Cornerstones of Cooking: Secrets to Saute

Scott Groth, Food Blogger & Cooking Coach

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7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Cooking Cornerstones: The Secrets of Sauté

    • 2. Mise en Place!

    • 3. Knife Skills 101

    • 4. Slice & Dice

    • 5. Flavor Factory: Sauté Secrets

    • 6. Yum Factor: Plating

    • 7. Happy Eating

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About This Class

Are you looking to punch up the flavor of your cooking? Perfect! Everyone can do it by learning a few secrets on how to saute just about anything. In the first installment of the Cooking Cornerstones series, let me show you the secrets on how to saute like a pro in no-time-flat! We will be working with garlic, onions, shallots, zucchini and chicken breast to make a simple, healthy weeknight meal everyone will love.

  • We will review some fundamental knife skills on how to work with all of the ingredients in the class. Learn how to easily slice, dice, mince and more!
  • As a cooking cornerstone, this class is for home cooks of all skill levels. For cooks getting acquainted with the kitchen, we are going to cover the fundamentals of saute to make you feel at ease in the kitchen. For more experienced cooks, we will review some little known secrets on how to make the most tasty sauteed dishes using everyday ingredients.
  • Together we will create a healthy, incredibly delicious dinner for the whole family with one saute pan in under 15 minutes.

Join me to learn how to rapidly build flavor with a few simple ingredients… then use the same technique in hundreds of other dishes. The art of sauteing truly is a cornerstone of cooking.