Couple photography: Posing ideas for candid photos (weddings, engagement) | Klara Zamourilova | Skillshare

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Couple photography: Posing ideas for candid photos (weddings, engagement)

teacher avatar Klara Zamourilova, Photographer/Videographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Pose 1: Walking

    • 3. Pose 2: Sitting

    • 4. Pose 3: Hugging

    • 5. Pose 4: Dancing

    • 6. Pose 5: Leaning

    • 7. Pose 6: Funny, Playful, Hobbies

    • 8. Pose 7: Talking

    • 9. Pose 8: Laughing

    • 10. Pose 9: Kissing

    • 11. Pose 10: Close Together

    • 12. Last thoughts, Class project

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About This Class

Posing in front of a camera is not really a natural thing for most of the people. But the truth is, everyone can look good on the photos, they just need to be enjoying the moment, laugh and be themselves. That's the key for candid looking photography. And you as a photographer need to guide your couples to achieve this. 


I’m Klara and I’m a professional photographer here in Sydney. I capture love stories of any kind, I shoot weddings, engagement shoots and family photos. And I've been shooting professionally for more than 7 years now. If you want to have a look at my work, check out my website

During this long period I've learnt few helpful tricks of how to make the couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and to feel themselves. Because that’s the key for candid looking couple photos. In this class I’m gonna use my previous photography work to show you examples of candid couple poses. I divided them in 10 categories and I will mention other possible variations for every category. I will focus on posing of the body itself as well as face expressions. 


The trick for posing for candid looking couple photos is to hardly pose at all. Rather than saying to your couple exactly what to do and how to place their hands, I rather just guide them. I will give you examples of how to communicate with the couple and how to guide them throughout the shoot to make them naturally come into the pose that you're after.

If you wanna be in a better control of your next couple photoshoot, you’re on the right spot. This class will give you tons of tips and ideas for candid couple poses that will make your portfolio stand out!

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Klara Zamourilova



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1. Introduction: Posing in front of a camera is not really a natural thing for most of the people and as an engagement and wedding for the owner, for the most common concern for my couples is that they'll feel awkward because they don't know how to pose professionally. Mother third is dado need to be professional 10, so a good under photos. They just need to be enjoying the moment last and be themselves and you as a photographer, need to guide them to achieve this. I'm Clara and I'm a professional photographer here in Sydney. I showed last theories of any kind. I shoot weddings, engagement shoot, and family photos. And I'd be shooting professionally for more than seven years now, during this long period, I've lent a few helpful tips and tricks of how to communicate with Mike oppose, and how to make them feel of police themselves, because that is the key for candid looking couple photos. In the following lessons, I'm going to use my previous but directly work to show you examples of candid camera poses. I divided them in Fen main categories and I'll mention other possible variations for every category. I will focus on closing of the body itself as well as face expressions. Does Drake for posing Clark ended looking photography is to hardly fault at all. So rather than selling through your scalpel exact labels to do and how to place their hands. I rather just guide them throughout the shoot. I will give you examples of how to communicate with the couple and how to guide them throughout a shoots do naturally come in through the photos that you're after. Some couples need more guidance, some behave naturally from the first moment. The first thing you need is to understand both kinds of capitals you've worked with. If you want to be an embedded control of your next couple photoshoot you underwrite spoke. This class will give you tons of tips and ideas for candid photograph a poses that will make your portfolio really stand out. So keep watching. 2. Pose 1: Walking: A couple of goals that involve 0 subjects meaning in a natural way, is always a good place to start. People are usually less self-aware of their bodies when they do some movement. So I start with a walking pose. Most of my shoots, most people will not feel super comfortable at the beginning when you have a big baud rate blends pointed at them, especially if it's their first time on a professional photo shoot. To avoid having the gut will freeze up and feel self-conscious. They the first few shots from a bit of a distance and had been walked towards you holding hands. They can be gazing in each other, sulking or looking ahead together. Also feel free to chat them, them a bit during this process, never underestimate the power of your subject, engaged in some light correlation in this army and helps people feel way more in the moment. A classroom setting your coupled to work forwards you, you can also start with having them walk away in their faces, aren't even in the short. This is another easy and non-intimidating couple photography bowls that you can work into the beggining of your coupled photoshoot. You can either negative photo cropped in closely on their heads or upper bodies or do more of a white chalk. What works best will depend on your photoshoot location too. If you're shooting on a beach or in a beautiful bark gift during surroundings might add a lot of Norman's theory or image. Shooting from a closer range or zoomed and can make for a more intimate couple photo. Just play around with this and you're assured to end up with some often results. 3. Pose 2: Sitting: When it comes to still poses a notice that it's usually less comfortable for the couples at the beginning because they don't know what to do with their hands, with their legs or where to look. That's why I usually start with a sitting pulse when it comes to still poses, people are usually especially at the beginning, more comfortable to set rather than standing, stay safe, and don't know what to do at all. There is a lot of variation within couple poses. You can have them sit next to each other or lead to one of them sit behind and hug their partner. That is my favorite books because the GFA is really close to each other at the moment and they tend to forget about the camera is specially if I thought them through, look into each other's eyes and he whispers some secret. Sometimes they start smiling and being emotional. Sometimes they burst into laughing. Heavier camera always ready to get your ODEs real emotional moments. Go ahead, more variation. So you get though that's coupled to be gazing into the camera as well. And the great news is that sitting Cephalus with the work of boldest make people feel a bit less self-aware of their buddies or what they're going through dove in their hands. So you're likely to get some beautiful authentic moments with these couple follow this. 4. Pose 3: Hugging: Some of the best couple for the aggressor poses involves creating some kind of intimacy between the couple. Having them embrace will help them feel like they're in this together. And it's also something that will feel completely natural to them. You can take quite a few shots in this cute gaba balls. Whether it's the two of them smiling, showing a guess or just looking at peace with their eyes closed, hanging cover Bose's arthritis and through for a reason. It's just the most natural thing for the coupled to hot and hold each other. Diets are usually include, this falls through all the photoshoot. It doesn't matter if the couple is sitting, standing, or walking. I always thought them through older shoes. They just stop for a while and have each other diets. This tighter HAC will constantly create a feeling of deeper connection. You can directly Chapter 200 each other from the back as well. And again, do a different variations of their interactions. 5. Pose 4: Dancing: One of my most favorite boluses of all is dancing. I just lost to capture any kind of movement and laugh in images. I usually felt a couple to do a few spins out that we've already done a few other bosses, like walking or sitting. And when I feel that the capitalists finally starting to feel 100 percent golf With me being around. I asked the coupled to do a few dense moves. They might feel silly doing this at first, but the movement can result in a really beautiful images. So keep trying to make it a goblet comfortable. Basic things like a spent ginormous dynamic and fun on camera. And remember, gift during the Gilded moments between these youth coupled boluses is the key to a super successful a couple photoshoot. So just keep slipping away. I usually don't use music. And just though the coupled to Hamas bomb and then through the rectum, this leads to not only dancing, but also bursts of labs and smile. Sometimes when the couple feels shy, distinct, and then I start to harm the song by myself to shoulder. Couple of that, we are in this together and there's no need to feel ashamed in front of me. When I start dusting and move the Kepler stars as well. Basically, you sometimes have to be a bit it to make the couple laughter get those perfect candid shot. So if you want to be as successful photographer of emotional and candid moment, you either need to have syllables and validate all. Learn how to communicate with the couple effectively, deliver them, feel comfortable in every balls you want them to do. 6. Pose 5: Leaning: A great Gabor for the refit idea. Estimate sure. That you take advantage of whatever you're shooting location, as if you're shooting on a beach or in the open field, you may not have anything that you are coupled can lean against. But if your obligation as city or if you're shooting in a forest, you can just throw the Gulbuddin against the wall or a tree. And you will get constantly beautiful and different kinds of shots. Play around with how you want to do this. For example, having just the one partner leaning can make the scene look less boast and more like something which had been to capture. But be careful that this bowls because if not doing properly, it can lead to all correlates staged results. I see many beginner photographers negative Napoleon on the wall in a way that it looks faraway from candid shock. We'll started there. But when done properly. So owing somebody named Gabor shoot boluses into the mix. We'll add some variation to your images that will grade and the final photo album. This way we are learning here about all the different folders is to have plenty of options when shooting and to get the variety to your portfolio. 7. Pose 6: Funny, Playful, Hobbies: A few, couple has a whole bidded day love engaging in together with a better way to show their love story then by capturing them while they doing that thing. Maybe it's a sport, painting or cooking together, whatever it is, try working it into your couple photoshoot. Chances are, or when they're doing the thing though, forget all about, oh shoot and gets totally into the moment. That's a recipe for a perfect couple photo. And most of the candid poses that we were talking about, listening to guide the capital in some way to make sure that they do what looks best for the camera. But when shooting their hobbies, it's much easier because they just do what is meant to build the dam. And it was day laugh and freely enjoy. So they just forget about the camera and about you being around. Get through a mm. Including the hobbies that are photos is especially important when shooting family. Working with kids requires different set of experiences. But if you'll end the family do some fun and playful activity to shoot soon becomes a funny game. Instead, leather than those rocks into the water or to chase the yellows as the sun goes down. They will just enjoy the time spent with the loved ones and forgets about the camera. They will play, embrace and love. And everyone is having so much fun that there are true personalities scanned, held, both shine through. And that's how the best candid shots are done. 8. Pose 7: Talking: In the previous lessons, we covered the bosses that focus on the body postures and movements. But what is more important than facial expressions and showing their real emotions. So while placing their hands is of course important, you as a photographer should always put special attention on rock of their faces because we wants to capture a candid looking shot telling you are coupled to sense. They flay and say cheese is not the right approach. We want them to look as natural as possible. And what's more natural than jogging? While it's true that we all make some silly and unflattering basis when we're captured in the middle of conversation, getting the coupled to just chat with each other can result in some really special vectors that they are sure to love. You can tell the kapo to talk to each other in any bows and it will constantly change in the field of any photo and give you different variations. You can try to guide them by getting them to talk about something meaningful to them, like their first date. Just keep shooting and look for those moments where they forget about the camera. You will get some couple of photos there that don't look first at all. A great board Redlands will also help you here, since you can spend a little bit more far away when they talk about meaningful emotional topics. And you have the opportunity to give to real emotions. Hi. 9. Pose 8: Laughing: The ended photos that showed a real personal or build the CAFO are ideal, but producing those amazing shots that show the couple laughing or giggling may seem unattainable. I hope you tips and tricks that are really easy and it's worth nearly for all of the godless. You can tell them to think of a secret, dirty or clean, and whisper it in the Partner's ear. Another trick if you want to make them laugh, is usually the moment when you lead them, then think or do some different kinds of crazy movement. So if you wanna get your, a close-up shot of there laughing, kept the faces. Just keep your camera always ready. Don't be afraid to say some of you are corny jokes and be playful in the double. If you want to become successful extended photography, you need to make sure that your couples feel 100 percent comfortable with you being around. So don't be scared to behave a little bit silly to make your Kepler's laws and the Omega don't feel totally themselves because you are as well. You can also go them to do a little squeezes. The labs of pho are amazing. It's hard not to look at cute couple photos of people laughing and not smile yourself. So these are shared the beef favorites for years to come. If you want to take better candid portrayed, mastering the ability to make your cup a laugh is a great place to start. 10. Pose 9: Kissing: Capturing those beautiful laughing moments that we've talked about in a previous lesson can be a little bit tricky for a beginner photographer. And it's one of the most difficult bosses, especially when you shoot with a double who just seem a little bit too serious. If you want to try something more simple but definitely not less vulnerable, you can tell them to guess what's more in domestic dentist gifting, double photo. Once you've taken a few more casual and relaxed images and look up what feels comfortable with being around. You can ask them to share a few smudges. Sometimes the kissing moment by itself turns of great other dams. You'll be surprised to find the moments just before or after that gives end up being some of the favorite shops. It isn't those little in-between moments that often look at the most natural. So getting the micelle plus two keys occasionally throughout your shoot is a killer couple of photographs. The idea that you will keep coming back to. 11. Pose 10: Close Together: If you really want to create some dramatic intimacy tension between the couple, just try to ask them to get really close to each other as though they're about to case without actually kissing. Having them look into each other's eyes and suspend that moment of tension before it gives, will result in some really moving double for traits that they're guaranteed to cherish in the future. The best couple photo shoots deliver a wide range of different types of poses and emotions in the photos. So if you tried to include some more intimate shops in between, all those fun and playful one, the couple will be really happy and do feel like they goes maximum that they got from the photoshoot. You can add even more variety to the final gallery that he sends to the couple by adding some close-up shots and details. It is the powerful too, on how to make the galleries stand out. You can shoot their hands or farts of their face. Trust me, integral are really delight your clients. Goes up images. We'll also give them a little welcome Rake from having to strike all those couple poses. So this is a nice thing to work into your shoes when you feel it's the right time. 12. Last thoughts, Class project: Needless to say, mastering fun and fluttering typical deliverables is, is a game changer in your photographic carrier. And if you master it is game, it will make your subject feel really like the best versions of themselves. And that's what will make them to come back to you. Just think about it. There's so many opportunities to shoot the same tuple in the future. You can be their wedding photographer. Maybe that'll help families. So there is a possibility for maternity shoot, newborn shoot and laser also family photoshoot. I hope you found this and tricks mentioned in this video helpful and that it will make your next photo reference session a major success. And now it's bands will give you your homework. Just go to the project section below and upload at least one photo energy state. And following this guide, if you still don't feel like shooting strangers, you can just ask your friends to be your models. That's how we all started. The most important is to have fun during the photo shoot and just remember to communicate with the couple who maybe don't feel 100 percent comfortable and fully themselves because they're the key for tended looking. Couple photography. Thank you for watching and I found ways to see what you've created.