Cover Design: Useful Covers For Digital Products

Jeremy Mura, Designer x Illustrator from Sydney

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6 Videos (35m)
    • Intro

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Type & Colour

    • Hierarchy & Rule of Thirds

    • Making a Cover Design

    • BONUS: 10 Product Design Tips


About This Class

An essential skill for any creative designer, freelancer or entrepreneur should be to create great product covers that stand out in the marketplace. In this 30 minute class, I'll explain some design princinples and tips of creating useful product covers. 

The lessons cover:

  • How to design a product cover from scratch
  • Applying useful design principles
  • Learning tools to create efficiently
  • BONUS Design Tips

To create a cover you will need is Adobe Illustrator (Free Trial) + Photoshop (Free Trial)

You'll learn great tips to get you started creating your first cover for a product.

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I really appreciate that Jeremy was speaking through his decisions in the demo. It makes it easy to follow and I learned a few tricks while watching him work.
Martie Balaile

Fantasy Illustrator. I create worlds.

Quick question, is it okay to use upsplash photos? Thanks for the class, super helpful.
Fun, informative and concise. Great job!
Heidi Boyd

Graphic Designer, Aspiring Illustrator





Jeremy Mura

Designer x Illustrator from Sydney

About Me

Jeremy is a graphic designer and illustrator from Sydney, Australia. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, I worked with design agency's on corporate branding, packaging for blue chip clients such as Kellogg's, Aldi, Yahoo 7 and AMEX. A few years after I launched my personal brand, applying my knowledge to help other designers become greater.

He helps emerging brands communicate to their audience through design and illustration. He focuses on...

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