Cose Tu Propia Ropa: Traje de Baño - TOP | Valeria Garala | Skillshare

Cose Tu Propia Ropa: Traje de Baño - TOP

Valeria Garala, Textile designer & pattern maker

Cose Tu Propia Ropa: Traje de Baño - TOP

Valeria Garala, Textile designer & pattern maker

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12 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introducción

    • 2. Material

    • 3. Imprimir Patrón

    • 4. Cortar Tela

    • 5. Coser Hombro y Pinzas

    • 6. Unir Piezas

    • 7. Elástico en Escote

    • 8. Cosiendo Banda Inferior

    • 9. Coser Costados

    • 10. El Arte del Pespunte

    • 11. Coser Resorte Inferior

    • 12. El Gran Final

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About This Class

Ya cosimos el undie, la parte inferior, ¿Quieres terminar con el TOP como el complemento perfecto?

En esta clase te voy a mostrar los pasos básicos para coser tu propio traje de baño terminando con la parte de arriba

También compartiré contigo mis tips y trucos de costura para poder seguir completando proyectos mas complejos más adelante.

Las habilidades que veremos en esta clase son:

- Coser pinzas (habilidad que muchos patrones requieren)

- Practicar el pespunte de retención y su función.

- A trabajar con 2 telas al mismo tiempo y que la costura quede oculta por dentro, incluyendo pinzas y banda inferior

- Practicar nuestra costura con elásticos.

- A saber elegir la dirección del estampado como más nos guste para la prenda.

Para el proyecto de la clase vamos a coser juntos el top, la parte de arriba que es de talle largo y doble vista para nuestro traje de baño de 2 piezas, así vamos a aplicar las habilidades que demostraré en esta clase :)

Si eres principiante en la costura o nunca has cosido, te recomiendo comenzar con la clase del Undie Oyamel, ahí están las bases de costura ya que aquí necesitarás saber conceptos que hemos visto en otras clases como dirección del mayor stretch, (recuerden que es al rededor, contorno del cuerpo) uso de márgenes de costura, imprimir y armar el patrón, calcar los patrones en papel, y hacer remates (punto atrás) con la máquina, entre otras habilidades básicas.

Y, si ya has cosido y quieres afinar habilidades de costura o aprender sobre técnicas nuevas para crear más prendas seguramente también aprenderás y te divertirás!

!Listo, a coser!

Intro Music By - Peyruis

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Valeria Garala

Textile designer & pattern maker


Hi there! I am Valeria

Textile and Surface Pattern designer based in Mexico City. I am passionate about all things DIY, reason why I sew my own clothing & lingerie, design prints to decorate my home and even make my own mylk, (DIY-ing even in the kitchen!)

My favorite thing about creating as much as I can is defenitely the - share the process & knowledge - part, which is why I want to share with you in here the pure joy of creating and sewing your own wardrobe, specially your own lingerie.

For the latest works-in-progress & to see what i'm up to you can find me at my Instagram





Will love to see what you create, and if you have any question or comment feel free to reach out :)

Happ... See full profile

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1. Introducción: the menus are civil normal. They're like less of a career to prevail here. I know those pieces in because they're elastico e trabajar con telesystem ballast humility extending. Bring Kim of north. And then this man is Alotta. 2. Material: but I think that's sort of most mismo material. Que para on the case most of the German bank is extend your la interiority Ramos Mr Castle X terroristas involuntarily interested in the less time Brother e necesitamos tambien is the elastico Elmi or me seeing Camilla Metro says local community is just a hero. Normal bear also concede him especially bad. Rocky when you is that perfecto sl of Lincoln's a year perfect. I mean, they're in by kept in that the ex steel Deportivo y que Abdellah give almost whole set of data Labor Day. Lisa on a gradual Cumbria esta I said. I guess Jersey is the Hewitt Bondo. Pero is one that they'll especially Andi Glow e am. 11 Important Metro Portillo e in barrios. Color is landed. Close almond a C embrace in calories. Lisa E. Bata It is dumb. Follow dingo istan. I mean, I say appraisal the hero. It's dies. League rest Ambalat. I'm in the quality of the port. Eva E is a Dublin in Mass. Decenas Mazie Videos, No Noise and Eglow, Beethoven's You Never Perfect 3. Imprimir Patrón: in love, but the principle aqui abajo allow the project description it directly create project for the most America gift on the lows are T walls can assist Doubles partner with Rome Project lists recommend earlier on this ale on this MBAs Are you kiddin? In tools Patroness is Deborah him? Blow s later manual car departing premier director in Gaza bmd animals a grand depart in premium bloated in don't is in pre Monell gave Houston are Melo e with a local car? Schools pizzas parable that last trabajar mass facile e Not in a couple winning criminal pattern. Masai Land and Gonzalez We're going to pass thrown Cortazzo and Apple Coca para recordar Attila. 4. Cortar Tela: do you know? How does me species Karbala spaces expelled? It is love unoccupied, The barcode Very revelatory. He eyes me Bs um from the pharmacy. Have not forgetting the last beans as part of your career will loom in the big picture e looks me in Britain, turkey and physical numero uno is Casablanca. Tina told all those American is a coastal operable their local Certainly the trestle tables on sentimental case it you'll end a keeper. Temporal Avandia is Mastic up. Our commitment is this past u k e is way more than they can Women like or love. I kill him in there Ambushes Tantalum is my direction Dakota Land No Louisiana Panera C four k Literally so easy, Cortana Zillow's those low system bellows om and they see esto. It's the lowest on fellows momento co se lo que tenemos cancer ISS bulls there'll apartheid , Rosita, They stay Melo as Yes. Let's go. Let's go different Last See several times in Dante's AKI looking necesita Most escape for Democrats Pizzas a C. Okay, three respect here means malago In one, the monster closer Forest will appear in this super important tickle Okasan. There's them. Cannot accord them. But on the S tomorrow on, Didn't know important. I see it's break down with my mom Court that indulges where codenames pieces Your release must I mean, it's you in senior trophy when you know maybe I true Barthelemy realized number the last time in is a movie star either literal or stolen Negro or haven't days and Loki cook it in Yankee doodle of Kemal, the teacher Forget bicentenary dictionary samples that the system parables. Yeah, it is the conflict. The American blow may seem easy going broke off. Coursey ketosis done the Rachel's that was gone. Marie issue a get all this time. So much is immoral. Pattern will report instances Locate jokey Rosset already die Sakamoto Armies piece as you morally friend But I cannot stand down the rituals seen Okkoto common Boca Massimo in Greece and follow Chico in Don Cesar. It'll isn't in your tummy in particular. Consider and C C. C Ending gives me adjusted. Yes. Analysis, young person, Your thing was a system in experiment Archaeology X Younis Khan Direction is the laws Istanbul's burkino Sambre necesitamos say he'd Exactamente lo Alina Cho Moba intensive. Sarita were gay easily in the either people him blow as then there last beans asked just a mosquito esta full orchestra. Rapido river determines in Pakistan was took a stick it Iraqi and, um tomorrow require. Then okay, I get incluye American they cost or a in don't 16 in quick order Who stole has it all up? Yes e look animals So much time in the drama Hearken is capable Christmas transparent day escape or a mosque Openness to scuttle system Bo Severe Massimino Skomal where a super value Z looking are said in directamente But Trump is gonna samples when I went opportunity for us But I mean I bring there coma bracket Are they back? A weak and im important most interested people Solution? It's no surprise my mom Ok Whose turn in America? Olivo Okay, let's go together. Don't look is when I went up there least of my own accord in just animals drugs Those fear sets you mountain until it is he goes away Yaki undeserved is mild Are it's important They came out Kimmel's in the Angola Pinza, you were so I don't mean you go today in the Venus kissed a cheeky Tito Jackie circular vent. Really American DaCosta syrup policies on memorial in triple A circus. A passenger American because to record grants. A since a demon happiness Tokyo Me amigo. What did they see? You? It was like a teenage stuff. Ready? So I get amenable in school. The teachers in external Ray's famous in tourism E g. Yeah, but most were case he's gonna start a level when you look. Uh, my name is Marie. Still says Kamasi Global Lango is to get out and broke every time I start for really low. Yes, he's ever known friend The Yes, Pelham in dances Montague less palla e aqui. Look at my post. I say is born deaf with their community thrown. I saw him in the groin CIA Joe Low The thing going on a Pacer e and Mr La Peak Oil a Pinza Miami there on a ledge. Um, it there, although, is the love he gone lapis or gorilla looking? Euro is marca. Then this tie a solo black civilian least of mammals e c young. So sorry, don't they, You know, get out in maybe oh, Yankees even distant women to me. Speaker Tito's Come on, Mr Mosque. It is to say For Florida women, the necesitamos double our Gary Acea being the love in your predictions about ironical Studer Yeah, moment delivery UK, like was to prevent he loves the most is we're mental moment A closer bombs lap in support for the little lady h o por que Celestand that it took on the Rachel My most home dad, It's those those he love Llorona or almond a Ban America Houston Medio Kayla Ill bonded Oh L East as a most So the ambos loss. Well, because I get brain, I say days they found a stick up a secret moment. Broadway like a certain postponed Ito's speaking Tito's ego. What if and see left? Yes Tornatore Element The double yellow No hysterical Studer by Directive Azteca in Another secret. And look, Wyndham in America Lapis Okun, Greta PARCC listen seem especially for government. They still hockey tournament Rasmus cozy in the area in those days again. Mark are not Lena rigged Iraqi aka When you see more easy. No, the soil vending machine area You almost a fish? Yes, I remember kicking and Berlin glass go students E yes, The mosques around the last beans asparagus curriculum in which E and Jones is going to set our out. Carla Carla distress PSS bracero But several friendly Pakistan they took on the Rachel E. Only most laws, No, But if you open and close and feel it is this tomorrow poor game. We see a video on this better when it was almost is never taken within my heart. It's Disney concert. Yes, you get that. No, Mom said. L a maquina Bracco said Umbro. It means us. He's the most corn, etc. And depressed. 5. Coser Hombro y Pinzas: de la maquina Obama's a surreal broke Miriam Mosey I get in a Most laws Alfie ladies even Moses Molina Director Campanella Rector again at the end Joseph Ian Gia in me Maquina que Daishowa Taguba Asta Philo Any brains Adela So lost. Restock doubles And really lucky point. Mbare is Selena correspondent Restock Thomas E. Whose toca ala rito the me people in Seattle until the gelatin like a movie and married Oh , Pedro by the l A practice test I mean, Tom in Alberta references parable there loam, poor little marriage, all civilian killing Gonna regula the border the a c A comedy e tra Satyricon lapis Already put on the Danika pass are so close to what I mean is Supervalu condones this Go loco me pea brains Adela Where said last Premera those dollars monopolies We get our meal He a their own Ponta Yoko Morphine Ill He is important this talkalakh Ikea Well sorry. Director Porky Journalists He took ill Umbro Sam Elastico dollar Most political Nattrass classes Pero a recording colas Pandas Elastica Suddenly serious Piloto Look is condor No equitable kids. Look at Sarah Rhonda, son With Rome Veronica Campbell rarely mentioned in Dante's aqui esta perfecto wrecked up working. No necesito. Most case today they told me my Gusteau's Richter, but getting much easy. Mama, Sister Brenda de even I give me away. You are awake. Alert Lucy Lows. That s Pocket Pappas article on mass facility. I give him up. Women wanna Chrissy's sat around those he loves the Arco When the buses anonymous court Then you're telling your one by Saddler within the Iraqi have a Cisco says person i c e no banana So Manganos City and think it's after racy in denial Extra onion sec No si yang Cozy in the upper k Unica said Thomas soiree fluid A personal assistant innkeeper. So I'll focus. Hetero is Lessing El Perfect a part of the inner city. You ready circuit? Stop us on. Okay. And guns is would be a Muslim Beside the exact team although a spoon Barbara's Barakeh say Wilbur Africa, our local studio He pulled out there. Yeah, yester one. Want to see mama's flu ego e and don't see shit Animals Circle stood up for the andro AKI is on the sea Solo you list intense is a key. The onus took me and Rusty CST. Nobody don't know most of China. Religion is just, I mean, intent are in six AQ Ebro are yes, it looked Owens exact. I mean, step with even with the evening's gonna last beans asking and then you almost like a Penelas J lo Ouimet. There, see a key equipment. Salo, Salo Siem Reap Ouattara's e Look at your hero is gonna meet a lot Lamasery chapel Ackee ackee eyes the state in the lab Pencil Al Falero law Intuitive Overcame Blows Area Panero dear h o e m c In diseases of our extra intended as a little man took a point, But it's a G in machine and Alina the key aka Pakistan Lowe's Mental Momentos Amano's When even the nature Yes, Takei symbols as C location marker Remark in Lopez Ochoa Get ominous Important day A gay Lena's in machine arias Interns is a key You back Oh, back home I see main noise W o Connell Attila Maria said forget Jokela Premera from Dallas A giant Rahman Ladera, Indonesia's Kitami Alfie Ladies with super important in Nagako Circon LaSalle feel it is in la maquina the old drop Andaman while e no Yeah Zapanta, stop are the pork? A obviously is no Latina moms who store out on the many locals to locate you are with the harlot normally bottom around Laos Leader Element Nolito. Hello, e commerce. I started entro the last those couples a little is not yet known. Collaborating Sample problem. I keep almost a plan under no mass couple animals? Yeah. G backo, Amalfi Lair E going me there. Ito's CEO operation on the practical planner. Eat. No, sir. Mormon lost to get a scene. Oxygen Perfect. I mean, you know, e bones that skill together it too. Anybody can blow somebody's home, begin your normal Elista. Yeah, Yeah, I think it means those beings us. Okay, put palindrome. Yeah, all friendly. Okay. Like really bloomin quackery. Real picture. You least like Yeah. No, no. Scanning Gumby conical sex training. You're welcome. With Stila Elastica attracted by new super together while still has come peekytoe tampoco salvo be in particular who still have a STD republish I get the animals my stress piled on Maestro friended he only among ministers e c u blame most village Get up the ambos levels therefore dah a list envelope or then throw previous controversies to. Can you say I can't animal last being seaters e And this is a union, the lowest Obama's said Exactly. And the Lamis McConnell level Negro Castle for Oh, but they lost you there, Parabola Brando. The replica accept and allow me is the most any color. 6. Unir Piezas: in Don's is Logan. Is it G s c A Negro going Lasko store as I will the Rachel area so I can ask us to rest on Tokyo Holomisa e encima brahma supper Never list on Bo. You get in there. It's just going to Rachel is this year they took on the Rachel aqui estan last close to us based passport Florida Can you see e a lot in there? You're the less stumbo looking. No carry mosque. Syria for Africa is that gorilla great? Indulges Obama. Vaginal Don't. I stopped out of there Gays Ellis Cody from Dial Ellis GoldenEye Spalla e last visa Always Obama's I off course titles a year Esto e a mama cycle, sir, Those bases labrum in a village is elastic in those is a veritable Mazza Now muscle feel Bonello, selfie lettuce e A delivery commune though Wonderbra meadows super being milososki nuts e a super number than the G whom Garlasco interested is the school store us this thing Gasela psyche in this issue comes up on me Selfless e examines the estilo mombasa under Forgive me and I can tell you're on Super Trickle. Don't She went home there last Coast Orioles. One of get a super Another a lawyer. River can really trust. I see. No, he Remedios given a no. Okay, got supper. Victim and hope the women supporting women e at us Unless every man you see forget all the ways but it soon contour Postseason t three square press organs and Demetrio Taloqan. Six exact. Okay, let me know. Or does he? McGill? Adela Is that Cousteau? Al Azemi brains that they last parasite love to respectable people. I will ask Premier as those manual is the Wahoo key 20 lev either memory I said I keep Pinto attracts part of Ramadi Apology Caribbean A single column Costa is important because embraced Agent Killem Lahtela Uncle Sam Cordova's No Ban Mutola who hurried us in OK, by ambient. Okay, patella Sambre is the Al razzle brains a day less? Yes. Used is the one. Your movie in the anybody Campbell away La Hodge That will bring on Ditto humility, Bagila Bomb maker hockey A malware Zagato musket with the almost all Mr Lombardi you but every assistant Adam were being a key. But I cannot say more. One last stood us again. This fossil us Yeah. I examine problem in the manual in Bogota. Holland Abroad. Cotterill's product. A passive bric economies over Della. Last register is still ablaze. Led a lap A lot of ah, who you literalists instances as a common bull. Tito Mosa la maquina. I like the way about heart eat. I mean suck wise. Easy. What? You know. Yeah, you go. You know, Lemon did. And it will be, you know, Nuevo poco para Komarno They last e yellow again. I mean, the thing we're gonna miss the really does community. That is the big toe hollow. But I can least when they organise argument there is gonna save ideological in in the agonizing. Remember? Because there Yeah, because he okay, intense is a cute animals like Oh, studio Blanco. Still a perfecto syndrome and dash, even as a little old leather Indians is a G. Well, has your dress make a law goalless, Premier, as those my Marlise Keep going to live. Yeah, okay. On your conceit Ambles lost. Cassie does the less got there either. Last season 7. Elástico en Escote: okay. And don't say is that animals a key? Cunego A Rachou canela is hardly blame was where we're having the losers. Low sake. Yeah, Nieto's e a women. This was must see Yes, a corn last last last Last time when the Brasilia like it was entry killed one Of course I don't just focus his school My last If there's one elastico normal is a single Millie Metro's a silly arroyos Are is the hero eat normal Menino's especialista belong goes You know the name is the most common innocent die plastic Otamendi concede esos stop perfect locals as there is in, uh, Makina one of the lowest have in throws in the American D'Costa on diseased. Okay, so I know a c m Broken seamer. See? No than ditto and days. Okay, so I guess they're Asano will in six Sokolac students. Exactly. A Simoes alarms upon it'll asi no court in No, no, no. I came very low. Eq or Carlos in Llamosa, your pony undergo. I am okay. Well, by Sarkozy though con la misma six he well, Obama's has a library Bela Gil six f Kelly who stole a stay and you are jealous insane e a bomb Musa Rami Resort A key e Aga in Dholakia Cozy, most older is by living dances on Solomon Locals gets an Iraqi elastico e a g I will a Brera I get out super saying loudly, Yeah, super. Who stands in the way of the ghetto? Nothing. How you thought were better than me. It is also the Cherries. My sticker. I was able earphones. Your Nash again is just I mean agonal WASI kittens Whom brings out the last part Apple ish And then there gave immense Unisel seeks darkness. Is he demos the little and don't Sesno's Once I could look at it in Lamar Kina he comes up on a last Ekoko Moravia most means, you know, assume momento. I see no one seemingly to see excess more. Yes, they're gonna member co knowing similar It's exact scene or Loreto So real Mark Unicosta, Our no necesitamos empezar The second almost beside on poquito mas is that please Ellen in Don's Akiko Rodeo Drive Islamia! They mean elastic. Really? Stop! No, I am assist. Okay. Bamboo *** Local san. Super Well a Pero ticket being the Rachel Fear may be m e morally so Okay, Indian system, you know, don't you that little that dress e academy Mama Sorry, Mother E Nasim's according Sakina str is to is pretty ill. Patan No Deion Name sitting and Marty musical stood up Not in the market in equitable noise Necesario pass a loan. Masti Quinn, don't just see him make a trade. Come No lobotomy team used Istanbul. No permit Done by Gentle in Dhaka Most sisario Eva Amparano para who started packing No salads by your trick man address I give l see yourself? Yes, I was in the American The ghost story Don't evacuate even was a CEO in the S o granted the ill border it Let's go Day last as you go and get your story A host on the hotel Paraiso Freaky cause Seamus on this Birgitta Lewis soc MPs up US army and red last always Pastor Barlow Lower that Sir William McChesney Moments complete. Go A geek mobile members say is that at the unknown Bogo Portuguese on this time as Grayson, don't just like, ya know, cellular low estate and they love you Get bacterian either. Men will be saying Hey, if the Super Plan on second withstand any in the coma. Another that Della Kamiyah Amendola's those Capus is who restored a in Don't Sasaki Prima's verily elastico. What a load. Right now this is the level Obama says they're a low order The lesbo in Lamis e eggs Animals John Westrup. Yes, sir. Cornell Elastico Poor Liuzzo Sloss carry most Nietzsche Gaius Caesar E is good day, friend. The Rabies are look Amazon parables their low. What is the Hamas of your toe? O esto is Madonna. Listen, I'm gonna love Cee Lo Ovral Kilos bail. No, Colin Macho. But I can no super Sharon Lasko stores so necessary A pocket pass. A law Eagle of animals and of Levy star the law The ridge e out. I look cute. Okay. Ramos is lows rectangle. It does that the luckiest on Lavenda Metro para poder lose court Arcos A low e near lows pizza Very top. Happily see in the past 8. Cosiendo Banda Inferior: hockey son with them? Yes, the example. 11. The decorator Back a little bit. I really total contain a little cuerpo. In a sense, it's almost quadruple caper case. The lower is Tom Ballow, Friend E s Paula. The lander is either Lago Leaseholder, the loud revista while the Landeros bracero Indians local Zahra Rita is They took on the ritual lawyer on your solemn intel up. Are they less time But okay in doses Aggie esta liberty. I was very disturbed, Lindland They reported him seem Billary Love o Negro They took on the Rachel e Well, no going on fears. Remember Lazisky notes all my family friend in a nakuru up for my last beans asparagus available Lumen RG within the state out of Berna because in on bus pieces your bow is Guinness Sandra Lilia We the scene in the you were like Yes, Tito Lapinid Only I feel that I keep either It's worth a very lot. Pinza assailed Coastal You were list deedle no bono from Nam Tok lays around. No, I really mean it Beings Article stubble? Yes. You don't know Gay intense is reported in, say, a key A super number than they receive. That was a E Look at bones. It is what? From there, you know you were. They took on the Rachel who, Myskina. Christina is Andrew E. Everybody knows X factor and the Lamis being just Amendola's coastal's is Rondo New York If you don't Windows, this is, well, almost identical. A survey or drawer level Arlotto's is to see you here. Toe e Obamas Nearly six stuff. This is more important. Last burn a maquina. Now I must a signal system and I can see you them in a way I say literally. The key to our village consists commune. So, um, when we like lepine system will cost alot e away a passer Le Pen's Assi River e LaVonda Yeah, yeah, most Holland he gave super plan on Philip When you're seeing the in the, um one kids in the Stars e and this is a really lost Costello's Bama's um when an under a sortie instability, you always say the total of Lanka particular Christmas varsity jackets. They must stay massive massive Nicolo Carlo Fredo aim of this panel. He sick in local Oh, they love of Blanco. The Landau is a lot of Blanco bracero Okay, let's Negra Sarita not just talking about one of those. Really sos be okay. Most they're like or lessee Sena's leader. He will Bonta six because I, like was to raise exactly anymore. You know, yellow. But most said low eras Holomisa particulate loss. Condor knows penguin Don's is me PSR Baki said Guillotine Zakiya Bemis, co CEO. The almost Sukit. Unless your own level e g way oppa near me elastico, he will seek it in plain Mbasogo surveys aka nunca MPs in one forget nuttiness of is in there and there are people I mean Sambre Osama very loose Ellos ellas those Premera spoon Darusman by hearty those from Jasmine Morley's easiness tell you Hello. Hello. Accordance Dizziness still really last for the cameras in a you know, a leader and way Cnst Ramirez ordinate they love number. Gordon s still all over being questo feeding. Really? Really Order lado cleaners Rosen 9. Coser Costados: least orchestra Mr Pizza CEO. The those levels e albums parable the bazaar Arcos Hair loss. Costello's The Name of a Level They Landeros second last beans us ho a local Obama's commerce, Ephrata say, is number one. They took on the nature for our eponymous I'll filler in look serious Diskin either. E every more store, but I cannot respond. The system travel Don't be in Salem in our and it apart day by most as their laws they started killing. I see e we need to stop you so e on the most a la misma cronista system not in and resort a payroll of for the most CIA Brenda, eat a man Primus and interest gains instead almost always below intones is Miss my heresy CEO. They are low even demo system Bow Who Nemo's they took on the nature The 404 Nemo's Alfie lettuce. He is dead. Ramos is to see the person most. Is there a CIA river blocking When Ray Toe Rag studio When it was coming on senior with their mostow, there were a lot intense is back in Philly Trickle estilo. He has sickle cell phones in the Metro. The direct. Okay, Bombshell A maquina low assembles he will lose same red rose. No school comes a key on the rectal as criminals More Elise e g o Halloran Bogo Get that is still those a mask it with? - He accused that my strap on the wreck That e a moment I will Their low It is in level wrecked . Okay. Simoes 70 is still zero Lupus, another e in really does know. So there is no necessity along Garneau soc area, he says still Drew level concedes sack, but I gave em Por que your brief era in last stories on delays. No, Medina Lazutina's vertical is co Cercone Director Still seek survive? Yes, they come. Women Mr. Corpus Eastern last season. Okay. Is this a really intense? Is your policemen last bear articles peripheral. Alina raped. Listen, don't! Is that the name Ozaki? Nice throw the participant. They were lack of store a day. Levin's her? Yes, that those Aero Lescure in Kenya is they see it is a loyalist on below its cylinder Local Iraqi acerca La pantalla spoon day is over. I am and they say we're American owned. Assist in surround, Rossi intones is look at your work, but I cannot get more gross waste. Oh, come on. Baldo is quick look or no car. Samos Like a student. Sakamaki. But I can't get my nose e at the Mazir e respond The camels said Togo Raila bastard. The list. Yes. Eat. I mean caracara. Muslim baseball there and the Simosa killed. Restore the power cable the most. A need basketball Lazo Scarpa's so like a teeny will restore the Mass La Negra It's the most school system and but far as a rail baseball there they'll is good A E Yes, it is a story about a young widow E. 10. El Arte del Pespunte: Let's most rocky They'll respond in ultra Brenda system Women jockeys six R Tennessee The mosque it is Did he is para planar Lacko story, But I'll be spooned a bomb Assemblies are poor Cordarrelle sovereignty Kabila Most gave a host of Aquila Caesar deeper accent. May knows what s o E by most Jeremy cooperate. Independence is your lover. That's only because he released in person local Acosta Umbro will commit a bracero. Gonna Dylan did eat me or local came and said druggie thing boys is behind Boko Well sarcoma Mim Ramos Male Tora Maxima Until this car pulled up intones his values are a sycamore Here he is not in an algo asi e Well Boylan asana market icon directs the state level This who is telling nothing in Brando High style Tura I came out of my noticed A motorist on the you know double They see Ochocinco millimeters And Don't says I will meet those pre Mass $4 My Marlise Villaseca Okay, E s deal done. Dido practice Apple and Hamas E as him over a month. The lawyer Sparta. You okay? Yeah. L will tell a ghost story. Okay. Back in about I would have let that happen. We have to get on Google. Yeah, Pretty came blocking This is he? Is there a road race? Even a gun. Super pig. A little cloudy. Yeah, barrel. You wouldn't see my last talk several indo way. Then we just all wasted our little Apodaca Millar noise. Think haciendas did a roper casinos and external. So get plenty. 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I see Brother Nicodemus a los Secondo. Domini! Supervalu! Come on. My horse Acrimony. Come over and give me a call about a killer particle pronto Am in desk In this case, who buried him? Your key way up as a lessee. Be accordance. Saris toe over Yemen. They but anarchist in the e r E dies. Don't go trick Opare over Delfino supervision. You were in love, Indonesia. Easy. When I'm in the way of the ecology of respirable air. You little, um maquina you Ahriman the member an off serving. Come on. I will also means there those in mundane, unless cover deport him. Blowzy Lupus here on CNN. He didn't know mask a promise I keep it started with the attendance is the way you this'll maquina tan rapido lindo I m is when I their duties comma Monica Me Andras Notice it doesn't look familiar. Is a locum a local again? No, it and capitalism deeper him blow. Lebanon will be a little prince had their last e you think? But I guess I missed Domitian. Notebook eating Yankee have almost like God. Cassie Fina recording Caleb Bongo ready to go Ive island east. We had to sell abuse of analysis level Lisa e lowest jumbo But I said it all. The land Tero pursues Been seat us e women. The a g not arrest. Lalo Moment of hurricane also addressed Obama's is but they must throw the pattern is a bomb in the sun Iraqi IBM, intel, Bonino's lope with at least er you know scary Who stole school massacre Super listo logrado . That aim is to provide even know that those pieces The Bellavista gay animus. Well, your luck getting a scintilla McManus career. Porky Borenstein. I'm a burger with cheese.