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30 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. 01 What is this course about?

    • 2. 02 Is this Course for you?

    • 3. 03 Multitasking My own Experience

    • 4. 04 How to sabotage yourself without any Problems

    • 5. 05 Reduce to the Basics

    • 6. 06 Brainstorming Sheet

    • 7. 07 Outro

    • 8. 01 Introduction

    • 9. 02 What is your Passion?

    • 10. 03 The Pareto Principle and the Pareto Principle in Extreme

    • 11. 04 focused and disturbed workflow

    • 12. 05 The different Channels of your Brain

    • 13. 06 The Sweet Spot

    • 14. 07 Renewable Energy

    • 15. 08 How to turn a To Do List into a Success List

    • 16. 01 The Countdown

    • 17. 02 The ONE Thing

    • 18. 03 The Countdown: The Slice Method

    • 19. 04 Workbook: Countdown (Scheibenmethode)

    • 20. 05 Morning Routine for the Steps 8 to 3

    • 21. 06 (8) Meditation (Calm)

    • 22. 07 (7) Affirmations (Believes)

    • 23. 08 Why affirmations are important Example: The Story of Edison & Barnes

    • 24. 09 (6) Visualization

    • 25. 10 (5) Exercising (exploit yourself)

    • 26. 11 (4) Reading: Get your Brain into Gear

    • 27. 12 (3) Focus

    • 28. 13 (2) Writing (Write your Thoughts on Paper)

    • 29. 14 (1) ONE THING

    • 30. 15 Outro

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About This Class

Do you feel stuck? Then this course is for you! In Countdown we turn your life upside down and set you up for success.

First we explore how our brain works, what multitasking does to our health and why it really prevents us from being successful.

Later we explore the Countdown - an 8 step Morning Routine to set yourself up for success each and every morning. We also talk about how the one thing, done every day, moves you further faster.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Monja Wessel

Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner



As a Dipl. Multimediadesigner, Webdesigner Bsc. and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing as well as video creation and editing, audio production and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. In most cases you will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick you up where you are right now and help you discover why you mostly want to conquer the topic I'm teaching you.

I create my courses carefully so you can easily follow through but if you ate stuck at any time you are welcome to write me so I can get you over the obstacle.

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1. 01 What is this course about?: welcome to our course countdown. In this course we're going to explore What is your one goal? What you are meant to be on how you can reach this goal. So it's not about you doing one thing after the other and finally reaching a goal. It's more that you decide which steps you have to go to reach your one thing. We first need to explore what you're one thing is, and then once you have notice, once you know what you are meant to be. Then we go a hat and and look how we can go there, step by step and then countem will turn your life upside down. 2. 02 Is this Course for you?: So is this course your course is it for you? I You the person who always sets goals on, goes ahead and tries to do these gold. And finally they fade away on your where you have bean before. How you, the person who is looking for New Year resolutions every year, around the end of December, maybe, or at the beginning of January, we're in a mode on. Try and think about it. What we can reach in the next year on. We always do the same. We start, Oh, with with a good resolution mind on, we try to get this goal settled, and then it slowly but surely fades away. So on the fifth or 10th of January, usually we have talked hours, health out were no large committed to our goals, and they slowly fade away. In best case, you haven't told anybody about your goal. It doesn't matter if it's to stop smoking or do more sports or whatever is on your planet. Doesn't matter. You don't talk about that. You don't tell anybody, so it can slowly fade away, and you never have to think about it again. So in this course we're going to explore what your run thing is and how you can reach You go. So it's small or Baykal, it doesn't matter. You want to reach for the stars. You were at the right place on. We're going to look how you can reach you want sing how you can reach your one girl. So let's do that. Let's turn your life upside down and get going and reach your goals. 3. 03 Multitasking My own Experience: multi tasking was always my faith. I did one thing on if it's not, didn't get ready. I did be everything all the same time on then. Yeah, it was probably I forgot what I had to do first. So it faded into a way that I had the feeling, but it didn't get anything done, right? So and then I read his hands, which is so true, it says multitasking is a way to do everything wrong at the one time. Yeah, yeah, it's totally correct. That is what I actually did. I learned it all. I did it all. But I've been everywhere from here to there to everywhere on nothing got really done. So I really tried hard to sabotage myself on the try to figure what I was doing wrong and never got the idea that the only thing I was really doing wrong is that I did something and run away. I ran to the next think did that thing on run away again? So it was quite hard to figure that out because whenever I thought about doing just one thing, I always held that I didn't get anything done, so I jumped from run project to the other project to the next project, and everything was done. Harf and nothing finished. So in the end I couldn't do anything with each of thes project. So let's imagine you create a product like this product. This course is a digital product, so let's pretend we just do, however, off the course. So what can you do with hop off the court? Nothing at all. You can't sell it. You can't look for potential customers. You can't do anything. But just blame yourself for not getting things done on. That is what I usually did. I blame myself for not gabbing the product that saying the project ready on. I didn't get it done. So in the end I had 56 7/2 projects on nothing Waas that Does it sound like you? If so, this course is perfect for you because we will explore your Wansink on how you stop sabotaging yourself with multi tasking. Because multitasking is a way you can do everything at once. Yeah, that's how it it's. So let's face it, we need to get rid off multi tasking 4. 04 How to sabotage yourself without any Problems: So maybe that sounds like you because I have sabotaged myself for a long time. I have always denied that I am a teacher. Yeah, and decide that I have a teacher by heart. I'm always be teaching when I look back. Over my years, I have always been a teacher. Even as a child, I didn't play. Follow mother child with my friends. We played Yeah, teacher and Children With something like that I can't really remember but And now I have been teaching them. And later I gave private lessons where help people aren't taught them something. So I was pretty happy with that because the Children were thankful they were happy that they finally learned what they didn't know. Andi, I have seen the connection between school on their parents. The things they didn't knew. They learned with me, Onda. They could always count on me and a new and I didn't understand. No problem. Ammonia is there. Who can help me so? But I still said I still denied that I was a teacher. So later I started multimedia design on when I studied information technology and it still denied. But I was a teacher and Then I started teaching. Yeah. Sorry. I'm still any night that I was a teacher. I never wanted to go to school where I have a bit not score. Yeah, later or earlier this year I went to school and I taught English. So yes, I am a teacher. So you might say I am addicted or I'm this or that. But I'll a teacher. I have to pretend. I always pretend that I'm not, but I am. I am a teacher. So now I'm here with the learning and a cam. I'm a teacher. Why you? What about you? Half You always sabotaged yourself. Half you always pretended to be someone. You are not half you. What is your one thing? My one thing Always waas teaching. If it's e learning at school or in private lessons, it doesn't matter. It's teaching. So I can just perfect my one thing which is teaching. So what about you? What is your one thing? What do you want to be? We can turn it a bit around to the right or to the left, wherever you want Here. But in the end you have one thing on. You know, if you found your one thing you can get better in this. Wansink can be the only one who is professional at that. One thing on this what we're going to find out in countem we go through all the right steps you need to go through to figure who you are on what you are going to do the rest of your life or what you yet do better the rest of your life. That is what this course is. Four of you have thought about this on figured. Yeah, that's me. I've always done something similar to adjust myself. Well, then you are at the right place. 5. 05 Reduce to the Basics: If you really want to reach something, you need to reduce all the things around you to just one thing. Yeah, because if you do that, if you're just are focused on one thing, you will get the best you can be in this one thing. So if I learn all the time, if I teach all the time I get you off course, I get the best. The teaching. Yeah. So if I do more than once, if I teach and then I've right and then I I am a painter. Ah, photograph or whatever. So if I do many things, I can never get to the point where have done one thing for about 10,000 hours. So that usually is the point. You need to do one thing 10,000 hours to call yourself professional This thing, if you have many things you do just a set of photography and painting and drawing and writing and whatever. You can never reach that goal because yeah, you day doesn't have so many hours to put everything in. So you need to focus. You can focus on one thing, reach your sent out hours and then go to another you can do that if you want to. But better it is. If you found your one thing, I'm not just focus on that. I'm get better and better and better and really professional. So if you reduce yourself to be the Marston, one thing you have reached much more than the person who always jumps from left to right to another thing. So if you reduce yourself to just one thing, then you're the right place. So you need to focus on that is when we're going to do in this class, we will make you focus on this one saying every single day, and then I will show you what is possible. If you just concentrate on one thing on we, we figure how you can do that on how you can integrate that into your daily life. 6. 06 Brainstorming Sheet: So now let's talk about brainstorming. I guess you already know rainstorm because it's everywhere. You need to bring some everything, everywhere, any time. So brainstorming is most probably not totally. Uh, yeah, it's common you most probably now it already. So now what we do is you don't hold the brainstorming sheet, which you can find here in this course Onda print it out and then you've write everything down, which comes to your mind, which is about things you like. Everything you like should be on your brain summing cheat It doesn't matter if you do it just from time to time or if you do it every day or if it's your job and you love what you do and write down that it doesn't matter. The point is that you write everything down. You don't send her. You just write everything out off your head onto your brain starving sheet on the write down, whatever you like. So very important is that you take your time. Take five or 10 minutes set a time. Andi, write down whatever you can about if brainstorming so have fun, right? Something 7. 07 Outro: So now you're a the point way feared that you need Sorry. I have to say it again. Began where? You need your one thing. Yeah, To figure perfectly who you are, Where you are going to on how to find your goal. Um one. You already started thinking about that. We have reached everything we need in this first chapter. So I want you to think about your one goal. Your thing, What you are. I want you to figure who you are. If you have sabotaged yourself all the time, maybe you are already a kook. You always pretend not to be. You always say no. I cannot cool or not Good enough at this as it sounds like you. So if so and now is the time Now you have to say I am. I am a kook. That's how I am. I'm the person who loves cooking. If you have figured that by now Perfect. If not, think about it brainstorm and figure who you are. We want to figure what you're one thing is what you have to concentrate on to turn your life upside down 8. 01 Introduction: So now we're heating into chapter Norma to Andi off this course on Gotham. We take care off your passion. So now you have done some brainstorming. You wrote everything down. What you like, what you prefer to do in your life On what you enjoy doing everything. So once you've done that, we need to figure what the one thing is, what you really like, what you do everything for. You can't. So what is a one thing you get up for at night? If someone wakes you up to talk about to you about your passion, what is the one thing you don't mind to get up for? This is your passion. So, whatever that is, we need to figure that out. And then we need to put on some skills to really find what you're. One thing is to get into the countdown into Eight Steps plan. So we figure, yeah, how you can get your passion sorted 9. 02 What is your Passion?: So what is your passion? That's what we need to figure now on dumb. I have a workbook for you, where you can find out what skills you need for your passion, how you can discover your passion and all that is what we are going to do now we will use first this this video lesson. You look at that. You check that out, watch it on them. Then you best download the workbook and filled out and see what in the end comes out on what your passion is. So once you have done your brainstorming, you already know all those things you're burning for. Whatever excites you should be on that paper. And you just get something more in mind right down. Don't worry. We need to have it all written down on your cheat. So once you have done that, you I need to figure what the one thing is. You would get up for it night and talk about that. As I said on dumb. Then you need to ask yourself what I do this saying If I had millions on my bank Ah, would I still get up for that? And what I still love to do that every day. Then that is most probably your passion. You can also figure that if you have ah, Harvey, you're famous hobby or your most favorite hobby. Um, what you do every day or whatever you can or on the weekends that most probably it's one off your passions. So imagine you love sucker. So you're playing soccer whenever you can. You go into the backyard, you play with your son. Was your daughter was whoever comes your way or you just play with yourself whenever you can than most probably sucker is your passion. So now we need to figure what we can do with sucker because most probably you won't get a professional soccer player anymore. Or maybe you are just 20 and you can start and become a professional soccer player. But even then, this is really difficult. But maybe we can combine some passions on the make from new passion a profession, but that might be a little bit more difficult. We need to combine some passions you have, but more about that later. First, we need to figure your one passion, your passion, the thing you are really love to do. the thing you want to get up for every morning, the thing which excites you, what you are earning for. And once you have figured this one passion, just choose one. For now, please, just choose one. We can always go back later, or you can go back at any time and just get another passion and go through the whole course with that passion once again and then see if you can combine both passions. But more about that later. First we have just one passion on. We're going to see what you are doing with that one. He's download the workbook printed out on both um, and then you need to figure what's killed. You need to really go for your passion. So first, write down what passion you have. Then, once you have done that, write down all the skills you already have to be. Get go for your passion. Once you have done that is can be small skits. Let's stick to sucker So you already know how to play the ball for and back and to to shoot a goal. You you know all that, but you don't know so for how to um yeah, use your left like or something. Or maybe you don't know all the rules Soca half. So then you need some more skills. That is what you have to very down now, because ah, your skill to have plus the skills you need are those both combined which allow you to go after your passion on that. It's when we want to figure we need to figure what you like on what you can. Yeah, we already figured what you like. Now we figured what you already know. And now we need to figure what you need Thio Thio to add to your skills to really go after your passion. So that's a point now just think about it. Write down everything you know about your passion and then let's see how that turns out and how we get to the next step. 10. 03 The Pareto Principle and the Pareto Principle in Extreme: the parents of principle. The parents of principle is a law of nature which is capable of truce unpredictable. It contains one off the biggest truth about for activity. As Richard Cost says, a minority of reasons, influence or effort is responsible for the majority off results. So what does it mean? You can say that in the world of success, not all things are treated equal. Just a few reasons are responsible for the majority off results. So to give you a few examples if you learn a new language, you just need to learn about 20% of the vocabulary to Marsa 80% off the situations you can get yourself into. Or, if you clean your flat, you first see the biggest results when you take care off the dishes or work yume when you are going into the details, you won't see much anymore. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. It just means that the 1st 20% will give you the biggest results. More often than not, the girls we accomplished. Other results off just a few actions, so there are 20% effort and 80% results. The parade of principle doesn't need the in bells to be exactly 80 20. It more has to be a huge imbalance. This can also be 70 30 or 90 10. So the main point is just that there is a huge imbalance. Not about the percentage justice. Exactly a 20. Yeah. Now let's talk about the Pareto principle in extreme. Although the parent of principle works at any given time, it's not always far enough. For example, if you have 25 things which are important for you, aren't you? Apply the Pareto principle and reduce those 20 things or 25 things to just 20% which means five things there are still forcing. You shouldn't work on because in best case, each of us can spend their full attention just to one thing at the same time. Don't forget what we already said. Multitasking is a chance to get many things from at the same time on that is what smart had , Seaview Zell said. And I believe it is totally true. So you see here the graphic which 25 things and 20 things from those 25 of five things which results in the one thing you should do on because off that you need to figure which other five things you still have on your to do list after applying the parietal principle in extreme and which are the most important and really get results for you. So ask yourself the one and only focus question. What is the one thing I can do today, which makes everything else easier on? Needless? It is the one thing Gary Keller says in his book, The One Thing Time and Time again, because it's really if you think about that and really apply this one question to your life and ask yourself this question in the morning, you most probably will do much less off the things you should you, but more off the things you have to do to get where you want to be. 11. 04 focused and disturbed workflow: Now let's talk about this trip and focused workflow. No wonder it is hard for us to focus on just one thing every day we have about 4000 salts in our head, which means that we think something new, all forced 14 seconds on. Because of that, we had tried to do more than one thing at the same time. Because that's how it seems We cannot cope with the flood of thoughts in cognitive psychology. We call this task switching. We always try to switch between two tasks for and back. This does not result in a problem that we have to easy tasks. We can clean the kitchen and listen to music at the same time. But if the task are more complex, it gets impossible for us to do that. Our brain simply needs some time to switch from one complicated or more complicated task to the other. If you look at the graphic, you see what it means. The disturbed workflow on the focused workflow, the disturb workflow starts somewhere on you see, there's a main task. Then you switch between the main task and whatever disturbs you re orientate. You focus on the disturb thing which disturbs you, Then you switch back on. Then you reorient and then you switch back to your main task. You see how long this workflow gas, and at the same time when you focus and when you just look at one thing at your workflow, the start to end time mismatch smaller and you're just doing your main task on that's it, actually, that all you need to do and you see how much faster you can get things done. It's just half the time, so if you're not disturbed all the time, you're not doing so many mistakes. And at the same time you are getting much more done as it at one time on that is again, where you apply the operative principle, see how this looks. It's about maybe 50%. But you can also say it's a 20% of the time. You need to get 80% off the sinks down 12. 05 The different Channels of your Brain: the different channels off your brain when you do to sing at the same time, the following happens, we separate them. The brain turns into Channel One and into shall to on on both sides. You're doing one thing. For example, you are walking on the one hand and you are talking on the other that can boast happen at the same time. The trick is we do not intentionally concentrate us on both activities because off that activities do not disturb each other and they can both be done at the same time. On the other hand, when we do something complex, for example, you explain someone a complicated action you'd stop walking when you do two things at the same time, each off them just gets half off the attention it deserves. So your brains splits into two areas. Channel one and Channel two. The activity off channel one takes 50% off your brain capacity on the activity off, the second half of your brain takes the other 50% off your activity. When you know at the third activity, your attention needs to be divided in 1/3 for each activity. Did you see what happens your brain splits once again into ST Areas, Channel one, Channel two and Chancery, and each of them has just now 33% off the activity left, which result obviously in more mistakes. Because you are just working with 33% of your capacity on each channel. At one task needs more attention. Or if it changes to another brain channel, which is already occupied, then we have a conflict in our brain. When you focus is divided, the results would be compromised as well. That is a logical consequence on all these results and five problems. First, the capacity of your brain can be divided, but that has its price. Whatever we do takes much longer on is done less effectively. This results in mistakes. Second, the longer you put your attention on the second task, the less likely it is that you get back to your first task. This results in a lot off half done things Number three. Switching between different tasks does not just result in loss of time. The brain also needs time to our rent it back to the first task, which leads to mistakes estimated 28% of the workday fall victim to multi tasking. Also, number four multitaskers believe that a task takes much look more time than actually. Thus five multitasking leads to more mistakes, which is a lows logical consequence. 13. 06 The Sweet Spot : the sweet spot. When things turn into a new habit, you hear very often that you can just be successful when you lead a disciplined life. Good news that's wrong, right is that you will become successful when you choose one thing. Turn this into a habit and repeated each and every day. Having said that, selective discipline leads to success. So let's have another look at this curve. Here. On you see on the left side is a discipline. On the bottom is time, and the sweet spot is on Day 66 which means that this is the time when it gets easier to keep up with a new habit. The longer you can keep up with a new habit, the easier it is to stick to it because it will cost you less energy. In 2009 scientists off the University College of London found out that the moment when a new habit turns into an automated and internalized process, the person who works towards the new habit has Marcel 95% off the effort. At this time, the energy demand off keeping up with a new activity archive its lowest statues that this means that after 66 days, you simply don't have to give up anymore because you off months of 95% on, because off that you do not need a lot off energy to keep up with, you know you have it. So the only question you need to ask yourself is how can I work through these 66 1st days? And after that it gets much easier. Having this said, it turns into the following results First, easy habits demand less time than habits you don't like totally normal, right? If we do something we like, it really does not take a lot of effort to keep up with it. Second, the more off you practice and you have it, the less painful it iss right, because we do it again and again and again on our time. It it takes less time. This one thing it takes less time to keep up with it. And it gets a lot easier because you already know what you can expect over the time you're working on your habit. Cert. Once you have implemented a new habit, you have less stress, which is a pretty good saying because you know you have, Maher said. Something important to you, Andi, When you keep up with it in the stress level for yourself goes down. This is something the sky interests found out. So it is a good reason, if not on the other things. It's a good reason to, um, implement these new habits so you can say selective discipline makes successful people become successful if they concentrate on one thing and give this one thing enough time to Senate sexes turns in when you have reached your sweet spot, and it doesn't take a lot of effort to actually implement this, have it in your daily routine. And once you have mastered this, you can even learn more new habits. You see the only thing it will take this time. So if each new habit takes 66 days, you can easily master I. Let's say five habits a year, so just go, Yeah, just take your time. It will take time, but when you must of this, you will turn into a successful person because a successful person is nothing else but a person who just keeps sticks to her habits again and again and again, and you can do that as well 14. 07 Renewable Energy: renewable energy. The willpower. Our willpower is comparable to the battery power off your mobile phone during the day. It has less and less power. Looking at my phone is especially true because my phone is charged in the morning and when take it off from the battery in in the Yeah, in the middle of the day, it usually gets less and less in just a few hours, and that is how I feel as well. So in the morning you usually start with a full battery. This is true for your mobile phone as well as for your willpower. So let's bridge hand. You are like your mobile phone, and you ever charged a battery in the morning and over the A When you have to do things you do, A will pour gets less and less, and you make important decisions and not so important decisions over the day. And those just make your willpower go down so that your battery go down, actually, so this can be distractions can be repressed feelings. I can overcome a temptation. All these things work. That was the bottom off your touched battery, and in the end, you don't have anything left, so you're just tired. So it is important that you know that each of these decisions decreases your willpower just like the battery off your mobile phone. Your performance dis creases over the day until you have a low battery and the decisions you have to make are no longer good ones. So let me give you an example about a judicial decision. In the study, scientists found out the judges let convict's leave the prison in the morning, but not short before the break, whether in the morning nor during lunch, let me explain in a study, the sky and has looked at over 1001 100 convict who asked to leave the prison. Those who ask in the morning right when the judges started. We're lucky a lot off. Those people were allowed to leave the prince. Judges had an average six minutes and 14 to 34 convicts per day, where they had to decide if they were allowed to leave the prison on. Not actually, those convict who asked in the morning could leave what others showed before the judges break or any night. With that knowledge, you need to have an eye on the willpower. It explains very well that the willpower is used up over the day on that this influences their or our decisions in general when they're the Duchess, willpower was used up. They actually made Medio correct decisions which are not bed fourth them. This underlines what we said here about willpower in general at this time. You said yourself into the default setting once you will cause use up your turned into default setting. Now you make decisions that won't harm you just like the judges They made decisions which didn't harm them that they harmed others. Of course, the convicts had to stay in prison, but it didnt harm that. The result is that you work in the default setting is just mediocrity. And for the judges, it waas mediocrity as well, because it didn't make decisions based on was they had to make decisions. But just because there will, car use was used up they related to Yeah, better not doing anything bad. So once you are at this point, you have to charge your battery. You do that. You are back 200% efficiency, but not before, So you definitely have to, uh, have to recharge. You have to take a break from this. When you look back at the example with the judges, it reflects 100%. What we had just said goes after the break. Once the judges headed break the convict were allowed to leave prison once again. So it better to give them a break and then asked him to leave prison. Obviously. So use your will power during the best time off the day. This is what it means for us in this case. Do you one thing in the morning or if you have to do it in the afternoon, take a break before you start to recharge your battery. That is one of the most important six off course. Often, we cannot just start in the morning doing on one thing that might be it might happen. It's OK, but then, when you are back from work and you are going to work on your one thing in the afternoon, then go ahead and just take a break before just get everything, get rid off everything, take your break and then you're ready to work on your one thing was renewed energy 15. 08 How to turn a To Do List into a Success List: how to turn a to do list into a success list. Our to do list are often commemoration all things with thing we need to do. If we do not get all these things done over the day, we feel pretty bad. The our to do list is a collection of our best intentions, which we think we have to do just because these are both an ultra duelists we put there just because they came to our mind. And the more comes to your mind the Mori put there and we stick these notes everywhere around our computer around our home where l we can we post these stool lists on what happens is that we have a very, very long to do this we simply cannot handle. We just cannot do all these things we have to do and only looks true. These to do list we actually see quick. Likely that there are just a few must do's in our to do lists, which really would lead to success. And if we turn our to do list into a success list with the things we have to do, then we quickly see that these are most probably about 20% off the things we actually thought we had to do. So what if we just pick from our to do list those things we need to be to be successful? Well, then we prioritize on it. We do that. We apply the Pareto principle. We quickly realize that we just have to do about 20% off the things to become successful, because when we apply polarization, we know that there is. They're just a few things we have to do to really get forward to really find success on. To really do this thing we have to do to be successful in future so that it's why polarization is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. 16. 01 The Countdown: So now we jump right into the count on. Now you have to do the steps 8 to 1 each and every day to be really successful. Let me give you a quick example about a boy who has trained himself to play the guitar each and every day. When the others went out, that boy was sitting on his bed playing the guitar and doing so, he refined his skills and that more skilled each and every day, just one little step by the other. And at one day he has fulfilled all the 10 sound hours you need to become a professional. And once he had done that, he knew that this one skill waas the one which will make him money in which will make him successful. So he ignored everything else. He didn't want out. He didn't go for date nights or he didn't go shopping or playing games on the computer or whatever you call it. He just sat down and played the guitar, and that was a man. What made him really successful. So you realized what power there's one thing has on how important is to prepare yourself for success on If you are going to repeat the count on each and every day, you can't do anything else but become successful 17. 02 The ONE Thing: So now let's talk about the book which has inspired me to create this course for you. I have tried it myself and really tried hard. If the one thing is the one thing which leads me to success and also I put in some other things which hopefully lead into success. So this is what I trained myself to do in a tried very hot Teoh to be my own Yeah, trial Tiu really have me trying these all these things. So I can tell you if this works on that. So this is the one thing from Gallic Very Keller, and it's really recommended that you breed this book and you will see that a few off the radios you have already watched are based on this book. We're talking about the sweet spot and we have talking about focused working, and we're also talking about multitasking and how bad this is for you work. But besides that, anything else is from me and another book I have read, which is a miracle Morning. This one book I'm not 100% con wins off, but a few off the ideas that also has is in my mind in my meaning is something good you can use for yourself, and you can combine with the one thing to become really successful. So this is why I have developed the countdown on This is about eight stabs. You have to take each and every morning to really get into this this routine to get really into the state of mind, where you can start with your one thing because we talked about. It's a very good idea to do your one thing right in the morning of the first thing in the morning, because this is a time when your batteries are charged, when you are highly motivated and when you can simply do the best work you can. So if there is anything you can do about doing your one thing in the morning, just do it because that is your key to success. We're going to focus on that one thing, which will lead you to success on. Because of that, we have to go through these eight steps, which leads you to the one point to become really successful. So let's get started 18. 03 The Countdown: The Slice Method: So now let's dive right into the countdown. So what do we do now? We just yeah, imagine do break down our one thing into different slices. So let's let's talk about a slice. Let's talk about the cake on you. Just cut the cake in equal slices on one off these flies. One cake piece is again divided into different pieces on When you do that, you have to do just a little bit agent every day to yeah, really full feel all the pieces on in the end to become really successful. And because we're talking here about gold setting, you need to have a start date and you need to have an end date. This is very important because if you don't have an ended, you never know when you already. So it's just like the guy who is playing the guitar when he does it for years and years and years to come. He wants to get somewhere in the end. He wants to be a sex has for guitar player, right, and you want to do your one thing by slicing down, make a slice, make the slice again into different slices on then in the end. You have just to fulfill a little bit something each and every day to become successful in the end and to prepare your mind for that. We are using the countdown enough that site into that. 19. 04 Workbook: Countdown (Scheibenmethode): So now it's time to Donald your workbook. So it's here in the section and you can Donald the pdf file and please print it out on. Then you can fill it out and you will figure what you're one thing is. So first, we need to find your passion to find your one thing and the thing you have to care about and really have to dig deep into. So it's very important that you now start with this work. Please don't skip this step. It's a really important one. So just, you know, go through the workbook, fill it out. Find your passion on that. Set your one thing. 20. 05 Morning Routine for the Steps 8 to 3: so we sought. Now, with the morning routine, you must probably have watched several videos about morning routines from other people. And, well, we always have a look at that because we know that this thing, the morning routine, can make it or break it. It can make your day or break your day. So if you start running into the day, it might be that your whole day goes wrong If you are not, Yeah, jumping right and and this may mean that you need to get up and our earlier or maybe just have an hour. But I can tell you it's well worth it. I have tried it, and I know it's super important to start right into your day to get some things off your list, just like exercising or a little bit of reading, because all these things are super important for your brain on. We will describe each of these supplies you need to walk through before you are going to get to the focus part and in the end, to your one thing, and do that each and every day to make you really successful 21. 06 (8) Meditation (Calm): So Step number eight in our countdown is about meditation. Meditation will make your car inside and outside, which is pretty cool, right? So you can do it the first thing in the morning. Actually, you should do it as your first thing in the morning if you prefer just staying bad and have your 10 minutes off meditation. So what I use, I use headspace, The up onda. Um I use it because I think it's pretty good. The guys there are pretty good to do Exactly that. Make you meditate. The app, Yeah, goes through each and every step with you and also motivates you to meditate each and every day. And because of that, I think they can do it much better. Then we could ever tell you to do it, so just dry. If you can use a trial, it's it's a paid app. You actually have to pay some dollars over the year, but you decide how long you stay in how much you pay. That's not the point, but actually you should stay because you should do it each and every day. You can also most probably find other resources for meditation, but in my eyes. This is one off the best you can use. I know it's another investment you have to do. But it's in good one, because this is a preparation. You need a foundation to really jump into your one thing and to become successful. That is what we want to do in the end. Right? So we need to use this one slice to get your inner calmness to to make you really come to make you really focused. And we can reach that when you have a look inside yourself on, Really Concentrate on your body on on your mind. So hat space exactly explains what we need. We need some space in our hat. So let's get started. Try some hat space, try to get some hats with. I have also put some other resource is maybe try those first if you don't like headspace. But you can do that on dumb. I guess you will. You will get convents. Yeah, so let's try it 22. 07 (7) Affirmations (Believes): So let's talk about affirmations for a short time. So during our live we have a map in our head. We develop our own map. And on this map you have different things which happened in your life. And because off the things happened to you, you develop different A beliefs. You have affirmations in your head going on which weather Apoula tive or negative. If they're positive, it's fine. You show yourself up is their negative. They can really pull you down on. Because of that, we need to change that. And we need to Yeah, we need to have a look at your negative beliefs because if you tell you so, I can't do that or I never get through this or I I'm not able to stick to my one thing. Well, then you most probably won't stick to it. So what we are going to do is we are trying to figure your negative beliefs and then turned those into positive beliefs on new affirmations. So during this chapter, we're going to to record your beliefs, your positive belief on your mobile phone, for example, on that you listen to them again and again on these will change your belief beliefs actually into positive ones. And if you do that, you are much more likely to stick to your one thing. 23. 08 Why affirmations are important Example: The Story of Edison & Barnes: But so let me tell you the story. Off Edison and Bonds, Burns, Waas someone. You know why Edison already was a famous inventor and someone who made a lot of money was his inventions. Barnes was no a no man, nobody and nobody who, um, actually have nothing to show. Ah, but he had a burning desire that he wanted to be the business partner off Addison. So one day, when he couldn't afford a train ticket, he jumped on the train without a ticket and drove through the whole country just to meet Addison. They didn't have an appointment. And when they get into the house, he told the lady in the house that Edison would be happy to meet him. So if you believe it or not, Edison accept it. And he said binds could come in and tell him what he wanted. So first he wasa little Italy would resistant. He thought that Bonds was just there for a job, and he said him that he would turning down hundreds off questions like that each and every week. But Barnes said, No, I don't want a job. I want to be your business partner. And as an Afghan. Do you have anything to show me for, Have you? And went It's something And he said, No, I haven't invented something. I just want to be your business partner. Edison was a little bit, you know, with irritated. Hey, couldn't actually believe that there was just a man showing up telling him that he wanted to be his business partner. On some he said, So you have nothing to show me for and you want to do whatever you can to be my with business partner one day and said, Yes, I want to be your business. But also give me whatever you want to. I was sick and I will do. It s, um as I'm your business partner on some Edison accepted it said, OK, you can clean my house. So that is what he did for two years months cleaned Edison's house, and one day he saw a meeting where Edison tried to sell Hiss Dictate Machine on and the business partners who were already there. They were a little bit, you know, they didn't want to sell this thing. He said, Okay, we can save the time off the women, but you know I can't sell that on. Edison tried to explain and try to get them to, but they all the night they didn't want to sell the dictation machine. And then Barnes came in, handed him a marketing plan and said, I'm going to sell your dictation machine. And in New York, he said, um, Addison set in New York, you consult in the whole country. And of course, Bonds accepted. He has sorted through. He has already had a business plan, and he really wanted to make this work. It was his big chance after two years off, just sticking with Edison and some studying him and looking at his life and all these things. So he accepted. I mean, he had a burning desire. He really wanted that. So in the end, what happened? They had a business relationship for about 30 years, and they both get rich. Man be corresponded if animal animal job selling the citation in shape. And yeah, that's that's the story. Make a long story short. They both get rich because they had did that. And the sing is Bonds had just the desire that he could do it this once, saying, and he didn't want it to do anything else. He just wanted to be business partner was it seemed to be totally impossible. But he did it anyway, so and that's the point. What? You what you learn here about affirmations? Yeah, it's It's all about believing in yourself and having the right affirmations in your hat on . When you ever doubt that you can not do something, Please sink of Barnes. You can do that. If he could do that, you can do that. 24. 09 (6) Visualization: something which is as important for you as your affirmations. Are you visualizations? So what is this? It's you most probably have stumbled over that on. It's pretty easy. Regionalisation is a vision board on a wishin board is something you create yourself. Stick all the things you want to reach in your life. You Goethe on it on because you see it each and every day, it will go into your mind and you believe that this will happen. You don't know how butted with so there are easy ways to create your vision port. You can actually do it online. There are chances or their programs where you can great wishing board and you can use a piece of paper and just cut out some images from mega zines and glue them on the paper. And then you have your vision board. No matter how you do that, you can also created digitally on. Just put it as a desktop background, no matter how you do it. The point is that you need to have a look at it every day. On when you do that, it's as important as your affirmations. You say to yourself that you are going to get there, no matter what the question is them Onley. You know what? Will the universe show you to make this possible? It's not about something magic, which happens. You have to. Teoh grabs the chance if you get it. But it's something you have in mind and you stick to on which is always coming in front of your eyes. And when it's doing you No. Okay, that is what I am focusing on. That is where I'm going on to now. Where you go is the ones tap to reach your goals. So visualization is pretty important. Some people learn because they hear something. And some learned because they see something. And to make sure you are either off them, we do both. We listen to the affirmations on we look at our vision ports 25. 10 (5) Exercising (exploit yourself): So now let's talk about a topic. We are all guilty, most probably not to do each and every week they whenever. So I know I am. Maybe you're not. Um but we all need to to exercise, right? So And how can we do that? Well, we can do that after we get up each and every day. That would be perfect, right? You can cross it off your list. You don't have to exercise anymore over the whole day because you have done it already. And I'm not talking about exhausting exercising for an hour or so. I'm just talking about minutes. So 10 minutes, 15 minutes. If that could be in your morning retreat and you could do some exercising over that time, that would already be perfect. So what I have used is Jim Mando. This is not an advertising for Jim under. You can use whatever you want. You can just basically do some sit ups if you prefer to. It just about getting too sweet. And if you are, Sweeting is perfect. That's enough. And because when you are sweeting, you are getting more air into your body. When you breathe faster, you getting more air into your body, and then you feel fitter on that is all we want to reach. Right? So for our eight steps in our morning routine, this sport exercising this is some exercising is just because we want to. I feel better on because we want to get more, more air into our body. So you try that you know you will feel better. But I'm afraid you don't stick to it like I didn't. But you know, I will get back to that. Andi and I have tried it a few times. And I must say I felt pretty good, so I have no excuse not to do it. So how about you? Are you going to try it? Are you going to see how you feel them? Well, you used him on. Or if you use anything else, it's totally fine. You can runs through the park if you want to. It's just up to you. It just about getting some air into your body and to start Sweeting, that's all. So, um, try it, please. Look at the resource is we provide on them. Get treat, do some exercising 26. 11 (4) Reading: Get your Brain into Gear: Now we are in step number for you are going through your content pretty quickly on bond. Now we're at the point where we start reading. Yes, You hurt, right? You should start reading in your morning. You just pick a book, maybe a self development book or something like that, and start reading a few pages. Maybe just two or three. Maybe you have time for four or five. You don't know, but I don't know. But it doesn't matter, really. How many there are. It's just that you read that you get and give your brain a few new ideas on. The best thing you can do it is with a highlighter. Just highlight when you go through the text and mark the most important paragraphs because this is you know, when you look back in the evening into your book, you will realize our I've I've been thinking about that this exact You can do that much better when you have highlighted a few parts on. You can see if someone has a really great a book, really went through it and really, you know, drove deep into it or if someone just wants rid quickly, so you can see that on some for yourself. It's much better when you dive right into the book. So the best thing is really to read the book a few pages. Just sit down on your desk, read a few pages, goes through them, highlighted most important paragraphs. And then in the evening after you have given your brain something to think about over the whole day in the evening, you will. You will now what you have read and what does. Why this is important to you. That is what it's all about. Read something which is important to you. This can be also something which is about your one thing. That doesn't matter. It just matters that you're reading because then you get some new ideas on after your brain is now fresh is the best time to manifest these ideas into your hat. 27. 12 (3) Focus: on our search step. We're now talking about focus. So what does it mean? So now you have already done you exercising. You have done your reading, and your brain is filled with some new fresh air on the one hand and with some new knowledge, on the other hand, because you have read your book and now we need to go through a day and really focus. So just maybe close your eyes and go through your day and realize what you have to do most Probably you cannot just do one thing. It would be great, right? If we could now work on, are one thing and then cross everything else off the list. But most property you belong to, 99% off the rest off the population, and you have to do some other things. That's where. So we need to be realistic. Maybe you can do that in your holiday, Of course. Then you maybe you don't have to do anything else but focus on yourself and you have one thing. But it's not. If you have to do it while you're working, you most hope you have to go to work first and then have some time off to recharge your battery on. Then you can focus on your one thing. Maybe that's how it is. That's pretty good. That's OK. It's just, you know that you know, up front when you do what and that you really put time into your day when you are focusing on your one thing it can and should. In best case, it would be the first thing you do in the morning. If that can't be, you do it in the afternoon. More in the evening, whatever suits you bet needs, um, and then you just go through it and recharge and then go to your one thing. That's also pretty good. So it just that you need to things true your day, what you have to do, All the things you have to accomplish today on that is the best thing you can do. When you focus up, just sit down, close your eyes. Those three a day on, realize what you have to do. Step by. Step on. That's step number three. We're getting close to one on. Yeah, let's dive into number two 28. 13 (2) Writing (Write your Thoughts on Paper): step Number two is all about writing. Yeah, you heard it right after you had to do some exercising and you had to do some reading. Now we're going to write everything down. What? We have just put our mind under in focusing. So you have focused on to something, and now it's time to write that down. You have went through all the things you want to accomplish today on. Now you need to put those down into your maybe your bullet journal. Why not On some when you do that and really put it down, step by step. You don't have to do list anymore. Please remember the video we had about a to do list and a success. This, we know are back to our success this because now you know what you have to focus on to be successful and just write those things down. Off course, you most probably along to 99% of the rest off the population, and so you have to do other things. We talked about that, but basically write down the things you need to do today to get one step closer to your one thing. So how did you do that, remember or imagine you have a cake on. You have sliced this cake into six pieces and one piece thes off C six pieces. You have sliced in another four or six pieces, totally up to you. I know it's very small piece. Um, but that works. So, um, now you write down what this thing is you have to do today from your slice number one with the other six pieces you have to do tomorrow. And the other day I'm to just go show you step by step. So today is day one off your first slice and you have to do your first step on the next six days. You are going to do the other six steps. So after six days, you have filled one slice on. Then you go to the next slice and so on. So after you have completed all slices, you are done with your cake. In this case on, you have accomplished your one thing that can just go about, you know, 24 days just s mike. Some panel shows, but you can also do it about over 180 days. It doesn't matter. It's just that your keep going. Sometimes you have to repeat steps. It's pretty good to. The main point is that you have to do it each and every day on the best thing to do it is when you write it down because whatever is written down, you most probably do. If you were just put it on a sticky note around your computer, you most probably won't do it. Why ever that isn't what are Brain tells us, but we most probably accomplished, just thinks we have frightened out. Maybe you're different. That's pretty cool. But still, go ahead and put it down into your bull journal onto your notebook, whatever you prefer to use, so go ahead and let's get to the writing part. 29. 14 (1) ONE THING: you have done it. You are now a number one on. You can now do your one thing. So what marriage is, it doesn't matter. Grab whatever you need and start doing your one thing. It's not that you need to do it immediately. As I said before, you can do it in the afternoon. If you can't do it in the morning, that's a pretty OK. Just make sure you recharge your batteries before you start, and it's also not important that you work on it for hours and hours and hours to come. It's more important that you do it each and every day. Even if it's just a baby step, that's fine. It's just that you are doing your step on that. You're doing it each and every day on if one day you just, you know, research some material that's OK. But the next day you need to get in action. It's just about how you have planted. So when you have sliced your piece into six pieces and you know that you can do today one off these pieces, then get that done, and please, no excuses here. We have to go. Our little baby step to reach the goal to get the whole thing going. So don't forget, this is the success, and life depends on focusing on your one thing on to taking action to do your one thing. So each and every day, one little piece will make a big piece off all the puzzles. All the puzzle pieces you have done on you will get your one thing done. Andi. In the end, you will be successful. That's that's a point, you know. Don't forget. It's the one thing which is going to make you successful. So let's go on, have a lot of fun doing it, going your baby steps. 30. 15 Outro: but congratulations. Now you have worked through Shep history as well. On what can I say? You did a great job. I hope it didn't bother you. I hope you enjoy going through this chapter on you know, now you're getting a lot of material with some recipes for your brain food. There's also something you can do for yourself to help your body focusing on something to get your one thing done. So just go through this material. It's not, You know, the courses over officially, but the's additional material will help you if you need a little bit more brain food can't be bad. So Goche would have a look at the recipes on all the other things we need to do now. So I hope you enjoyed it on some help. You can do your baby sets now each and every day. And, of course, your morning machine, right