Corn, Fire, & Spice: A Blueprint for Making Enchiladas Verdes | Todd Coleman | Skillshare

Corn, Fire, & Spice: A Blueprint for Making Enchiladas Verdes

Todd Coleman, Chef, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Passion. Cooking. Why Me?

    • 2. The Deep Dish: Green Enchiladas

    • 3. Mexican Ingredients 101: From Chipotles and Cotija to Tomatillos and Tortillas

    • 4. Smoke & Sear: Charring Aromatics

    • 5. Spicy, Tart: Making a Salsa Verde

    • 6. Master Dried Chiles on Your Way to Creating an Adobo

    • 7. Corn Tortillas 101: Everything You Need to Know

    • 8. Assembling & Baking: The Finishing Touches

    • 9. Eating! And Sharing Your Enchiladas


About This Class

Bold. Delicious. And packed with flavor. Who doesn’t love enchiladas? In this fast-paced class, geared towards the beginner, you’ll learn the basics of making green chicken enchiladas with an array of traditional ingredients, using the time-honored (read: secret) techniques of the Mexican kitchen, from charring on a comal to frying sauces, on your way to making luscious, deep-flavored enchiladas.


Todd Coleman is a co-founder of Delicious Contents





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Todd Coleman

Chef, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer

Todd Coleman has seen every side of the food world--from behind the lens (Instagram: @toddwcoleman) to behind the pen, the line and beyond. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Coleman was voraciously predisposed to a career in cuisine, though he did not veer narrowly to one aspect of the food world. Rather, over the course of several sumptuous years he devoured food creatively: from executive food editor at Saveur and creative director at Tasting Table to food producer at the Foo...

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