Cosplay 101: How to make a costume helmet from EVA foam | David White | Skillshare

Cosplay 101: How to make a costume helmet from EVA foam

David White, I make movie quality costumes

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12 Videos (55m)
    • Intro: What we'll learn

    • Tools that you will need

    • Making your pattern

    • Transferring the pattern to foam

    • Cutting the foam

    • Shaping the foam - preparing for glue

    • Gluing pieces together - Part 1

    • Gluing pieces together - Part 2

    • Minimizing seam lines

    • Preparing for paint

    • Painting - tips and tricks

    • Wrap Up


About This Class

In this 55 minute class you will learn the step-by-step process for making a foam helmet, which will give you basics to fabricate any other costume piece from foam. This is a class is perfect for upping your halloween game or wowing your friends with new creations for your next adventure at a comic convention. No prior experience is required! But even if you have some experience, I include tips and tricks to help you get more out of foam fabrication.

Foam is a great material. It's cheap and easy to find. It can be used for a variety of costume applications and is very versatile. After this class, you'll feel comfortable working with foam for any costume piece you can imagine.

We'll cover:

  • Tools that you'll need
  • How to make patterns
  • Cutting foam
  • Gluing the pieces together
  • Minimizing seams
  • Preparing for paint
  • Painting

By the end of this course, you'll have a completed base of a helmet that you can paint and decorate however you want. Integrate it into a costume to impress your friends when you go to your next comic convention or to your next Halloween party.

Once you've finished your helmet, I'd love to see your work! Please share your stuff!


Some of the tools that I talk about in the first lesson:





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David White

I make movie quality costumes

David White has loved sci-fi/fantasy from an early age, but didn't get into cosplay at comic conventions until he built his first stormtrooper in order to join the 501st Legion. After that he was bitten by the costume making bug and has been making costumes in his spare time ever since. Always trying something new. He taught himself how to sew so he could do his own soft parts. Then, he taught himself how to fabricate with foam after attending a workshop at DragonCon on year. Now he's learnin...

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