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Costume just in time for Halloween

Vero B.

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. eye lenses

    • 3. white face

    • 4. Details

    • 5. More Paint!

    • 6. Final Touches


About This Class

Halloween is so close and yet you don't have a costume. 

No worries! 

With a little bit of paint and eye shadow you can be one scary Clown! 

This can work for both men and women! The principles are the same!. 


You will need: 

Face paint: red, black and white (you will need this one the most) - I got them at Halloween Spirit, yet you can find them at craft stores 

Paint brushes: get them at the dollar store or in your garage in the 4th grade storage box. A variety of sizes will be beneficial, yet the most important are the finer one and the one that can give you the best covarage (to paint your face and neck)

Eye shadow: red, black and pink colors. If like in my case you do now have red eye shadow, use a red lipstick. 

Makeup brushes (medium and small) 

Faux eyelashes: I had red ones, but you can do the look with black as well 

Colored lenses: also your choice of pattern. !!! Make sure you contact an eye doctor before inserting anything in your eye!!!

White hair spray: this is optional, but it will complete the look. 

I also painted my nails in black at the end, but I did not film it. Definitely optional. 


If you have any questions about this video, let me know and I will answer them.

Have fun


1. Introduction: think well with you. I will be doing a health Spain and some makeup today is new Rainy and I am very tired. However, I am very excited to show this to you and trying to bear with me all the tools that you feel and then if you have any questions and 2. eye lenses : before it gets messy. I put my contact lenses in. Before you do that, make sure to contact an eye doctor. And even if you don't need a prescription and not using caller lenses like I do, it's still a good idea. And check out the instructions before you are trying to procure. Thing is a moment of celebration after putting just the first level another both in, and I am a happy camper ready to start. 3. white face : starting by painting my face in, in retrospect, out. Probably more water, I e think I went and then in the end, he started cracking on. Just make sure you're flying that they paint in a thin layer. And then, if you think that you needed more, why or you want a more intense just keep applying more votes as opposed to big layer from the start. Speed it up towards the end, so doesn't get for I found the state and Spain up a generic howling. However, I think you can find it at any art store as well. There are different kinds of face paint out there. I just want with the multi near one that I could find water soluble, and it's easy to remove. Uh, you know your face or your body afterwards, but it doesn't leave a market. Anyone touches you after it's dry. It drives pretty quickly as well. So weakens do touch ups and such a pretty fast. Yeah, I think the truth that I got was about $5 it's probably a lot lost me another set of makeup like this one, I think. Overall, as you can see, I'm covering everything, including my eyebrows and my later on. I will be doing some details over that. That's why the whole thing covered up. I'm just leaving t I saw kids or my eyelids unpainted because I will be using a normal eye shadow or finishing up with the face. I am starting to draw the next into that strives caller. As I said, I'm starting with the white Queen first. It's easier that way. Something ISS out of line or later on needs to be touched up. I'm just drawing the lines down in the form of those you know, A very for mate eclipses, I guess. 4. Details: way, way brush and I'm going to take the blocking and slowly start drawing my I'm going to do artistically. So going Jeff in kind of Jake, my growth, but then kind of resemble over a French or not too much just have different Jealous I don't way I'm taking a brush and my because I don't actually own I shot. So I'm going to use just the I guess, But look, stay which works like that, guys, including just to make that way. Skinny change. And then I'm just going again. Over the eyes to read is I shot and I was running out way for more depth. I am adding lot eyeshadow idea. Chung Mai, Theo, Theo Red facing and start on, I'm starting with outer edge. However, I wouldn't recommend that I later on that exact once straight from it , doesn't have to match from one set of place together. I just went with the pattern is not really You can always wait. It's brought and just I currently next they lead to face alone to dry, and I second part of the way. I think you can see here. I'm using more water and much better and that That's why I definitely So you wanna have the effect off watercolor as opposed to Dio backed off India Klar acrylic paints. 5. More Paint!: finishing off Theo. Next time working on the details, I'm adding with a very fine brush. Someone go from the tip off. Each is exactly corner. Just to make the effect off more authentic think well with you. This will create girl but overshadow and make the fact that this is a non 6. Final Touches : all right here for the final touches. I am take ill but more lipstick drawing a shadow above my eyebrows to give them more depth . I'm on in shadow to my collar, using the same arrests, lipstick using small shot of brush. I am taking a black eye shadow and I'm shading around the mouth area and anywhere else that needs the way. Teoh, you are the end on fixing my brows with blocky. I am a planning the collar with back pain for more contrast as the last touch, I'm adding a spear like drawing through my eye. I'm just using old better fraud, pained with, um, water. - This is the final look. I sleep into my dear wife as well. I hope this video helped you and gave use the region for your holiday. If you have any questions or comments, please write them. Develop this video and I'll respond as soon as I can