Cornerstones of Cooking: Secrets to Saute

Scott Groth, Food Blogger & Cooking Coach

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7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Cooking Cornerstones: The Secrets of Sauté

    • 2. Mise en Place!

    • 3. Knife Skills 101

    • 4. Slice & Dice

    • 5. Flavor Factory: Sauté Secrets

    • 6. Yum Factor: Plating

    • 7. Happy Eating

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Project Description

Knife Skills:

Let’s start to work together on improving our knife skills. Even seasoned professionals get rusty after not being in the kitchen… so everyone can work to improve! Send me your questions, concerns or thoughts on slicing, dicing, mincing or chopping. Upload pictures of your prepared ingredients before starting to saute!

First Steps:

Fire up that saute pan and let’s get to work making a delicious meal. Take your time to build the flavors just as we do in the class. Remember that you eat first with your eyes, so take a minute to plate your dinner to mouthwatering perfection! Upload your pictures to share with everyone.

Applied Technique:

Congratulations on making the sauteed chicken with zucchini and onions! Now it is time to utilize the same techniques we learned in class on your own recipe. Substitute at least 2 new ingredients from the dish we learned in class to create an entirely new flavor combination. If you have questions on cooking times, preparation or flavor combinations, just ask! Be sure to upload a picture and description of your masterpiece!

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