Copywriting in Marketing I How to write ads that drive attention I The secrets of Power Words | Nikola Lugonja | Skillshare

Copywriting in Marketing I How to write ads that drive attention I The secrets of Power Words

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

Copywriting in Marketing I How to write ads that drive attention I The secrets of Power Words

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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16 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. What is copywriting

    • 2. General guide on how to write a great ad copy

    • 3. Mirror the visitor’s end goal (tip 1)

    • 4. Make things personal (tip 2)

    • 5. Integrate text and visual, Use simple English & Test (tip 3, 4, 5)

    • 6. Implement FOMO (tip 6)

    • 7. Invest in the headlines

    • 8. Create a curiosity gap (tip 8)

    • 9. Surprise your audience & Use numbers (tip 9, 10)

    • 10. What are the Power Words

    • 11. Top 5 words in English

    • 12. Types of Power Words and their lists

    • 13. Additional Power Words and explanations

    • 14. This, What, When, Which, Why & How explained

    • 15. Power Words for CTA

    • 16. Thank you

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About This Class

In this course, we are going to take a look at the copywriting, how to use it in order to successfully reach your audience. You will get some great pieces of advice on how to write great copy, text ads and leave a strong impression on your followers and visitors. Moreover, we will talk about the psychology of power words and how to use them.

Copywriting (lectures):

  1. What is copywriting
  2. General guide on how to write a great ad copy
  3. Mirror the visitor’s end goal (tip 1)
  4. Make things personal (tip 2)
  5. Integrate text and visual, Use simple English & Test (tip 3, 4, 5)
  6. Implement FOMO (tip 6)
  7. Invest in the headlines (tip 7)
  8. Create a curiosity gap (tip 8)
  9. Surprise your audience & Use numbers (tip 9, 10)
  10. What are the Power Words
  11. Top 5 words in English
  12. Types of Power Words and their lists
  13. Additional Power Words and explanations
  14. This, What, When, Which, Why & How explained
  15. Power Words for CTA

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. What is copywriting: Hi, everyone. What? This section of the course we're going to talk about copyrighting. And before we started, I would like to give you the finishing. What copyrighting his according to quick sprout copyrighting, is the art of writing copy, which are words used webpages, ads, promotional materials, etcetera, that sells your product or service and convinces perspective customers to take action. This course we're going to put more focus on how to write powerful headlines. That's descriptions, complexion, bottles. So, uh, and worlds where they could look at the psychology of followers, how to use that. Stay tuned. I hope to see you for videos. 2. General guide on how to write a great ad copy: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this video where we're going to take a look at some advice and tips. Google how you can write a great bad copy. The first step would be to highlight with makes you unique. So whether that's appreciate being unique qualities, fast service, you need to tell people, showcase the product or services and make sure that your offers are. The second step is to include prices, promotions and exclusive. So people concert before they make a decision about something. Give them what they want and need to decide. If you have a limited time discounter, stock and exclusive product, you need to say so. The thirds that would be to power customers to take action. So if you're setting something, tell people what they can buy. If you're offering a service, tell people how they can contact you, so call to actions are really important. Like purchase cold today. Order around, sign up together. Quote on so before step is to include at least one of your keywords. So keywords are important in your attacks because they show your ad relevance to what people surgeon one. The face that is toe natural after your landing page. So make sure that page linking from your ad, which is called Landing page, is relevant. That what you have written yet. So if people go to your website that landing page and they don't find the information expected, that they will probably leave your Web site. The states that mr Experiments to create several ads which are different to make sure to rotate them or use protesting in central and automatically choose to show the best before one. Finally check for common and missed a. So in order to make your ass off high quality look professional a song. Make sure that there's no extra spaces. Strange capitalisation. Wrong spellings unclear. You are else's. So these were just some of that. This advice you can implement toe right, a great ad copy. But in the polling videos, we're going to take a look. It's even more great and important tips and advice. Stay tuned, and I hope to see you there. Thank you 3. Mirror the visitor’s end goal (tip 1): Hey, everyone, welcome to this video. We're going to take a look at our first step on that is to try to mirror the Mr Presentable and what that basically means that you want to try to solve the problem off the query. So here I prepared You're going to see now the screen example for Google, where there's a query for help. Get rid of and you can see three examples off different that so the first has dealing with that 2nd 1 tips to get rid of back in the 3rd 1 fight back fast and what I want to show you here in this example is you can see that the first although it is at the first place and where the arrow is pointing that example, it basically repeats the query. So somebody already type help, get rid of fact, which means that he, he or she are having problems with that. And then, in your headline, you repeating difference. Are you dealing with off course? I'm dealing if I'm asking that so maybe the better approach would be the second and third example where you already give them a solution and you tried to soldier So you're telling them Hey, here are the tips to get through the back. Your here are the ways to fight acne fast, and that's what I find that to be more valuable, although in this example is you conceded with Acne is at the first place because there are many other factors, of course. So the key point here would be to, first of all, closer on keywords, that's for sure, but also trying to use the most Ottavio heading all of your headline space. So don't waste your characters don't repeat their questions. So if you know what they're looking for, try to give them a solution. In that headline, and that way there were, like, more likely to click on your link. Thank you for watching on seeing the phone videos where we're going to take a look at the following steps. Thank you and see there 4. Make things personal (tip 2): Hi, everyone. In this video, we're taking a look at the next step. That number do which says that you should always try to make things personal, and that is that whenever you can, you should include the words you or your in your text. The best thing the most personal you can get with users is when you include their name. But that's not always possible. So you should include you whenever possible that they look at the screen. Now you're going to see an example again from Google, where there's a query for create a story. First you can see from shopping by and that Shopify that illusion that from memory Congress not called and when you can see is that first of example are more personal because you can see my store made simple. Start your free trial or the 2nd 1 on my store creator all you need to create your store so there's two types on the turn. One is all I store solution. A very colors dot com. You can see that the third example is more presenting a company rather than its presenting something that you're profiting for your vanity benefiting for and you can see that the first examples from Shopify and Pollution are more personal because you're getting something, and that's the whole point of this step. So trying to make things more personal, because in that way people are more emotionally triggered to click on your believe. Maybe it seems very straightforward now, simple or a bit stupid, But actually, researchers showed in different studies show that people are more reluctant, more likely to click on those ads that are personalized. Thank you for watching. I hope to see the full videos. 5. Integrate text and visual, Use simple English & Test (tip 3, 4, 5): Hi, everyone. In this video, we're taking a look at the debt number 34 and five, and the number two would be to ensure that your copy goes with your visual. So make sure that whatever is that you're writing goes along with the things that people are seeing so that it's not always you're able to have a text. Sometimes you need to integrate it with yours. Maybe that's it. Image Caruso, a video slideshow. Make sure to integrate them so they don't send different messages. Otherwise, people will get confused. They avoid clicking on your leg. The next step would be to use simple English or whatever language is that you're using. So don't use high little. Don't use complicated words because people, if they don't understand that they will just avoid, so make sure to use words that are understandable. And never somebody sees your copy. They should. I understand at first what is that you're offering? How they can use that. So where should they click? What's the next vaccination before? OK, file did the tip Number five in this case is to test. So as you mentioned that maybe earlier, it's very important to ask different. A copy is different versions and to see the best performing one, integrating that almost on every platform that you use. You have different analytic tools that shows you the performance of different things. You can see the engagement likes, comments pose, so that can really tell you what is working, what is not. So make sure that you does try the adoption and to choose the best before one. Thank you for watching and seeing the following use. 6. Implement FOMO (tip 6): hi everyone in this video where they look at the number six personally my favorite one, and that is to implement for homeless abbreviation for fear of missing out. It's basically a loss aversion that is a real psychological force that triggers people to performance art in fashion because they have a fear that they will miss out on the great opportunity on a great offer. Okay, on here is an example of the screen where you can see that there's an offer for LCD TVs that are on sale and you can see that sales ends in four hours and later on in one hour. And that is something that make people know that they will miss out. They don't react fast, and you can easily set this up on different platforms. I'm going to show you now that's great. You can see and where you can, how you can do that for Google headlines. But you can do that different, that's for sure. You can see now, so you have a headline, and you have different options when it comes to come down. So when it ends when it starts, in which time zone which mine, which should be used and so on. That is a really great thing because you're actually pushing people to respond, to perform certain action because they will have that fear they will regret late around the day missed on such great opportunity. There are a few great there's how to implement for going to mention that now. So the first thing that you should do is to mention the number of people who are already benefiting from your product. The 2nd 1 is to pose a question which will hit that person is missing out on a great opportunity. To turn one is to make really feel like there's a fascinating community there that they're not part off yet course, and finally make your coffee offer limited by time to notch people to sign up faster. So those were just some of the tips and advice on how to implement formal. As I said, this is something that I personally find to be very important, very valuable, because people will have that urgency to to do something on. That was something that will benefit from thank you for watching and seeing for videos 7. Invest in the headlines: and this is you were thinking negative number seven that says that you should invest into your headlines. That basically means that people are usually people usually just read the headline, and they decide whether the for your concept will be relevant to them or not. And that's why you should pay special attention to headlines. Because if you manage to catch their attention there, it is mostly probable that they will continue reading. This applies to any type of content. Of course, that even went Google is index of your website that start indexing and the whole growing process start from the headlines. And then it goes further to the sub headlines and so on. So make sure to include relevant keywords there to Seoul people's problems there so tryingto dissipate, which Cleary's they might have with questions they might have. And they try to answer them with that headline and also include power words there, about which we're going to talk later on the course. And all those will be very useful to implement that strategy because there's a great saying that you should spend 80 cents out of a dollar for that. That's really true. Thank you for watching on scene for years 8. Create a curiosity gap (tip 8): Welcome back in this video. We're taking a look at the number rate, which says that you should create a curiosity. Get on curiosity. Gap is basically the difference between what we know and what we would like to know, and that is a great strategy to implementing your copy because it will get you world clicks on. Uh, here's a great example from top spot on their Facebook newsfeed, where they actually ask you how well you ran for ASIO and that is really relevant for, let's, say, website owners. So it's something that figure it you you to know more to get the answer, and that is really something that works well. It's very important to ask questions within headline, because that will we as a people, we have more tendency to connect dots to get answers, and that's why it will be something fascinating for us to get to know the answer. And that's why we will be more likely to play combat and to see what's going on. There's a formula for curiosity gap that says, Ask people a fascinating question or tell them a cool story and leave the best part, I'm told. Here's another example on from Surveymonkey on Facebook, where where they have a picture of corporal camera and says, I want to go pro and that's it. So it's probably something about some kind of award or competition or something like that. Anyway, when you see it like that one, the GoPro, your natural tendencies to know what was happening behind there, how can I get one? How can I participate it? So that's why questions are so powerful when it comes to that cannot get they And I suggest you implement that because it will be very useful. Thank you watching and seeing for me because 9. Surprise your audience & Use numbers (tip 9, 10): Hi, everyone, This video thing. Look at the tips number nine and then and the number nine says that you should surprise your audience. So whether one of its with some interesting or fun facts with some surprise gifts, coupons and so on, you should try to emotionally trigger there the response to your the things that you're offering. Okay, And here's an example prepared from family. You can see, they said, they say 96% of all data say could cry memories, essentials although it is something that is relevant to their businesses, something that might be a interesting to their audience. Okay, Another example here that you can see is that Ah, Geeta crowd is offering a $5 Starbucks gift card if you tell them which software you use at work, OK, so in that way you're surprising your audience. And there's even a study that says that users are more likely to emotionally evaluate your brand rather than by using information they have. Okay, so make sure to implement those things and violated number 10 would be to include numbers whenever possible, headline in any type of coffee that you're writing, so numbers help us to analyse things, to compare them, to structure dating a better way. And that is really something because we as humans love numbers. Here is an example that I prepared for you. You can see car rental from 1947 a day, and that is really something. In this case, that hell's because you were able to evaluate this website even before you click on it, because you can see that it's very cheap. OK, so whenever possible, whenever you have a space left, try to include numbers that will be very useful. There's even a study that says that on numbers are more likely to get you weren't licks. And there's also study that says that Number seven is the most favorite number across the globe, and in this case, the example that we saw previously was number seven included. So thank you for watching and following videos 10. What are the Power Words: Hi, everyone In this video, we're going to talk about followers and further on. We're going to discuss how you can use them, which types of bubble birth there are and why you're still now. I would like to give you the finishing of what words are so bubba. Words are words that smart copywriters used to trigger a psychological or emotional response. There. Cold followers, because they're so pursue, sit with people, simply can't resist being influenced by them. Another definition that I really like is that problem. Words are words that often people can emotional response in the target audience, leading to desired outcome. It's important to know that powers by themselves are meaningless. But if you use them in the right way and in the right context, you will be able to treat those emotional responses from your obvious Thank you for watching, and I hope to see more videos 11. Top 5 words in English: Hi, everyone. This video. We're going to take a look at the top five for its English, and this is very important to know when it comes to conquer writing, because those words are very often used. So those are free you or your because instantly you free is very, very important. Very strong word because everyone lost three. Stop it. It's something that Dr Suspension you and your is is effective is calling someone by me because it is very useful because it card a gorgeous a person to take action instantly is because no one likes to delay certain actions and you because when the word new is combined with recognized bread, it triggers a reward central in the person's brain. So that would be just a short over the top five words in English. Thank you for watching and seen in the following years 12. Types of Power Words and their lists: Hi, everyone In this video, we're going to take a look at different types of powers that supported to know there's no official division off power. Of course, these are just some of the times of powers that we use, depending on which we have. And here are some of the division, so powers that we used encourage community to apply exclusivity to apply scarcity toe powers make you feel safe, but words that create a sense of urgency powers that motivated inspire on. Finally, we're going to take a look at the most common power boards. Okay, so first we'll start with the powers that encourage community and those are joined. Become a member. Come along. Probably you see them a lot socially inept, first, really powerful. And that's it, said they used to encourage community. Moreover, over is that imply exclusively, so members only class full exclusive offers me. I become an insider getting before everybody else and so you can see them on the screen. And all these ever used to imply that something is exclusive for the wrong. We have a power words, phrases that imply scarcity, limited offers, finds running out. Get them while they last sales and soon today, only last chance so we can available etcetera. Now we're taking a look at the power words of praise It make you feel safe. You can see them on screen, but some of them are. Cancel any time money back. Official privacy. Protect that refund. Try before you buy. Very So it's also very important to know that whenever you use powers, you should definitely be honest. You should just put them to be there. You should stand behind them. You should do that. What you have written that you do OK. Moreover, powers that create a sense of urgency now expires. Quick, Instant, tediously, immediately. Soon hurry instantly again. Suddenly going fast Minute, second last. So power words that wanted it inspire. You can see these words very automated when you listen or watch any keynote of the big companies when they're really new products such as revolutionary, extraordinary, amazing, remarkable Starling, sensational magic, miracle improvement in results. And finally, we could take a look at the list of most common public words. I would just like to come in with some such a discover profit, understand when bonus you free new amazing premier say etcetera. Thank you for watching. I hope that you found this bold words to be very useful on the scene for years. 13. Additional Power Words and explanations: Hi, everybody. Welcome to this video. We're going to take a look at some additional problem words and their explanation. So first we're going to start with problem words that you could use for shareable content. That is the powers that you can use a different types of social media, such as Facebook, instagram leg, then whether even Snapchat. So the first public words would be secret, which let customers feel as though they are revealing a great mystery. The word increase leads to more conversions, and it's a must have for me to be advertisements on the copies and not just the word increase, but also the word coro. So it's very often used in B two B relationships. Discover is the next word, it conscious traitors to believe that they're finding something new, and I know that will have benefits for them and create inspire Streeter's to do more and currents them to share their new creative discoveries with others promote. It's proven that the words provoked triggers an actionable response, especially on social media. I hope that you find these words to be helpful, although we saw some of them in the previous video, when we took a look at the list. I still wanted to include in this figure to comment more that to do a further analysis because I think really think that they're really powerful and helpful and that they will serve you the best possible way. Thank you for watching conceded Fully use. 14. This, What, When, Which, Why & How explained: Hi, everyone. In this video, we're taking a look at some of the words that are very often used. Also headline They're not considered to be power words, but they have a strong power. So that's why I want to mention those words. Are this what which went Why and how to get And we're start with the work. This this is very powerful because when you use it in the headline read my mind switches concrete you whatever you're talking about and it feels like the object in question is immediate, immediate and attainable. Okay. And here are three examples with this word. So this guy plays piano with his legs. This man said his life by using these tips in the wild nature, or is this the full of the future? So, in all three examples, you can see that the word this was used pretty clearly and something to draw your attention to baby click there or to read about that to watch a video. So the next we're talking about want which way and you can see that all these all these three words have in common that they're used with questions so you can see some of the example, which is the most popular touristic country, the world. Which famous person are you? Or what happens when you put a $20 bill public bench? And it's also something that triggers people's interest to find out more weren't. Why is also very often used and you can see just when it comes to questions, but also when there are some explanations and so on. So why you should use foul words in your as wise, the seven most favorite number across the globe. Why did we sleep and saw finding out why Something is something that satisfies outside that satisfies that curiosity. Get it? We have it. We mentioned earlier the difference between would be know what we'd like to know. That's why we're so driven. Were always eager to click on the headline, said articles, videos that have why in their title OK, and finally, how to usually when you see how to help you expect that it will be something regarding the education that you will be provided with some additional information that you will learn something more, and that's really important to know. So very often you will see that how to is followed by a beginner's guide or step by step for five minutes. So maybe it was example, like how to do something in five minutes or in three steps, or how to do something. Beginner's guide and stuff and so on. Thank you for watching. I hope that you found this examples to be useful, and I hope to see the full videos. 15. Power Words for CTA: everyone in this city you were going to take a look at how you can use problem words in your cold collection bundles on. I'm going to give the structure at first eso which steps to follow, as you can see here, start with inaction word like reading, load, cold contact and more. Then create a sense of urgency with words like today, now or in the next 24 hours. And finally tell your audience what's in it for that if they do the action. Okay, so that's really important to know you don't have to follow this guideline, but it's very useful when you do, because that way you're making the fully okay. And here I'm going to give you an example off usual that powers used within old direction bottles such as side of free, create account you them or you book a demo. Learn more, join free shop. Now, explore, Discover, get some percent off by now. Schedule book, contact us, find us. And so now I would like to give you a few examples from the crazy act where they use powers for the cold reaction purpose. Okay, the first example is grab score. Gay something now, and this is much better than when you say get something now because get is very passive. It's boring ward, but when you say grab or score gain something, it's much more attractive. It's it's much more motivating, inspiring and so on. Moreover, when you add the phrase now, it creates that sense of urgency, and it gives the overall impact, which is much stronger, that the next example is activates something today. This is very good because you're calling for an action that needs to be done right now. So activate your 30 day pretrial. Activate your 10% discount that today activate your free shipping today and so on after court this next example, you can see these almost every e commerce website, especially the Amazon, where they use that gold production. And it's pretty simple because sometimes a place the study creativity and that applies to this one. You also have to wish list, which is sometimes also good to have, because it's the places in between off user gaining information and choosing want to buy. When he had something to that wish list, it means that he expressed an interest for that, but maybe he's still not ready to buy something, so adding to wish list is a great thing and you should definitely implement that website because people need to make a profile there in order to add to your wish list. That way you can get more users coming in, so so, but it's a great call to action, but also at the reserve. Your spot now is also great cold direction because it implies exclusivity. And it's a powerful way to convince people that whatever is that you're offering is exclusive only for them. And it's not for everyone. So they have again a sense of urgency because there's a word now, so thank you for watching. I hope that you found this examples to be useful, and I hope that they will serve you as a great guideline in future. When you try to come up with great call people, your headline Cold collection called So thank you once again for watching and seeing photos , videos 16. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses