Core Java Development Course for Beginners - Part 3 - Control Statement Types | Udayan Khattry | Skillshare

Core Java Development Course for Beginners - Part 3 - Control Statement Types

Udayan Khattry, SCJP, SCWCD & Oracle Database SQL Certif

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11 Videos (2h 17m)
    • Selection Statements if, if else

    • Selection Statements if else if else

    • Selection Statement switch case

    • Looping Statements while 1

    • Looping Statements while 2

    • Looping Statements do while

    • Looping Statements for

    • Nested Control And Labeled Statements 1

    • Nested Control And Labeled Statements 2

    • Branching Statements 1

    • Branching Statements 2


About This Class


This course is for anyone who wants to learn Java from scratch, polish java skills, face java interviews and prepare for java certifications.

Anyone can take this course and go from 0 developments skills to being expert in OOPs and core Java.
Java is the most popular language world wide and technologies like Servlets & JSP, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JMS or android for mobile applications are all based on core Java. 
Even Kotlin (android's new programming language) becomes easier if you know Java.

Having a sound understanding of core java concepts is necessary, if you want to learn advance concepts, frameworks and android programming. 

Following Lectures are covered in Part-3

1          Selection Statements: if & if - else           

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What are Control flow statements in Java
  • Various Control flow statements
  • if and if-else selection statements
    Interesting scenarios when curly brackets {} are not used

2          Selection Statements: if - else if - else                

In this lecture you will learn:

  • if - else if - else selection statement.
  • Solving a problem using either if, if - else or if - else if - else statement and decide which one to use when.

3          Selection Statements: switch - case                    

In this lecture you will learn about:

  • switch - case statement
  • Solving same problem using if - else if - else
  • statement AND switch-case statement
  • fall-through
  • Moving default block within switch

4          Looping Statements: while

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Looping statements available in Java.
  • Syntax of while loop
  • Working of while loop at runtime
  • How while loop can reduce the lines of codes, if you have to execute certain statements multiple times.
  • Various boolean expressions used in while loop.
  • How to write infinite loops in Java?
  • Why while(false){...} block gives compilation error?
  • Why if(false){...} block doesn't give compilation error?

5          Looping Statements: do - while    

In this lecture you will learn about:

  • Syntax of do - while loop
  • Working of do - while loop at runtime
  • Differences between while and do - while loop

6          Looping Statements: for     

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Syntax of for loop
  • Working of for loop at runtime
  • Converting while loop to for loop
  • How to access loop's counter variable outside loop's body?
  • How to write an infinite for loop?
  • Scenarios that cause "Unreachable code" error with for loop.
  • Interesting examples on Step expression.

7          Nested Control and Labeled Statements

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What are Nested Control Statements?
  • Various Nested Control Statements available in Java.
  • Nested if statements and nested for loops in detail.
  • How Java runtime handles nested if statements?
    Interesting nested if-else example without curly brackets {}
  • How to solve confusing nested if-else example asked in various tests.
  • How Java runtime handles nested for loops?
  • What are multi-dimensional problems and how to solve these using for loops?
  • What are labeled statements?
  • Which statements can be labeled in Java?
  • Example of Labeled statements.

8          Branching Statements

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What are branching statements and various branching statements available in java.
  • break statement in detail.
  • How java runtime handles break statement.
  • How to change console buffer size in Eclipse IDE?
  • Example of labeled break statement and how it is used to solve some tricy problems.
  • continue statement in detail.
  • Example of labeled continue statement.
  • How java runtime handles continue statement.
  • return statement and how java runtime handles return statement.






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Udayan Khattry

SCJP, SCWCD & Oracle Database SQL Certif

Hi, I'm Udayan. I have a master's degree in Computer Applications from Symbiosis International University, Pune, India and have completed following professional certifications:
- SCJP 1.6 (Sun Certified Programmer for J2SE 6.0)
- SCWCD 1.5 (Sun Certified Web Component Developer)
- Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert

After working as a software developer and consultant for over 9 years for various companies in India, Dubai & Singapore, I decided to follow my lifelong passion ...

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