Course 2: Blending Fun! - Basics of Hand Lettering Series | Chelle Perea | Skillshare

Course 2: Blending Fun! - Basics of Hand Lettering Series

Chelle Perea, The Lemonade Store

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Blending Fun Intro

    • 2. Tip to Tip Blending

    • 3. Using a Water Brush to Blend

    • 4. Using a Colorless Blender

    • 5. Using Markers as a Blender

    • 6. Using Watercolor + Pen

    • 7. Bonus: Blending with Gelly Rolls

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About This Class


This is the second course of the "Basics of Hand Lettering Series" where Chelle Perea, owner of The Lemonade Store, continues with you on your next phase of your hand lettering journey. She goes over some of her favorite tips and tricks for blending with water-based markers such as Crayola, Tombow, and more. The course provides information on some fun techniques that help you achieve that ombre look to your lettering using markers. To help ensure your success, Chelle has included some freebies in the first course, so if you haven't seen that one yet, head on over! 

Lettering is fun, for all ages and skill levels, and this course is designed to give you some variations and how to "play" with your markers using blending techniques on your hand lettering journey. So let's get started!

For a list of favorite supplies and links to supplies visit:





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Chelle Perea

The Lemonade Store

Artist / Designer / Writer / Maker

Hi! I'm Chelle (pronounced like Shelly). I like to create all sorts of art, I write, and I also love to share my knowledge with you! Paper crafts, lettering, brush lettering, and watercolors are my jam. I also love working with beads and crystals, as well as crochet and other needlework hobbies. So, you could say, I dabble in lots of things, because creating makes my heart happy

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