Corn, Fire, & Spice: A Blueprint for Making Enchiladas Verdes

Todd Coleman, Chef, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer

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9 Videos (46m)
    • Passion. Cooking. Why Me?

    • The Deep Dish: Green Enchiladas

    • Mexican Ingredients 101: From Chipotles and Cotija to Tomatillos and Tortillas

    • Smoke & Sear: Charring Aromatics

    • Spicy, Tart: Making a Salsa Verde

    • Master Dried Chiles on Your Way to Creating an Adobo

    • Corn Tortillas 101: Everything You Need to Know

    • Assembling & Baking: The Finishing Touches

    • Eating! And Sharing Your Enchiladas


About This Class

Bold. Delicious. And packed with flavor. Who doesn’t love enchiladas? In this fast-paced class, geared towards the beginner, you’ll learn the basics of making green chicken enchiladas with an array of traditional ingredients, using the time-honored (read: secret) techniques of the Mexican kitchen, from charring on a comal to frying sauces, on your way to making luscious, deep-flavored enchiladas.


Todd Coleman is a co-founder of Delicious Contents

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I've always wanted to make enchiladas but didn't really know where to start (as there are so many recipes out there and I have no foundation whatsoever in Mexican cooking). This class is about basic Mexican food foundations as well as what looks like a really yummy recipe - Enjoyed it so much!
What a fantastic class! I loved learning each technique. What was surprising to me was how incredibly healthy the dish was. I can't wait to coax out all the flavors through charring and soaking and broiling and pureeing.





Todd Coleman

Chef, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer

Todd Coleman has seen every side of the food world--from behind the lens (Instagram: @toddwcoleman) to behind the pen, the line and beyond. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Coleman was voraciously predisposed to a career in cuisine, though he did not veer narrowly to one aspect of the food world. Rather, over the course of several sumptuous years he devoured food creatively: from executive food editor at Saveur and creative director at Tasting Table to food producer at the Foo...

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