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Corel Painter : Essential Training

teacher avatar Gurasis Anand, Visual Artist @ Plexstreet

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Take this course

    • 3. Software: Corel Painter 2015

    • 4. Getting Trial versions of Painter 2015

    • 5. Learn Corel Painter 2015 Basics

    • 6. Working with files

    • 7. Navigation

    • 8. Brushes

    • 9. Playing with Brushes

    • 10. Brush Controls

    • 11. Color

    • 12. Selections

    • 13. Layers

    • 14. Shortcuts

    • 15. Setting up and customizing Corel Painter 2015

    • 16. Conclusion

    • 17. Rating & Review

    • 18. How to provide Feedback to the course

    • 19. How to write an informative review

    • 20. Learn Digital Painting

    • 21. Goodbye! Until next time

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About This Class

In this Corel Painter Essential Training course, GURasis Anand will teach you the usage of core tools and exploring the interface of the Corel Painter . You will learn about the tools and their workings in Painter. This course is designed for the absolute beginner without any experiance required either of Corel Painter or painting itself.

You will start by downloading and installing Corel Painter 2015 trial. Then, you will be learning to get around the interface of painter 2015 and working with files and best practices for a more efficient workflow in Corel Painter. You will learn to navigate painter effectively and finding tools faster. From there, GURasis will teach you about brushes and their controls and how to use cloner brushes. You will learn about using Color tools and Painter 2015 Shortcuts. You will learn to work in layers.

Once you have completed this Corel Painter 2015 training course, you will be fully capable of using the tools and brushes in Painter to create your own digital artwork.

Topics Covered:

  • Exploring Interface of Corel Painter 2015
  • Brushes and Brush Controls
  • Corel Painter 2015: Color tools
  • Corel Painter 2015: Shortcuts
  • Working in Layers
  • Setting up and customizing Corel Painter 2015

This Course is part of another larger course taught by GURasis named "Learn to Paint a digital Portrait from a Photograph".

You can save the time GURasis has spent exploring and learning the techniques used by today's professionals of The Digital Art by taking this course.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gurasis Anand

Visual Artist @ Plexstreet


Hi, I'm Asis!
I am a 3D artist and Motion designer from India. 

I am here to share the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years. To teach some, and learn some.
Check out my Instagram to see more of my work. 


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1. Introduction: Welcome to Europe in 2015 century, Raining with caresses, I am grasses on on and I will be your instructor for this course. In this course, I will teach you use it off portals and extraordinary interface off a new court painter 2015. You will learn about the tools and their workings in painter. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, without any experience required either off or painter for bringing itself. You start by downloading and Starting Corp into 2015 Cry. Then you will be learning to get around the interface off painter 2015 and working with files. You learned the best practices for ineffective workflow in Court Painter 2015. You will learn to navigate painter effectively and finding tools faster. From there, I will teach you about brushes and the controls. You will learn to working layers using color tools and paying to 2015 shark cards. Once you have completely displaying course, he will be fully capable off using the tools and brushes and painter 2015 to create your own pistol. Artwork Discourse is part off. Another logic course learned to paint a day Still, portrait from a photograph with you Start by me. So start learning court painter 2015 with me and roll. Now see you on the inside. 2. How to Take this course: to take this course, you can either open color painter and work along with the course or the setback. Relax and watch the course in the description. Off each movie, you will see all supplementary resources. Associate it with the movie. You can find all downloadable materials and external resources there. If you've got any questions during the course, just ask it. In our course discretion. Boots are in our student Facebook group. To get most out of this course, I suggest you join a stern community group on Facebook. There will be a restaurants to help you with your problems, and you will get your answers faster. 3. Software: Corel Painter 2015: Let's talk about this software we need for the schools. There are many software in the market which one could use to paint either in your smartphone tablet or you next up somewhere, just for fun. And some are for professional use, like other before the shop, our trade and coral in this course Viva abusing Coral painter 2015 in the next movie, either. Guided through downloading trial version off painter and installing it on your computer, we will be using the latest version Off Painter, which is 2015. But if you have the older version, you can also work with that, too. 4. Getting Trial versions of Painter 2015 : to get your hands on with software, you can either buy cool painter from corridor com or get a free trial for a month. Donald Correll, Painter Open about Brazil In this case, I will be using Google Chrome. Now click their dress part and type C r E l dot c o M. Hit. Enter now you will be redirected to the website to download free. Try click on the free tile step on the website. Scroll down the page until you see painted 2015 and click Download Trial menu. Click Donald Trial Page will read. Act you to another page to Donald the software here. If you have a Mac, you can simply click Download Mac version and you're good to go. But if you have Windows there two versions, the 32 bit and 60 forward. If you are uncertain about your computer being 32 bit or 64 bit, I would suggest that you don't know the 64 bit version and try that. If that doesn't book, then you don't want her to. But very few nine sold that, And if you want to be sure that your computer is tired, tube it or 64 bit. You can also use a search engine to search for the term. It's my computer, Terry two bit or 60 forward there you will be able to see guides on how to find if your windows is tired a bit or 64 bit now moving on when the dollar is complete. Installed software on your computer as a trial, and when you are done, you have coral painter 2015 installed on your computer. Congratulations. 5. Learn Corel Painter 2015 Basics : when you, of course painter you will be created with the welcome screen dressed three times of a birth here, the first is inspired. Here you can see the world than by artist. Using Corel Painter, you can click on the refresh button to see the next book on the lower left corner. The name off the artist is strong, and on the lower right size, the hyperlink to the website is shown. You can click the link to go to the artist's website. The second tab is created in here. You can create new image and other things we will talk about later. The turn and the final there is sure and learned up. You can select if you want Americans being shown on start up or not. Let's close this window for now. If you want to see the welcome screen again and you can go to the help menu, then click on the welcome and there it is easy. Now let's see. To create in here, you can create new images to start from scratch are open and existing image to start from our opener reason document you have worked on you can also to stamp its to start. And then there are books based precepts you can choose from way we learn more about them in a later movie. Other dudes and options can be found in the menu bar. This is toolbar on these air ballots with banners with different dudes. 6. Working with files : you can start by creating a new image from welcome screen performer five minutes or you can open a recent fight or start from attempting. Let's create a new image, said the name for the image. Then select a canvas preset or customized the canvas size yourself for painting. I like to set the restoration to 300 pixels. Parents click OK, you can close the current image by going to fire menu and then flicked close are by using the defaults rocker controlled of you, That's it on to the next movie. 7. Navigation : If you're looking for a tool or a function but can find it, then it's probably in the menu bar. The best way to get familiar with the interface and navigating it is by just looking everybody and using every tool. Just play with them. You will make errors and mess of things, but this is the best way I know to learn a software. While painting being familiar with the navigation will make it easier to work with painters . Presume into the canvas. For painting, you can go to window menu Anglican Zuman. Click on Drew Moctezuma. You can also use shortcut keys to do that press control, plus together to zoom into the canvas and control minus together to zoom out. You can also use girl well off your mouth. Who's woman are out? I only have Microsoft windows as up now, so I only know shortcut months for painter on Windows. What I suppose instead of control, you can press command in all shortcuts you consume to fit the canvass or make it the actual size of canvas. Move the canvas. You can hold space bar and drag with the most. You can use thes navigation methods by painting. Make things easier. You can zoom and pan the canvas well, painting to be accurate or just being efficient. Let's not talk about the workspaces with three left in the previous movie Goto Window menu and then click workspaces to access more options. From here, you can create a new workspace off like your own creative workspace. More workspace presets are available in the welcome window in the Help Man. Here. In the create app, you can select a workspace to work with according to what you are working on. Workspace is just a way. The tools in the pallets and panels are arranged for this course. We will be working in the photo artworks face. Oh, no, let's set the workspace to before. 8. Brushes : Let's create a new image. Now It's like the brush tool from the toolbar oppressed a big key on your keyboard. To select the best tool, you will be able to see the breast fans like on the fresh I cant in there. The first thing you will see is the recent brushes that you have selected down there. Two columns, the Left columnist or brush categories. There are many different breast categories in court. Painter. Currently, I have painted elevenses Brush library open on the right column. The Brush Raelians are short. These variants are based on the brush cattle you have selected. There are over 700 brush radiance available in coral paying 30,015 and each one is unique in its behaviour and the results they produce. 9. Playing with Brushes : to get familiar with brushes. The best way is to use them. Select different, breath millions in different breast categories and just have fun playing with them. This will help you learn more about the behavior off different brushes and, you know, express to use to produce a specific effect. Been painting when working with watercolor breast statically. When you paint on the canvas, it will first create a new watercolor Leo and then paying the stroke on that layer automatic. The watercolor brushes do not work on other leaders except the specialist for watercolors and other Russian. Except watercolors don't work on these special years, either. Let's delete all watercolor layers now. 10. Brush Controls : Let's start with the first brush in the relics category. The first breath is captured vessel. You can get very different results even with a single breath play. And just by treating the breast controls, the first option is too recent to selected restoration. Let's start by criticizing the brush, which you will be doing very often by painting. Then there is the brash audacity Slater thing. This controls how much off bakes the brush is. Lets reset the brush again. Then there is the re situations crew, the re saturation and rose. How much color is on the brush and will the brush just apply the color? Or pick a circulars from the canvas and miss them as well? Let's select rust color from the color panel and secretary saturation full. Now the Russian only applies this selective color, but when I said three saturation at low value, it's apply some of the selective color but also fix and applies other colors on the canvas with the brush touches, let's clear the candles and apply some feathers. When I said they re situation to zero consent, then the breath doesn't apply any of the color that you have selected but only smudges of colors. It comes in contact with Theun . There's a great control, the bleak and rules changes. How much treaty is as off this troop when bleed is that full? The edge of the stroke is painted the most, and then and 0%. The edge is very sharp. Let's clear up the last oxen shown in the bar for this very in its troop today. For this one, I just like you. See what disruption does by attending the values and you will understand what it does so stroked. It controls how much tea tree the stroke will be. Let me mention again that he settings very with ease. Brush Brilliant. I cannot talk both each way in settings, but these are the main months. You need to know about more taking toe the brush way and can be done by clicking the gear icon in the toolbar. I will not be talking about the settings in this coast since they are beyond the school. What the scores. But I will teach about these in an advanced course on Coral Pinto 11. Color : swooping color panel goto window menu and down to color panels and click on color. You can also use this shortcut key combination controlled. One. Let's pop out dependent in descending triangle, you can select the value and saturation off the color, and the outer ring is where you can select that you. The other way to select the color is by using a just peace. Laters. The hearings has complete to 56 values, including zero and Mannion put a value using I drove three ways. It is the same man done by others, but each matter has its own use, like using the ring. You can Celeste of you usually and by using slider or the input box, you can be accurate with the values you bought. 12. Selections : selection rules come in very handy when you need to be precise and add alterations to specify it. Part often image. Lets say that I'm going to create a rectangle. One is that I can simply use any brush and make it with my hand gestures. All right can enable straight line strokes. And there will be is that I just like the rectangular selection toe and make a selection on the canvas and paint in it. To make a perfect rectangle. You can find more controls in select menu. Pledged the reception by clicking on Dean. None are Bashar combination control these. You can re select the previous election by clicking on the re select. Then word selection. Auction inverts the current selection by selecting everything which we re selection did not select and removing the selected bunch. Let's pain some green in him. Now let's learn more about this election's Let's like the less oh selection to know, to make a selection just like the area you want and join the start and end points Now, activists election. We've shift and slept. The other idea to step back from this election full of kids and select the area you want to remove from the selection. Let's like this pink rectangle do that better. I will use the polygonal lasso tool. Let's Ah, a triangle at the top of the rectangle. Now let's look at the magic Mourn, selection boot. This tool slept all the area with same color. There you click with the Vontobel. Same shortcut gives to add and subtract selection work with they want to. We're shift key to act and RG to subtract. At last there is a selection register. Do using this to you can modify a selection, make it dollar vital, bigger or even slept this election. 13. Layers : Let's create a new image. You can open the layers panel from the window menu if it is not already open now, I'm going to paint a simple taste with two different expressions by using layers. That's great. A new Leo for smiling face you can hide earlier by clicking on the I button on the left off the layer name. Now let's create a new layer. Fine every face. Okay, let's lead the angry face now. Now let's have a look at composer My 30 in coral Painter. There many composite filters and are easy to use for. To understand what they do, you have to see them in action. Let's were two separate layers and paid one over. The other for composite figure does is that it works with colors on separate layers when the overlap and the future has a different result. No at the bottom of the rear panel there. Other options available. The Lyrica months. Manu has four options. The first is to grow two or more layers. You can rename the group by double clicking on the name for your convenience. The second option is toe on group. The group players grouping similar layers is a good practice to keep the layer banner clean and well structured. It's the drop functions, as the name suggests props earlier onto the layer beneath it and is overlapping on the layer beneath. When you select two or more years, then you can collapse them into one year and then flew B collapse in the order the layers were from up. The plug in auctions will not be discussed in this course, but will be discussed in an advance course on corn pinto. You can look clears if you don't want to accidentally mess up right clicking on the earlier you get more options. You can duplicate a live display with the live and get more familiar with it and trying to use layers in your projects as the give more futile control over the image. - You can lead a little from the right click menu or was lacking a little and clicking on the pin icon, but you cannot leave the canvas here 14. Shortcuts : you can find all the shark ERT by going toe added menu and then preferences. Then click on the customized keys. You can also press control or comma together to open the panel. Here, you can find all the targets that gold Venter has by default. Are you concussed? My sees shark ERD sources. Let's know, customize a short for toe open temporal color palette. Select the category and school down to toggle temporal color. Fellas, the deformed shortcut is controlled or month. Let's see what this does when a press the shortcut combination, this palette pops up to select the fellow from right here your most is. This makes it easy to select a little faster, but I don't like the soccer combinations to Let's customize this. Open the press my skis window. Now in the others category, scroll down to temporal color palettes and I will click on the shortcut. And now to select Presti combination you like. In this case, I want to try something like control thing. But here, paying the shows that this combination is already used by tracing paper command. So now I can either accept and go to the conflict shortcut and change that or I can just override the other and accept. But I haven't gained a shocker to shift the Now there is no confliction. So this best okay and, you know, know how to cast my short cards. I can now access to temple local elected but shifting. 15. Setting up and customizing Corel Painter 2015 : to open pain. Their settings goto every penny, then to preferences and click on general. No, let's say in some settings. In the interface, you can select the Costa type. You can change the background color off the interface. You leave this one on stroke. You can select the window more toe, either. Windows are full screen on startup. I relieve it the window. Three Weather options and changed. Now let's move to performance setting memory use. It is the amount of P Graham you want Karl Painter to use while heavy task force Deep attempt. So I have said it took 80% in the multiple user access to bank or since I have a cook or P scenes. But if you have a crack or preceding municipal, two or three course don't use all course, or it could impact performance off. Other after airing in background. Scratch right is bare painter off roads task. When the ram is fully occupy exactly to any Henry drive except see and which have most available space on two levels, I amount off undoes painters stores for you to undo setting it. However, in fact, people four minutes and setting it too low, and we won't be ableto do any mistakes you may have made. I like to set it at 15. That's it for Book Forman Step. You don't need to change anything shaped at, but you can. If you would like to Spice Jekyll options, including like I have. Here are some other settings for tablets that's it, not rest Sochi and save the changes you have made. 16. Conclusion : to continue the section on tools, use its basics. We first learned the become graphic spend ever used basics. Then we said a bit of it for optimal use. Then I talked to you about the coil painter 2015 basics and by the use it off other court painter tools. 17. Rating & Review : I would really appreciate if you give a rating through this course for what you feel this course deserves This happen as a soon Instru decide when they're buying the course. You can always see India ratings when you are further in the course based upon your experience with the course. There's a video at the end of the course on how to given information review to, of course, and if you decide to give anything blow five statues scores. Also give some feedback in the course discussion board are in our Facebook store in group so that we could improve on that feeling to the Facebook group will be available in the description off this movie, Thanks a lot. 18. How to provide Feedback to the course : to give feedback to the course, you can either join the Facebook student group and leave a post about what you like and what could be done better. Or you can just leave me a message through the U to me, and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible. 19. How to write an informative review : your review provides others with the insight to what the course has to also before they spend their money. This is a great responsibility for the student to provide an information reviewed. Your course and information review includes things like Does this course offer what it terms is to offer to the potential customer on How well does it do that job is the course material Understandable. What about the presentation? Extract off the course and, yes, you can just write a single line review or you can go in depth about the course. It is all up to you and your words. 20. Learn Digital Painting : If you would like to learn more and using all it that you have gained and take your education further, then you can have a look at my another course, which this course is a part off. You can learn more in the course. Learn to paint a distal portrait from a photograph by grasses. The district court repainting caused by me will make use off the knowledge that you have gained now in discourse and put it to use, and I will be delighted to see you there. 21. Goodbye! Until next time : congratulations on completing the course. I hope that you have learned something useful from this course. Your service, Kate, for discourse on the still 40 painting from a photograph is now available to download. Just like the trophy I can at the end of the Progress part and the coast dashboard and down on this earth. Pdf. And you will also be able to get the certificate in your email from Udine. So this is goodbye, then. This has been Gracie's with Black Street on to the next time.