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Couponing and Saving on Everything

teacher avatar Michael Barton, Little Bit of Everything

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Frugality and Couponing Intro

    • 2. Buy Used Products

    • 3. Coupon Codes

    • 4. Cashback Programs

    • 5. Importing / Buying Worldwide

    • 6. Restaurant Deals

    • 7. Clearance and Sales

    • 8. Thank you!

    • 9. Daily Deals

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About This Class

In this course I'll teach you how to save on everything you purchase online and in retail stores.  Learn how to save money buying around the world, learn how to save when buying locally at retail stores and restaurants, learn how to get free stuff, and learn how to maximize your savings.

There are 7 lessons for saving so far but I'll be adding additional lectures later on as things change and more savings tools are introduced.  Give this course a try to discover ways you can save the most amount of money on online and offline purchases.

If you have any questions, I'll be readily available to answer questions received.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Barton

Little Bit of Everything


I'm a software engineer and have worked in every language involving Java along with four years of mobile development. I love running, building things, doing side/hobby projects, marketing, and anything fun, especially traveling. Never give up a chance to learn!

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1. Frugality and Couponing Intro: you today. Some of the best ways to save money online, using coupons not only online but in grocery stores and pretty much anything you buy online or in a retail store, you want to make sure and check for coupons or free shipping codes whenever you purchase anything, whether it be anything on eBay. Because eBay also offered coupons and eBay bucks and for based on the amount of money that you spend, you also won't cash back offers you want to use, um, refurbished, used whatever possible that saves you money. And I'm gonna walk you through a lot of different steps that will help you to save money and reduce your finances and reduce your, um, overall spending and you get more stuff and spend less money. 2. Buy Used Products: The lesson to the best thing that you can do is to buy, used or refurbished the reason why, as you save a significant amount of money, save around 20 to 30% and they usually offer wholesale deals or refurbished deals on Amazon that help you save money. You can even buy new products on eBay that you may think of eBay as a classified website, but they sell new products as well. So, uh, like I said, search Craigslist, eBay. There's an app called offer up in an app called Let Go. There's also Facebook groups, which has yard sale sites. There's numerous yard sale sites in Facebook, which you conjoined. The open groups or closed groups just requested to be a member of the groups, and they always list things on eBay or Facebook for sales. So just attempted, Um, and you can save money that way. Um, and as it says in the last line, always look for refurbished or warehouse deals on Amazon. So the best thing to do with Craigslist there's a search search. Tempus dot com offers you the chance to search in multiple locations. So what I like to dio is to be able to travel and go to whatever location. And I'm I'm looking for if I'm looking for something like a, uh, an apple watch, which is what comes up here. Ah Aiken, search all of South Carolina. One time I concerts all of North Carolina. And let's say I'm going from Georgia to Virginia, So I'm gonna pass through North Carolina and South Carolina. So I want to find a good deal on Apple Watch so I can search for any of these terms or phrase. Let's go ahead and search. And it does a massive search on everything in South Carolina and North Carolina. And you see all the ads. It's grapes Google to give you all of the different ads for the apple. Watch on saying, Charles in Colombia, several different locations. So this is a good tool when you're searching Craigslist rather than just doing a Craigslist search. Um, however, I will say since the scrapes Google, it's not quite up to date, uh, because it has to be indexed by Google. So if you want, you can go straight to Craigslist, go to your area, do a search for whatever you're looking for. You can do it by category. You can do it by the search here and search for what you're looking for. Add 100 right here is another one and 100 dot com, which allows you to search Craigslist for the same thing as search Tempus. You can search numerous locations at one time. Ah, if you want to click on one at a time, is scroll through to the different ones that works. This also uses Google scraping. Another one is let go. This is an app that you can. I think you can search online as well, but you can use the AB. And there's current products current things that people are selling that you can pick up for a lot cheaper than retail value. So a lot of times like here, you can see there's, Ah, gear VR. There's bicycles or is apple watches. There's anything you want, and it's a significant, uh, savings, typically and offer up is another app that you can use. It works the same as let go. They advertise these abs quite a bit, but this offers you the chance to save money with classified ads, and you can also search by location. So, like I said, If you're traveling, you can save money. Or you can use uh, if you find a deal somewhere like this one's in New York, Newark, New Jersey If I want it shipped here, I can go to an APP called roadie. And instead of using instead of using ups or having it shipped, Teoh certain location or have them drop it off with ups. Whatever. You can have a more trustworthy seeing and use Rohde and set where the item is and where it's going, Teoh and what size it is. Will it finish your box? Will it fit in an SUV? And you can send a quote out and have someone deliver the item from Craigslist from wherever it is to your location. It's a little bit on the pricey side, but it gives you the option to buy from somewhere else. Um, so anyway, there's there's lots of different options you can dio. There's also auction dot com, and there's Gove deals dot com, which gives you a chance to buy um, items that government departments have. They're ready to liquidate and say if they updated the computers at one of the schools in the area you can buy one that you can buy a lot of, say, 50 computers, and you can either resell those or and you can resellers on eBay and make money off of it. Or just if what I like to do is if I see something, I can buy it. It's a lot and Aiken take one of them and then resell the rest. So there's lots of different options you can do here to save money using used a refurbished items. And, like I was saying with Amazon, let's take a look at the Amazon echo. Um, there's Amazon. Echo is typically 1 79 so you can look at this Amazon Echos 1 79 But right below it, there's a certified refurbished Amazon echo directly from Amazon, and it's 1 39 That's $40 savings just for buying, refurbished and for this particular product. Since it's an Amazon product, they don't have third party sellers, so I can't use This is an example for looking at third party sellers, but if we do something like the swim oh, switch right here. You see, there's used options here. That's 27 20. That's $12 off the regular price. But if you have a prime membership, obviously this may give you the better option because you get free shipping. If we look at this option for the used, they want to charge you $8.75 shipping for the lowest cost. So the lowest that you can get with free shipping would be 35 95 which is $4 off of the retail value for or what you would pay on Amazon for those we mow switch. Okay, so that's how you can save buying, use and refurbished items. There's a lot of other websites out there, but this is a process I use, Uh, and also I forgot to mention eBay. EBay is a great choice for buying, refurbished or used. Um, usually you can find new new items on here. I actually bought a Mac book for someone that was getting rid of theirs. They wanted to switch to a PC. It was practically new. I got it for half the price of a brand new one so and it was only two months old, so always look for different options. If you can buy used, do it because you will save money 3. Coupon Codes: stuff is coupon codes. So when buying anything online or in a store, always search for coupon codes. Retail. Me not is the best place to go. I would suggest opening up the retail me not at whenever you're in a store. Retail stores such as Kohl's Wal Mart target any of those locations always open up the retail me not at because there will normally be a coupon there for any retail store, not all the time. But, um, you can open it up on your phone and have it has a bar code, and you can scan it right there if the company doesn't require you to have the coupon printed out. Other locations. Coupon follow dot com good search dot com There's also a section on Groupon for just coupons, Um, and lots of other options. One of the things I suggest installing is coupons that check out if you use chrome. It's a fantastic tool that has a lot of retail stores index. And whenever you get to the check out page, a little flashing box will come up. That says, Do you want to try one of these X number of coupons and it will scroll through all the coupons, applying many different coupons, and we'll come back with the best one that works for you. That saves the most money. So the plug in that I'm talking about is called coupons and check out you can find it on the chrome store. Ah, it's fantastic for saving you money, and it also allows you toe to see, um, you know, coupons that are available or to remember. Oh, I need to search for a coupon after I get to the check out page. But it's a good reminder. There's also a chrome plug in called Invisible Hand that will come up with ah, discount codes when you get to the check out page, it's a little annoying at times. But like it says here, new users get $5 off your first order. When you sign up with the View coupons here, you can see if there's a big a better deal any page that you get Teoh it says. Um says the price, especially on Amazon. What I can do is pull up Amazon and go to the first side. I'm here and you can see if I click on just this battery right here. Um, they didn't come up on this page, but there's a bar that comes across the team, the screen that says there's a better price for this item on eBay or other different sites that you can check and right here. So that has compare prices. So it's $19 at Target and its 1997 so that obviously this is the best price. So I suggest buying it from Amazon if you're looking for, uh, landscaping edging so one of things I wanted to show you. You can also buy coupons on eBay, and a lot of people don't think about this. But one of the things I like to do is lows usually puts out 10% off coupons that you can get from the United States Postal Service whenever you're moving. So a lot of people sell these coupons on eBay, and you can buy these coupons for to $3 apiece, sometimes more and like it shows here red box codes so you can buy these coupons, and normally they'll add up so that you're saving more money than you're actually spending for the coupon. So it's ah, win win situation also went another way to save money. When you're going to a store such as target or lows, you can combine these coupons with gift cards, so there's a site called raised dot com. There's also gift cards dot com, and it will enable you to save quite a bit of money. So for Macy's here you can save up to 10% on a gift card so I can purchase gift cards that are usually given back is for returns. The store returns. They usually give you a gift card if you don't have the receipt. So people turn around and they sell them as gifts. Or, uh, for whatever purpose on raised dot com. So let's say, for instance, Ah, I can buy this $370 gift card for 3 33 Gives me a 10% savings off the value of the gift card. So a lot of these their e gift cards that can be delivered right then you don't have to wait for word in the mail. If it doesn't say e gift, you gotta wait for it in the mail. So, and a lot of times, well, most companies take e gift cards so uh, this is the best way. You save money here and you save money using the coupon. And another thing you want to do is to use a credit card that gives you 1.5% cash back or 1% cash back. So you drive down the cost 10% for the gift card. Here, be any additional amount that you have on top of the gift card. You want to use your credit card. So you're also saving money as well as when you buy this gift card User credit cards that you save one toe 1.5%. Based on your plan. A capital line offers you the quicksilver card, which is the 1.5% cash bag. So obviously you're gonna save. They're gonna save on the gift card. You're gonna save on the coupon. So these are just ways to save. Uh, Like I said, if you're if you're going to retail me, not if you ever are ready to purchase something. Always use retail, me not, um, and it usually will be the first thing that comes up on the list. So let's say that I'm purchasing something from Go Daddy and go back to Google. So I'll type and go Daddy coupon code. So it'll always come upon the Google search. The's coupon codes come appear. Geek New Central says you get a dollar a month economy hosting and typically retail me not will be the first result that comes up and brew fines down here is numbers number two. So there's lots of ways to save money. Let's say I go to go, Daddy and I want to show you this. Check out tool. Um, who finds it? Check out just because it's it's a fantastic tool. So we'll say Discount warehouse something that doesn't exist. So type in discount. Where else to I'll go and I'll say, Okay, cool, it's available. Select Um, so we'll go to the card and reason why I'm using Go Daddy here is uh, as an example is because it's one of the coupons that check out index tools so we'll continue to the card and promotion codes added in this little check out coupons that check out comes up so it'll say fine coupons. It will scroll through all eight coupons that it has in the database and apply the best one . So whatever gives you the best savings. So anyway, that's That's a little bit about how this could finds it. Check out works. Um, a lot of different options here. There's, uh there's eight coupons that you can go to, which is pretty good for local searches. If you want to look for local coupons, there's well and actually one other business. So coupon Mom is another one, and artifically like to look at this for ah, the best deals. There's a lot of different things here that you can look for. Um, just printable coupons is another one that you can go to and the last one I like. The show is deal seeking Mom, deal seeking mom dot com has a lot of different deals that they post every day, and they have access to coupon dot com, which is where you can print out grocery coupons. There's a lot of different locations. Has the grocery coupons option here? Uh, this one actually goes to slick deals, but if I look a deal seeking mom, you can have printable coupons here. There's lots of different things. She gets out really good deals on a daily basis Amazon daily deals. Ah, a lot of different things that she puts out, that you can get products for free. And, um, it's pretty. It's a pretty cool site that I would check out if if you're looking for something. 4. Cashback Programs: next up. What? I'm going to talk about his cash back programs. There are so many cash back programs, and a lot of them have either closed down or merged. Uh, I think cash back merged with fatwallet. So anyway, there's Ebates. There's fat. While it dot com there's mr rebates dot com, there's extra bucks, dollar dig coupon cactus dot com. Be frugal dot com. Um, there's a whole lot of other ones, and I'll list the ones that I know about in the comments. And do you have any questions? Just let me know. Discover also offers a really good cash back program as well as American Express through their offers, um, these air great sites to check out. And I would recommend going through ah, either ebates or fatwallet before you purchase online. Or at least make sure that the store that you're looking for is on either of those sites. So the way it works is I go to eBay stock, come and you can see that I've saved 100 $13.80 with the evades, so they put a threshold. It's usually 50 to $100 so once you've accumulated that much and rebates. They'll send you a check or they'll deposit it straight to your PayPal account. So the way this works that uses a cookie on, uh, or an HD html five code that says, uh, when I go from this site to the site to purchase, uh, they're going to know that I purchased it from that site, and so it will reflect, and I'll get an email that says, OK, purchase X number of dollars from shoe back from Shubei. And this is my rebate for me. Bates. So let's just type in here. There's a lot of different options. If I start typing in Home Depot, you'll see. Well, Home Depot has no discount, so you always want to check. They have coupons posted on here, a swell as cash back offers. So let's look at this Home Chef has 20%. So if we click on this, it says, Okay, there's coupons over here. You can use three plates off and you get an additional $30 off your first order with email . Sign up and I can click over here and get 20% cash back. So Okay, well, one thing that I know is that if you click on any of these offers over here, you can actually get the cash back as well as the coupon code. So if I click on shop now, you'll get this page that's comes from Ebates. And now I'm over here and it's already applied My coupon that I've found on Ebates and I can purchase everything go through the check out process, and Ebates already knows that I made a purchase, so I'll get a email and I can come in here to Ebates and look at my purchases and be able to see what it is purchasing that the credit went through. If it doesn't go through, you can contact Ebates. Give him the receipt, i d. They'll ask for different codes whatever you need for after you've purchased. If it doesn't reflect in your evades account. But it's a good way to save money, and it does not stop you from using coupon code doesn't stop you from using um, gift cards or anything like that. So this is savings on top of savings. So other programs fat wallet dot com is a really good one that, uh, I think slick deals dot com owns it, Um, but this this gives you some good choices here. Fat while it There's some more stores on fat wallet, and this also includes eBay, so difficulty eBay offers a 1% discount. Not always. It looks like they're not offering a discount now, So this is just something to think about while you're purchasing. Mr. Raby, Mr. Rebates dot com is another one that offers cash back extra bucks in dollar dig. So before making a purchase, look for you coupon code. Go through a cash back referral program and buy a gift card that saves you money. So if you if you're spending a lot of money and you want to save a lot of money to, so these air just ways that you can multiply your savings. 5. Importing / Buying Worldwide: next up would be wholesale and import deals if you're not trying to sell online, Uh, I wouldn't bother looking at ali baba dot com because you're usually gonna unless you're looking for a lot of different items. If you're looking for a lot of the same thing such a Z, let's see Chinese lanterns or something for a wedding where you're actually trying to buy ah lot for the dinner tables or whatnot. Then look at Alibaba's wholesale website Ali. It's press which dot com geek dot com These air perfect options if you're looking for ah, cheap option that you don't mind waiting. Uhm, I'm going to show you some of these. Uh, Alibaba has this wholesale section, which is on their website as wholesaler dot ali baba dot com. And this is just a great place to look. And you always want to look at ah, the star rating for And there's a lot of courses on Ali Baba on skill share on, uh, lots of different sites, you to me or whatever that, uh, you can learn about how to use Ali Baba, so I won't go into detail with Ali Baba, But I will say that you do have a significant savings. And for this, you know, the more quantity Vaida cheaper the prices. So if you can buy one and just buy it now and you don't have to do any of the negotiation with suppliers, this makes it a little easier if you're just looking for one product. Um, one thing I did is a three D printer would be good to buy on Ali Express or Ali Baba because you're not wanting it right now. And you can, you know, mine waiting the 15 30 days that it takes to import from China. So, um, take a look at ali baba dot com, the wholesaler down Alabama dot com. Most of the other aspects for Alibaba require you to purchase a mass quantity, and you have to talk to suppliers. And it's just a process that you may not want to go through unless you're getting into sourcing for resale on Shopify or through commerce or anything like that, Um, so I'll have always good place to go for wholesaling all the expresses for lower quantities . If you're wanting to buy just a few things, you want to buy a few sunglasses you want to buy, um, cheaper pair of shoes that usually you can find it cheaper on Ali Express than you can on eBay in certain sites, some sellers on Ali Express actually sell their products on eBay to, um, you're just basically buying it on eBay and they ship it to you from China. It's imported. So, uh, any of you can save a lot of money using ali express dot com? And this is great. Like I I actually by quite a bit of earphones from Ali Express, because I don't need him right now. But as mine get effective, I have backup earphones to use. So that's what I use all the express for or wish dot com, which dot com offers hourly deals, which are fantastic. They usually have a great price. Like, say, this shirt right here is $8 this five second fix Well, it's $2 on on wish dot com, and if you went, Teoh went to the store about the five second fix, you would pay 12 to $20 in America. So you do have a quite a bit of savings using wish dot com, uh, the wish dot com app is what I would suggest getting wish and geek or the same company. So if you get the wish app, it will help you in finding good deals. You can import some things and resell Ammon eBay if you like. Um, but usually you confined stuff a lot cheaper, especially the as seen on TV stuff, so check it out and hope you enjoy it. 6. Restaurant Deals: restaurant confines. Um, if you're a person that goes out to eat a lot of a couple or family or whatever, it's cost a lot. That's been money growing out of a restaurant. So what I like to do is maintain an email address for signing up for restaurant rewards. Because if you use the app, they give you a special coupon. Um, you get a free drink after 12 visits, you get a ah free sandwich after 12 visits that there's so many different things that restaurants use, Um, and you definitely want to get in on the birthday offers. So if you have a spouse, your Children yourself have an email address. Sign up for all the restaurant offers for all the different people, so that we're all the different companies. So that way you can get offers for your favorite restaurants. Red Robin offers a free burger on your birthday. Ruby Tuesday's of Free Burger. You get a free sandwich from which which you get a free, uh, sandwich from firehouse subs on your birthday. There's so many offers, deeming it. Dini's gives you a free, uh, grand slam on your birthday. I hops a freed on trey. Um, chipotle have leave. Offer something with your birthday as well. Then you've got just all of the chain restaurants always offer deals on your birthday. So sign up for these because you will save money in the long run and what I like to do if I'm visiting a new area or if I'm going Thio going out to eat, you know, sit at the table and I'll open up my Groupon or LivingSocial lap. No, look at where I am right now and say OK, is this restaurant where I am? I'm not familiar with it. Is it on foursquare? Is it on group on? Is it on living social and normally none. Ah, seven out of 10 times there will be a coupon on one of those sites or on Facebook. Um, Facebook and foursquare usedto have more deals than they do currently, but you can do a Google search on for four square or Facebook and whatever restaurant you're going to. If you check in there, the manager will usually give you a good bond or a deal for checking in or saying something about the restaurant. So always do these things when you go out to eat to save a little bit of money. Save your coupons that come in the mail. Ah, lot of people seem to toss these out. It's just it's worth it because you can save usually somewhere in the in the ballpark of 5 to $10 from not ignoring these coupons. So this is something that I do just to save money. And Diners Club is one of the programs you can join. There's a lot of them. If you use American Express, they give you offers a swell. Uh, like I said with four square, do a search on foursquare for restaurant when you're thinking about going to see if there's a coupon offer. Uh, there's not always gonna be. I can't guarantee you that every restaurant's gonna have a coupon offer, but at least you can come on here, possibly get a deal. You can find out what the best food is. Food spotting, I think, is one of a fantastic cap for actually looking at a different kind of entrees. A cheer. You may be interested in the same thing with forced with Facebook here, and they're talking about birthday deals here on this site. It's just always worth checking out Googling the restaurant where you are to save money at that location 7. Clearance and Sales: Hey. Lastly, I want to talk about clearance and sales. Always check the clearance rack wherever you go. Check the clearance on the website wherever you go, because normally there will be a cheaper price on the clearance versus a regular price for any retail store that you visit. Um, always use stackable coupons. Colds usually offers several coupons that you can use two or three times. There's no limit on the coupon. You can stack the free shipping coupon with the 15% off coupon, and usually, if you're a Kohl's credit card holder, you can have a higher offer and usually 30% off. And usually they'll send you golfers in the mail. It's a 15% off. Well, if you shop online, you can use a 30% off code, so use the 30% off code and use free shipping on top of it. I clarify here price research because sometimes stores will put items on sale or own clearance that are not actually the best price online. So use tools such a Z invisible hand or what I like to use is skin life. If I goto a store, I'll scan the item with skin life, and it will bring up the most recent posts for that item and all the stores around me and online and say Okay, well, this deal is cheaper elsewhere. Shop savvy is another One of those barcode APS that you can use on your phone suggest doing the barcode APs. Ah, just because you might find the deal cheaper. Amazon WalMart Shop savvy Skin life All those air Really good. Marco is gaining APS that you can use when you're in the retail store and you want a better coupon deal or you want to find the item elsewhere for cheaper. And this can also be said for, like Petco if you go to the pet. If you go to Petco and you pick something up and it's on sale and you go and it's, uh, the price is actually not the sale price that you saw in petco dot com. Well, you can pull it up on scan life and say, Well, it's $30 or 29 99 on the petticoat app or Geico dot com and in the stores 49 99. And so they'll give you the right price if it's on their website. So this happens quite a lot. So I suggest using those. Also use your coupons whenever you goto toast places. 8. Thank you!: I just want to say thank you for watching this course. I hope we can save you a little bit of money whenever you're shopping online, doing your Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving shopping, black Friday shopping, whatever it. Maybe I'll add all of the links. Um, for the sites that I know that could help you out to the class. Um, but anyway, if you need to reach out to me, my email address is Michael. It's smart. Where? Design dot com I appreciate you watching this today and good luck saving. And I hope that I wish you the best of luck in saving. 9. Daily Deals: definitely want to talk about deal sites. Uh, if you're looking for anything, it's always worth checking spending about 10 to 30 minutes a day, just looking at Daily Deal sites because you might see something there that you've been looking for. You can't find a deal for it, so I like to check delighted dot com because it's son sums up a lot of different sites in tow. One role. So that way you can see the most current up to date news feed kind of format for daily deal sites. There's also what dot com, which is owned by Amazon. But they offer daily deals and a lot of different departments. That used to be just what dot com, but they now offer for your home for line, not would dot com and a lot of different things. Slick Deals has some really good deals as posted, always updated daily. They have a forum site, and it's great for checking out different things for Black Friday. I always look at black friday dot com to see what the best deals that retail sites are putting out. Uh, Groupon living Social Yelp Plumber awards. All of those offer deals own restaurants. They offered deals on, uh, goods, services. Anything you need for your home, check all of those sites to get the best deal. If you need pressure washing done, you might find a pressure washer on Groupon dot com. That can save you a lot of money. So always check these sites before, uh, our daily just to give you an idea of what's available, that you might find something that you want and it's worth the extra time every day to just take a look at it. Um, black friday dot com is is one of the sites I mentioned. Slick deals is another one. They sum it up on a daily a daily page so you can just scroll down real quickly and say, Okay, I don't really see anything I want, so I'll come back tomorrow. This one here says new group on customers get a $10 Starbucks gift card for five bucks, so you saw automatically say $5 just by looking at the site. So uh oh, what dot com? Like I said, they actually break it down by different departments. They also have, um, a site with with forums on deals would, which they keep it updated with a lot of different deals that are happening at the moment. And you can see kind of like, delighted does, uh, where it shows you whatever's current for that time. Uh, delighted dot com, like I mentioned, has some of the best deals because they combined 25 different sites together. Um, I just like to look at this. It's like an RSS feed, and you can scroll down real quick and see if you see anything that you want. And with this, if you see a deal here for Starbucks to another gift card, well, first thing you want to always do is use your cash back program. So always if I see Starbucks $10 gift card, I can click through here and see what the deal is all about. So I can click on deal details and it will take me to the site that posts this, which is slick deals and it says Okay, New Groupon customers, $10 Starbucks gift card. Okay, so what I do is come over to Ebates and Typing Group on, which will automatically gives me a 6% discount on any new any purchases that I make on group on. So I click on shop. Now it takes me to group on, and then I can search for that deal for Starbucks. And I'm already a member of refined, so I don't get the discount because it only applies to new customers. But at least I can take a gander and see Starbucks. Okay, Starbucks cups is the only thing that comes up, but right here, he's just because I'm not logged in. It says I can save $10 off your first group on. So if you have an extra credit card laying around or if you have additional email address, use all of your email addresses to save money on Group On. Because you can save $10 off multiple times for all the credit cards you have because every credit cars associated to an account. So if you have 10 credit cards used 10 different accounts and save $10 on each one of those accounts, it's a way to stack up deals and save the most money. So that's daily deals. There's a lot of daily deal sites out there. It's become a plethora kind of thing in the last 10 you or the last five years. So there's tons of daily deal sites, just Google Daily deal sites and you will find quite a bit.