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Course in Creation of Mobile Applications with King of App

teacher avatar King of App

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. 1.1. Presentation of King of App and the Application Creation Elementary Course

    • 2. 1.2. Account Login, Registration and Validation

    • 3. 1.3. Template Selection

    • 4. 1.4. Modules Screen

    • 5. 1.5. Services

    • 6. 1.6. Personalization and Appearance

    • 7. 2.1. Defining app concept

    • 8. 2.2. Let's create an app

    • 9. 2.3. Add and configure first module - HTML

    • 10. 2.4. Add and configure second module - YouTube

    • 11. 2.5. Add and configure third module - Twitter

    • 12. 2.6. Add and configure a service - Google Analytics

    • 13. 2.7. Anchoring modules via a menu

    • 14. 2.8. Personalization

    • 15. 3.1. King of App Publishing Methods

    • 16. 3.2. Create your Google Play account

    • 17. 3.3. Create your App Store account

    • 18. 3.4. Complete publication process with own id

    • 19. 4.1. Fill in data for the "To Market" section

    • 20. 4.2. General Data

    • 21. 4.3. Google Play Data

    • 22. 4.4. App Store Data

    • 23. 4.5. Shopping cart and payment

    • 24. 4.6. Dashboard

    • 25. 4.7. Upload to the Market

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About This Class

In this course you will learn:

  • How to define your business idea before starting development
  • Application Design Basics
  • Characteristics, functionalities and possibilities of the King of App builder

Study's Plan:

1. Introduction and presentation of the tool

A. Presentation of King of App and the Application Creation Elementary Course
B. Account Login, Registration and Validation
C. Template Selection
D. Modules Screen
E. Services
F. Personalization and Appearance

2. Creating your first app

A. Defining app concept
B. Let's create an app
C. Add and configure first module - HTML
D. Add and configure second module - YouTube
E. Add and configure third module - Twitter
F. Add and configure a service - Google Analytics
G. Anchoring Modules via a Menu
H. Personalization

3. Selection of the compilation and publication method

A. King of App Publishing Methods
B. Create your account on Google Play
C. Create your App Store account
D. Complete the publication process with your own id

4. Compilation and Publication

A. Fill in data for "To Market" section
B. General Information
C. Google Play Data
D. App Store Data
E. Shopping cart and payment
F. Dashboard
G. Market Upload

Meet Your Teacher

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King of App


We created King of App to free up the way apps are built. We focus on improving the relationship between brands and users through our innovative platform. We use Open Source so we have the ability to respond to any demand immediately. King of App is the referee in the community that ensures code quality while nurturing a community of resources that allows for unlimited growth.

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1. 1.1. Presentation of King of App and the Application Creation Elementary Course: Hello. I'm Joe, and I will be the person in tires of guiding you through these elementary course of X creation in which you will learn through the following license all the technical aspects necessary to create a simple and fully functional application to tear. This will use King of at the tool that is changing the way you create applications on online software that aimed to Democrat ties the access to create applications through the use of the builder that will allow you to work quickly and easily. We want to prepare you to be able to create a smart for not by yourself, from its conceptualization to its publication in the Google and Apple marketplaces. We will divide the course in four modules. In the 1st 1 We will introduce the platforms that you understandings, logic and know the different elements that will be necessary during the creation of a nap, templates, modules, services and styles. As the best way to assimilate the use of the two is to utilize it In the second module, we will start to create a nap. Together, you will learn how to add and configure is one of your modules and how to link them through a man. You We will explain you how to do the same with the elements called services. We will configure the simplest design aspects so that our first stop is presentable to your end users or clients. In the third model, you will discover all the aspects necessary for your APP to be accepted in the Google and Apple marketplaces. We will include general data such as name, description and category selection, among other essential later for publication. Finally, we will make all the necessary configuration adjustments to be able to publish the AB selecting the type of compilation operating system in the shopping cart process. This is an elementary course that will enable you as the creator of simple applications and the complexion if it will give you access to obtain the certificate that guarantees having successfully completed it. The King of APP Academy certificates, documents that jubilee receiving your email and user profile, and that have been created to endorse your work. You're in the course. Obtaining the certificate will require passing all the modules of this course as well as the exams that follow it. On the other hand, we will ask you to make your own application, which will serve us, guarantee that you have acquired the knowledge obtaining the elementary certificated. That creation will not only be very useful in the performance of your professional career, but will also give you access to multiple advantages, such as future courses that will expend No, let's gain in this, as well as a greater integration with the professional king of that community. If you're ready to continue, go to the next chapter of this course. 2. 1.2. Account Login, Registration and Validation: way. Begin the elementary course of that creation with this first module, which we will dedicate to take a tour of the king of that platform to learn its structure and futures. The goal is for you to understand how it was designed and recognize its main elements so that you know how to take advantage of it. As you progress through the course, the first thing you'll do is create your new account in the king of that builder. The builder is the platform with which you would interact all the time and create and manage each of your applications. You're relaxes the builder through your favorite browser, although our recommendation is to use chrome to get there, go to the website www dot king of dot com, and once here, click on start. You will also be able to access it from anywhere on the website by clicking on the creator at bottom in the header. Once inside, you will find the screen on which you will be asked for the information necessary to make your registration or logging in case of registration. Accept the terms and press the register button to get your king of AP account Once you have done this, you will have full access to all the tools sections. The first thing we find once we entered the builder of the screen, my apse, which for being the first time that you visited will appear empty before we stop it. It Let's take a look at the other elements common to this view. The builder has a permanent header from which you can access at any time to the following sections account configuration where you can modify your user profile data, administer your account, manage billing data or closed session. The same header offers access to documentation where all the necessary material about how the builder works is collected. We returned to the my abs window which will become a key bottom. When you are managing several applications in the next chapter of this course, we will begin to explore its content. 3. 1.3. Template Selection: way continue in the my APS window, where little by little you will see how all the applications you create appear at the moment. You don't have any change. These select create new app. Start by choosing one of the many available templates. If you're wondering what a template is, I'll explain its simple. It is a redesign app, fully functional and customizable, which allows us to work on it, editing it features and adapting it to your needs to make it unique. It's template consists of the selection of competence that would make up the APP, models, services and appearance. Selecting a template will simplify the brushes off. Creating adds to the maximum. Choose the one that best suits your needs and you have have the work done. In the case of King of that templates, before selecting one, you can click and its thumbnail to enter the window where you will find specific details. You will get information about the modules, services and styles included, as well as the color palette applied. As you can see, a number of default elements are already included, but you are free to add it their content later, before you continue. It's a good idea to understand the architecture off a template and consequently off a nap. An application created with King of APP consists of the three types of confidence already mentioned. Module service and template modules provide all aspects of functionality and will be responsible for representing all the objects with which the user will interact directly with the APP. Somehow we could say that they represent the most tangible part of the application. Since the model isn't Ellemann that will lead the user to see, touch or drag something in the APP can be a YouTube video. A piece of text imported from or press or any object generated by you in HTML form it. On the other hand, services are trans verceles functions off your application programs that perform some function in parallel to the natural use of the application Independently of the specific action offered by the modules. An example of a service could be a push notification or analytics. Finally, the aspect refers to the set of aesthetic issues, such as the colors applied to certain elements or typography. Before selecting your template, you can try by yourself taking the view demo battle you will excess view that shows only the screen of a smartphone recreating the operation of the complete. You can interact with it president buttons and scroll through the different menus view. Demo is a very useful feature when we want to get a close look at what our final up might look like. Isn't this the adequate template for you? Click on Return and try the following When you find yours, click unused to start editing it. If you prefer, you can choose one of the starter templates. They are free and have only one menu in a few basic modules. The objective of this type of templates is that you are the one who decides all the elements that would include the app from scratch after Cindy's description will go on to look at aspects off different elements in more detail. In this next chapter, we will talk about models 4. 1.4. Modules Screen: Once you have selected your template, the builder will ask you to give a name to the application. These data are modifiable, and you can alter them at any time. The first thing you will find health lifetime played will be the screen corresponding to modules, which, depending on the selected them played, will have a larger or smaller extension showing all the added models. The models screen is one of the most important places up the builder, since. From here we will manage all the models and the way in which they relate to each other. For example, the current model screen tells us that it contains a polymer type menu called Healthy Lives . In the Siris of normal models and container typing side. You may find it complex. Don't worry if you don't understand it yet well treated live by Leo, I'll be indicating the previous chapter. A model is each of the pieces that make up the application. These are the elements that provide some kind of functionality to the user and with which he's able to interact. In this cream, we can add or remove any module according to our nets, to remove a model click on the I cannot the bin and confirm it slash in its that simple. Each model has a specific personalization in editing characteristics that added its perimeters. Click on this bottom and X is the editor of the model. Many of them take their contents from external sources, so you will have to load them there to be able to show them in your app. Next chapters. We will add it, several of them so that you can understand how they work. We returned to the previous window the animal. You'll click on this bottom at module where we will accept the complete Micro Place. At the moment. King of APP has more than 200 models, although this list isn't permanent. Growth, the marketplace shows is the complete list of available models allowing us to organize them by publication date popularity, valuation in price, among others. This is a screen very similar to the template selection screen. At the top, we have the search ends in which we can enter a word in order to appear specific model, for example, you too. Indeed, when doing this search, it will appear models that include the name of the video platform either in its style or in its description. To know more information about the module you are about to add, you can move the mouse over its Aiken, obtaining a brief description of it. You can also click on it to access its card and attend more detailed information. We can add as many modules as our APP needs. Each one of them will appear in the models window. It is necessary to indicate which many model is a particular element. Since it is used vertebrate the rest of the modules, it will serve as an anchor between the rest of the elements that you have added, allowing the user to navigate through the app. Another type of special modules are the so called container type. Who's a special functionality will allow you to add some models within others with the advantage of being able to show on screen. As many as models have been introduced. The use of container models and the nesting off menus and models will make the navigation within your app more complex, so we will explain how it works in more advanced courses. The modules library doesn't stop growing, thanks to developers who try to incorporate their services in King of App, feel free to take back periodically for updates 5. 1.5. Services: in a similar way to Howard module is inserted, we will do the same with the surface is how the one type of company and differ from the other. Very simple. While the model represents a specific section of your rep and the user, can it regulated once it is shown on the screen? Their services I tran versatile functions, which are integrated globally within the application and represent the general function. For example, lounging push notifications, screen to screen announcements or keeping a log of analytics would be examples off services . To add a service, go to the corresponding section in the side panel. When you enter, you will see that a lesson template initially selected included some service. This window will appear empty. Toe Add one. Press this button you're relaxes the surfaces window from where you will obtain additional information by passing the mouse over the service or clicking toe entered on its card. If you're interested in a module, quicken use or by and going back the search shoes window, you will only have to configure it to start working. Once the APP has been published, has already mentioned you will add and configure service in future chapters of this course 6. 1.6. Personalization and Appearance: So far, you have defined the two types of competence, often app, that referred to functionality and operation. Now it's time to refer to aspects related to customization and appearance in the appearance section. We will deal with all the necessary points to make Europe visually unique, including aspects related to your bread colors, typography and so on. In order to modify the aesthetic aspects of your APP, GOTO appearance in the builder's sidebar and click and customize. Here you will have access to four sections images, background, typography is and colors. 1st 1 refers to the general iconography of the application to the general images of Europe , not to the images that be inside your, which you have already introduced through modules. These are icons for the app or the main image of our application, with which you will be represented in the marketplaces. Keep in mind that it must be attractive and simple so that the user who serves Google Player wrap store feel detected. It would also be the emits with which they will see you once they download and install the application Inside its door of APS. Load emits, also known as Splash, appears just when we open an application installed on our smartphone. It is used to display some content while the application is loading on a ramp. Usually you just use the brand icon, although you can load any custom image, which is used by abscess. Common is YouTube cap. If I or Clash Royale featured image is the graphic that appears at the top of your car in stores and works as a header. If you want to include text, make sure it is large enough to be eligible. You should avoid including important items near the edges to maintain a margin of safety as it may not show up or appear cut. The promotion limits is typical of older android versions prior to 4.0, but it is advisable to continue uploading as there are devices that maintain outdated versions of its operating system, it is essential to a blow. The images, with a resolution indicated below its title toe a blow. Then we can select an image and choose the corresponding image from your computer. I didn't save the images with the necessary size. Using your favorite emits editor, let's go to the background tap in it. You will find two elements that you can select image or color. Both will replace the default white background with warnings to you modify you want a flat color you the background color option of the app, while if you prefer to include a Nimitz as a texture or some more, incorporate element. Upload your backward limits. You're blowing an image in the background color. At the same time, the builder will give priority to the image so the background color would not be visible. The typography tap. You can choose the fund you will use. We differentiate between main fund, which will be present in the body of all condoms off the AP and the titles that appear in the headers Off Extreme, as you can see at U R L. Is indicated, our reference fund will be Google funds where you will find more than 800 different funds. Finally, go to the color stop where you will have a least with all the chromatic variety that will compose your application. We observe a difference between primary and secondary color supplied to text, background and dividers, given the large number of colors available, and that is probably the first time you face the builder. We recommend having previously a pre defined idea of design to make changes, to see how they are reflected in the visa. Leiser These are the main aspects stuff customization. Once you have revealed all the few edit any needed your modules and services and applied the state exchanges, your rap will be almost ready to be published. In the third model of this course, we really find all the necessary aspects to compile and publish here ends module one. Next we start the second model off the course where we will learn how to create an application step by step and from scratch. 7. 2.1. Defining app concept: welcome to model to which we will dedicate to the creation of an application step by step. We think that the best way to learn how to use it toe is using it in the section of the course. We would return to make a journey along the builder, putting into practice the no let's acquired in the previous section. The objective is that very capable of making an application. So to demonstrate your solvency, we will ask you to do one. It is therefore very important. DP attention to all the steps were carrying out so that do you understand the prostitute in order to finish this course and Taylor stratification your stuff, passed both the test available at the end of each course module and have created an app. Therefore, recommend that as you progress through this course model, you replicate the actions by creating your own app. You will start by choosing a basic template. Add and configure your own modules and services, apply navigation functions through a menu and finally adopt styles aspects to your needs. Before getting into the manner, you must consider something important. The first thing to do is define an application concept what you want to do with it, for it will be used for and what it will bring to your users. You can make sketches defining what elements, modules and services you will need. If your app takes content from another source, such as YouTube channel Facebook for file or if it requires text in images of your own, prepare them first. Don't leave anything toe improvisation. King of up is just a way to create apps. You determine which elements will make it up. If you have already devised an application concept, go ahead. Try to take advantage of the no less you'll acquire here to develop the APP. If you're still not quite sure and still want to get started, consider this. Ask yourself if you're rabbits off a problem, what it would be and how you get it. Your audience. You must be able to answer these key questions in order to define its structure and content . Consider that Europe should be attracted to the user, but above all, it should be useful for them. Toe adopted record and use that they will up any often. You have your replication idea ready and you have sketched it out. You can move on to the next chapter 8. 2.2. Let's create an app: you're going to dedicate the following chapters off this course to the preparation of your own application. Did this you will need to follow our step by step instructions. The detective is that you take the following classes as an example so that you can create an application with a similar structure. But with your own content. Our application proposal is what we will show you next. As you can see, it includes simple job down Manu and for HTML modules. You took module in the Twitter feed mal, you offer free. We made a content app and we proposed to call it while animals to use it. Is that encircle, payday or guide to the animal world, an educational app designed so that Children can acquire? No, let's about this type of farm. Once you understand the logic of the builder and how these models work, you will be able to create an app with similar characteristics. This application is an example of the simplest thing that can be created with the platform , but with more advanced courses. But we'll find in our academy you will learn to create more professional lapse making use of complex structures based on the use of nested menus and container our view models. Let's start 9. 2.3. Add and configure first module - HTML: to start creating our first application, go to my APS and create new app as we indicated in previous chapters. Most templates include the Siris of Elements, modules, services and customization. Since in this case we want to create a nap from scratch, we will choose one of the started templates which, besides being the simplest type, is also for free. In my case, I will choose Starter Left menu. As soon as you selected, you will be asked to give you the name. In this case, I will call it while animals, although you will be able to name it however you want. If you're not sure of the name, don't worry, because you can add it. It in any time we can create distant plate already comes with his lighting Manu in three html. Audios start by removing two of this. Indicate that your issue of the action when the builder asked for it. Once this is done, start configuring the model. Which model has its own editing screen? Click on the bottom with a pencil and X is the window. If you have worked previously with WordPress or other CMS, this part will be familiar. This is a window with Wizard Week options, which will allow you to ride as if you were word processor and getting a result very similar to what you're saying while you enter elements in it, I will dedicate these HTML model page to the lion animal card. The first thing I will do is change the name of the model to Lyon so that it is reflected in the header of my app. I already have a prepared text, so I just based it here. You can check by saving that our work is actually reflected in the visualize er. Let's go back to editing the module to make changes in the text. As you can see, you can have bold and italic text. You will also be able to convert certain fragments into larger titles such as age one h two h three of a block, a line right, left centred or justified changing the color of the text. The needs background is as simple as clicking and choosing. Diz Option Eddie, you were l over a line of text as if you were a hyperlink, so that when you press it will direct due to the length website by opening a new window in the browser of your mobile. To do this static, the text click on these things changed and enter the URL. In this case, it is recommended to highlight the text linked with bold and another color different than black. Another possibility is to insert images or videos Husted in any u. R l This case, I will insert the image of Lyon. I will indicate the width of 300 pixels, so that is not over. Dim mentioned and maintains the proportions. Click and save and your don. If you wish, you can combine the Dupri receptions, adding a Nimitz and adding and hyperlink to turn it into a butter. Place the cursor where you would like to answer the button. Enter the U. R l of the image Salix sized and accept. I want to insert a button to my social networks, so I added Nikon fridge of them now simply Salik. The emits click on the link and pays the You are well where you want to go. Click on save inspected Link works If at any time you see the juror, changes are not being made, I recommend you to press control or comment more shift and are to reload the page without catching. Finally, a detail. Did you see this box that indicates module I can? This thumbnail house, by default according to these templates, will be shown when the menu is displayed. You can change it, and at one of these least our upload your own choosing to upload. And I can start on our computer or inserting from a girl. In this case, I will insert and Aiken stored on my PC. Since my application will collect several animal cards, I would repeat the process as many times as animals I want to show add new modules. Go to the monomers window at module and in the search engine. Right HTML. Off the two that appear, we choose its TML, not container, which will be seen in more advance courses Once available, we added, repeating as we did with the previous one adapting to contend to another animal. Repeat again, the configuration process fall HTML modules 10. 2.4. Add and configure second module - YouTube: next week, we'll add a second type of module YouTube video, which will allow you to insert in your app any video hosted on the platform. Since this is an application about while animals, I wouldn't add videos related to this time documentary, for example. The first thing you'll do is go back to the modules window. You were not there. Quicken ad model Once here, type of YouTube in the search engine and choose the one that interests you the most. In this case, I choose this one. Click on use and once redirected to the modules Window Quicken Edit. As in all modules, you will need to added the title. I will call it the Duck You of the week. My intention will be to update the content every week so that the user felt interesting coming back. The part that differentiates this body is the box that indicates I. D. This is the identify air of the video and corresponds the final part of its U R L to add a video hosted on YouTube. Go to the Web in our browser. Look for the one you want to insert and look here in the area simply copy and paste the subsequent fragment to be an equal symbol and based it to the model box as simple is that once you save, the video will be showed. Don't forget to change the model like and if you wish, I will include the icon of Blais Button that I also have hosted on my computer. The video will already be shown in your rap Save in Mark as main detective is working. 11. 2.5. Add and configure third module - Twitter: the last module will. That will be the Twitter fear, which will serve to show the least of updated news. Taken diet early from theater, go to the modules window at models and search Twitter. Choose deception by clicking on use once in the modules window, Greek on the added button, and the first thing has always changed the name of the model. I'll call it animal photos. To add a Twitter feed, you'll have to go to the Social Network website and look for the profile that works best in your application. You can add your own personal or company profile or, if you prefer, look for any other. I searched the name on Twitter, opened the page of the profile and up here. I copied the U. R L and go back to the builder based it. If you want, you can change the memorial Aiken I saved and go to the modules window and frame it as the main one 12. 2.6. Add and configure a service - Google Analytics: Once you have added all the models that will make up your application, it's time to try out another key element. The services in this case as a test, Who will add Google Analytics Service that will allow us to know statistics on the use of our applications, such as sections visited, or it's in place of the years er and other demographic and used aspects very useful. If you want to know the effectiveness of your application and get ideas to improve it, to add analytics, let's go to the service of step, which you'll see that appears empty. This is because this, like the template, did not include any service click on add service and searched for analytics. In this case, it will not be necessary to perform any search because it already appears in ville. Although you can always use the search engine to filter, Google Analytics is a pay service with the cost of 29 year old. It is not essential for the operation of your rap, so if you don't want to add it, just continue watching two configuration process. Setting up this service is very simple. All you need to do is sign up for the service with your Gmail on the Google Analytics website and create a mobile account. If this is your first time using it, click on the option that ask you to register whether it is your first time with analytics or not. From here on, the process will be identical. Market as mobile application. Give it a name and mark the other options is appropriate to your rep. Finally, take on these bottom. Accept the terms automatically. A property will be creative with an assigned I. D. It is this coat that you must paste into the builder and once compile and installed, the APP will start reporting data that you will see from the website off the Google too. 13. 2.7. Anchoring modules via a menu: you're replication has already added all the companies that make it up. It's done to create an interface that allows you to move around the application passing from one screen to another. To do this, we will use the type of model we call Manu, as we indicating in previous chapters. The menu is very characteristic type of model because it allows you to link from middle to the models you want, creating a set of bottoms that facilitate navigation between all section of Europe. To add a menu, go to the module screen. As you can see that, then played, we choose already includes the so called polymer menu that serves to show us lining menu from the left. This will be the manual that we will keep, although example if I it's using this course, I will remove it and add it again. Extract all the models that you have been adding outside the menu so that now when you delete it, it does not take all its content with it. Press, delete and accept the warning. Adding a menu is simple. Click on add menu and once inside past mouse over reach of them to see which one best suits units you have manages the Children bottoms at the bottom of the screen of the topper occupying the full screen. Each of these models is customizable and adaptable to your needs to edit Quicken use. You will then be moved to the modules window from where you will have to configure them. The first thing you will do is at each one of your models inside the menu, simply dragging them inside. Once this is done, you have not yet managed to link them to the menu. You want that when you press it, the window soldier memorials will be shown. To do these, opened the polymer menu configuration and follow the steps below. If you want to add about into the menu, you'll have to breast about in the taste, and another item to the menu is. One of these boxes that is generated represents one of the buttons that willing to the chosen models according to the number of buttons you want to add. Click on add another item to the menu. In my case, it will before its TML one per animal beside the YouTube in trader models. 16 total you will have to configure one by one in the bath field, select the module you want to link. It is important to keep in mind that the order in which you configure them in this screen will be the same as the one that will be reflected in your menu. I ent lion, giraffe, elephants, zebra, Doctor of the week and animal photos. This way of adding models is common to all menu types. We don't touch any more elements. The rest of objects in this configuration are mainly off static type, so we will deal with them in the next chapter of the course. Quicken, save and check that all the models have appeared in our menu. So far, you have added and configured models that will compose your app and inserted a managed to enable navigation. If everything works correctly, you will be ready to move on to the next chapter. 14. 2.8. Personalization: Europe is fully structure and already functional unnavigable, but probably doesn't have the style you need in this step ter of the course. You will go through two key sections. You will return to the many configuration that all the options corresponding to its aesthetics. Then you will to the pier in section where you will add it. The rest of the app elements To customize your menu, go to the models window and click on the Ponomarev Manu come figure, scroll down to the boxes. You used the link to each of the modules here you will determine of Henry's displayed on the menu. This will include a header illustrated by an image or a color. As you determine below on the barons that direct you to the different models, I will select to activate it and change the color and insert exactly these Register RGB in header title. You can write a title to add the name of the app or any text you want to show. I live in anti heather logo serves to add a name. It's that characterizes the APP. For example, the logo we will have to use a U R l. So you must have previously halted it. I will use this one, which I have previously published in our Web server. Although you can use any other image hosting, I will leave the rest of the options as they are. If you want to try author customizable menu items, I invite you to do so safe and then go to the pier in section Customize from where you will added general aesthetic aspects. The first thing you will find is the images section. We have already explained this section, and what each of these corresponds to in a chapter of the first module has already indicated it is important to a blow. The images with the exit resolution or the market will reject it automatically upload one of these images, click and select image. Look for the one that has the resolution demanded. It is important that you have saved these images in JP Deal. PNG. Form it. After you have selected all the images, click and save insect. That bar appears indicating the status of the process. It is essential to publish them all. Let's go to the background tap. Here we have two options. In any case, the background will refer as its name indicates to the color or based image of our app. For example, in this screen in which we have used the HTML module right now is white, but we could replace it with any other color or an image, a texture. Whatever you choose, you should know that the builder will prioritize image over color, So if you can change both, all of the ones you selected as a background image will be displayed. Remove it. If you want to customize only the color, I will leave it like let's move on to typography. Ease where we will differentiate between main fund title phones to load a fund. In this section, go to Google funds, search this website and choose the fund that best suits your app both for the main fund and for the tails. When you have chosen when you like click and its style, copy its name in pasted in the corresponding tap inside the builder to take the result, click on preview. Once you are convinced, click safe. Finally, go to colors where you will determine the chromatic variety of Europe. I recommend you to do test to see in what elements the change take place here in the visa Leiser. The most important is primary color, which is manifested in the header of the entire rack. I will use these over and scholar primary text color, which will affect the main text of modules. Such HTML. I will live in black. When's the colors and all aspects off appearance and boost Immunizations are modified. We can affirm that our application is fully functional and adapted to our style needs. If you're there, you can keep doing tests. Take it out and when you think it's ready, let's move on to model three of this course. 15. 3.1. King of App Publishing Methods: Let's start the third model of this course related to the method of publication of your rap . Currently, King of APP has four methods of publication. A blood with Your Own I D pacts with this count for volume of APS, download, finder, app and download of the Source court, the 1st 2 will allow you to publish your app in the marketplaces of Google and Apple. The other methods are perfect testing tools to see how the Abood work on your android device by installing an A P K. First of all, you should know that if you want to publish with your i D, you will have to own a developer account in one of these stores APP store, Google Play or both. In the next chapters, I'll explain how to create them. The difference between upload with i D and volume discount packs of APS lies in the number of applications to publish and the price of each one. While uploading your own, I D has a standard enterprise, a 50 year old per year or its give Linenger local currency, plus the cost of the models and services you have added. You can opt for significant volunteers counts if you access the form presented after the packs option. If you're interested in publishing a large number of ABS, choose deception. A member of the team will contact you personally to provide you with information and access to the offers. If you prefer to have in a P K for testing, select download Android App. An A P K is a version of your application ready to install on your android smartphone. There is currently no one given option in King of That allows you to test it on IOS as Apple's operating system on Lee, except the installation of application from the APP store or desk flight. This method is not compatible with publication and it will not be able to a blow the A P K to the store in order to be admitted in Google play, it must be first signed. If you have decided to use the download Android app option, click the bottom. Once it is available, the product will be added to your cart where you must pay all payments modules to try it. Finish the process in NASCAR's To send the A P K to your email, you will receive it via email as soon as it is compiled. Are you a developer or do you have enough? No. Let's to combine on your own. Use the request source code option. If you have knowledge, you consign an upload the application by yourself. When you Tuesday's option A night, um will appear in your card with a cost equal to zero, you will only have to pay for the models and services that you have added. If the cost of the elements add it to your are free, you will be able to get your APP without any cost continuing with our wild animals application, which we have already finished. And after I did to publish in previous chapters, we will choose the option that allows us to do it with our own I d. Simplest one. Publishing with your own I d. Implies. As we said, we need to have a developer account in each of the stores where you want to publish. In addition to the annual payment of 50 year old ballot for both Android and IOS, with his option, you forget to publish your app as we have men is to automate the process so that you don't have to worry about it. In addition, during the time your subscription last, you will have access to all the functionalities that will allow you to update the contents of your replication. Other had builders publisher wrapped in their own developer profile using their i d. Not yours. Doing It with your own I d has the advantage that once published Europe, you can access your developer profile and edit directly their advanced options or interact directly with the Google and Apple stores. Getting more autonomy in the process since creating in the county's essential will devote the next detectors, learning how to create an accountant both Google play in the APP store. 16. 3.2. Create your Google Play account: In this chapter, you will learn how to create a group, a developer account, an essential element if you want to publish your application. The official Android store. Although there are a wide variety of alternatives, you should know that Google plays the main source of downloads off on android devices. If you want to get visibility as well as guarantee your users that they are getting it from a reliable medium, follow these instructions. Creating a developer account in Google play has a unique cost of 25 year old and will allow you to upload as many applications as you want, as long as you respect the terms and conditions of use of the store. Also, to create it, you'll need to have your own Google account. If you have a Gmail, you will have despite soft to create your own Google play Developer account. Look for Google play developer console excess. The results shown US Developer Council Google play. If you're not signed in with the Google account in your browser, you will be prompted to sign in Now. If you were already logged into your account before, during this search, you will automatically be long dead in either case, make sure your sign in with the account you want to post two. We will see that the first step signing with your Google account is already Martus positive , and you are now in the second step that say's except the developer agreement. Go to the bottom of the page and accept the developer agreement. It's a good idea to read the distribution agreement so that you are aware of what you're signing. You will not be able to continue until you accept the developer agreement. Once done, click continue to complete payment before making this description. Mark confirmed your country. Enter the identification number optionally name another address data in the next window, you will be asked for your payment details into your card number. If everything went well, you will receive a message notifying you that the process was successful. Now you will have to fill in your account information. The required data is developer Name one of the most important data because it will be the name of the profile toe, which you will upload each of your wraps. If you intend to show yourself as a brand, this is where you should take it into account. Email address will be the one that will be reflected in your developer profile on the one that users will use to contact you or through which you will offer some kind of support. Generally, it will not concede with your developer account since normally, if you have a brand you use a corporate email website will be a website referring to your brand as a day of labour. It is not mandatory, but recommended as it will serve you for promotion. For example, if you're a developer and want to get more customers phone number once again, which will be a method of contact for your users. Take the boxes according to your interest. I would like to receive information about new features and tips to help me improve my APP. I would like to offer feedback to improve Google play developer consoled. Finally, mark complete registration. Once this is done, a window of this kind will appear. You will be able to start publishing your applications in Google play or use the functionality. It allows you to do it from King of that 17. 3.3. Create your App Store account: publishing the APP store. You need to create your own developer account in iTunes convict. Unlike Google, play, where the developer account costs 25 euro for lifetime at AB Story will have to pay a 99 year old each year. To start creating your developer profile, you'll need to have an apple or items account. If you have a Mac or iPhone, you probably already have one. You've not goto apple not come lugging in here where you're asked if you have an apple I d pick to start creating one. Now Certain necks is the Apple Developer program. With a new user you have created and accept the terms, not quick. Roll this page. Apple tells us the difference between registering as an individual client or as an organization. Go to the bottom of the website and click on, Start your enrolment. Select the type of developer. You are my case. I will choose individual customer account. As you can see, the process is very simple. In this new screen, you are asked to fill in a series of personal data, basically those related to name and surname. Telephone address A little further down. Believe the data as it appears this table will only be filled in by those developers whose language uses known Roman characters. Read the terms and take the box to confirm that you accept them. Verify that all data are correct and click. Continue. In the next window is the summaries showing the result of the purchase product. Note that below your s to take this box except in the renewal of the payment after one year . Checking it is not mandatory. But keep in mind that if it is not done at this time, your raps may cease to be public until you pay again to finish. All you have to do is filling the payment details. If everything is correct, you will receive a payment confirmation as well as any mail in your inbox. You are almost done. The computer registration Goto iTunes Connect that apple that come and developer that apple that come where you will enter the same credential and accept the terms you need to do this to start publishing. If everything is correct, you will be able to access your control panel through items. Conduct that apple not come where you will find a window similar to this one, you will be able to use the functionalities that will allow you to automate the publication of ABS with King of App. 18. 3.4. Complete publication process with own id: you have already created your developer accounts in iTunes or Google play, it's time to go back to the builder to automate the upload process. As you will remember, we decided to use the upload with I D Method first thing you will find when you choose. These options are do boxes in which you must determine which operating systems you want to publish. Check only the platform on which you want to publish, the one for which you have created your developer account. Since I have created my account on both platforms, I will leave both marked Quicken. Continue in this window. You will be asked to enter your credentials in the Google Play Developer console as they were initially confident. If you have doubts about the data you enter, you can counsel them by visiting your profile settings on the corresponding websites of which platform performed the same action. IOS window by entering name, last name, email and iTunes connect passport by entering the corresponding dating the publishing with own I D boxes. We have almost completed the automation process for everything to work properly. We recommend that you deactivate the verification options in two steps at least until the publishing process is complete. Our bots will take care of accessing your developer accounts and uploading the app, although the two step verification method could cause a block of the automated system when trying to access your account. Disabled two step verification in Android Signing to my Google account, Enter the user name and password for the account with which you created your developer profile. Click on signing and Security in here, where two step verification is indicated. Press. Enter your password and click Deactivated confirmed the activation. The process with your Apple account is different if you have it enabled. Access Apple i d by typing the u r l apple i d dot apple dot com Sidebar E n In select Manage your apple i d signing. Enter your user name and password when asked and select Best would institute a here in the last panel. Scroll down here and click on the Activate verification in two steps where you will be asked to enter three security questions and their corresponding answers. It is important to remember them as they may be required to access any apple domain that requires log in and password. Finally, enter your birth date and recovery Male toe access in case you ever need to recover your credentials, please continue and confirm the activation. You will receive a verification made. Validate that you have deactivated the verification process into the steps. That is it. When you have entered the access data for your developer per falls and you have deactivated the verification two steps, you will be ready to publish your king of that applications in your own profile in each of the marketplace is this is the end of Mother three. You will now start the fourth chapter of this course where you will complete the data and information necessary for your application to be published in APP stores. 19. 4.1. Fill in data for the "To Market" section: your application is ready at this for the user. In this course module, you will learn everything you need to configure your app and leave it ready to be accepted and uploaded to the markets. To best the test, there is an essential visit section to market which you must visit if you selected the option published with i D. From here, we will low all the data and information that the application stories request. This section can be found at the bottom of the side panel divided into three separate degrees. General data, Android and IOS. The first of these sub categories refers to data common to both platforms, while the other to comply with a specific data fits store. If you live the option of load with 80 contact or you have only chosen one of the operating systems is likely that the option next, like that, will be disabled as it is understood that you don't have it yet or you don't want to publishing it in the knoll it off the platform on which you want to publish. You must fill in some data mandatory. Otherwise your rap will be immediately rejected in the markets. You will verify that other data are optional, but in any case, we recommend you to fill them to improve your visibility in stores and mega wrapped more user friendly. 20. 4.2. General Data: while animals Childrens at four kids. This is basic a s O technique that will help you position in the following boxes. You will add descriptions with the maximum length equal to indicated. One long description is a text up to 4000 characters that will allow us to make a statement about the continent features offered by our app. Here we will have a lot of free route to present our application. You will be able to include paragraphs and emerges with which to organize your information . The limit is very high. Big advantage of it. It is recommended to include at least 700 characters. Try to take advantage of the space offered by the stores. This text is useful both for users who will better understand what your app is about and four markets who will decide to show it in more visible positions If they consider that the information is useful, try to include keywords within the text. We highlight the key words by selecting the text those by which you into it or have investigated that you will find in stores all to try to reinforce with the description the visibility of your app in certain researches. Short description, on the other hand, is a very brief exposition of your app. Just a headlight. It is the decks of no more than 80 characters that will serve as a cover letter for your application. A short description appears that the double the tab off your application in the store mine will be Children's at alert all about while Adel's. Finally, as this is about positioning visibility, use keywords separate. It's keyword with comments. Mine will be wild animals, jungle animals, educational lab Children learn by playing. For example, if you want to add more languages besides the main one English, for example, clicking this box that indicates at language, select yours and fill in the date again. You can add as many languages as you want. 21. 4.3. Google Play Data: In this chapter, we will take a tour along the Android Information Window where you will get to know and filling the fields for the wild animals application that you will publish and Google play. If you intend to publish an android, weakened this button on the left side panel to start the first piece of information to fill in this continent. Classification, which will refer to the level of maturity with which you relate the audience of Europe, depending on whether it is aimed at a child, youth, adult or suitable for all, select the most appropriate option. The section views with screenshots will allow you to slag the images that will be shown in the file of your app. In Google play. It is mandatory to sleight of these two screenshots that will correspond to two views or modules. My app. I will choose to capture lions, zebra, giraffe and Twitter forgers. Finally, you have the consent section where you must click both options, accepting both the content guidelines and US export laws. They are merely bureaucratic turns that given legal issues or acceptance of conditions off the platform, you must accept yes or yes to be able to publish and Google play 22. 4.4. App Store Data: Let's move on to the US Information Section where you will have to enter some specific data for this operating system. First field. The feeling is the second Eric Gregory specific toe IOS that will serve to further specify the character. Six of your application in the market. Although this election is not mandatory, I will choose entertainment. We continue with copyright to be able to publish in the Apple Store, you will have to adhere the name of the company or person to whom the ownership of the content is. A site entered the official name of the owner of the application. I will indicate King of App SL in views with Screenshots, you will have the promotional images of Europe being these screenshots corresponding to the different sections of your rep. I choose lion screenshot, another one of zebra, giraffe and creator forgers in the Apple Contents Description section. We will usually leave all items as they are as making changes may result in the rejection in the marketplace. In the section writes, we indicate that we do not show content of third parties and the same in relation to this position of necessary rights to make use of this convent. We leave everything the same in both sections and go down to the location which will have as many deaths as you have indicated in general data studying. By choosing the first language with which you want to fill in the data, there are more languages. You will have to feel it in as well. In marketing you are l enter the address of a website that you owed and, if possible, that is related to the APP in privacy. Paste the address off the specific section of your website where your policies are hosted in support. You can include a u R L to the contact page of your website from where you can extend the information you offer to the users off your application. You will have to feel in the localisation data as many times as you have added languages. That's everything related to the data that will be interpreted by the markets where you will upload your rat. Remember that you only have to fill in the data corresponding to those systems in which you want to publish 23. 4.5. Shopping cart and payment: it's time to pay for the modules and payment services. If you have followed the steps, this course trying to replicate the style of the wild animals app, you will have noticed all the models we have been adding are free, the only services you will have to pay for if you selected them our analytics and publication with your own I D. What do we find in the card window? Unless side, you will have a payment summary where all the nut free elements will appear. In addition, you will find the publication methods download app, android or download source code at zero cost. If you choose one of these options, prices will be divided by product category, modules, services or styles. At the end of this list, you will find the final price of Europe in the box, indicating promotional code. If you have one of this, enter it and click. Verify. You will see how the price of your rep will be reduced depending on the coat, and third would like to compensate you with a promotional code to try Google Analytics for free. If you didn't add it, go back detector 2.6 and remember how to enter it in Europe. When it's set up correctly, go back to the cart window and enter the coat. I'm living you in the promotional code box below. Quick, very fired. Detective. The price has been reduced to zero. In the cart window. You still have to enter your personal data. If you didn't do it at the beginning, you will have to do it now click on, add it and complete the data requested in his window. Quicken, save and return to be able to pay for the added items were going to buy with PayPal button . To finish the payment process, you will be redirected. Toe a window with a platform where you will have to obey the requested amount. Once your account, sir, settle, All you have to do is make sure that your APP is ready to be accepted in the markets. The next chapter you will learn how to take the status of your application 24. 4.6. Dashboard: our rep is ready, it's time to make a review and take that. All the data for publication are correct. To do this once again, we will move to the dashboards section off our app, where, among other elements, you will find the list with things to improve herself in Europe before publishing. There are three times of possible situations required, which will be represented by a red indicative important, with its corresponding button in yellow, an optional in blue. The functions mark in red are a no avoidable solution, and not fixing them will prevent you from uploading the app. However, if you have followed all the instructions until now and filled in all the fields that have been indicated throughout the course, you should not find any of these signs. The red indicator will also appear if you have not defined the method of compilation or payment, and in case Europe includes elements that are not free with payment pending to be processed in yellow and blue will appear. Other states to modify although in this case are suggestions of greater or lesser importance. Even if you don't feel in the market yellow, you will be able to publish your app. Giving them a solution will give you better results for the user or the markets. You can see the next each ad. There's an added bottom. This will give you diet access to the window where you must make the suggested arrangement . In King of ab, we recommend you to update each one of the points to optimize your wrapped the maximum. Remember these window we are in because once you have completely check the status of your rap, you must return here to quit the publish button through which you will send our team the final version of your application. They will be in charge of compiling and publishing your rep in the stores. 25. 4.7. Upload to the Market: the whole process has been successful. If your absence Staters window has no red warning and you're satisfied it's time to publish , go to the dashboard where you will now have enabled the button that allows you to publish When you press it. You will receive a congratulatory message in the email indicating that the process is underway. Our team will have started the process of compiling the APP and will be responsible for making the publication for you. You should know that the waiting times from the moment you press the publish button until they are available in the stores can be extended up to three weeks, depending on the operating system. It starts as a team of reviewers who must verify and ensure the good condition of its application candidate to enter the market manually. Keep an eye on your mail. You would receive a notification from the store as soon as your APP has been accepted and published. This is the end of the elementary APP creation course. In order to finish anything, your certificates remember that you will have to take in exam that you will find below. You will also have to create your own application Following the style and instructions you found in the pay of your step, there's in order for us to verify the status of your app. You must send us its identity fire to the form that you will find in the description of this video below. In this form, you will find all the necessary information to do it. If you want to continue learning about the applications market and the operation of King of App, I invited to continue exploring our academy. Good bye. See you soon.