Costume just in time for Halloween | Veronica Druta | Skillshare

Costume just in time for Halloween

Veronica Druta, Design your Mind!

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • eye lenses

    • white face

    • Details

    • More Paint!

    • Final Touches


About This Class

Halloween is so close and yet you don't have a costume. 

No worries! 

With a little bit of paint and eye shadow you can be one scary Clown! 

This can work for both men and women! The principles are the same!. 


You will need: 

Face paint: red, black and white (you will need this one the most) - I got them at Halloween Spirit, yet you can find them at craft stores 

Paint brushes: get them at the dollar store or in your garage in the 4th grade storage box. A variety of sizes will be beneficial, yet the most important are the finer one and the one that can give you the best covarage (to paint your face and neck)

Eye shadow: red, black and pink colors. If like in my case you do now have red eye shadow, use a red lipstick. 

Makeup brushes (medium and small) 

Faux eyelashes: I had red ones, but you can do the look with black as well 

Colored lenses: also your choice of pattern. !!! Make sure you contact an eye doctor before inserting anything in your eye!!!

White hair spray: this is optional, but it will complete the look. 

I also painted my nails in black at the end, but I did not film it. Definitely optional. 


If you have any questions about this video, let me know and I will answer them.

Have fun





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Veronica Druta

Design your Mind!

EDUCATION Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design from Algonquin College, 2012

Ontario Building Code Certification in the following classifications: General Legal/Process - 2012


Born and raised in Moldova, Ms Druta moved to Canada in 2008 to study Interior Design at Algonquin College. During the four years in the Interior Design program, Ms. Druta worked on residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality...

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