world. You can pick if you're in the US, you convict the United States, or they have plenty of countries to choose from. So say you only want toe get alerts from the Czech Republic. You can do that, Egypt. You can do that wherever you want. Right now, I'm gonna set up any region and how many you can get. Either. All results are only the best results. Now, this again depends on your keyword. And the choice is up to you for this one. I'm gonna do all results. And as you can see, that's bringing in a lot more for me. And I'll show you why this is important in a moment, then this is why you want to pick all results. If perhaps you don't get a lot in the preview, you might want to switch it. All results delivered to and you can either have this as an RSS feed or you can have it sent to your email. I prefer to have it sent to my email now for the alert preview. Since I'm not going to check my email so we can save time in this video, I'm just gonna show you here. I'm gonna open this up in a new tab. And this is why this is so powerful, folks. And how you can use it to promote your skill share class. Okay, so we're checking out this site and remember, you're gonna get an email or you're gonna see these in your RSS feed. So whenever you get one, you just check it out. I can not save how important it is, though, to actually read the content on these pages, folks, because you don't want to just go down here and leave something that might not get approved because what you're gonna be doing is going to these sites reading through and you want to check for sites that allow comments. So let's see if this one allows the comments. Um, no. I can sign up to a newsletter, scroll down, and here we go Click Dad comments. So now what I would do with this, of course, leaves my name and email. And in the comments, I would write out a thoughtful comments about the content of the blogger or the news story or the video or whatever it is. And within that contents, it's mentioned my class and say that you could learn more about it and you can leave a link or you can put away of how to get to the class. So, for instance, if they don't allow links and sometimes you may not know, so you might want to leave the link afterwards and say, You can seek me out on skill share my user name on there is whatever your user name is like Mines yummy press. So if you get a sculpture dot com and Sergio me press You will find me and my class about and make sure your class has something to do with whatever is on the page and you will get you might be surprised at the traffic you will get for this. Um, I ran an S e o company, and this is still one of the most powerful ways to get traffic. Especially if you end up being in the first comments on a popular news story or popular sites. A lot of people will see your comments and it can drive an exorbitant amount of traffic. It's crazy how much traffic it can drive. Will this work every time? No, of course not. Will it work in every niche? No. Will it work for everybody? Know why? Because you will get out of it, what you put into it. Like I said, if you just go to these sites and say nice story and leave your link, obviously you're not gonna get anywhere. You want to make insightful comments to show that you actually read the article or you watch the video or you read the news story and you have something to say about it now whether that's positive or negative, it depends. It doesn't mean that you have to be s your way through the comments or anything else like that just means that you need to show that you're actually carefully interacting with the site because an insightful and thoughtful comments has a much better chance of being put on the site of being accepted by the site. Admin. Then somebody just saying, Oh, hey, nice story. Please go to my link. Obviously, that's not going to get you anywhere. So that's it for that one. Like I said, google dot com search Google alerts. Set him up. However you want it, I'm gonna go ahead and hit. Create alert for this one. As you can see, you have been doing this while I have quite a few set up. Um, and that's it for that one. So get out there, do that one and start commenting and promoting your class. I'll see in the next video 3. How to Get Started NOW & Thank You!: the first step in getting results is to take action. So for your project, that's exactly what I want you to do. Go to your favorite search engine and type in Google alerts. Click on Create and Alert. Once you get to the alerts page, type in a keyword that fits your class and are all your parameters. Just how you want them and click. Create alert. Go down and check out some of the results. Pick one that you can use to promote your class and copy the link. Come back to the class and click. Start your project within the project for your project title name what class you're promoting and in the project workspace entering the link to the site that you're gonna add a comment on to promote your class. Remember, the first step in getting results is taking action. So the sooner you start getting these alerts in, the sooner you can start promoting your classes and projects across the web. I look forward to seeing your project. Thank you so much for taking my class. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learn something, and I hope you implement these steps as soon as you can. If you enjoy this class, don't forget to hit that thumbs up button and leave me a review. If you know anybody else that could use anything in it, be sure to share it with, um, the project is really simple. So go ahead and start it. And I will hook you up with a bonus as soon as it's done. Thank you again and I can't wait to see you in my next course.