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Core Design Sketching - Learn to sketch like a professional designer

Marouane Bembli, Design Professional & Online Teacher

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14 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Introduction

    • The basic tools used in this course

    • Struggling sketching straight smooth lines? Try this

    • Accuracy practice - Learn to sketch perfect curves

    • The easy way to draw circles

    • Ellipse practice from narrow to wide, what to think about

    • Basic perspective exercise and how to easily sketch radiuses

    • Combining basic elements to design products

    • How to use lines to visualize shading and shadows

    • Block out the design using simple geometries, then add details

    • Transportation design proportions - SUV

    • Transportation design proportions - Minivan

    • Transportation design proportions - Sports car

    • Take a minute and share a sketch you've created from this course

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About This Class

Hi, I'm Marouane, industrial designer originally from Stockholm, Sweden, now living and working in South Florida.

In this course, I'd like to show you a few sketching techniques I've used throughout the years as an industrial designer.

These techniques aren't very common in design sketching school books. I've picked them up from friends and colleagues from different background in the design industry and compiled them into this course.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you who want to develop your sketching skills. Maybe you're a fashion designer or industrial design student who use sketching to visualize your ideas or maybe you're just starting out and want to learn the basics of design sketching, then this course is for you.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to improve your line quality, exercises for sketching smooth lines and curves, how to sketch a perfect circle free hand, practice ellipses in perspective, introduction to product design sketching, form idea generation, how to use simple geometries to simplify the design process and so much more!

Thank you for taking interest in my course, I hope to see you inside.

Your instructor,



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Easy to understand, straight to the point.
very good on teaching the course.
Thank you for teaching me how to sketch! I am a software engineer with a passion for re-combining the old school with the new age tech when it comes to motorcycle design and technology. I could not figure out how to get started with simple drawings to express what I envisioned and that made me put my ideas on ice for years. After I started this course, I finally could think through the entire process of putting the idea on paper, no matter how bad the sketches were. Thank you so much and please continue producing such amazing classes, you're a legend!





Marouane Bembli

Design Professional & Online Teacher

Marouane is an industrial designer and online teacher from Stockholm, Sweden currently living in the sunshine state of Florida. He has a great passion for design and especially the art of design sketching. 

You could say he's a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) who can't help but sketch whenever he picks up a pen. He's worked as an industrial designer, concept artist, illustrator and online teacher for over 10 years which sometimes makes...

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