Couples Posing : couple photography (wedding, engagement) from classic to candid poses | Ekaterina Usova | Skillshare

Couples Posing : couple photography (wedding, engagement) from classic to candid poses

Ekaterina Usova, Artist

Couples Posing : couple photography (wedding, engagement) from classic to candid poses

Ekaterina Usova, Artist

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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why posing matters

    • 3. Communication

    • 4. Classic posing

    • 5. Pay your attention to these zones

    • 6. Natural posing

    • 7. Best friends og unposed pictures

    • 8. Final

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About This Class

In this class, we are gonna talk about couple photography. Some photographers say that posing is one of the most difficult parts of portrait photography, but it shouldn't be like this!

We’ll cover how to put couples at ease, direct them in a way that creates natural-looking poses, and gets you well on your way to making your couples photography the best it can be. 

Every example is illustrated with pictures that we took with real couples.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ekaterina Usova



I am a designer and photographer from Russia. I have a passion for teaching people and creating amazing things. 

Do you want to learn new skills that are in demand right now? Do you choose to create, to be an artist in the modern world? Welcome to my courses!

My courses are designed for such an enthusiast people as me, who always want to learn more! 

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Kate. Welcome to my course on posing. Here, we're going to talk about couple photography. Some photographers say that posing is one of the most typical parts of portrait photography, but you know what, it shouldn't be like this. You need two things. First, Franklin, they look through different picture is on Web. Follow photographers you like and find inspiration in their work. The second, you need to know a few basic things and how to work with a couple to get both classic and candid chats. If you've ever been confused as how to pose regular couples for beautiful couple engagement weddings portrayed. Here is your solution. In this course, we'll cover how to put couples at ease, direct them in a way that creates natural looking poses and gets you well on your way to making your couples photography the best it can be. It will be fun. So let's dive in. 2. Why posing matters: When we're talking about why posing matters, the topic is more than that. It's beyond posing. It's valid photography itself. Do you remember old photos of your grandparents? Yes. Sure. Photography was very different those days, but anyway, let me guess. Thoughts of your grandparents look like this. And yes, we love these bottles because they remind us of our loved ones have grandmother and grandfather. Yes. But but if you put this photo next to this one, you can feel the difference. No, it's not. Colors is not high resolution. It's not it's not retouching. It's not pixels. No. All those things down to really matter. It's a motion. Nowadays we are able to capture emotions. We can capture connection between people. I mean, today our cameras are so powerful rate people don't need it to stay till all the time. We can simply adjust shutter speed, aperture, and other things. But the most important, we are able to capture emotions. When we're looking at a photograph, we feel the way these people feel about each other. And when we are looking at these pictures next to each other, we can understand why we take pictures and post couples the way we do it. If you know how to pose a couple, you know how to convey the way they feel about each other. And every time they will look at a photo you took, there will remember that feeling. And in my opinion, it is what makes a good picture. In the next lecture is we will be talking about poses, classic and natural. But I want you to remember poses are supposed to help you as a photographer to capture a love and connection. Poses are adjusted tool, tool to be used, but not an end in itself. I tried to give my clients the pose and experience I would want. You would get in front of a camera. What kind of pose and experience I'd wide eyed wanted to be effortless, simple, and fun. I would like to feel that my photoshoot is more like a celebration and definitely not like a visit to a dentist. So I consider my clients want the same and they definitely do. So. I encourage you to think about it before opening the next lesson. Because in the next lesson, we're going to dive into posing. 3. Communication: One of the biggest mistakes many photographers make is assuming that capturing grade images during photoshoot is all about successful posing, natural or otherwise. This is actually not true. Communication before the shooting needs to be strong. For example, I sent my clients and style guide that offers tips on how to decide on the location, what to wear, what to bring before the shoot. It helps them know what to expect. The next step is communication during this should spend a few minutes chatting with your couple, getting a feel for their personalities and letting them get comfortable with being around you in the first place. These small conversations can go a long way to getting to know the couple and helping them feel comfortable in front of your camera. Then outfits are important, not only because it is important for the pictures you're about to take, but because it affects client's mood, one key way to help a couple feel at ease urine they're session is to feel confident in what they're wearing. It's a good idea to have a conversation with them about this before the shoot or have sent them a guide as I do. 4. Classic posing: All right, Let's talk about posing. Even though everyone is into candid and post pictures these days, your coupled still needs a few classic pictures with both of them looking at the camera and smile, never gets old. So let's take a look at a few basic poses that you can implement in your next photoshoot. I picked five, which are my favorites and work for Amy couple hour rate in here. The first one, her belly button to his hip bone. I would suggest starting with a simple classic pose like this. The pose is simple, but there are several important things. So let's take a look at this picture. I written like this pose because of two things. First, when you tell a girl, put your belly button to his hip bone, she turns a little bit just just like this. And it causes the gap between them. Because when there is a gap, it doesn't look good. It divides the couple. Let me demonstrate so you can take a look at this picture. You see it doesn't look good. And moreover, this pose is flattering for a woman because she's turned a little bit and look slimmer. It works for everyone. It doesn't matter what body type she has. So you can see here or this picture again, her belly button to his hip bone. Then remember, each and every pose gives you 35 variations. The easiest one is to change where they look at. For example, by looking at the camera. They looked at each other. And then one of them was looking at the camera. It's already for variations are usually ask a guy to put his hand in the pocket. It, it looks good. And for girl, I ask her to put her hand on his chest just like this. It's very classic and looks amazing. Let's go to the next one. And the second classic pose is face to face. It's another classic pose that can be used in a million different ways. Again, it's better to make them stay closer to each other, closing the gap. And from here you can ask them to look at the camera, at each other, or even health one of them look in the camera while another person is kissing a tumble. Like on this picture, unlike the previous pose, the distance between them looks good. Sometimes. Let me demonstrate it. So ask them to make one step apart from each other. It gives you the opportunity to, for example, put the sun between them, just like this. But remember, when the gap is too small, it doesn't look good. If you want to use the gap, make it bigger. So make them do one step apart. I also like this one. So again, I'm make them step closer and asking women to rest her head on his chest. I love it when she looks at the camera and he looks down at her own, she looks at him and he looks away. You can see there are a lot of variations here. And let's go to the third classic pose is hug from behind. It's another classic pose where you ask a man to hug his girlfriend from behind. Usually a woman is shorter than her partner and it looks good. But if both partners are approximately the same height, you can ask woman to squat or use staircase to create a height variation with the back partners in one step higher. Again, you can play with this pose, hands on a waste or hands across her chest, just like we did before. A look at the camera for a classic shot. All look at each other to emphasize the connection between the couple. And finally, I want you to remember this pose because I'm going to show you how to create amazing candid shots from here. Let's move to the next one, and this one is turn aside and hug. This time. Let's switch this to turn them aside and make a woman hugging her man from behind. You can see she's hugging his arm with both hands. And it looks very good to make it more intimate. Ask the guy to try to look at her. Actually, it's impossible in most cases, but it works so well for the pictures here, he turned with all his body. But we can do the pose like this. And still you can ask again to turn and to try to look at her. We just need him to pretend that he is looking at her. I like to change arms position. You can see here she's hugging him higher and his hands on her arms. It looks it looks very intimate and very gentle. Or you can ask her to change the way she's hugging him. Just like this. For example, from here, she can relax his arm or he can put his hands on her hands. And again, look back at her. Or you can even transform the post through something like this. So you ask them to look at the camera from here, turn a little bit more. You need to understand what works for your couple and what doesn't. Because People are very different. Don't insist on oppose if it looks constraint because you are aiming to make poses. Look for atlas, right? So guide you a couple but know when to stop. So important. Finally, the sit in when the sitting pose, when it comes to classic sitting pose, I'd suggest this wine sitting next to each other. Of course, there are so many amazing Sitting poses you can do, but this one fits everyone. If you need them to sit on the ground, you ask a girl to sit like a mermaid with her leg stretching out. For a guy, he has one leg bent. Again, their hands together, their heads together. You can even do her head on his shoulder. And even if you are not satisfied with the way their legs look and you don't know what to do. You can change the angle or crop, crop the shot. And it works for every cup ball, even for weddings when you have to work with long fluffy dress. For this one, they're sitting on a bench. So no problems with their legs, right? But when they're sitting on the ground, it can be tricky. So again, I use the mermaid reference to explain what I want, What, what kind of pose a need. And for four guys just to k for him to have one leg bent or two leg bent like this. Now, you know five fundamental classic poses. And from these poses it's easy to make micro adjustments and capture a wide variety of logs from your session. In the next lesson, we'll be talking about natural posing. 5. Pay your attention to these zones: In this lesson, let's talk about the most dangerous zones or areas and human's body when it comes to posing. Sounds need your special attention during the shoot because it affects pictures. A lot. Of course, you need to be aware of everything. I encourage you to pay special attention to these, especially when it comes to classic posing. We're trying to take the most flattering picture is we can, but these things can ruin. Let's talk about those things. So they are shoulder, joints and arms and hands. Since I know these tricks, I don't have any pictures with my clients to demonstrate your bad posing, but I think we still need illustration. So I'm going to show you pictures of models. I also recorded a few videos of me where I was trying to illustrate my words. So it's going to be fun. Let's dive in shoulders. When people are uncomfortable, their shoulders can do two things. First, when shoulders come up, It's kind of protective goals. Of course, it's better to comfort your clients the best you can and make sure they feel comfortable in front of your camera. We have already covered this topic in previous lessons, but there are different situations. Let's say you're shooting a wedding and you need to take one portrait of a couple newly words. They're related. I don't know. Maybe rather offer bride with his wife. So you don't have much time with this couple rate. So you can tell them to press shoulders down, melt them down. And suddenly there is so much confidence in their body language or their shoulders can hunch over. And in this case again, pressing shoulders back helps. I don't recommend saying straighten your back, butt, press your shoulders back. That sounds better and gives the same results. Next thing is joins. Straight joins make you look nervous and awkward. So first thing here is bend one knee, helping the front me. It changed his whole picture. For arms. We do the same. Band one arm and place it on a hip or your waist or somewhere else. Dependent posts can even ask your client to, to touch hair, to touch. If they have earrings. For example, we can play with earring and et cetera, et cetera. When it comes to arms, I would say, I will say that it is very important to you. Always create peace between arm and body. Don't push that arm to you. Because in that case, and arm is spread out and it looks way bigger than it is when it comes to wedding, for example, in a bride usually aware is beautiful dress and sometimes they don't have any sleeves. So yeah, no sleeves. We can see her beautiful arm, but we have this protective mechanism in mind when we are nervous. And so, you know, during, you know, when it comes to wearing bright can read arrest, it doesn't depend on on you because, you know, it's wedding day. Can be nervous. She has the right to be nervous at least a little bit, so she can try to keep her arms closer to her body. It spreads the arm out and it doesn't look good. And for hands, my advice is always give hand something to do. Do you know that feeling when you don't know what to do with your hands, how to write your clients feel the same way in front of your camera. So be sure to tell them where to put their head. Another thing is fingers. Again, we don't need stuff. Locked fingers, right? Instead. Often fingers with a slight bend. The slight band and you can, for example, touch hair. We want fingers to be solved. So a slight band helps every time. All right, and that said, with this team, your posing will become better. And I think these tips are very important for classic posing. But when it comes to candidate posing, and you still need to pay attention to these things because it affects the pictures that you take. So as a result, you will be able to take better pictures with your clients, will love. 6. Natural posing: Welcome to the next lesson. Here we'll be talking about nitro posing. I love to do photography because it gives you a chance to capture emotions. Emotions are intangible. Thing last seconds. And as a photographer, you need to come up with something that can help your clients showed these motions and help you capture them. The main thing here is connection. We want our couples to feel spending good time together during their fat tissue, right? So make sure your direction and posing involves them touching, holding hands, looking at each other and et cetera. So for natural posing, there is no post picture, no fake smiles, only real genuine feelings. I love candidate poses, the break the eyes usually make a couple love and feel better. So in short, natural posing is when you ask coupled to do something sometimes silly, something funny, sometimes tender and intimate, and capture this moment just the way they live it. In this lesson, let's talk about a few things you can ask your coupled to do are these are great techniques that have proven to be effective. So use of them and you can get amazing candidate pictures with your next couple. So let's start with the first one, walking towards the camera. And we'll start with the easy one, the rate walking, almost everyone can walk and it's comfortable for any coupled to walk together. This pose is one of the easiest for ideas to help a couple loosen up during a shoot. Ask them to walk towards and then away from camera while holding hands, looking and smiling at each other. I asked my couples to walk a little bit slow and don't look at the camera. So, and from here, you can go creative, holding hands like this as simple. But you can ask a woman to hog onto his arm with both hands or hug each other and chat while walking. Mark my words, your clients will love the pictures you took this way. People walk together almost every day, but they don't know, they don't recognize how amazing they look while performing this routine, movement number twos, dancing, dancing. I love this. When a couple, I will start dancing. And all you need to do is click, click, click, click, click, or they're going to need your help. And here you can ask a guy to whirl a girl or hold hands and swing in unallowed. And every time they go in, they can kiss. And you'll be able to catch a moment like this. Amazing rate. Add movement to classic poses. Do you remember this pose from the first part? It's when guy staying behind her and hugging her from behind. So let's add movement to it and make it look more natural. How asked to sway together from side-to-side and don't look at the camera just from side to side, just like this. It's very simple, but it adds movement and it adds, it adds life to a picture. If you want more, you can ask a guy to whisper something in her year and make her smile or a lot. With this pose, pay attention to arms. You need to place them in a way to demonstrate connection. It usually means her hand on his arms, just like on these pictures. And number four is piggyback. Time to jump back is one of my favorites, but it is a tricky 1. First of all, not every guy can lift every girl, you know, and you must keep it in mind and don't put your couple in uncomfortable situations when they simply can't do the pose. Piggyback makes people laugh and smile. That goes, you know, it's funny, we don't do piggybacks in real life. So be ready to catch moments. So you ask a girl to jam and you can start shooting. You can start shooting when she jumps and keep clicking, clicking this button, right, number 5 as lifting. Just like the piggyback, that's not for everyone, but I absolutely loved this when actually there are many ways of lifting from behind or front. Take a look at this. But here's the important thing. When a guy is lifting his girl like this and they are facing each other, make sure he is holding her here, right here where her legs begin. Otherwise, the movement will look like It's very hard to do and it will be difficult actually, yeah. And remember it's a K to ask your coupled to repeat the pose several times until you get the result you are satisfied with. Because it's not good if you ask them to a jam, you as a guide to live her. And, you know, they they tried they put efforts. But you didn't get pictures you like. So you don't deliver those pictures to them is disappointing for them because they they they remember that you you ask them to do this fitness, you know. So again, take a look at the couple asked them if they want to do piggyback or lifting. If they don't want to, that's okay. That's totally okay with still have bunch of poses. And when they do it, give yourself permission to ask them several times to repeat that if you don't have the result that you need our aid, let's go to the next one. Next one is a whisper in your ear. And this is simple why? And it can be used in so many poses. And here's just one of the examples. When doing portrayed make a guy whispers and then in his loved ones year, something to make her smile. You know, also if you take a look at this picture, you noticed that, that he is touching her temple with his nose. And it looks good. So make him be close to true. You can ask him to touch her temple with his nose if they're facing each other like this. The next one is airplane. That's a funny one. Holding hands, do airplane and then wrap around just like this. I do it on every couple for the shoot because it works for every couple. Can't do jump in if they can't do piggy bag because, because of the dress, for example, a girl can be wearing a very tight dress and she, she can't jump. But this one, it fits everywhere. So airplane it's, it's a very simple holding hands and go from side-to-side like an airplane and wraparound. And for the final one, I chose the simple thing that everyone does all the time. Chat, ask you coupled to chat with each other. Like there is no camera, we are talking about candid pictures here. And candid means natural and unpolarized. So ask them to stay face-to-face, for example, just chat and it's very natural, you know, you know, they're relaxed, they're looking at each other, they're chatting with each other. And it's very natural. It looks, it looks very natural. It also can be used like a small break after all the jumps and airplanes that we did. We know just face to face and talk to each other. And that's it. 7. Best friends og unposed pictures: Now you know the secrets for amazing candidate pictures and probably can't wait to try these techniques. I know. But in this lesson, I'm going to tell you how to create natural pictures even easier. Because the best friends of candid shots, and the first one is animals. Years, I always encourage my clients to bring their paths to their photoshoot. It's usually dogs. Well, actually it's always dogs. I don't remember any cats. Well, I'm a cat person, you know, but when it comes to adventure, outdoor photoshoot, bringing a dog seems like a better idea, right? So yes, bring a dog pads. Don't know how to pose. They even don't understand that they have to. So when you add a dog to a shot and say at him or with him, it gives you a variety of 100% natural shots that everyone loves. Another good thing is that when a couple is playing with their dog, they feel more relaxed. They can forget about the camera and start enjoying the moment. And that's what we, as photographers need, right? On the other side. Pets don't know that they are on a shoot that there are people invested in and booked several months ahead. They want to play him health via embed said. And although it's good from one side, you can lose many amazing shots of the couple just because their dog doesn't behave. For example, you definitely don't need all photos to be with a dog, right? We want to take a few portraits of your coupled, just just two of them. But when we're trying to keep it OK. Away from Rashad, turns out that it's impossible. I experienced it several times and together with my couples, we've found a good solution. So I wanted to share it with you. Ask you a couple to bring someone to help any friend of theirs. The friend will be keeping a dog when you want to take pictures of a couple, will be calling a dog's name, saw that he looks at the camera and so on. Believe me, You need someone for a dog. So if you coupled, can't find anyone tried to ask your friends, maybe even your photographer friends who want to watch you taking pictures. Another friend of an post pictures is yes, little kids. Kids are similar to the hogs in this case. They are playful, active, and don't want to stay in one place for a long time. But since we are talking about couple photography and not a family photography, I'm not going to speak much about kits and session. Maybe I'm going to cover it in the next course. So let's sum up. When a couple asks if they can bring a dog, The answer is yes, Definitely, yes. It will help you with and post pictures L a lot. But depending on the location or length of a parachute, you need someone to help with the dog. So don't forget to tell you a couple about it. 8. Final: Now you know how to pose a couple and get great results. You need to mix classic and candid techniques during a session. That way, the time you spend together with your clients has more fun. And a couple you work with heels more relaxed. The better they feel, the more they can show. And accordingly, you can get better pictures. Add your own creative photographer's spend, and don't forget to have fun. Your clients will thank you for making them look amazing. Of course, photography is far more than just good posing. There are more to learn. And I wish you good luck on this journey. Hope to see you soon.