Coulomb's Law (Electric Fields and Electricity - Class 2 - Physics) | Edouard RENY | Skillshare

Coulomb's Law (Electric Fields and Electricity - Class 2 - Physics)

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Coulomb Force (Coulomb's Law - Ep00)

    • 2. Understanding Coulomb's Law, the Lesson (Coulomb's Law - Ep01)

    • 3. Exercise 1 ( Difficulty: easy, Coulomb's Law - Ep02)

    • 4. Exercise 2 ( Difficulty: moderate, Coulomb's Law - Ep03)

    • 5. Exercise 3 ( Difficulty: moderate, Coulomb's Law - Ep04)

    • 6. Exercise 4 ( Difficulty: hard, Coulomb's Law - Ep05)


About This Class

Two electric charges can repel or attract one another. The force between them is called the electric force or the Coulomb force and is actually at the origin of electricity! What determines its value can be summed up in one single equation called Coulomb’s Law.

In this class, you will get familiar with the mathematical expression of Coulomb’s Law which will help you understanding it in depth. We will look at the parameters that influence this force: the magnitude of the charges, the distance between them and the environment in which the charges are located.

You will also be exposed to a variety of training exercises that will teach you how to manipulate this equation in order to solve physics problems involving electric charges. The exercises are presented in increasing level of difficulty

There are 5 episodes in this class

Episode 1 is the lesson itself.

Episode 2 is a direct application of Coulomb’s Law.

Episode 3 dives a little deeper as you have to find out the specific position between two repelling charges when a third charge would not feel any force.

Episode 4 looks into Coulomb’s law applied in a 2-dimensional space. This exercise is an excellent reminder on how to add vectors graphically and analytically.

Episode 5 is a final exam level problem where you will have to figure out the distance between two charges that are simultaneously subjected to electrical and mechanical forces. This exercise is an excellent reminder on how to solve problems involving forces: This video is full of valuable tips!

If you follow this class till the end, and carry out all the exercises diligently, you will gain a good understanding of Coulomb’s Law. You will then be ready for the next ride of this course that deals with electric fields. At this point, you will realize that Coulomb’s Law emerges naturally from the quantitative description of electric fields!

This class is the second of a series that I intend to produce on Electric Fields and Electricity. The first one detailed what an Electric Charge is. If all goes according to plan, the following classes will be Electric Fields, DC Electric Circuits and If I have the time, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Capacitance.

The level of this class corresponds to the last years of high school physics programs. This makes it an ideal tool as support for the lessons you get at school, and also to prepare any high school diplomas in Physics, like for example IB Physics, A-Level Physics, AP Physics etc.