Costume design for comics: Your first Character

Laurie aka Cetriya Thomas

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction: What you will learn

    • 2. Who is your character

    • 3. Develop your Styleboard

    • 4. Bonus Tip: Don't fall into a hole

    • 5. Design Tips

    • 6. Colors

    • 7. Final Thoughts


Project Description

Have your character go shopping

Think about how you find things that you like, or ask someone how they found the new cool thing. Consider the world you live in and what your day to day activity is like. Now apply that to your character. What do they do day to day? Who are they as a person? what kind of world do they live in and how does that effect what clothes they can choose from?

Once you have a general Idea of what your character is like and what style they tend to go for, you can collect (or window shop) references online. Don't just limit yourself to 'clothes' but think of other areas of design like architecture, music, art, graphics, covers, movies, ect. You can also use historical references or online places like Pinterest and Tumblr to find great imagery to spike your creativity. 

sketch down elements and/or make a list of what you like and what would match your character and their world. 

Finally, put it all together in a final front and back full body sketch of your character. 

Student Projects

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Alex Giversen
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