Coursepreneur: Rapid Online Course Creation Hacking Tactics -- Learn the shortcuts and cheats!

James Burchill, Bestselling Author & Instructor

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12 Videos (1h 16m)
    • Introduction to rapid online course creation

    • [Behind the scenes] Getting started

    • The minimum amount of stuff you need to create a course quickly

    • Rapid research: How to ensure your course idea is viable

    • Rapid results: What's the transformation?

    • Picking the perfect platform for publishing

    • [Behind the scenes] Here's my "studio" for this course - simple isn't it!

    • Rapid course uploading and publishing hacks

    • Rapid screen capture and editing

    • How to save time using bulk load features

    • How to quickly create a course from a presentation - part 1

    • How to quickly create a course from a presentation - part 2


About This Class

If you're a consultant, small business owner or solo/entrepreneur with a unique set of skills that people value, then you can add an extra revenue stream to your business simply by turning your knowledge into an online course. The online course business is massive - over 100 Billion dollars the last time I checked. Online courses are popular and contrary to popular belief, they DON'T need to take weeks or months to create. You DON'T need flashy video cameras, a green screen studio, lighting or the directorial skills of Steven Spielberg! Nope, if you have a few basic pieces of technology (and you likely have most of it) then you're about 72 hours away from having your very own online course - published and ready for sale. I know that sounds like a big promise, and it is ... but more importantly, it's entirely achievable. Naturally there are a few caveats, the biggest one being that you need to have some content ready to share: existing presentations, articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos or ... AND THIS IS KEY ... just be very comfortable with the knowledge surrounding the topic you wish to teach! For instance, take this course: COURSEPRENEUR. I began planning earlier this week after being asked (yet again) how I create courses so quickly. My secret is simple: I focus on the most valuable aspects of the course and don't waste time on things that don't impact the bottom line. And the bottom line is the transformation you deliver to your students. [TIP] People don't buy courses for a relaxing, wander through esoteric aspects of subject X. They have a pressing problem - and THEY WANT AN ANSWER TO THEIR PROBLEM. If you build a course teaching them how to solve their problem - and nothing more - you've nailed it. Sure you can build more courses that answer other questions later, but start with a simple Q&A strategy with your course creation and you'll be well on your way. This is my approach: Focus on defining the problem, figure out the minimum steps to solve it, and create a course explaining / showing / demonstrating [etc] the solution. Period! This course was planned over the week with a few hours here and there. Then on Saturday morning I sat down, powered up my computer, plugged in my mic, grabbed a tea and started recording myself answering the various parts of the problem. A few hours later I was done recording. If you can't answer and teach the course in 30-90 minutes you have not reduced the problem enough. Once the videos were recorded it was on to simple editing, then saving them into MP4 for upload. Finally I uploaded the videos into my platform, and then wrote this letter, and structured the Sections and Lectures to match my planned course outline. In total, the planning took 4-6 hours (probably less) and the actual production took about 5 hours today. I reckon when done I'll have invested about 10 hours. Sure, I mentioned 72hrs earlier because you'd never believe me if I said "Create your course in about 10hrs!" Plus, you'll probably go a bit slower than me until you get your groove on. As you can see, it's quick and easy to produce a problem/solution training course. If you want to create something more involved then the amount of time will increase accordingly. Start small, get results and you'll be encouraged to do more. Bite off too much and you'll likely be discouraged and stop. Enrol in this course and watch as I show you how to quickly and easily turn your knowledge into an online course today.






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James Burchill

Bestselling Author & Instructor

Rapid Results in 1-2hrs Guaranteed!

Hi, my name is James and I’m a fan of productivity and streamlining. I’ve been working in the technology and business world for more than a quarter of a century and during that time I’ve learned something very important about technology (hardware or software) and that’s this …

About 80-90% of what your “tech” can do isn’t necessary for what you need to get done!

Put another way, most technology has a steep learning curve to get the results you want. Meaning you have to invest considerable time and energy to discover the few things you need to know to get the results you want.

10-20% of your tech’s features give you 80-90% of what you need!

Bottom line is this. Stuff is way more complex than it needs to be. Sure, some folks (occasionally) use these advanced features, but most days we barely scratch the surface because we don’t need that level of detail.

Which brings me to what I do.

I’m a self-confessed geek and nerd. I enjoy technology solutions: hardware, gadgets, software, online services and more. Anything that makes our lives easier. The irony is many of these solutions make our lives harder – which is where I come in.

I show you WHAT TO FOCUS ON (and WHAT TO IGNORE) so you get RAPID RESULTS in about 1-2 hours – guaranteed!

I help people like you save time, make money and generally communicate more effectively with others. My training usually focuses on a technology (or software solution,) productivity (time management), and profitability related skills (like marketing and starting a side hustle business...)

I'm a Certified Evernote Consultant and Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Coach.

As a bestselling author, I've written extensively on these topics and trained thousands (currently over 15,000 in 150 countries - and that's on one platform in the last 3 years!)

I'm a curious kind of fellow and enjoy solving puzzles (I'm a fan of crosswords) and I like cooking, social events and drone photography. I was born in England and traveled extensively before settling down in Burlington Ontario Canada. 

Hello, I'm James ... nice to meet you!

PS. Connect with me on social media (links above) as I'm often online and enjoy meeting new people and learning more about them.