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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1.1 Introduction to Graphics

    • 3. 1.2 Introduction To Coreldraw

    • 4. 2.1 Working With Tools

    • 5. 2.2 Practicing A Bit More

    • 6. 3.1 Minimal Logo

    • 7. 3.2 Vintage Logo

    • 8. 3.3 Texture Logo

    • 9. 3.4 3D Logo

    • 10. 4.1 The Layout 1

    • 11. 4.2 Designing The Card

    • 12. 5.1 Starting Your Career

    • 13. 5.2 Creating 3D Mockup

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About This Class

Want to enter the world of Graphics Designing but don't have any knowledge? Don't worry just enroll in this course and get started. This course is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate level graphic designers who either don't have knowledge of Graphics or have insufficient knowledge to go ahead to be a professional. in this course we will have a brief introduction of everything that is must have thing for a graphic designer, we will start from a pick tool and end up by designing logos using them to create a business card and at the end a 3D mock-up. Also there will be a lecture on going ahead as a professional.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Salman Ibrahim

Graphic Designer and Web Developer


I'm a Graphic Designer with 4 years+ of experience in Graphics Designing. I hold a professional degree of Web and Graphics designer, with Graphic Designing being my area of interest. I have worked in CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects, alongside CorelDraw being my area of expertise and interest, for its flexibility.

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1. Introduction: welcome to withdraw from scratch to at once. This course is designed for the people who want to get started with CorelDraw but have no knowledge off using it. Don't worry. You don't need to have an in a league to get started with this course. In this course, we will learn about all tools in cold raw. We will learn about the manuals of Colorado. The shot cuts off working in CorelDraw, and in the end we will practice these things later on. The practice session of the scores will include the usage of every tool that we have learned about in Discovers will focus on techniques of working with CorelDraw and shelter menus, so we may use it more conveniently, and it'll definitely saved much time for this purpose. We will design four different levels, and these will was been cover every tool that we have learned. We will then use one of those Lugo's in designing a business card before type of logos that we've learned. It will increase 20 minimalist logo, a texture logo, a vintage logo and a treated local design. After the completion of the course, you will be able to use all the tools effectively, you will be able to create your own design for your purpose personally use. And you, Mr your career as a beginner but working as a graphic designer, you may work as a freelancer or but doing it as a professional. My name's Salman. I'm using current Draw Since 2015. I will teach you this course. Hope to see you in. 2. 1.1 Introduction to Graphics: So before going to cadre, we should first learn about what? Actually the graphics are. Let's have a look at it when we talk about graphics. The first thing that comes in nine is what are the graphics? Graphics are basically computer generated images that use photographs taken with came around drawings. Maybe that locations like Emma, Spain blind ours. Both legs from the plane's text type of computer screen is ultra made with perfect. Keep in mind that sketches for handmade are using Pencils and brushes are long, perfect French art. You can say that basically anything that is converted into images using computers. His Luna's graphics now moving under the types of crops. There are two inch of graphics, derisory graphics and a vector graphics talking about Russia graphics. It is made up of metrics of dogs are fixers. Let me explain. Pigs is to you. A Patil is accompanied work off picture element. It is the smallest dog present on the screen, and metrics of doors mean that the number off pigs is the combines to form an image. The image consistent. Raster graphics is relatively larger than backroom because darks store, if they're that asked separately and also there is a limit to zoom the Raster graphics and when the limit is reached, the apex a late no vector graphics between graphics person last level of graphics In these type of graphics, the designs are made using lines, shapes and curves, but not the dots, which means that the strata off each dog is not stored separately. Instead, that out of whole curve or shape is tour as a whole. This way, the size of images that much smaller has conveyed Russia graphics, and we get beyond the limits of him. Which means that no matter how much resume, the images never pigs late. So that's pretty much it for graphics, no less structure. You will discuss the Cory draw and its components. 3. 1.2 Introduction To Coreldraw: Hello and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will be getting started with the interface of corn grow. So let me tell you one thing that I'm using Cobra exit. But if you're using Cool writes three or above you will have almost the same interface and same shapes off tools. Everything will be much similar to this. But if you're using corrupt below extreme, then you will have minor differences in them. And you don't have to worry about this. You get you get them easily. There are minor differences of the icons available in this interface and not much. You okay with this lecture? So at the start you see this window You have to click new document. I'm looking new document here, Adele. A dialog box will appear. Industry Look box. You will have to name your document anything you want And after naming it, Is that a recent destination? Anything ready for anything you want and the offer that you will have the size of the pain that you want to work with. You can select any any title page? No. For that you have read and height. You can select any with any height that you want. If you don't want to go with default paid size and here are need units, you you can select any unit that you won't work with. Injuries millimeters and think. And after that, there are three modes portrayed mode and the landscape mode. You're going to let any one of them did You want to work with And after that number of pages that you want the prime Mikola MOC in my days for printing the document page and our Giambi's for showing it on the screen, for example, in the vault before you're creating RGB is used mostly in it, and after that rending situation, this resolution is the resolution off printing on the page. When you're printing on paid, you will have $300 per inch resolution. DPS stand for dot dots per inch in the I was just click OK and the interface will be in front of you in December. Freeze at the top off the document, you will have menu bar. Many of our concerns, different menus for different options. After these, Do you have this tended to. Our essential bar contains the most of the functions that are mostly used again and again. The first up in the new document. When you click it, a new document opens, the same dialogue box appears and you will have to renewed Overman just as we did right now . The open It opens the existing document. We will just have to over the mouth over these options and they're self explanatory. We will have a definition below that what dysfunction actually does and you will have a shot. You mentioned too performed these functions quickly. Not for that. The below is the property bar. It has all the option that we have. We had at start a new document Dello Books. You consider the sides of the pays year. You can select the Ritter hyper yourself. You can select the modes for creative landscape. And after that units, everything is the same. The one function that is different is this tree object has filled. Let me show you how this works. When you draw up shape for Kurt, anything you want. When this option treat all objects as field is on, you can select anywhere inside the shape and move it wherever you want. But when this option is turned off, you cannot, so let the shape you will have to click on it. Boundary Do move on, drag it or select it in the effort. Always at the right side. Here are some options who stood hands Object properties Objects This is called Dr. You will have many of their options available year. You can just click them to perform specific functions. Object manager landing, Distribute to line and you should do the objects present here and after the document and most right cuticle appellate. It has different colors available. You can select. You can home move your mouse, you to scroll through them and select your desired. And one thing I want to tell you with this color palette is, for example, you want a color like this one. You want deep yellow color you selected, but you don't like this shade. You want to differentiate. Just click and long press here, and you will have all the shapes of shares available going to look perfect for that. And the left side here are different. Tools listed is called Toolbar. At the toolbar, you will have different different tools available to perform different actions. Some tools have a little arrow and the Botham right side of them. You can disclose these corner and you have the tools. Little deception you can long President Seo eruptions. True. So these tools we're gonna use our look, we're designing process while we do them. So we will use it with these tools for a better sending and you will have a better idea. This picture is basically used to pick objectionable Move around. The document ended. This truly is you have to convert the shapes. And after that, this is the crop to it as different things over life to ritual, segmented lead off this room and pain too. Do to move through the document. It does not move the object. It mostly old document If they're free, Andrew, every tool has explanation with them. So you will not have to service the internet that what destroyed Does it just happen over your mouth of adoptions and explain you what it does? And below it is the pages number and this for our here and the property bar tell you with properties are available with selected object hours to document something like basic. Choose that color is yellow. Outline these Europe on five point see him by the competition is this and everything. So that's it for this lecture way. We have discussed the basic interface of CorelDraw and you will have the quiz from this lecture. Just take this quiz and see how much you have learned from this lecture that we have understood everything clearly. And I hope to see you next lecture with more information about the program. And in next lecture, we will use some of these tools these groups for bitterness ending and after that we will design are full of holes that I have listed in formal lectures. 4. 2.1 Working With Tools: So in this lecture we will use the corridor jewels. I understand them in a better way. So first of all, let's Sharara shape to use the tools on it. So I will take the single to drive on the workspace for doing it. Let me use a picture. I will use a pick tool and you can have to use efecto. You can select it and move it and go on the page. Or you can Cricket too, changed its composition and we dated you dated immigration and the angle did you want for that? And you have the shape too. You can use shape to on you are short yet to shape toe. You can use the shape to do change the shape off drawn things on the bridge in the shape will have different fact for each shape. For example, it have different effects on rectangle. Two different circles, two different on holding onto the singular way every tool, every on every shape. It will have a different fact to on the a venue. Draw shapes on the screen. You can see that property bar for each shape and ikar is to be different. Who in this big toe. I can either change the corners round already. Scallop corner like this one. If you want to change only each, have only one corner resemble. I want to change this corner, this one So I first loved his. I'm looking. This will change only one color, one corner, but when this is locked, it will change. Everybody like this have courage. But when it this is a lot and each corners, he's changed separated. But when you use a picture, shape, too could change his former in the semen. So are for dead. Here comes a corrupt toe probably is used as you know, that is used to crop things. So when you select each part to the shape and press enter between crab that part for you so destroyed, you know you have united. You have the knife to deny Toe divides the shapes into two parts of line into two parts of cultural rituals. Hagman delete when he leaves the select segment of the sheep. Enough for that. The reserve tool there is is the shapes. It does not resist lines it. It raises shapes, toe take the or is a tool. And like this, it is at this. So after that, here's this room to you can use them to to zoom in, zoom in and zoom out. When you press and drag the left mouse button, it'll zoom in and for right mouse. Button it like this. So for that, here comes the free hand to 2.2 desired tool pencils. Be supplying trip on Karpal. Small drank everything free into gives you free hand to draw any shape on the screen. But this and for that the two points lying to blows you to throw lines. You can draw lines, bro shapes using it. Not for that, the desire tool the is actually allows you to tracing it destroyed is basically used to present. It is when you click only draw the straight line, but when you quick and drag it, it will draw the curve. So perhaps the desire to and Africa's actual here comes Dependent Mental have same effect as a recital, but the only thing that is different with it it cannot have two endpoints. If you make only it will not. It is not used to draw the lines. It issues rather shapes by Luke beside pools can be used. So I didn't draw the lines or shapes after the pen tool. They're smart. Trying to is the most useful. For example, you want to roll a circle so you can just simply draw circle. Did you have any like you were getting the circle for You See, in the similar way you want to and draw a diagonal you can just right. And if you converted for you, that's it off that artistic media too. This tool is used to draw the artistic media on screen. You can so they different types off it happen to like the different for different shapes for different tools in it. This brush to this spread to spare to can be used to spread like this is brushstrokes. And you can say that foot brained you change it is foot and I want to use. So I will, right? Made from fresh in similar you can was even with the called young plants, anything you tried, I'm going to go the stars like the type of stars you want to grow and just right done off that these are the shape to the circle too. The pulling onto one thing with the shapes when you want to draw the shape equal ratio with equal height and wit press and hold the control. But on android it will draw it in equal. Rachel. Same usual one ratio one. And these tools have different rules in the menu. They have for the basics. Basic shapes. You have associates toe to this case you can use pick to changes This end of you have other shapes like on this a good and sorry. The basic shape tombs and this good When you ride, take a picture And this guy who had a better idea and offer their We have textile textile You always use the write that can screen. So after that, here is the dimension toe dimension Toe is used to give the dimension on. Yeah, you will not have to ride mentions for it but we tried to dimension itself. We just have to get any The shape is too small. So he says he s a member. They like to leave it and ensure the dimension for So after that we have this riddling connector tool. It is used to connect the shapes. Thes two thes tools are most useful tools in current resounding letting. Sure you wanting and let's take a shape, for example, State circle, draw and greet. I think this to take the drop shadow to and drop the shadow. I think he's in any direction. You can draw the shadow, but this are you going to each hands? We could draw the shadow from there. This this and after the tracks literally have country told then to the starving out of extreme to these used to turned the object into profits. But it had the shadow first removed the shadow. It's true, too exploded like it is like this. No. So we actually do have a better idea using any process, because we're digging the simple lecturer to understand it. Tools. We will not use everything in much detail for that. Here comes the transparency. Do first color. It and Mr Cruz do shapes to understand better. No, you will change transparency of the above. A shape, change, transparency. You can see that the shape is visible. You can also transparency has that's clicking and dragging the on the and you think direction, transparency. This So that's it. And after there is the I'd call a rider aptitude is. I used to pick the color based on the shape, and it's him anyway. The interact different to use different go there here. Incorrect TV, for example, this one. And if you want to change the colors and changing energy into the ward and year, good this. - So now let's come to the color site. So first, draw a shape and colored anything. You can select insularity shape until the colored pilloried and after that, also, you can use the interactive field tools to change its shades, and also you can use this smartphone to to fill it. Shane Jews threw it in all the shades. Interactive field does not only filled the shapes, but it also feels that areas like, for example, draw other drug to do shapes and this interactive toe. When I quit here, it will fill this part in all the holes. I think this after another thing in color is when you so like the shape and pressed F 11. You have a tell all books edit field. You can look the type going to go for days. You think back to the regular phone tin food. You're going to have this like this and move it candy company shape these days is every filter is used to basically convert the treaty shapes, So this is another colors. You can also see the textures through. The pictures have different side doctors in it, and but so now we have understood almost everything off for the shapes in CorelDraw, and you have the idea off what the students does. I recommend you to practice the stools because practice makes a man perfect. So go and practices to have a better idea off. It used the stools for some creativity, and now you have almost covered in most everything about every basic thing about designing process in clear Gabi have discussed the tools. We have discussed colors. We have discussed the property bar, and I would recommend you to draw eight. Shave and check and try east to on these shapes and check the property toolbar for each shape, too. Do you have a better idea? And I also applaud a text file off Sharkey's that how you can use hardwood methods to use these tools and save much save a lot of time in using it in this, you know, Next lecture people design our God is a big, strong What is any process and no appropriate purpose? We will use all these tools again. And so we have a better idea off it. And I hope that you have understood all these things in a better way. Hope to see you in the next picture. 5. 2.2 Practicing A Bit More: So no, let's practice some locals who understand our tools better. Where this is not the forum was that we are going to design. These are just for active. So first we have this level B. And after that we have this in Turkey boys and is then we have these collusion level and the heavy again in the book. So first of all, you did this This one and I will try to use the Sharkey's only so that we will have a better idea of shock. He's stupid. So how can you design? These were just by yourself to design this level. We have different methods available and I will use all the gun method that is. Go do the basic shapes and take the stool and go This pressing control growing in equal dishes Go. This meant like this end or for that this does not looks like movie, but it does looks like decide off. But I don't know. I do not have to go with it. Irritated? Take this. After that I will change its fight that desired change these it no moves like me. So what I want is the white color with black background black with my big So I shoes like cooler in offered black Luke. But I have to do is I have to press control and cute pressing. This will convert it into curves. Between that, it is not the shape anymore. Which means that many quickly shaped will not change it. It just it does not treat. It is a shape. It retreat is as object. So I can do anything any modification. And just like this, like these two. You know what I have to do is I will take a rectangle. It's Roy This and offer dead have intraday did created in the angle that is destroying Yeah , equal to this angle movement. Okay, so now I will also converted to curse back oppressing control on cue and not like it the shape do himself, you know Basque and consultant on these two points and thank you you same process for and diesel of this car pressing Hold control. Okay, that is no but I have to do is I have to select this shape. You're right. The shape and this one then bought in selected You will see these options here only have to select the second trip. When you read this, it was dreamed this thing and no move. The above shape you can see that it is converted. This one. And did you have You have made your first mobile No. Scared and no. So let this shape And this, folks, no press e do make the shape and the local equal and see to make the shipping global in central for death. So that all and changing color off these books this shape, shape changed approach this one and again, And changes should cover over the shape do on black as you seem that you have overlapped. So what should we do now To make this below the little deal? Press and hold the control Burton and Jon Gruden, you make it. Don't just let the shape and Russian control mastication make it go below the shape and bigger. No. Remove the outline. Pressing the right mouse button on this cross. I removed it. Select it and breast control G group These but one thing. Then you have crude. The object color everything. You get the same although they are different. But you have the same for them to overcome this problem. You have to. You have to unload this pattern. You and it is not good. So this all these problems you have to so that lobo and go to object Place inside cream and the frame. No, you know you have march But when you change it no control. And you no president hold control quick. And they were outside the shape and that's it. No change, No get and press control. D you get it? You did no change. White candy inside Done with first little and no second Take this one Antarctic voice However you designed this way to design this one you in a similar way this tool I do rotated 45 degrees. You can So the anger here too. No. And now you have to duplicate it. How did you get his press control? De or you can do Really? Let's most Britain Proactiv objected The desired place and president right month prison But president, right most within. But do not leave the left one after pressing the right lead the left button And you have coffee The object? No So that both of the object person shift No rest up. But then I see attention select gold cheese. And again No. Again. Copy it. And no, this time you have to flip it vertically for doing this. It may be going. Do you do again? So what you have to do is bring them equal food for life, So take you to a point. Take the hard line to No, no, delete this line. This'll perfect abuses. Okay, what's next? No, we have changing schools. Force of a west. Get back. Okay, change before this more talk. Take boys. We have different Launched this one? No. So you have made you can. Either of them are placing it inside the car, equipped with no previous little. And now you're going to actually rule. He's first a father usually contain instruct You can. Oh, making black. You can use shape. Dish it. Not for dad. It has deep text. It may be difficult to find these deaths. So how can you draw this? Let me show you how you brought this. First of all ages and Russian bullshit a bit smaller. And copy intestine vaccine, who had most button and leading to lift for that like this and this so that the inner part first and the workers next, then frame. You have full make it a little bit smaller. Okay, get properties can if you cannot find a proper find the objects. Okay, so no coffee eight this. And okay, so this first and leave this one second. Thanks. No, take you to. And this time you actress like this one And this one come defend If you come back you have a g. Then what about P? And to create a you have to take the basic shape too trying Go get invaded. Ready and probably make. And it No, this is And a copy disk a copy end No sleep It are for sleeping combined with this one and pressing old controlled movie. But this no so like the food and go to the line and distribute like this This one let all the tree and that's him and over to make you got it again. Okay, No peace. And it was Well, here's the I that you have made the text Nothing. They are to this text and you can first of for colored If this guidelines no selected and group it for grouping into like this one and the school and press see making center and that's it. Nestle was ready to many ways to do do the same thing. You try different ways to perform all directions. Moving to the next last movie. He had this illusion to the next page, calling it. He had these lights too. First of all, this pro simply and convert right of life Copied your big Okay, begins Copy. Copy This smaller again. The dish. Let's see Like this one more copies again. Everything you have to make s so again. Okay, you have to and the copies and dictated No and no. What is remaining is in. So copy this you again and flip it. Collusion. No, you have the most completely design or what you have to do now is you make this so to make us forcible you have to first of all to I'm copping this because I want the same racial, the text to be the same techniques. So I'm copying these things. Every it is again. Group dated No again. Okay, make us just copy this and retired it here and again copied and pasted to you. Okay, but it does not Looks like it's going because these are I must distant. You made them so much. Let's use the distance. Oh, this much. Two more. No, you said. So let's knock marching through this. But it looks, but that's that's computed. And after the completion of this level, we have completed for workers in practice, everything you have idea for the shot is that I used in this. I know that you have understand everything better way, and that would have helped you understand the shop getting better way. And this is different techniques, the same thing you can on duplicate American 40. Or you can do with my mouse button you can do to get that cruelty and told me so. There's pretty much it for this thing and about anything that any extras that I wanted. You don't I will add. Text will see the text in a better idea and in our next lecture, for sure, start designing locals you must know practice these things search Google to find the simple logos and make them and try to create them in Kodro private. Praise them and try to make them by yourself. Try different techniques really designed the same thing. So the next sexual with designer logos that's it for today and hope to see you in the next picture 6. 3.1 Minimal Logo: welcome to Annan's lecture in this, actually designing a first level. So since we need to design that, we'll go paint, and this will be a typographical goes. First of all, we will need to make just text type again texted years pain. And after typing it, we need to find a suitable texts style that will be good for this. And to select this text, we just need to scroll through text styles and thesis devil One. Okay, this one looks good. So what's it like this in? Our first little thing is just a room in. And so this is good. So first of all, we need to promote this part and converted this be into girls Q tip in urgent curse and African lording it into curves. I'll need to streamed this part his part. Trim this part. I will just paid for the rectangle here. And don't be you to intercept this one, you And because this is good. So I was like this and this p and just trim it after that. Direct this This and this on do streaming. This is perfect. Now all we need to do is to make a paintbrush. It looked like a paintbrush. Make its handle. Maybe handle. You could divide committing white hold shift. And when you resize it, it will resize from Kotite's. So this looks perfect. No, for that stupid and wrong grips boot the bottom corners. End of first of all, I love this end Made this corn around and he's going around more. Did she is good after that. Just cricket. And repeat this now looks good. Now we need to make the ruler to make the roller. You simply need to make a rectangle again on, uh, he said it is good. Good for no. Make it round and lock it And we need to make all the foreigners from this is good, but gross and no, we need this both to Garner's long I love this and this clinic from getting to this one gallery black. Okay, so this is this one. Now color is black off a community black, You know, a brush almost ready. No need. Make a group like painting. Make it again. You need to draw rectangle suitable size and didn't know so the color skin be needed is yellow Well this color to yellow and remove it our way. No. Make it two back. Back to control and pay down the street. So we have our brush completed. Now all we need to do is type the text. No, he died the next. He forced needs to make the guidelines here. Made text people to these guidelines. And then no. Now we need to type text. That's the same own style for it. Just like the text to be off that descriptor picked on. Good. This is my land, you know, from no more quickly. Okay, so we have a real almost completed. That was a first level. And the color scheme. You can go with any color scheme? No, just folks group it. You know, we'll have this and this box and e seeding central. This is my first little ready. I heard that you understood it. And go and practice this logo. Try to make this look around the similar logos but yourself. So this is This was just our first look that this was a minimal to the minimal over and this was a bit simple, but you can complex was too. I will just say you that you must go and practice some logos of this type minimal, minimal. Of course, you can search Google to find the minimal of simple, minimal levels In the next lecture was designed Our next level go and designed this local and providing the it makes fire of this local produce lecture. You can take this image, press it you can see See this local design it by yourself I myself, to this local from Google and I thought this would be a good local to show you an example as an example to go and make your own level See you in the next. 7. 3.2 Vintage Logo: so welcome to this next lecture in this lecture Reveal the designing grands logo are when days. So the commerce for this local, as you know, are there via house and they're represents nature. And the devil may be that item nature house thru roid or by inside of this and Slovin green forests. First of all, we need to design the house House is so simple to design it is simple way. Just need to design. We just need to fourth make a rectangle squared. We're size offer designing this skirt We will go through the basic shapes going to basic shape Just take a rectangle and again draw the ripping of person controlled and then for payday five and offer rotating it basic above This made then enter this now Well, the it in this tangle of reading it now it looks like arrow pointing upward. And it's this is also the shape of the house, so color it green this good stuff Now, uh, how will these represent nature if they make a treat right side off it? Or if I did, it represents some Oh, so you got to draw the free. You just need to cross in poetry and the bottom three. You just need another work angle and offered that we need another triangle. This And after this coffee I copied above this copy. - No . Well, upper welding now make it in the house equals no like this and is on the line that after laying it make it a little bit more smaller. The single It's good. No, like this tree in the house and just bring it for me. It will not look like this. Read this. Move the outlines. All you need is a slogan. First, you need to make it look like windage or rotten. For crunch like that we have to add this. So we know import people descriptor import button. They even know the catchers from You can use Google to dangle the sec testers and I will also provide these textures. Do you even know them toe? Let the suitable texture import this texture. Just Teoh. They must love his tester and the object Our food clothes inside? No, this that's cool. No, this somehow looks like the rotten house are different Age house change. The color changed to green and now we need to add green need your help Wound up with that? We have green fires. No. Who hosts and between forest? You need to find a suitable for That's the making of an import. Select in a detached. This one eight . Now you can happy place for But this does not look so good. And the side of the house Google We should make it house in forest. Green Forest is a smaller That phone is going to You will need to make it more fight committed by please present. The combination is controlled shift and great advancing love Test group These I see Central No clear growth ease. No, this house. So here we have our next flu that they see. Did you already? I hope that you have understood everything. That is how I have designed this little. So you should practice and practice this level. You can download the texture Some Google you save. You can just press control us and it will be safe. Are you done exploded as a PNG or JPEG by control Person Control e are going to fight and export France 40. Just have the suitable name and save the specimen displays. And it would be exported PNG JPG pdf Any any format you want to bring defying brain damage , you need to save it in pdf because pdf is good for planting purposes and the culture. You can use GPS file format to bring the large banners and about your images. The next lecture, we will show designer told her local on the fourth level. And after that I have to tell you that how can you earn money using these techniques, using these for over designing techniques open to you in the next lecture? 8. 3.3 Texture Logo: so are today's a little he's texture level that should always actually basically not type of. It is just a technique to make testers which I wanted, you know, which I wanted to learn. So let's start off First of all of even we do right the text, for example, I want to design a local abstract two personal Ivan take text ended after taking the next type A and select the suitable choose Ariel Black After choosing these just naked of blind black and its color transferring everything so you have to know make texture. So I will, for this purpose state a box and alert eating curves. African murdering girls developed with it. They offer that just a quick one corner and select this conduct occur and then simply the debt burn or delete, you know, So like the other Cartner and do it and nothing like the other armor and do it of that the smooth tool and just moved this Carmen Okay, this looks good for that. Make four difference. I was copy this take and copy this and very some different at a different angle, friend angle thes and resale smaller can copy them different size. Okay. Ruthie's shapes and put it inside. The is a 30. He decided not to take this. Get here and you have a copy now. Your copy. No, again. Take another end. Copy here. Two years of the three attended it. And you have to This a You can make it as good as you want for that. Just select our glad correct and group down year that's you can change the colors to anything that you choose. Your desired colors Choose your desire. You can just did 11 go. You get pushing saying that you can read the same booth pressing control are paid. It is our text. This text is our tester that just choose the rest. That's you. You can make the locals to that shadow the Senate over. You can make up globules like you can make xy began. They choose todo black. Why did you go to hospital and d wondering wines after that district police More filter and this card feeling these parts Okay, over. Then just hold shift. And like all these set Britain, you just have to know this one this part This'll leave one intellect No, you can see different colors Remaining parts read in the shade of red machine. You can choose an equal 31. This looks good. You can make more prompt in it. This is a This is a technique To court Xers are different textures using the stuff that one is this and the other you can is choose another text type B For this I will just take erecting year and God so that these two president are stable and do it okay This day looks like b offer that all the students circle Choose a rectangle. Okay, this indestructible That center can see this line move the object and the Jews transformations and rotation you can choose also making repressing all eight age of these destinations of that Like this invitation as curry degree are desired angle virtues through the TV choosing it to this point to the central, the centre and many copies to run and are blank. This is time that these are and it after reading this off this take this b and this center making its incurred be first and that the sun like shape not cremate. Sorry. Let this be Bring it off that just do you have to be ready year. You can see that all these are different parts of the same shape. But you cannot move them separately. You can you just You just moved it as a whole. These objects are not a group. When you broke them, nothing happens. Selected 100 nothing remain combined because we did not group it. It was one shape and we just cut it into pieces to make the move separately. We will have to break them to break them. Here is a parent you can to collect despondent, break a part break temple even press control. Okay to break them. If you want to bring shame on this, I just I'm not great. I just wanted to show you this. So after that you have to know Make another square, so be in books. Hey, get center. After that I decided that's like this. That is rocks and yellow. Let this be incoming. And are you right? No. Just removed the outline here we have little design in the same way. You can design as many levels as you want and is so simple to do and texture. I just pick any tool from them. Make any textures like using a see this is But it can be improved. You can practice it to improve your skills actually is just a technique. Because in a way, we can use these techniques to me textures to make. That was more interactive. Cool looking, good practice. These things are next level will be trading over and I will dead. You have been a shrewd this lecture, and I hope to see in the next lecture do now practice. These lovers broke his techniques to improve your skills off if you in the next picture. 9. 3.4 3D Logo: so until now we have learned the treat ways to design a local. The one is the truth. We are minimal level for TATLOW. We have designed the paint over this one, and after that we have designed a grunge or vintage level, the vintage Nawas Nature House. We have designed this level for the purpose, and after that you have designed a texture level, which is we have used different techniques to define this level. And after that, now we have our lost Google, the three D low. But before designing this, we will. We will have to discuss some things regarding this global because three D little is not that different is not like other locals. It is a bit different before we get into design process. First of all, let's understand treaty that what treaty is truly basically means that something in treatment of space. We know that in CorelDraw we don't have the through this waste we have to the space. Then how can we make three D locals in this space? The answer is simple that we use the color manipulation in this process. So Carmen, in pollution is a pretty, pretty much simple but it is a bit tricky. You have to focus on what colors are required here. So before before talking much about it, let's consider an example. I made a rectangle. - Okay , so are for that. We have to all of these things this and this one. So it now looks like. But when you focus on it, it is us fair. This is the step off the stair. So I used just I used the color manipulation to make this little So this is basically a technique for treaty. So truly I mean to say that pretty is basically just a technique off. Growing shapes include raw, which looks like three D but are not actually intrigue dimensional space there just through the levels. After that show me another example shows that we show you and their example Football. How can you make appalled treaty take us circle and again circle naked. Thank you. They didn't lose hanker after that. Just 80 white. And he's like of the take next heat. Greece has it in central and forget press at 11. And like the bypass, the people's food and and this is just a simple enough dead he cannot do white. No transparency. So this is a simple roping condition off three D. This ball now looks in it is present in, as it is present in treating. And so this was just information about treaty that what actually true is he ended Now we've designed our treaty, Lobel. So, for this process, first of all, take circle and having just copy after copying it. But then beat okay to first of foreign gist. Take this interactive thing to being on the serpent's and and offer that they this inner shoot you can just eat. Copy this and in practice have been delayed to circle. So we have our mobile shape ready. But this is this just not Looks like a single Serbo. First of all, we have to and it's cooler. Okay. And change its color to do and press F 11. As I told you, that pretty is just the manipulation of course, punching masters. This manipulation of other you're Pruett into sending treaty through these rules? Sure. So let's be elliptical fountain feel and make it and no transformation and fill height or whipped through this nation. This is loves who go to things staying the same way. Increase this to get here. Keep on introducing. Okay, This this looks double click here and here change its color to be darker. Choosing this, don't you hear? Make it right to and our debt to this one. Make it dark to this one difficult year And naked, dark, very dark grandes and screw No, Just move it and dishes again. 11% 11 And make this disappeared a year and make it into his life. And you know this one, this end part making light. Okay, there's no looks good, like this one and control are to read the same composition, but in opposite 11. And no, you have to leave this one. Getting through this art, you just have to We move everything and don't dismiss black as to be black and make it 1 60 But this is good. And now for the central, you against do the same things. Make it here. Match the year Good for dead here. Too dark. Okay. And also let this one the vital and transparency right here. Okay, so we have the basic design ready? No move. Remove the outlines just through motel. No, As you can see this my looks. Treat I went to go is not completed yet. The this is just a circle treaty Representation? No, we have to. I'm just created under page. It's Peter. Issues like juice. Okay, this okay, after that? No, we have to. Okay, now all we have to do is we have make scenting toe put inside this world so you can put anything I am taking the text again of making Let's make it a okay. It's and choose it. Really black Tuesday. It's like you could choose anything and increased its size. Increasing the size, make it center and see the site is good. This ice looks good are for choosing this size. You make it out when black and he'll do transparent. After this, we will have to make a texture. The master will be good to make the Dexter. In this time I would take I will make a three d dexter because we're designing treating over. So I haven't used truly Dexter for these texture in this box. Take the two front line too. May just just meet across in this making the closest interactive field too. I feel it like these this'll when in color it This home, you say This is what? Hey, this is good. Remove the outline off. Dead, This is group it and looking from a corner and pressing will control here and copy it allows for doing so. This press control are intra feed the same process control our is used to repeat of repeating it enough times again. No, he grew up these all for looking from Hold it from the edge about for edge and personal control Coffee it here in love the same the control our to repeat the same process Enough since our a small toe to toe boxes Small. Okay, this is remove the everyone living gathering. You can see that it looked works treated This actually looks treated. Just group it again. And now so that this would be the object publicly Populations had payment place inside eight replacing it to you. No, this looks good here. You can just eighties for a and no sanctuary it and check It looks good that this is good, but it don't looks treat even pasted inside the center here To overcome this problem, I need to copy this the blue part feet and date over a year tank. Just change transparency this well like this. And effect objects Oceanside claim implanted inside this now again through a object inside you. I just wrong. First of all, like the object inside here and not like this. And publicly. And please in this group, after being so you can see that it is overly the a and looks. It looks like the treaty. You can do any name of Lugar from polite. This is a Make it to ed ones to Edwards. That one's change extra side. This make it right in the end. Ready for the work on further. I don't need this. So we just go. And after that do you colored this page? I can just not simply allergic. It is not possible tickle of the page, but And then you draw this here It's tolerate. It will become the background since I cannot design the perfect box year. So for this purpose, theories sure could include raw that is double me discs rectangle to and the quick 11. Okay. She's good. No, no, I do. He's here. This is This is This is good now. No, we have to draw. Make the shadow just quickly circle. And some like the shadow too. And and the shed of properties. How should that just wrest control gay to break the heart? Take this. Sorry little Shadow too. Okay, not take this copy. And no, I ain't the transparency too. Let it to transparency too. And make it transparent. Look, effort. So just do it. Take this and make it sanctuary below the share here. Shit. Okay, this is good. And now take you. Reckon going must lead this your angle and this shape and just bring it done again. Now choose it. Let this object. Good. So you have are treating level ready. This was a true D design. You can use the same techniques as you know that three D is not difficult. It is just the manipulation of you. Just have to learn how to manipulate colors. And that's how you do it. Now you can just you have a new logo design. Ready? This was our true design. So just nine is just manipulation of just practice. The manipulation Nicole tried to designed more true, the locals use Google to Darla street the locals, and practice them, broadview them for better understanding. The more you practice, the more we deliver more back. You profound. So, Thetis is it? We have our four levels designed and foretell was ready. After that, we will choose one of these will lose to design our business card After the business card designing the business over course will go to an end. And in the last we will have another section off the bonus lecture. In that bonus lecture, I will tease you that how can you use thes vest that I have taught you discourse to earn money and the people who were willing to earn money can have a better and the idea of how to earn when using CorelDraw in the last victor. So that's it for now. Hope to see you in the next lecture. 10. 4.1 The Layout 1: So are today's lecture is on designing the business car Before getting into process. Let us discussed three zones off a business card. The other one is that called safe area. The outrun the orange one is called the cut area, and the last one, the Red one, is no less Plead area. We will discuss each of these areas in details. And first of all, that's have a short idea off these areas. The savory is the place We're all the editing process off off. The card is done and all the contents are placed inside the safer. The cut area is the place where a card cuts and the new card starts. On. The free area is the space between the margin between two cards, that is, is Europe on 25 inches from all sides off one card. So let's have ah, a short idea off what the areas are over. The zones are have a create a new document and name is card. After that, choose the sighs. His business card. You can see that it has ripped off 3.5 inches and I'd of 210 inches. Make sure that you work with images because the units must be in just because it is the most convenient thing that worked with the discarded resolution will be 3 200 GP. I promise about busy and record called Brent Discards. Click OK and you have a minute. So first of all that I would never do, and it will create a rectangle exactly the same set of page and put some continent, for example. This is our image. This is some name Smit and other things like details off year. Some teams like it is here, so there is a problem with this. The truth when Fay Vin Justin Coupons ranges has a problem. That is when we bring it. If if the printer misprints for gambling misprints a few inches to your 0.2 inches card with above. And if let's drop that, you're the problem is that that this business card is exactly the same side comes up. This does not in the redzone, so it has only comes on. So if the printer with bringing Mr Misplaces the print, the cardinal cool above this and comfortable cut it exactly at the council, which means that the country will cut this team anything that is close to the border and boundary line of the cut zone. Then how can we overcome this problem? To overcome this problem, make a country and ourselves off. We make these two areas separate out naked, first of all, simply deleted. First of all, take the rectangle end, didn't it whole de get it? Now Reduce the size of Europe on 25 inches from Britain night that is tree 3.25 and 11 Fight in the making. Que. So this whole size is decided the card, which means that all there is included in the car. Nothing is excluded from the car to let's color it. And and this is the saves. And so then we I for career anything inside this You did this all right. Send text here. So when the printer now explains it like this, if it misprints a few inches of 0.1, you can stay. Then it will go through nearly sliding the card zone, but it will not cut. The contents of the problem is hold the problem with yeah, these things. They saw that the content who cut down but it no creates another problem that is this area below the card for any side that it misprints miss. Places that accept the opposite side create problem, which means dead, not a card involves grip, and the paper that we used print was white. So when the printing experience in the country got here, the upper side off guard remains good, but the bottom side will get the color off the page. How can we overcome this problem as it is good Before that, the whole area is actually the boundary or the padding or margin that printer. The cutter makes being printing to card, which means that his record to five is the margin for every card at every sites, which means that there is rope on to five inches off between the two cars, so that can be advantages to us for this purpose. Obvious. Take over one and duplicated again and increase the size you want to five inches. That is three point 75 and two point to fight. Sen. Treat No, since we have colored the margins. Also, that is the same color as a card. You know, when the printer their spot of bad right you so another printer misprinted. It will move to above these. And even if even if the card is misplaced, the color of the things that in the cards are misplaced. But the color blue cars are after the curtain covered this area, and it will not look so hard. So this is how we used these trees owns two. Overcome this problem and then now tell you that how can you design these saves on and saves on casual and the Liza for service? I haven't taken that there another age and delete is thes guidelines. So when taking a new document, you should not take. This size is two fold the 3.5 inches before prison. Scott size. You should not have you not take decides business card. You have to take to custom sights. That is 3.75 inches and 2.25 inches, and after that you have to draw the tendon off the same time page, and you have to duplicate it. But person controlled, and now you have to change size. It says to treat 5 10 two point you I for being so duplicated again. Robbery, Detective transformation and the new Rectangles get the same transformation this group sent through these old so now you have quickly to respond was not struck, drying the headlines from of yes, also like these guys like that, seeing a shift and coffee in the same way, let these guys and duplicate them here and delete the rectangles. So there you have residing in the safe zone the cubs own, and the athletes are now. All you have to do is you have to work inside sales one and make the page colored till the bleeds off color. Same to the region's off and the car cards and even the printer prints. Don't usually misprints misplaces the print part? If even if the printer does so, the color may not look hard. You look perfect so that that's pretty much it for the zones or areas of the business card . Not everything Car faces energy use this technique, but using this technique is recommended. So you should always work with this taking candid when you're working in a professional life here, even if you are are trying because it's got that breed rooms and the same zones around use for other things destruction, everything's like if you if you are designing was over. And I want you to design a business card. You want to do that? You are letterhead and envelopes. The same technique. The same region in the same country are used to. So you should. You should part with these two. This results too have a better result. So no, you get into the descending process. 11. 4.2 Designing The Card: So here we are back with and a lecture to start our business card is ending process, and in this lecture people designed a business card. So we have a logo selected that is a pen local builders and do business card for this level and the ever information already present here three D icons I have created myself. These Aiken's you can use BND are. You can use ready made templates from Internet. You conduct. Yeah, I did not recommend you do use a PND from Google because the problem with PNG's is that you cannot change the colors of the PM. For example, you are using these. I continue card you want by arrest before the PNDs for bundle, so I recommend you to use these items include apartment PSD fermented for the shop using the South made or quarter over made eye contact. He's recommended. So now let's get into that Is any courses. First of all, I've neighbor angle of the whole pay size. Cover it and now offer that just a cover tango of the same height as card. Make it one inches and it's encouraging card, not take the desire to let the upper right corner of this rectangle, the bottom that be sure the snap guidelines is turned on so that you have about your experience working. No, just penguin color. This really drunk the car name of this page and the pain. Copy this rectangle and paste you you number with from tight end transformation but pressing it forever. Blessing if 11 select the because long term feel and on gender Freescale's Que and no changes like from there Cruz it 65 65 over doing so. Presidency press control. Are you seeing transformation? Greek press 11 again? No, Make it after being so. This makes thes lips people for food. What shapes So that crest okay and didn't know you have to take the three point is a student and going treatment this line after doing so just colored black on Make it go below the shaped like this And no, take the transparency. Do so like this and and I should I can also use the shadow here. But the reason behind abusing the shadow too. The shadow ghoul. If I use the shadow, it will not give you this effect. This car, that's what I am not used chattered year and made and up for that. After dad, you have to go on a rectangle, make it good, do you think? And, uh, for you, much larger. And you indicated four friends line them, center them in low. Go over, then that to read this two copies. Control paced you that back with the French side. So now you have to take these trips. Okay. After that, just take the guidelines and making sure. Okay, seeing for all the angles. Now take another veteran from here and make it center dead. This is this is the center every day. So offered industry these guidelines Can the data page it to the angle that he had thought here and I for bed take the sideline and could be here duplicated? No, no comes off these. I continue information here. First of all, take this. Do you equal with this? Why not take this evening like began to steam a piece saying location? No. Copy the information for just again. Copy, Describe and educated. Not based. Start pissing information the unit and no address de the address. Okay, so So let's do this district. The extra guy like this shortages any process, expose lanes. And you know, I have to change the other for that often that we have to just let these grouped in a group remote from these tankers. Note grouped in Just go to the object publicly. Where is it? Inside this friend and didn't know Draw on the lips circuit And this inside saves one outside the city. The decision, The outline No, I have to important in Mr Place here or this Control 18 fault and there of important images here of this Explain no. Accordingly, you decide to return. Okay, so that's done off dead. Just right Name. Be sure the next style. The same as sanding. Average every area of the card Naked white Smith, your name mate. Name, rank or kidding Marketing there uses snaking different colors. So that's our front. I have the car ready we have with the contact information added, the email added, the backside added, And the address city. No, you have to work with the backs. Head of the card backside is so simple that just put the logo here central Worse. No, you you have you added And Deepak Sadie is also ready. 13. The other seen for the department getting all the good. So average black off net. Just save it and show it to the blind. Motivated, satisfied and or not, I have a YouTube gentle on which I make the tutorial videos off the gold. Oh, you can check out my YouTube channel, find these videos, learn something new every day. I add videos on it. I will give you another lecture on how to open your money drawer, using your own skills and the quarter so you can grow a freelancer or you can work on private shopping. You ready? Yeah, that's it for today's lecture designed a business card. And in the next lecture review, I also work with the mock ups that helping represent your card in treaty markups do show you to your customers and do get their feedback on your designs. So that's pretty much what do they hope you like this video and off you undershoot everything merely that's it for the business card again process. The hope to see in the next section 12. 5.1 Starting Your Career: So are this lecture is on. How can that How can you earn money by using your graphics designing techniques? So we have two basic methods for this purpose. First fall. The first method is working by doing a job in a shop in the local area. Confuses Intershop Crawford Sedating shop you got from Danish up. Submit your CV show some work that how can you draw, show your skills and did the job intervals into how you ended. The second method is by working as a freelancer, so there are various platforms available on the Internet by which you can do freelancing. The two most trusted platforms are fiber and the freelancer dot com. So the one that is most used by profit center is fiber. So I will show you a tutorial on How can you work on fiber first of all, a little under fiber. And for going to favor. You just need to drying to join fiver. I really wonder fiber. So I was outside of just 29 with Facebook or continually Google, and you can join the Google Facebook or even contributing to Pensione has just signing because it's sending a process. Is so simple. You just have to connected with a round face particular done. Just sign in here. This will offer signing Curious that basic interface off the homepage of fiber. So I I'm not working in favor, you know, because I usually Bergen diverted past suit. I do work now because I have other works too. So I cannot continue working there. The three larger ever. So don't do it now. But I can show you that. How can you start working on fiber? First of all, you just go through. You just have to go to selling cakes. I'm going to gigs that it on you. I was selecting these. Try to write a title. Don't, Right, Ivan. I will be added. I will. The context will be added dramatically And you have to start your title after I've ill. So I do. I will design. Do you know the rules would designs? Yeah. Do they truly today? Where you been writing entitled After that Select a category. You have suggested caregivers too. So that's about local essential in the her office then. So I have a good look over there and in designing Sorry the reason And after that you happen. Choose that style deadly where you will be created so you can select only ones, and you can create other gifts For other Sensei brought treaty logos kind of individual with also and and run with minimal was also you actually four gigs for these four different properties. Five. Just like fat or minimal level. After that, you can file for May to the end, so that which fell provides you're offering to your customers still alive. AI and CDR, which is pulled. Reform it and it is a little bit district. So and choose five relevant tax to your gig. Relevant flight takes off that saving Continue for that. There is Corbyn pricing on in this trip. You have to choose either everyone off the tree Pettiness or you want to just for a single to your customers so it is recommended due to three packages and name. Your basic brackets tend to forget and premium records enough that describe details you're offering and basic package and it's kind of package. But out of the extras and the premium package, and the difference is you have to mention here after that delivered to choose it. It is recommended to to build Ramos two days more than the standard treatment and choose the delivery time for premium. It's tender well one day or give them same. After that, a number of regions make it 12 or three limited. Don't, Would it on Limited because the divers made fun off it. For example, if a customer you're purchases your offer, protest is your service and you give you these little lines even just for the fund will ask you to revise advisable how many times he wants to. You have to revise because you have chosen only did don't go with unlimited true to tree. True visions to make it one. And the initial concept. How much concepts will you give them? And did? They will choose one of them and you work on that concept. Choose here and excuse to hunt types three and three. Got it. That's will find giggling. William who this worse find that is the pdf file. Are there that is could reform it that CDR finery, if you are offering it recommended. Do not offer the source file invasive package and offered in the premium baggage. Yet with a little transparency both of them and high resolution in all of them, truly market in all of them. But it's really not a remarkably is a true representation. Off the card working. You might be thinking that through the representation is difficult, but it is as simple as ABC. And I tell you about the dream that how can you were three market in the next lecture. So keep he bring me the grand lecture and I will tell you that how could you were truly markups? Cory lectures for your logos with Anderson of that stationary designs, just like involves with develops and they had to take pride in Did you look again? If you're offering them just you social media Facebook banner you do you change a large and even that you're offering. If you're often with any package, you know that five through the better friends at all for the price for the basic package, let's turn it pregnant. Price for premium package. You consume any price now dead extras. You can add extracts. You pick looking er and adding the price for the extra and saving Continue. You have to write items. Culture a very in reception, saving continued off dead. Just add you breathe description to your cake for the description you conserves Internet. You concert, do you and put the readymade descriptions in it. Don't don't write, just write it yourself. Then it is time for living process will just go to Google and through the description that good good for five dot com and put those description in here and just add it at it. Add added them according to your design according to your upper body, your for your service offer, adding the brief description saving continue and you can also add f accuse the friggin the article since by your customers on your current gig in advance. That was Marshall with us, then perky, Terrible, even answers here, dead to saving continue description should be at least 1 20 directors, so make it there are enough 1000 correct is completed Anything. It is measuring 1200 characters of the do the next tape climbing number one sugar for you to get started for work. So what? But is the guy killed for for you And and today was Monty Blanchard. Dash for three days and three decks and under a minute Proof and insane the government, and it is the test fire. Hey, fight. And until it is not mandatory and dad the single way, you can add other requirements like color, ski and the size of local, the dimensions of little transparency, anything enough to save and continue. And after that, you have to add to get food that what type of offer you are offering? What type of service we're providing an hour for that purpose is problems. Best adhere through three miracles. Don't try to add the single finds here. The simple design fancy. Just add through the markups. I have already created these mock ups and see under screen these lock ups and just add these mark ups. Digger Gig 11 He's added. See these mock ups I've created myself and did. There's no rocket science involved in this. There's no rockets is in creating these mark ups. Do you have a ready made complex, a little event? Just take this completing. Could you design them and your accomplice created? After that, we have completely different if your media for its kicks pdf video here is every year for the escape, and after that, the adding video is benefits because agent who's been getting about 40% video, it is best that thinking Break it. They're published Too polite. Here's a link you when you hear this, Lincoln chose for shaming. Then you wait for the customers to come and shut purchasing your want. It's approved. It will be start showing here as it's shown here. Enough. So that's it for fiber. You can start as are working by working as a in as a prophet dinner in a local shop in your local area. And that's what the recommended I would recommend ahead. You should go to a good shopping your local traffic. Zander shopping Yuri and stopped working here because starting as a freelancer as a graphic designer is quite difficult because you have struggled too much to get your first customer in the free lights in platforms. But if you can, if you're willing to work as a freelancer and they started a career as a freelancer than good luck for your career. And in the next picture I tell you that I concluded these mark ups and using this cake, so they talked for two days. Lecture, hope issue in the next picture 13. 5.2 Creating 3D Mockup: and in just the jury you create a truly markup for our prisons time. You have to export this car Export is presently eat. It's what it has. PNG or jpg just exported explored boot the front side and the back side as well changed to back for exporting. Now we have food fights exporting birdies front side here and backside You we ever find Exide So after that good for the shop for the shop need markups you need you need for the job to mean more cups to be at birth Mark up here to add this According to our card, Just go here. Who did you not find his up? Lockups? Find thes Mark api's Have you downloaded this mark upon design reports dot com and you go back to your site. General post markups are good enough, you know, tips for your work that just voted leader section and front I mean be covered. Credit meets the u usedto take today deep for insight as well that that's a this and up for dead Just in close up Just moved filing open Go opening them be from sight pray is called Just cross it. Yes, Did you see it and say I need to see you'll be back. I see the card, Pete and is to to you maybe first. Yes. Say to dairy the series market ready? There are years website a little bit about your license plate, right? He sure decides directly to you. But do not you can Surtees But these for questions, you know, So you can download from design pros because the personally used the markets from December . Their markets are so groups. So that's it for today Structure and we have ended the scores well that you have understand everything very in a crime of SP He's do everything perfectly as he told me that I have to tell you can go to God channel and watch videos learn something new every day.