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Couponing and Saving on Everything

Michael Barton, Little Bit of Everything

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9 Videos (39m)
    • Frugality and Couponing Intro

    • Buy Used Products

    • Coupon Codes

    • Cashback Programs

    • Importing / Buying Worldwide

    • Restaurant Deals

    • Clearance and Sales

    • Thank you!

    • Daily Deals


About This Class

In this course I'll teach you how to save on everything you purchase online and in retail stores.  Learn how to save money buying around the world, learn how to save when buying locally at retail stores and restaurants, learn how to get free stuff, and learn how to maximize your savings.

There are 7 lessons for saving so far but I'll be adding additional lectures later on as things change and more savings tools are introduced.  Give this course a try to discover ways you can save the most amount of money on online and offline purchases.

If you have any questions, I'll be readily available to answer questions received.





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Michael Barton

Little Bit of Everything

I'm a software engineer and have worked in every language involving Java along with four years of mobile development. I love running, building things, doing side/hobby projects, marketing, and anything fun, especially traveling. Never give up a chance to learn!

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