Copywriting Mini Course: Five Key Copywriting Skills For Every Online Marketer | John Colley | Skillshare

Copywriting Mini Course: Five Key Copywriting Skills For Every Online Marketer

John Colley, Discover Online Courses and Marketing

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5 Videos (33m)
    • CopyWriting Training 1 Headlines

    • Coywriting Training 2 Sales Pitch

    • Copy Writing 3 Power Words

    • Copywriting 4 Soft Skills

    • Copy Writing 5 Common Mistakes


About This Class



Or at least I did before I knew what I was doing!

How about you?

I know how you are feeling!  For years I was struggling to make sense of Copywriting and could not understand what I was doing wrong.

Its really, really hard.  Right?


Discover some really essential but easy to learn principles to guide you to write better copy!

In these five simple videos discover:

  • How to write amazing Titles
  • How to craft a sales pitch
  • Find out about the Power of "Power Words" and how to use them!
  • Discover the "soft" skills involved in Copywriting
  • Find out about the five mistakes you should avoid, but nearly everyone makes

So, what are you waiting for?  If you don't take action now - you will regret it later when you do come back and invest the time in this mini Course!

See you inside! :)





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John Colley

Discover Online Courses and Marketing

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I graduated from Cass Business School in 1992 with an MBA with Distinction and also won the Tallow Chandler's prize for the best Dissertation.

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I spent nine years as a Commiss...

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