Courage for the camera shy (and have your portrait taken) | Lucy Lambriex | Skillshare

Courage for the camera shy (and have your portrait taken)

Lucy Lambriex, Let’s feel great around the camera!

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12 Videos (22m)
    • Courage for the Camera Shy

    • Some karaoke

    • Why so shy?

    • Let's get physical!

    • The other side of fear

    • Use an object

    • Dynamic posing

    • A weird exercise

    • Class project

    • Looking at photos of yourself with kindness 1

    • Looking at photos of yourself with kindness 2

    • Meet your new friend, set a date


About This Class


You'd rather go to the dentist than have your portrait taken. You freeze when a camera is pointed at you, but you NEED a good photo portrait of yourself representing who you really are? This is your class.


Some of the things you'll do, learn and practice in this introductory class:

Commit to gaining courage and showing up in front of a camera;
Get some insight into the drivers of your camera shyness;
Get physical;
Prepare yourself for a portrait session, mentally as well as physically;
Some really weird exercises;
Dynamic posing and taking charge of your photo session instead of feeling like prey to the photographer;
Have your portrait taken;
Start looking at photos of yourself with kindness.


Courage = feeling shyness or fear and doing it anyway;
Learning happens best when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves;
Get into action and practice (it is not enough to watch the videos);
Don't force it; take your time.


No experience with being photographed professionally is needed to enter this class. You may not even experience real camera-shyness and still benefit from growing your confidence and familiarity with the camera.


It is my belief that the best learning and personal growth results happen when we enjoy ourselves. I try to make the lessons playful and light, even though we'll do some comfort zone stretching and inner digging. 


This is not a technical photography class and you will be invited to do some personal inquiry. You will be in charge of how deep you'll allow yourself to go, however: some of the lessons may evoke strong emotions and memories. If so, go slowly and be kind to yourself. If necessary: ask the help of a trained therapist to support your process.


Tom Beek for composing and playing all the great and fun music.
Bas Brader for being my willing and playful guinea pig.

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I am enjoying this class
This is such a beautiful class with so much great advice. Thank you for sharing your insights with us Lucy!
Jason Rivera

Music Composer

Great tips





Lucy Lambriex

Let’s feel great around the camera!

How would you feel if cameras were your friend? If you are camera shy or feel intimidated by photographic technique, keep reading! No matter which side of the lens you are on, I make photography and video creation a less daunting experience. 

If you need good portraits for your business or private life, I'll help you gain the courage to show up in front of the camera for your portrait or talking head video. Even if you are camera shy.


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