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Copywriting Masterclass 2021 with Copywriters' Checklist

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

Copywriting Masterclass 2021 with Copywriters' Checklist

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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24 Lessons (2h 49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Copywriting Challenge 1

    • 3. What is Copywriting

    • 4. Focus in Copywriting

    • 5. 9 Steps to copywriting

    • 6. Copywriting Formulas for Social media Posts

    • 7. Sales Letter Writing

    • 8. Copywriting Challenge 2

    • 9. Email Copywriting

    • 10. Google Adwords Copywriting

    • 11. Facebook Ads Copywriting Part 1

    • 12. Facebook Ads Copywriting Part 2

    • 13. Advertorial Copywriting

    • 14. Awareness and educational ads copywriting

    • 15. Fight with a client

    • 16. Conclusion

    • 17. BONUS-Keywords and SEO

    • 18. BONUS-Keyword research basics 1

    • 19. BONUS-Keyword research basics 2

    • 20. BONUS-Site structure and keyword targeting

    • 21. BONUS-Keyword relevancy

    • 22. BONUS-How to find keyword difficulty

    • 23. BONUS-LSI Keywords

    • 24. BONUS-Content Ideas

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

In this class, I have covered how to write killer copies that sell your products/services.

Also, I provide some great tips with tons of examples of successful ads and emails.

Finish the course to reap the full benefit.

I would really appreciate if you leave a nice review if you like this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Introduction: Hey, welcome to my course on called Uniting Ministry. I'm joking. I have many faces like a copywriter, digital marketing trainer, Drilled Hacker Final Hacker Handle it now In this course, I'm gonna show you how to ride and copies that sell your products like hotcakes. I say copies because there are different types of copies. You can ride all of them in a unique way that grabbed your visitors per inch. The types are like seals, letters and e mails, Facebook and Google ads. Advertorial is educational ach animated ads before and after comparison ads and many more. I've tried my Mr Cover most of those ads here in this course, but a lot of examples, not merely showing examples. I dissect them and show the complete anatomy of. And the examples are not just pulled out randomly from a collection of ash. They're top quality ads placed by will alone. Khan Fridge and top copywriters like Baby don't really gotta Helbert Ryan Days, Frank Corn and many more. I analyze each of them to show why the hell performer at the end of the course, you'll learn a ton of techniques you can apply on your copy to make it the best in class. Echo and I also give you some exercises in the middle of the course assignments. They're super hard. Never ignore them. I would really appreciate if you answer each other those assignments enter. Test your knowledge. I have included quizzes, and I have some bonuses for you. You'll get a free copy writing Chiklis that covers everything you need to write a world class copy. You also get a power which e book from me. You learn some of the powerful copyrighting words from that. You can use them one. Writing your ash. But here's some information. As CEO comp uniting is different as your stands for search engine optimization. I have a separate course on that NSO copyrighting. You'll find keywords to optimize your copy for such inches. Then you use those keywords within the copy in certain areas. The purpose of CEO comp uniting is toe. Optimize your copy for search engines using huge. You can find that in later information in this regard the bonus section of the course. But this copyrighting course is mainly dedicated to those who want to understand the psychology behind copulating. I mean the psychology behind writing emails, Facebook ads, goulash, seals, letters, sealed speeches and any other copy that is indebted to sell all strategic stuff for writing . Advance Copy. And finally gonna tell you about an incident that happened in my office. I would say it was a big fight with one of my plans. A big argument off course for professional reasons, but that would give you some more insights into the subject of community. But that comes in the later part of the course. But you may not want to miss it. So this is a unique kind, of course, with powerful stuff. So why wait? Join the course. It's my honor and privilege to train. You can master the subject. 3. Copywriting Challenge 1: Hey, welcome back. Here's a quick challenge before we even get to the basics on a heart Summer noon, you are driving on a highway repeal family. You happen to see a big billboard from Coca Cola and that sees King size Coke Big refreshment value. Whenever you see an ad like this are, for that matter, any an either online are all flying. Make it a habit to think. How can I make this ad better? How can he make this ad sell more and sell now? How can you make it easy for the customers to buy? Just relied the ad mentally think outside the box and come up with new creative ideas to make it there. Now here's the challenge. How can you make this ad better? Go ahead and think about it. Want to know how I would make this at better? That's a little surprised, baby, You know the answer. At the end of the scores, go ahead and learn from all the lessons. Then we will come back to this question. In one of the assignments have included 4. What is Copywriting: Hello there. Welcome back. Copyrighting is an art and signed soft, strategically delivering words that get people to take some form of action. It is rearranging words to make things sell better. So it is a text follow seals man ship. But there is a lot more to it than that. Let's look at an example to make it clear. Jonathan is a newbie marketer. Let's call him Joe. His job is to send 20 emails every day for five days a week. The prospect of customers The purpose is to try to give them to buy his new offers. Now he has a dog training course that he wants to sell. He has already sent 400 emails so far and one month, But nobody seems to show any interest. No, this his list members are in the generic pets niece, which is larger there. The dog training leash. His email goes like this subject by my dog training course. Dear first name. I have a new course on doc training. Please buy this course. Here it is priced at $497. The course will teach you how to train. Your dark, of course, is really good. You will not find a course like this anywhere. After you buy the course, I'll clarify all your dodgy our email, so I hope you will buy. This course thinks you're sincerely Joe. He has the course link within the email that takes people to our sales funnel page. So this is the email he has sent out of 400 people with absolutely no response. The reason is obvious. It is so boring and the copy sucks to say the least. Joe's frustrated. Then he gets on a call with Jake. Jake is a friend of Joe for quite some time. He's a professional, copied ICTR Joe told him of Artist New Course and the emails he had sent that got no response. Jake had a look at the email and wanted to help Joe he and afford him to his copyrighting course. But in the next week, Joe learned many golden nuggets from the copyrighting course. She learned that Carver writing is about giving of a valuable content generously, not merely trying to sell convincing people toe want to buy out off their own desire to buy , not getting them to buy our pressure, getting people to want to engage, not spamming them with offers. Now he's back in the office, ready to send his next set of image. This time around, he knows what to write on those emails. His new email goes like this. Subject free dark training tips that makes your dog obey you in two days. Hey, first name. I figured out a way to make your doctor start obeying your commands within two laser training. Yes, that in two days your dog will do exactly what you asked him to do. How prepared a PDF document listing are these steps It's available for free to a limited time? Go ahead and grab it here. Hundreds and free you are. Sex is Jonah That should. But here's what he did. In addition, Joe created a sales final with an email often form people had to enter in their email. I d toe good. This free pdf document on a thank you page off that funnel. He has this copy. Thank you for choosing to opt in. I thought showing these techniques a video course will help much better. So I created a e course that shows how this worked with my dog recently. using these techniques, I conducted an experiment with 10 different dog righties, and it works awesome. With each one off. I've shot the complete experimentation in the form off a video. It's a part of my E course ticket here. In this course, I've explained in a step by step manner what you need to do to train your dog within two days. Go ahead and grab it here. It's available at 30% discount. This offer expires in two days. That's called an absurd. Those who opt in it. Joe sends it out to 400 people. 1 60 of them downloaded the free pdf document. 16 of them bought the equals, so those 1 60 out of 400 are interested in dark trading anyway. So they are separated from the 400 included in his separate list in future. Joga up seldom for any doctrine it related products, so this matter helped them to segregate the list. And that campaign has given him a conversion rate of 16 sales out of 400 which is 4% conditions. That's pretty good from a generic pits knish. His revenue from that is 16 times $497 is equal toe, $7952. That's the revenue from a campaign to a 400 members list. That's the power off written, which, if it's done well, they can do wonders. Now here's a canyon Copyrighting is great. It can bring in wonderful results. But there are some exceptions. I want you to know this later on. I don't want you to come back to me and say, Hey, I have write emails exactly like what you've shown, but I'm not seeing the results Like what you said. If you just follow, the methods are shown in this course and don't see the desired results. That could be because, off to other reasons, have you ever heard of Bart 40 30 20 rule? If not here it is. This is huge, 50% off your business Success depends upon the market demand. Are people in your niche starring for a solution to a problem they're facing, which are solid? Is there a starring crowd in your niche? That's number one that contribute 50% off. Your sex is 30% is your offer. How attractive and benefit rich is your offer? How well you have designed your offered to meet the needs of the crowd. Onley that last 20% is your copy. So if you fail in those two other factors, your copy won't help. So that's a bit of an ad wise. You can keep in mind before hitting the market with your offer and copy. Now, the example I have shown about was an email copy. But copyrighting doesn't apply only the emails it can be for since letter sales pages, Facebook, ash, goulash, newspaper ads and many other forms of advertising. The start with I'll show you how to write a powerful sales letter step by step, applying many of the copyrighting techniques. Then I show you how some of the genius copywriters have created ants to sell their products for millions of dollars. In one of the lessons, I'll also show you their ready made copyrighting formulas and headline formulas you can take and apply while writing copy. So I focus is either on showing you some of the powerful copyrighting techniques I used while writing copy in some of the powerful ads and emails written by other expert copywriters. So stay tuned 5. Focus in Copywriting: Hey, you will come back. Andy is a copywriter, and he was struggling deeply with his business. He was getting clients and jobs, but his words weren't making six his clients. Radley called him back. Bob is a friend of Andy, and he had taken of the trade much later than he did. He was doing surprisingly well. Bob was writing for the Web and several different markets, like print, radio and the like, and he was beginning to make a killing. Clients were raving about a skills and the results that his words were bringing it. And he heard about this and called Bob. I'm in trouble here. I need to know your secret. Can we meet? And he's it off course. Barbara Blight. The next day, they were sitting at a downtown restaurant, and he laid out his problems one after the other. I'm grinding 12 hours a day, doing an incredible amount of research, writing and rewriting drafts until I can't see. But it is just not coming together. They run my stuff and nothing happens. Said that what he'd Andy um then they don't call you back, right? Bob? Sir. Right. And he's black. Then he handed Bob a few examples of his recent work. Bob, look them over casually, line by line. Well, what's wrong with it? And he asked. You're looking everywhere, but you're not seeing anything. Take a look around this restaurant, said Bob, the struggling copywriters. Canda, please. Then look back to his friend, anxious for an answer. How many tables did you see Bob lost? Oh, I don't know. I wasn't really looking for those, said Andy. Now look again, said Bomb. And he looked around the restaurant again, this time seeing tables everywhere. Now that I've told you what to look for, the place is full of him, right? Ask about? Sure, sure, but what's the point? And the Oscar? The surprise? You've been looking at everything but seeing nothing. All your research, rewrite and interviews are necessary and good, but it all falls flat because you don't know what you're really looking for, are trying to accomplish, said Bob, the struggling copywriter started displayed in check. Wow, that's eye opening. But the moral of the story is this. When you decide to narrow your focus on just one thing, which is, your readers need that limited view will open up an entire word off that one thing, and this will make your writing and content marketing to become part feli. Persuasive. After you've gotten everything you need from that one thing, move onto the next one and then to the next one. Focus on that one thing at a time, then focus on the next thing. With the restaurant analogy, you should focus on Lee at the tables first, then chairs, then Plage Angela. That's how your copy lighting should be when you write an email or in and just decide on a single goal. Our purpose. One thing your readers want the most. Then write your copy to achieve that goal as the readers to take action on that one thing only. For example, you have a subscriber. He wants to receive email from you and never want to miss your image. Now you're single goal is to ensure that he gets to see your emails. So send an email with a call to action that asked him to white list your emails and add you into the contact list. Guide them step by step, how to do it with no step skipped. Don't ask them to do anything else in that, he meant the only purpose off that email is to make the reader add your email into their contact list because they don't want to miss your emails. That's what they want, right? 6. 9 Steps to copywriting: Hey, welcome back in this video. I'm gonna show you nine steps to ride. Great. Copy. Hey, V, Over the steps. Step number one. Clear headline step number. Do introduce a problem. Strip number three Present the solution. Strip him before borrow credibility. Step number five. Short testimonials and social proof. Step number six Clear cars today. Action Step number seven reversed all the risks. Step number eight, prize anchoring and finally step number nine. Frequently asked questions are f accuse. Let's dive into each one of those steps with examples. The first step is clear. Headline Let me give a formula, Do you to write an awesome headline what the customer ultimately wants, plus specific time, period Plus answered the objections. So we have three parts in this formula. We don't need all tree all the time, But if we have all tree, that's great. Using only the first item, which is the end result is okay, But if you are using first and second items, which is the end result and the time frame, that's good. But if you're using all three items, that is the end result class specific time frame plus Anthony objections That would be great. Let's see some examples. Double your email often rate within a week. The dark compromising on the quality you get fresh heart be jarred, delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, or it's free. I'll sell your home in 60 days. Our I'll bite when you're right, you're headline like this. You know what it does. It tells the customer in seconds what your product will do for them. They don't have to bother about all those technical details. It forces you to think about the customer, not about the product. Remember this. The purpose of the headline is to get your customer to read the next line. So some tips to make it attractive and more powerful always be very clear. And don't ever try to be clever clarity. Trump's persuasion and best headlines get you to draw the attention, kindles curiosity and has won our do unexpected surprises in them and right to the Hinduja . Just like you talked to one person. Don't write to everyone and step number to introduce a problem in this 80 out. Tell them why their situation is rough right now without your solution, and make sure you explain the problem using your customers, which use the search terms. They're used on search engines to find their watch. What do you think it does? It gets your customer Denard their head in agreement. It invites them to read the next line. Let your customers know you understand them. Deepest human desire is to be understood, so leveraging it creates empathy, which is the most powerful sales store. Most importantly, it sets up your solution to be presented into the whole gap you just created by defining the problems. Here we go with examples of how to do it. An email service provider can see, on average, 20% off emails. Never reached the inbox. A freelancer psych and write a headline. I can't free lunch. I don't even have an idea how this works. A dating Web side can write a headline that say's Have you ever seen a beautiful woman but didn't know what to say? To start a colonization, A travels I can see need to visit your honey across the world. Then you'll have the hard through dozens of crappy flight search sites that drain your energy. If you can describe your customers current problems better than they can. What do you think will happen? They unconsciously assumed that you have the solution. If you're not solving a clear problem, it's going to be a struggle for you to get people to pay. Main reason why products fail is because they aren't solving a compelling problem someone has. If your product is in nice to have not, I must have. You don't have a much poverty in the market. Step three. Present your solution. Here the farmer goes something like this. Product name helps you to do the task. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to benefit you. Get top three benefits. Here we go with an example. Marketing Academy makes it easy for you to learn everything online. Say goodbye to travel in traffic congestion and say hello to home based learning. Doesn't matter if it's 4 a.m. in the morning are 10 p.m. At night, you can learn the lessons and the comfort off your home. Wanna revisit and revise the lessons? Do it any time as you get lifetime access to all the courses. If you feel the course is not for you after buying, you get 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, so you have zero ups and risk, so that was an example. Now go ahead and try and fit your product into this description for a good practice exercise. It doesn't matter what you're sitting, even if you don't have a product, our service to sell, pick a product and trite, keep it to the top three benefits. It should be painful. The big If you sell, say coaching are consulting. Replace the product name with the our package. When you do this ride, it forces you to create a 32nd elevator pitch for your product. Your customers will unconsciously trust and born with you because you are very clear and gets more information to your customers. They can't say I want to know more or a T least brings clarity to them that this is not for them. Use the language you hear from customers when they describe how they use the product. Examples are words like learn at the comfort of your home and revise the lessons anytime. Convert every feature into a benefit and state them because every feature I design is together climbed a benefit not to give them a feature. You can see from my example above. I've converted all the features into benefits. Step number four, bottle credibility Tire Company to trust it and Vell nor brands and famous authorities. Put them all over your marketing pages, even if they don't use your product. What do I mean? How can I do it? Take a look. This is how I would do it. If I'm a Chad Bart maker, I would say tar brands like TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal are using chat much. But I would never say if these brands are using my chat much. Another way is you can include the famous codes from authority writers with their picture as I'm selling online courses. Output Accord By Benjamin Franklin With this image below, my buy button that say's an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Step Number five testimonials and Social proof show that people are signing up to your product ourselves. You can use testimonials to show this at dext off. What they say about your product for the photo will be fine. Video testimonials can have a much greater impact on your sales. Prove that your product works in your customers, which it could be using the falling template, a specific end result. Our benefit your customer achieved, plus specific time period plus accompanied feeling, plus the person's knee with the Bagram. So that's the formula for writing testimonials hitting over that example. By using your automation course, I've increased my revenue by $500 in the first month. It took me just two days to implement what I learned from it, and I feel I finally found the right automation techniques. I get to spend a lot of time with my family. Now I'm home that my newborn baby by the Freedom is incredible. Jack Brown and company. Here we go with some protests. Never used testimonials were forward as the folks send them to you, relight them with the biggest benefit to be at the top, then boarded and put the rest of the testimonials below it. But don't change the substance of the content. But hey, remember this. Testimonials on emails can be much more powerful than their on websites. So send emails out with just one powerful testimonial and a sign up link for users who have not bought it, and it's found out people are more likely to read testimonials one at a time. Unlike websites where they are scattered throughout a sales speech, so find some sort of authority dio and relatable fact about the testimonial writer. This will help the readers to know exactly who it is. It could be something like, Here's why this award winning startup order in Cleveland, Ohio, is so excited about our course and then show the complete testimonial. Put your testimonials out all over your website. One on the sign up, Page one below the click the register button. Answer one. Don't put all of them in one place. Spread them out one in each page. This way, you'll make full use off yard testimonies. Step number six clear call to action. Tell the customer to do something specific, such as by ASIO. Course Now are add to cart Our sign up for the newsletter Angela often including the end result in the called reaction buttons, worked really well. Make it very descriptive if required. For example, an automation software company can say Start your journey to automation instead of jobs. Sign up. Step number seven reversed all the risks. If you are a confident off your product in its quality. You can be confident in giving guarantees longer and complete. The guarantee is, the better it is for the bottom line. Here's a formula. If you don't love product, call or email us and we'll refund every penny immediately. So that's a simple template for a testimonial copy. The more aggressive your refund policy, the better it is. So it is not just a refund, but double your money. Back are a lifetime guarantee. Refunds can be between 3 to 8% but the guarantee can double our triple your sales. So do the math. It's well worth in many cases, but please tested to see if it works well for you. Like a refund option. A good guarantee alone can sometimes sell a product with nothing else. Di are guaranteed to the result our main benefit itself. For example, we'll pay $1000 toward your car insurance if your car gets stolen. Now let's see. Some examples are refunds and guarantees. Try this product 200% risk free. Yes, double your money back within 30 days. If you're not happy with our solution, you make $1000 on the site. Our I'll be your first line. Try this product 100% risk free the offer. Lifetime guarantee. So don't feel the fear of tons of refund except for a very few cases. But in many cases you'll see huge increase in sales stuck. Number eight price Anchoring This is a great psychology technique. Make your prize seem like a bargain. Robert C. El Genie is a world renowned psychologist. One of those principles is the contrast principle. The principal affects the baby perceived the difference between two things when they are presented, one after the another. For example, if you put your hand in warm water, then put it in the cold water, the court water feels much colder than if you just put your hand in cold water to begin it . Here's another example. If you pick up a 10 kg, wait and then think about do kg raid. The two kg rate will see much lighter. Then, if you're just picked up the two kg rate alone in the first place, the same principle works with pricing how to do it. Here's an example by X at $97 to save at least $5000 per annum for the next 10 years. Now can you see the $97 buying Costas stacked up against a minimum savings off $50,000 over 10 years? Any rational human being can see the cost benefit here and finally frequently asked questions. It's proven that you can boost your conditions by as much as 80% within if a que the purpose of this section is to answer objections and common questions. Since in the online world, you cannot talk to a prospect face to face your F A Q section acts as a salesman. The answers all the objections from the prospects, so the more comprehensive this section is better. It is for your conditions. Heavy over in some dips has good questions that generate seems even extremes like, Why should I trust you? Our What's in It for you? There are questions that get people to stop and read. Also, consider questions that addressed pessimists. Ask an answer questions you your so far afraid to answer. For example, why should I pick you over the competition? F. A Q section addresses distrust, acknowledges concerns, and then by that, eliminate objections. You may sit down and write down all the questions that may come up to the top off your mind , then go to competitors sides and collect questions from their sites. In addition, gather more questions from your email list members via email because the more the better here. 7. Copywriting Formulas for Social media Posts: Hey, welcome back in this video, I'll show you some of the powerful copyrighting formulas you can use to write shards Social media posts for each of those formalist. I'll be showing you an example so you can model them to write your social media posts right from the word go. You can use these for molester, right? A long form posts like block post sales copies and emails as rally. They worked like magic. Let's see how they can't make storytelling a breeze for you. This is what it means to be an efficient copywriter. I mean, keeping your tools handy. You don't have green when the real every time formulas are there to use finding a great formula that works for you. But it's a storytelling formal. Our headline formal are any other. It can be a big time for activity boost for you. Try some of these and see how they can make your social media post while problem agitate and solve our past. First of all, identify a problem, then agitated the problem and solve the problem, and you're looking at one of the most popular copyrighting formless out there. Pass aggravates the problem to make it compelling for the prospect of take action. Here's an example. A digital marketing agency, while riding a social media post, can see, like this start getting traffic to your website late. It continued. A star for the traffic are find the low hanging fruit and include a link. Now you can see how I've written this. Posed in line with the formula before after bridge here before is what the world looks like when your problem exists. After is a word with your problem solved. That bridge is how to get there. Let's see an example. A content marketing specialist can't write like this is creating block posts, taking a lot of time? Imagine cutting that dime by one fort. Here's how in troubling now check our hard they're supposed is in line with the formula. Our next formulas features advantages and benefits, otherwise called fab features, as what you are your product can do. Advantages is why this is helpful, and benefits is what it means for the person reading This copulating form law highlights one of the most important and wise on writing Focus on the benefits, not on features. Let's see an example, and that's your agency can write a post like this, complete ASIO services. The surgeon optimized your webpages and get more organic traffic and drop a wing. Now take a look at how this post has written in line of the farm lock on next former. As the foresees, the first C is clear. 2nd 1 us come size third C is compelling and foresee is credible. This formula is great because it reminds you to stay focused on the goals off the copy and the benefits to the reader. Here, Clear means keep the writing clear. Concise means keep it concise, Compelling me to find a compelling angled ride from and credible means right with credibility so that what you're promising can be trusted to happen. Let's see an example. A to do list AB can write like this. I remember everything, even your orange birthday. Try the Web's most popular to do list and endured a link, and it's in line with the formula. The next one is four. Use the first U stands for youthful. That means show what is useful to the reader. The second you stands for urgent that means Addison's of urgency. Third, you stands for unique that means show that the main benefit is unique in some way, and the fourth and final U stands for ultra specific. That means be very specific. Showing the details again. This formula works for any type of copy. Let's look at an example now for a social media post. Ah, Facebook marketing consultant can use this form like to write a post like this Webinar Wednesday answering all your questions on Facebook Catch no matter how long it takes, Only dens. Eades left and drop a link. Now take a look at how this post includes all the use. The next formula is Ida. Our attention, interest, desire and action. Our attention means get the reader's attention. First interest is create interest by showing fresh and useful content that appeals to the reader. Desire means, sure, the benefits off your product service, our idea and show approved for it does what you say. And finally, action means card collection. Ida, as you may know, is one of the standard copyrighting formal us for almost any type of marketing copy. Let's apply this to write a social media post now, for example, an app that helps to grow your instagram account can write something, I guess limited time. Offer the new revolutionary AB. Get 10-K followers on Instagram in one month for free, want in, then drop a link and it follows a formula. Next formula has five basic objections. The chances are that your audience can easily come up with some reasons not read. Click share. Our by those reasons will likely fall into one of these five basic buckets. 1st 1 I don't have enough time. 2nd 1 I don't have enough money. The 3rd 1 It won't work for me. Fourth, I don't believe you. And finally, foot, I don't need it. Keep these in mind and your writing if you can solve all off. Um, that's fantastic. But even if you can solve just will not do that's great. Now let's see an example. Ah, fitness trainer. Our guru can't write something like this. Two minutes. Power guards to stay healthy and strong, revealed by an of our vending fitness freak in drop. A link on next formula is called four piece. The first be as picture the 2nd 1 has promised. The 3rd 1 is proved, and the 4th 1 has pushed picture promise prove and push picture means paint a picture that gets attention and creates desire. Promise. Describes how your product service or idea will deliver. Prove means provide a proof to support your promise. And finally, Bush means Oscar reader to commit. Take a look at this example. A company are AB that offers a reminder services to elderly people can write like this. No more worries about Missing noses. Timely Reminder calls 24 by seven joined 200 K subscribers and drop a link the next formula as open loops to creates a prices and curiosity. I mean, create a cliffhanger with your content. Open loops are rooted and psychology. We need closure in our lives, and when we don't get this, we feel anxiety and try to find out more. So we keep reading. So pop, there are TV. Serial surprises are the equivalent off that open loop cliffhangers that keeps you up at night. It consumes our mind. We'll be thinking about what's going to happen the next week. They're put there for a reason. It makes it harder for people to get up off the coach. They stay and watch just one more episode, and this is my favorite formula. Let's see an example. Any brand that can capitalize on the market skimming strategy can write a post like this. How increasing our prices led to our biggest here in sales in drop a link and see the surprise element in this post. Unless otherwise you opened the post and read it. You won't get to know how increasing prices let the biggest sale of the ear possible. The next formula is soniya Simon's five pieces formula. Copy Blogger co founder Sony aside, Bones formula say's You need these five elements to make a great marketing story. Those elements are, ah, hero, a goal, a conflict, a men dar and a moral. The elements are self explanatory. Let's see an example long an e commerce platform like Shopify can write something like this . Want to dry e commerce sales? Shopify has got your back. Go over the leader and drop a link and see how this follows of formula the next formal. Not is this right to one person. The language of great ads are written to just one customer persona. So find your target audience, then create a persona and right that personal only. Here's an example. Let's say my persona as dentist Danny. Let's assume that dentists are my customers and I have put together the demographics and psychographic sof all the dentists to create a persona called Dentist. Danny and I would write a pose like this to die persona kouros do dentists or generating leads on autopilot. Here's how they do it and I would drop a link. The next formula has free reasons why they are. Why are you the best? Why should I believe you? And why should I buy right now? So your copy should cover the answers to all these wise. Let's see an example. An S u Market Research Web app can ride something like this trusted by as your experts to conduct market research special offer for a limited time and include a link and see how this answers all three wise The next formula as stars, story and solution star means the main character off your story. The story is story itself, and solution means an explanation off how the star wins in the end. This formula, it doesn't necessarily need to be in linear. You might tell your story and introduce your star at the same time, and the star can be anything. I mean, your product, your service, our idea, our even that reader. Let's see an example. That pretty card company like Visa Master and Amex can't write a post like this. Let's assume that they target frequent travelers. So the post goes something like this. Frequent travelers Visa is your friend. Secure payments as easy as 123 and drop a link. The next formula is star Jean Hook Star means your product service or an idea chain means a CDs of fact sources benefits and recent and finally, hope made the call to action. The key element of this formula is a chain. It is intended to take a reader from interested toe attentive, the right facts sources. Benefits on recent can help get them there. Let's see an example. An automation AB can write something like this. No imply headaches. No 40 hour work weeks automate everything from email, the social media posts and rob a link. The next formula as a Van NUS comprehension conviction and action, also called aka badness, is to present the situation are a problem. Comprehension is to help your reader understand how it affects them. Explain that you have the solution. Conviction is to create a desire in conviction in your reader to use your solution. Action is to call today in action. The main focus is on comprehension. The other formulas Be sorry, described the situation and tell stories This one act s'more as a diagnosis. I mean, it's a zoo. This is what is happening, and this is how it affects you. When done right, the comprehension step should lead straight to the conviction and then to the action. An example. And as the old are searching, an optimizer who wants to generate leads through a webinar can write something like this, struggling to get back wings. How the world's best as yours. Pull it off, Join the women are to learn from two experts and include a link and see how this follows a formula. The next one is 1234 formula. This involves four different questions. The first question is what I've got for you, the stocks, about your product, our service. The second question is what it's going to do for you. It talks about the benefits. Third question. Who am I? It establishes credibility and the fourth question is what you need to do next. This is obviously the call to action. Let's see the example, though. Ah, Facebook marketing trainer and consultant can't say something like this. Learn Facebook aunt from a red Teran. Become an expert in starting agency in seven days in Drop a link and see how this answers the questions. The next formula is a pretty simple one. It's called. So what? Every time you stayed something, ask yourself So what a very quick way to convert all the features into benefits. Let's see an example. Let's say you stayed a feature guard. Nice canceling headphones, then ask yourself So what? It leads to the benefit statement that can be like Lose yourself in the music without being interrupted by the chaos off your evening commute. The next formula has string up pulls. That means string together, a sees off persuasive stories. We can also say these are realistic ALS type of formula. As you may know, mystical Zara very popular form off block Bush and those type of headlines can work really well for your social media posts as well. Let's see an example though 25 innovative start up ideas we heard in the startup conference in Drop a Link. A next formula is called a fan dancer. What is a fan dancer? Well, it's nothing, really. But it does pick your interest, right? And that's the point. The fan dancer formula uses specific details to create curiosity, all the while never revealing any actual information about what that tantalizing something is. To find out someone will need to click are Keep reading it. Let's see an example. Check out our pizza party contests a better way to get the most from your staff in troubling the next formalize called six plus one model. Their context. Attention, desire, the gap, the solution, the call to action and finally, the plus one part is credibility. You can do all the six of the above and you'll be Vela on your way to a sale. But there is a chance that you still wouldn't get it without that seventh ingredient, adding along the way that seventh ingredient, as you can see, is credibility. Let's see an example email automation do that Franker uses the shad, has message with 500 K people every day and drop a link and we have come to our final formula. It's called upwards Upward stands for universal picture words are relatable. Descriptive sentences, using common words that condor imagery are examples in the minds of readers will help marketing messages have a meaning. Let's see an example. Use our platform as a springboard the launcher product. Try it now and drop a link here. It's kind of like a metaphor. The platform is kind of like a springboard, and you can use that the launch of product. 8. Sales Letter Writing: Hey, you won't come back. Let me show you how to write a sales letter copy, step by step. But before that, let's quickly see what a sales letter is. Traditionally, a sales letter is a piece of direct mail, but nowadays sales starters are sent via emails as physical letters are virtually non existent. A self starter is designed to persuade the reader to put is a particular product our service in the absence off a salesman. So it's a fall off a direct mail in which an advertiser sends a letter to a potential customer. It is different from other direct mail techniques, like the distribution off leaflets and catalogues. Because the sales letter typically sells a single product are a product line, and they are mainly textual, as opposed to graphics based, it is typically used for products. Our services, which are a considered purchase with medium to high prices, sometimes may even work thousands of dollars. A sense letter is often the last stage of the sales process before the customer places an order and is designed to ensure that the prospect is committed to becoming a customer. Let's say I want to sell this copyrighting course. And I want to write a sales letter to my email list. Our target audience. How can I write a C s letter that sells the course without being sale? See, let me show you how. Just watch me riding a complete sales letter that is going to sell this particular course you've taken. I'm gonna keep the length off this letter within 1000 words. But keep in mind the bigger the offer prize larger. The number of benefits and bigger should be the bonus Padilla's you offer the dot in my let's get started. So I have written a sales letter. Let me read out the letter and full before I start analyzing it for you. I want to achieve copyrighting mastery in seven days. Apply the techniques you learnt in the scores toe. Unlock the power off your air. Copy in minutes, Dear. First name you might think. How can I become a copyrighting master in just seven days? Don't I need to read tons of books before I can become one? Actually, there is no need. I still stick to my point. You can become a copyrighting master in just seven days. I want to know how? Go on reading. I'll tell you how Years Back on a beautiful late spring afternoon, Joe and his friend Jim Boat railroad workers were busy with their job near Washington Union Rail station. Minutes later, a car pulled over near Joe and a man with a black court guard down from it. After seeing the man in code, Joe Yeldon Surprised. Hey, John, how you doing? That man also yelled back, saying, I'm doing great. How you, Joe? They hugged each other and started talking as if they bought were, like Child or French talking about their memories of school and college days after a few minutes of the stock, John took permission from Joe to leave the handshake after he departs. Jim Oz, Joe Man, you know who it is. He's the president of the railroad administration. How do you know him personally? Joe replied. We are friends since our school days. We went to college together, Jim asked. Then why is he the president and why are you a worker for that Joe? Despondent man. I thought about it several times, but I didn't know how. I can't figure out what made the difference. Have you ever wondered as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people's lives. What makes to people who start their education together could hear together, But one in job, highly successful in the other becomes nothing but a loser, isn't it their knowledge, education, hard work, dedication, persistence, perseverance and other such positive qualities? The reason why I sent this to you as because I want to see you as John, not as an average Joe. I want you to become wildly successful in your copyrighting career, and I sure shall way to become one as to master cooperating skills with this course. Of course, unlike any other copulating, mastery course is designed in such a way that at the end of a few hours of learning, you'll have absorbed some of the amazing strategies applied by top notch copywriters. You can apply them immediately on your copy to make it a $1,000,000 at Don't have a copy yet the course walks you through step by step, how to ride one that sells like crazy. It's a course like no other in the market, a big bull clean, but I'm confident that course lives up to it. Knowledge that impoverished you, but that your in novice art and experience the copyrighting master course has some great inside straw for it asked timeless treasures off useful tips and strategies. Explain VR tons of examples in key studies as step by step walked through off. How to write a sales letter. Make it die easy for you to write one for yourself. But so much of insights loader into you in an easily understandable matter. There's no way you will not become an expert as long as your billing and be able to apply the insights. There's nothing that stops you from and drooling in this course because, of course, really makes you a copy lighting expert. Because it is from an expert, it offers a wood of insights from the masters of the trade. Within a few hours of learning, all lessons are delivered via high quality, high resolution videos. Offline support from the author are the instructor to help you reach your goals. In case you're not happy with the course, which is highly unlikely, you have 30 days to ask for 100 send money back, so there's absolutely no risk priced at $199 toe master. A priceless Gil. Do you know this expert? Copywriters command tens of thousands of dollars for a well written copy. They earn anywhere between 100 for Piquet to $5 million per annum. That monumental for written, which isn't it? Just close your eyes and put yourself into that successful place for a minute. Isn't that amazing to live a life of that kind? Hey, but take my word. This mastery course will provide every arsenal you need to get to that place. You really can't put a price for this kill because it not only empowers you toe er big, but also with the feeling off, living your dreams, social status and fame and many other priceless positions. Now can you see this deal is a reasonable proposition. Go ahead and check out the course. Now click here. Just remember John and Joe. What really made them different? It's the knowledge, skill in the practice, an investment in succes No, I think it's time to answer my question. How to become a master copywriter in just seven days. The answer is this. Don't reinvent the wheel if you know you'll take years together to learn it. Instead learn from the experts who've already seen what you want to see now adapt the copy the experts have used already. Keep using the variations offer. Keep testing it. Pretty soon you know what to do for your own products, so that's my answer. Just pick up some of the examples used in the scores and create your copy in the same modern have revealed tons of copyrighting examples from experts in this course. Now I cannot guarantee that you also become successful after buying this course because nothing is life is guaranteed. But please be assured that the course will be a great learning experience. You'll take away invaluable knowledge and skills, and when you apply the knowledge and start doing revenue generating activities, pretty soon you get to the status off rich and famous. Copyright here to your sexist Sheikh Ahmad Khan postscript. Please know that you'll get a power watch E book for free with the scores. You also get a chance to have been a 50 daughter gift coupon. When you participate in Vin in the contest, I'll announced so French. That's the letter. Now let me break it down into several parts and explain it one achieve copyrighting mastery in seven days. That's my headline. It's an attention grabbing one, a shot and powerful headline that promises a massive benefit. You can become a copy heading Master and seven Days. It's a question type headline that sticks to the mind of the reader. A timeline is attached to it, so it gives the headline even more power. This part of the letter is extremely important because it convinces the reader to continue reading the letter. It's magnetic, and my target audience cannot ignore it in more. I'm gonna make it stand out by making it bold. We need a sub headline that explains the headline further, So that's what it is. Apply the techniques you learnt in the scores toe. Unlock the power off your ad copy in minutes. This is another opportunity for meat. Oh, convey what the buyer. The course would get the words unloved. The power off your air copy stand job because it's giving a transformation of message. What kind of transformation? A copy that otherwise sounds monotonous and boring. Some fantastic and exciting. Read after applying the techniques. It's really transformational, isn't it? The word unlock an air copy are starting with a similar phonetic sounds, so it sounds good. So that's how the sub headline stands out. Then I have a personalized in true dear first name. I'm calling the reader by the name with advanced technology in email marketing. This is possible even while you're sending emails in bug to hundreds of thousands off email subscribers. Have you heard of this? The sweetest to sound a person wants to hear is Hiss are her name. Dale Carnegie said this years back, and it's so true, I'm starting the body of the letter with an interesting question. I would tell the answer to that question. Onley in the end of the letter, this is to create suspense and tension after the question. Until a story it goes like this. The story compares to individuals. One is a big success, and the other one is below average. Have made sure that the story looks asked natural. It's possible. So I've started off the story using words like years back and a beautiful spring afternoon , Washington Union Rail Station and Swan. How created every scene in this story, keeping it in mind that it should look natural, and at this stage I introduced a problem. The problem is this. Why John is so successful but not the job. That's a puzzle for Joe Do, isn't it? Then I offer a solution. It's all about learning what really matters in practicing what you learn. Then I talk about that course in its unique selling proposition. Aren't USB The course is a really hero here? That's how your projected in the series letter. Remember, it's not the John who's the hero. It's the course that is projected as hero here. Then I talk about the benefits off this course in this area and in this area, I tell them about the no risk guarantee. So I'm answering an important objection or a question from the readers. What if I don't like the course? Then I bit off psychological play here. Prices made smarter because I'm combating the course prize with all the benefits and will bring to you that includes monetary books and non monetary priceless things like fame, living your dreams, happiness. Enjoy. Then a call to action. I asked him to buy the course the called reaction link that I'm reminding the story again. This just put the missus strongly in the minds of the readers. And do you remember the question I asked in the beginning of the CIA's letter? That is to create suspense, interest and drama, and here I answer the question I asked at the top. It makes people to re till the end. This technique is extremely powerful. Have dedicated a separate video to explain how this question and answer works. So don't worry about the details now then I'm open and transparent about the fact that this course is not a magic formula. It's not a silver bullet are a golden key to solve all their problems, but it will provide everything they need to succeed, share they needs the prospect of buyers and the learning experience is going to be pleasant for them so they can't absorb what they learned really well. And I give a professional tip for success here, the deepest. This to succeed. It's not enough to learn. You got to apply what you learn. You need to keep doing the revenue generating activities. Make sure that what you do will either produce revenue in the shark dumb are in the long term, either directly are indirectly. That's what I mean by revenue generating activities and a personal closing here. And I'm announcing my bonus here to kick the prospects over the edge. And that's it. That's a Ripper, isn't it? That's the model sales lor. Let's look at all the components off it now. Please take down the notes if required. It will help you draft your sales letter with a similar structure. Step one. Attention grabbing headlines. Step two sub headline that explains the headline Further Step three. Personalized in True Step. For a surprise question, I answered at the end of the letter. Step by a story in the body. Step six. Introduce a problem. Step seven. A solution in the form off a product. Here is a course step age. Ah, USB are unique selling Proposition. Step nine. Major benefits. Stepped in a money back guarantee to remove the risk completely. Strip 11 Price Psychology Strip 12. A call to action link Step there Bean. The story reminded again. Step 14. Answer to suspense. Question. Step 15. Transparency Step 16. A pro tip Step 17 Personal closing and finally step 18 bonus materials 9. Copywriting Challenge 2: Hey, welcome back. A lot of people get confused with the terms, features and benefits. How's a benefit different from a feature? How to know the difference? Well, in simple watch features DACA Bart How something Works. A factual statement about it. Product. Our service that is promoted benefits DACA bark. Watching it for me. What is the value I get as a customer from that? Let's see an example. You might have seen this board and some shops open 24 by seven. That means they're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's great, But is it a feature? Are a benefit? Well, it's a feature because that's how they work. Let's see how to convert this into a benefit. Ask yourself this question. Watson it for me. People immediately say, Well, I can buy whenever I want, But is it a true benefit? No, it's simply an elaboration off that feature. That statement doesn't convene the rial benefit. Then what is the rial benefit statement look like? There are many ways to tell that, and one of them can be like this when one of my loved ones needs immediate medical attention. At 2 a.m. You're there to help. That's the true benefit statement. Now here's an assignment for you. Ah, Holiday Club promotes its membership program like this. Get 10,000 points for signing up to our club membership. As you can see, it's a feature because that's how the system works. Can you write a benefit statement for that? Go ahead and do this. You'll find the answer to this, and one of the assignments have included at the end of the course. 10. Email Copywriting: Hello there. Welcome back. Let's look at email carbon writing in this video. I'll give you some rules and then we'll see some examples from email experts. Do you know what is the most important asset to an online Moctar? It is their email list. Not just any list but unengaged. Email list. Your copy writing skills can make your list members to engage, well, trust well and eventually buy from you a lot. Let's say you've got a great new products are just a feature in your product that you're about a lunch. You sit down and write a copy for an email campaign and your mind goes black. You think, What am I supposed to ride? How do I make this new product our feature appealing toe my audience. It can be difficult to write a great email copy in those times. Great copyrighting can feel like a mysterious art, But you know what? The key to riding great even a copy isn't a big secret. Known only to experts, the key to writing great email copy is simplicity. You'll need to present the benefit off your product in a clear in concise matter. This will make it much more appealing to your audience and ultimately drive more conditions . So how can you put that into practice? Let's see. Harder. Do this with a few simple rules. First of all, Sigmund and focused on a video specific targeted audience. It would be great if you make your product. Our feature appeared toe every possible person under the sun. But the truth is this. That's not possible. If you try to write to everybody, you end up riding to nobody. So in writing copy for your email campaign focused on his single audience and what would appeal to them write headlines that speak to benefits They were want endured images that appeal specifically to that audience right body copy that uses language they use. For example, let's say I've started an online store that sells jewelry. I wouldn't send an email campaign toe all my list members simply stating that I now said jewelry. Instead, I'll try segmenting my list and sending a campaign focused on a specific audience. It may be on Lee, Do my man subscribers our use headlines that talk about the benefits of buying jewelry for their partners. I would use some beautiful stock photos are smiling and happy couples with jewelry and in my body copy. I would use the language of male subscribers by focusing on a single audience. I'll be able to write an email copy that speaks directly to the benefits those people want from my product, our feature. And I'll increase the desire for my offer and drive more conditions. So that's step number one. Segment your audience and focused on a very specific set of audience. The next one is worth sewage. One goal. You know what your readers are only skimming your email content, so it's important to make it very clear to them. Water. It's all a bar and watching it for them. So said one clear goal for your email campaign before you even start writing until that in Super Watch. By setting the goal of friend, you know exactly what action you're tryingto push people to it, and you'll naturally start to focus your copy on that single goal. The goal could be to get people to click on your website link and register are simply had the reply button and write an email back are encouraging them toe, add you into the contact list are given subscribers to sign up to your product. Are anything else. Just focus on one thing. So the second rule is this inside on the goal off your email campaign before you start writing and create your condo action are CD eight. Based on this goal, the next one is spend time to create magnetic benefit. Reached English. The purpose off your email headline is to make the list members toe open the email and read it. When will they do it? Just think about it. Only when you show what's in it for them. Just keep this in mind. This is information age. People suffer from information overload. Their attention is one of the scarcest resource is on this h. They go online. They see tons of ads from marketers and click on all of them. Every one of those marketers is fighting for these people's attention. All of them captured their emails, and all of them dumped those emails into their inbox. But the attention span of these list members is very shot. It really is. Can the emails? I mean, the titles are subject lines. They open only doors that are interesting, magnetic and benefit rich Can yours be one of those emails? You can make it happen. If you apply these principles, make sure your subject lines are actionable. What do I mean by that? Is it all about using works like Down Lord? Take, ask and the like kind of, Yes, But you can make them actionable, even without using words to make it easier. Have given an attachment that contains email subject line formulas. First of all, go take a look at the file attached in the resource of section. You can take the cue from the subject lines and create your own. They are filling the blank kind of formulas so make you suffer. The next one is of are telling a story because it immediately engages your audience. It need not be a big story with all kinds of characters in It can be a simple incident that happened in your day to day life are one off your French life. I don't have anything to tell based on riel incident. Instead of this course, I've covered Vegas formulas you can use to tell stories big one of them and write your own little story. The product is the hero are even better. Your customer who used that product to get the benefit is they hear all the story, your email of the comm popular in no time. If you tell stories, the only rule here is that in some way the story is tied to the purpose of the evening. I've seen many complaint about the open and click through rates off. Even it's nobody's just do this. And, dude, an interesting story inside your emails. See your engagement sky dockage. It's very powerful. The next one is about conversational emails. When we talk with French, we naturally simplify our language. If your best friend asked what your product dust would you ever reply with? Our product is the world's leading device independent message delivery platform. Probably not, because that sounds severe, but you might say something like We make Softwares that let you send email marketing campaigns. So in crafting email copy for your new product, our feature announcement focus on making it conversational ensure and something. You'll be happy to say that your French, this never felt that will help to keep all the jargon and make sure you write. Copy that a simple and easy for the reader to understand it. Also right In second person language writing, the second person means using pronouns like you, yours and your a lot. For example, when you leave the shop, please remember to take your gift. It means you orient the copy doors. That reader, not yourself. Just see there. I've used you in your one time each in a Senate. That's a nice balance of second person language that keeps the focus on the customer. In other brand. Make sure you a wide words like the are in Chua. This is a subtler tactic that helps you stay value oriented. The next one is asking a question within the email, but not to answer immediately. One of the secrets to get people to keep reading your even answers this. Ask our imply. A very interesting question. Don't answer immediately. Leave it hanging for a while, answered on Lee of the End, our Onley in the next email. This is the way to create tension and suspense. Yes, exactly the S. O S R soap operas sequence kind of image. Those esos TV serials are famous with huge TRP ratings on Lee. Because of this tension and suspense created At the end of each episode, people sit on the edge of the chance to see what the climaxes. Then comes the suspense. Now they'll have the wait til the next episode to see the answer. Human brains are hardwired to find answers to questions. We go mad about unanswered questions. It's called Z Garnick Effect. In psychology, people remember uncompleted tasks better than completed watch. This will work like a magic on emails. Also, just try desired. You'll see huge engagement and click through rates on your emails. The next one is to get someone else to read it. Once you're created the first draft off your email copy, go back and edited to remove the unnecessary, which, after editing it yourself, send it over to someone toe. Have a read. Most marketers suffered the curse off knowledge. When it comes to their products, they forget their audience doesn't have the expertise they do, so they end up writing copy that others struggled to understand. So show your copy to someone who isn't. Ask close to the product as you are. Do this. You'll see the areas off your copy where others might struggle and Beeld edited down and Finally, there's different versions. The only way to truly know which washing off your email copy works best is your best. Set up a bee's blood tests off your email acting campaigns. Most email marketing automation Softwares in the market offered this option. You're right to worsens off your email. Internet one. The software monitors. The results are both abortions or the set time period. After this period, it automatically sends the highest converting email with the rest of your email list. This makes the campaign more effective, having seen all these rules. Now, let's look at a couple of examples off great email copies off market leaders for inspiration. Remember this all the best practices we covered a ball will not be used by experts in a single email. But if you manage to do that in a meaningful way, that's great. With that said, Let's get started. My first email is from an expert car rich Shefrin. Go ahead and pauses video and read this email and foot. Then I'll explain it. Hope you read that email. He starts off with his brand image, which is great. He's building a brand. He's also included his mission and vision statements over here work less, make more, build the business off your dreams. Then he reminds a story he told earlier in his previous email. His back story he ensures that has emails are linked like a chain with questions. Surprise questions. See the question over here? He'll answer it Onley in the next email. So I'll wait and see his next email. He again starts off with another surprise question. Kind of teasing without telling one. This valuable resource is and dropping some big names like Google, Facebook and Amazon and finally answers the question. Here it is data. Then he talks about how the data is underutilized, the pain points and how people are not taking advantage of it. Then, he say's that why Shefrin files are in the picture. Chevron five are the hero here. He talks about how Shefrin Files will help entrepreneurs to make the full use of the data that grow their online businesses. Then finally, before he closes, he comes up with another question. He'll answer it Onley in the next email. Any closers with a hand written signature? I simply love the way he writers image. This email is promoting a free plus shipping offer. This was sent out by Survival Life, an affiliated company run by the well known Doctor Ryan. Days off vigil matter just positive video and read this email in Float Onley. Then you'll understand the context in which I'm explaining it. I hope you read that email. The free bless shipping item being fished is a credit card scan blocker sword on his separate website. This email is primarily driven by the fearful scenario off getting your financial data store. Not only that, but also the dissatisfaction towards the credit card companies. We just had a common enemy here. So the person's buying decision isn't just fear based but driven by the desire to rebel against an enemy. So take a look at this subject. Please confirm Yar shipping address. Confirm makes the action step. See extra simple because it looks acid. They already have your address on. All you have to do now is to give the okay, we just simple right. But in reality, you have to go through the ordinary process off filling out our complete information. A key part of building an audience that bands together is having a common enemy in this case, the enemy is the credit card companies. The product. Ryan, as pitching protects you from these credit card companies, firstly, there still you up against the credit card companies and the dangers at stake. Then they present their ship blocker as a solution. In first action, Step Harry continues to all the enemy and finishing with a fearful scenario off getting your financial data stolen. And here he is, using social proof to create desire with phrases like everyone I know and tens of thousands around the country and Chua again playing on the fear based scenario off, getting your data stolen and becoming a victim, like so many others and finally ending with a final call to action to seal the deal. So the take away is this, and it comes to selling products that protect you. You focus on the worst case scenario. Remember, it's not about bringing people down and keeping them there. It's about reminding them are the consequences off in action and then presenting your solution to that problem. You should always end up on a high note. In this case, the fear and anxiety off getting your financials that are stolen represents the consequences off in action and this freeze cam blocker. Make sure you never have to go through that scenario again. And it comes to marketing. Never shy away from advertising, how well your product is selling and how it is being perceived in the market. That social prove. Some must create trust. And if you've got a great numbers, use them just like how they mention the tens of thousands off safeguard cars that have been shipped out. Our next example is from CD Babies email. This has become something off a legendary over the years. They started way back in 1998 when music buying options were very few CD baby offer independent artists the opportunity to sell their CDs, All I and they are still going strong. In those days, one of the most talked about why the last sexual CD, Baby Waas. It's confirmation email. They were thinking outside the box, just positive video and read this email and foot. Then I'll explain this stuff. Hope you read that humor and personality are very powerful. Online humanizes the experience. People want to feel like they're dealing with riel human beings and, most importantly, people want to be value. And that's exactly watch CD Baby is doing here. In this email, they value the A customer. The interaction is far from over, even after the pushers. In fact, they showed that men the most important interaction begins. There's no wonder their email guard Wydell effect. 11. Google Adwords Copywriting: Hey, welcome back. Many a few might be frustrated with writing Google Ash for the majority of you. Reason for frustration could be this you need to know fit all your ad copy into such a tiny space. These are the character limits are Glatch. So say everything within these limits, so you have to get creative. The standout. So how do you do that? Let's see how to write Google. Ach. If you follow these dips, you'll see Hyatt Lee. True rage, Higher qualities. Course on higher condition. Reach ready to have some fun. Let's go. First of all right, a copy that reflects the visitors. Ultimate goal. Many advertisers are using something called DK. I are dynamic cure in session. This all loves them toe customize an ad. Do a searchers search quit E, which is great. But you know what many of them are bidding on? Similar Cute. So you'll notice that a lot of their ads are saying pretty much the same thing, so it's easy to get lost in the mix and hurt your chances of getting that click. So how can you stand out right for the visitors Ultimate goal. What people eventually want to accomplish with the help of your product or service. Find it out. Understanding This can be the secret to writing an ad that stands are from the sea off DK I edge an example. Or make it clear to you. Let's say you still had loss products in your visitor. Search for keywords like Helps all baldness in your headline. You shouldn't ask the prospects if they are dealing with baldness, because you already know that they are instant. You should speak to their argument goal. So use a headline like this. Solve oddness, Issue our treatment for bodies. Don't give up very precious headline space for something you and your visitor already know Insert. Give visitors that in solution they're looking for. Let's see another example, though. One. If you are a second hand car buyer who pushes US cars from the general public, interested prospects might search for something like Sell my car. So don't ask a dumb question on the headline like, Do you want to sell a car? Instruct you say the buy cars at best prices, which is the end goal off your visitor right and use your second headline to tell another benefit to the Visitors Book of Free Inspection now are something like that. A headline like Sell Your Car Today may raise many other questions in the minds of the searcher. They may be like if I have two lives the car myself on auto trader like platform when I get calls from tons are tire kickers want really serious about buying my car? Or even worse, But I get calls from seven different companies who spam me left, right and center. Your ads should focus on telling prospects what they want to hear. This way, you stand out from the crowd. Why? Because the goal of the searcher is to find someone by their car. How they go about selling it isn't as important as actually getting it sold. So focus on the ultimate goals off visitors and create your at copies. The next one is used countdown timers to create urgency. Your visitors are readily motivated by the idea of losing our than the idea off gaining something. I mean, they would've I the pain of losing something more than that pleasure off gaining something . This is human nature. Think about this. Would you care more about earning a $1,000,000 ought to let somebody stealing a $1,000,000 from you. This psychological trick is called loss aversion. It can be a powerful way to boost your goulash, CTR and conversion rates. And you know what? It's not very hard to do is Google has given the option to come out with a simple countdown timer. You can sit this within your text. Ach, after you said the end date, your Advil include a countdown in real time visitors. Seeing your ad will be motivated by their fear off losing if they delay. The pushes doesn't give you the edge over your competitors who aren't using this tactic. The next one is keeping your and content. Have you ever felt that certain things are more relevant or exciting when they just happen ? The concept of being current in timely is pretty intuitive. What happened recently will get more eyeballs and interest than what happened a year ago. This is so true with your Agra jianshe. Here's an example. Let's say I writing and to sell my course on s seal. We, although as your changes pretty fast, so it's time sensitive. Would you agree that if I plays an air for the keyword s your 2019 course? Would it performed better than merely for the keyword has your course? The answer is yes. That's the power off current edge, so make sure to include the year monk Our date on the air if your product is time sensitive , the next one is a bar getting super specific when it comes to using. Numbers on anche are using social proof and the like. Numbers are easy to digest and understand, so include them into your copy. You can make it appear more accurate. Incredible. Here's an example. Let's say I have to radiations off a Social media agency act. Once a Z social media marketing agency, Lead generation to businesses. We are very experienced in this field and have served hundreds of clients. The next copy Say's Social Media Marketing agency. Lead generation to businesses 22 years off. Experience 148 clients, one million plus leads generated so far. Which of these two copies resonates with you the most? The proof is in the copy, Baby, If I were you, I would goto click on the second and rather than the 1st 1 because it is super specific with numbers and social proof, and hence it looks very authentic. The next one is about making things personal. Are personalization when it comes to writing, and do you sometimes fall into the trap of being a little egocentric? Be used words like the US, me, myself and I words like that. I failed to focus on the customer's needs so they can hurt your click through rate are CDR . They have been shown to hurt conversions on the landing page is also yes, we just work Anyone wants to hear is their name, and the second best word is using you. Since we can't add the visitors first name to our AdWords at automatically, we'll have to settle for the second best, which is a word you are your are yours. So how do you craft Google Edge that used power words like you'd and Hans and performance? Here's an example. Stock your online store. Let experts manage it for you. This headline uses personalization. It also gives comfort to the visitors that they have experts that manage the store so visitors can focus on the core business, which is a product creation, listing and marketing related stuff, and next one is about making your aunt's hyperlocal a lot off. Advertisers target more than just one city when creating their Google ad campaigns, many even advertised nationally. Even if you offer services worldwide, you want to be welcoming to your potential customers. You need to show them that help is right on the corner. You may already have a phone number that you use for all your Google and are maybe even a pool of phone numbers. But do you know that having full numbers with geographic proximity to the visitors can double your conversion rates? The goal here is to little prospect that customers know that you're right are on the corner with a helping hand. The best way to do that as toe plays the location specific catch the easily vin over generate catch. Now, having seen all these best practices now, it's time for us to take a look at a couple off. Google ads pleased by expert marketers The 1st 1 is from digital marketer Ryan Days, is well known in the industry and has run and tested several Ach, this Google ad from digital marketer is great because the headline stage Digital marketer official site. This indicates it's an authority in that space, and you're looking at the direct air from the authority, then the second headline say's proven Druitt strategies. This provides a comfort that the strategy start Arvella district and proven and the description area they use words like library of systems, revenue growth free build, a brand drive traffic marketing library, get certified free marketing resource is and the like, all kind of power words in the marked English. And finally, they make full use of the ad real estate by including side link extensions. All in all, a very good example to Emily. This Nike ad is great because the headline clearly say's Ward their businesses. Then I called to action that say's shop, the Nike Store. The description is impressive, it say's athletes around the world. What are you going to do to change your dreams? Then I called to action here and some benefits. Then cycling's here. So another great ad that shows up as a first aired in the search results up workers, an online freelance marketplace that helps match freelancers with clients. This PPC ad, they did, is an excellent way to get potential customers looking for freelancers to sign up. Let's analyze this ad. No headlines say, is upward freelancers. This is to reinforce in the minds of visitors that when they think of freelancers, they must remember upward freelancers on, they say, satisfaction guaranteed. Providing such a guarantee in business increases, trust and the description. The answer. Objections like, if not satisfied, money back guaranteed. $1 billion helps increase trust on the platform. Further, it's a social proof. Then they provide all kinds of benefits. If you go with upward like quality freelancers, secure payment 4.5 average days to hire and the like, they also provide the steps involved. This provides some idea to the visitors how easy it is to hire on this platform than a few lings for the visitors to take action. This ad ranks in the number one position in the search results. Upward runs this ants for quite some time. This indicates it performs well 12. Facebook Ads Copywriting Part 1: Hey, welcome back. Just like any other platform. The success in Facebook advertising depends upon many factors, mainly your target audience, your offer, your creative, your landing page, testing different versions, retargeting and the like. Copy. Ultra plays a crucial part, and it's sex is. Our focus here is to see how to write a copy that helps to succeed with Facebook. Catch that are different types of Facebook. Ach! Each of them have their own specs. Please visit the Facebook page. If you want more information on the specific issue, let's see some best practices before we jump into examples. Some of them may sound obvious, but when it comes to practice, people don't follow them. So if you are familiar with some of them, it still helps to remind and refresh fundamentals frequently to make it interesting. I'm showing them with examples. Facebook ad copy can be long form. So in addition to what we saw for Google ads, copy some more. Best practices apply here. Let's see them before I show you how to ride the Facebook copy step by step in some examples and analysis off ads from other experts. Number one. No, what you want to write. Don't just ride for the sake of it. Many advertisers make the mistake of writing about their products. Features your audience. Don't care about your product per se. They care about how it will benefit. I'm saying this because I see a lot off ads on Facebook that used filler words to cover the copy part. They provide more importance to the image part that do an image with no life in it. That kind of approach will not deliver a proper message. It is great. Copy glass, Great image that makes a great at creative the copies Your talk about the ultimate benefits of the product. It should clearly state the unique selling proposition. It should state what the intended purpose of the product is, and it has a strong call. Interaction as well. All of them are important. Here's the best way to plan your Facebook ad copy. Step one. Plan in advance What you want to see on the at Steptoe Plan The exact wording. Step three. Righted, edited and re edited, if required. Step for designed the post instead. Five. Upload the message and publish number two plays. Your key message at the beginning You cannot tell a story here on Facebook ad copy, because it starts with an intro and you are very slowly your audience. Attention span is very limited. They just crawled through the feet. You have to stand out with a message that strike the car very quickly. That do it should appear in the first line of yet an example would make it very clear to you. Here's an example. Ad copy. As the New Year is right behind the corner, it's time to work on the resolutions for the next 24 hours. All the digital products are 30% off in our online store. Wait, no more. Sounds good, right? However, I see room for improvement. What do you think is the key message the company wants to tell you? The company offers a special discount for just 24 hours, but that's not in the first image. They talk about New Year and all that stuff. Let's rephrase the copy. Flash sale get 30% off for all digital products in our online store. Valid for 24 hours only. It's time to work on New Year's resolutions. Wait no more Now the reader will immediately get the most important message, which is a limited time offer. Number three. Use active and conversational language. Tell the audience the ultimate benefits straight, using works use active. Wise to say that the teen example. Wishing one. Your Facebook ads can now be placed faster and smarter. Question to you can now plays your Facebook ads faster and smarter. Russian Tree Marketing Academy Helps You plays Facebook ads faster and smarter. Wasn't four plays Facebook ads faster and smarter ritually about. Would you prefer If you ask me, I would prefer the last one because it's trade away tells you to go do it sharp and sweet. Using active language means nudging the reader to take a logical action step. This is effective compared to all the other for Midge. You can also say that with a question type like this want to place your Facebook at faster and smarter. That ultra works well. The before farm at your copy before posting. Sometimes you may have a lot to tell on the air. If you can't cut anything out, look for ways to turn a long paragraph into a well structured bullet punch. Take this copy is an example 24 hours left. Get a free upgrade to platinum level subscription. As a member of this community, you can access all the premium video content worth $800 value weekly webinars worth $200 value. All the guys and she cheats were $200 value at a mastermind. Facebook Group Membership Toe. Interact with the community. Invaluable. That's a long copy to put into a single paragraph. Hello are difficult to read, right? But as you can see, all of this information is potentially relevant to the audience. So what to do? Use bullet points and emoji is to make it interesting and readable. Here's our 24 hours left. Get a free upgrade to Blackman level subscription and get $800 worth premium video content , $200 worth weekly webinars, $200 worth guides. A cheat sheets and access to master. My Facebook group membership invaluable that makes it easy to read, understand and clearly quantify the total value in that offer. And make sure to write a copy that sounds conversational rather than like a written English . Avoid jargon used. Simple watch. You may read it out loud. Ensure this also make sure they use caps. Lock the oak lined words like free and limited time offers. Finally, end every Facebook ad with a strong call direction. Let the reader know what is the next step. It can be the download. This evil for free today only ought to sign up today to save 50%. Don't leave the reader hanging there after senior at notice that in every culture action that is a calm, a benefit and an urgency factor. Every successful Facebook copyrighting starts with knowing your audience, knowing your message and how to frame it the right way and every successful Facebook copyrighting end with taking your reader one small step head in your marketing funnel. 13. Facebook Ads Copywriting Part 2: Now it's time to write and aired. I want to show you how I would write a copy and generate leads online with a lead magnet. Stay doomed. The ad copies ready? Let's ASU. I'm giving away free course to get Leech. The copy goes like this. Do you want to double your sales instantly, then this free video course can't help you. I want to know what makes a powerful campaign and how to create one. Get it here. I created it after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on testing it. It's a step by step cores that shows exactly what does working best right now. Take the course here. That's it. The hyphen chive used will help to separate each line. Here. It makes the copy easy, readable. It starts with a question that raises curiosity. It uses power words like instantly and free it say's know what makes a powerful campaign So it docks what the product is embarks on. No confusion here. It is a con traction, in fact, that to call to actions, get it here and take the course here. The perceived value of the gift goes up because of the words. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. The word step by step shows the course is very actionable shows. Exactly. Watch working best. Right now, these words show the courses based on what was currently working, and a relevant, attractive image will support this copy. Well, now, let's see some examples from other ex Butch, This is Digital Moctar. 62nd block plan at can you guess what is a key phrase and the driver of the offer? Is it is that 60 seconds? It sounds better than a minute, and it represents extremely quick and easy results, which is what everyone is looking for, right? Ryan days. The digital marketer guy is doing significant amount of testing on Facebook and I run several hundreds of edge or the past few years. They have a pretty taro understanding off what works and what doesn't. 62nd block plan leads to s crease based or download the block plan in pdf format. So the take away is this. People want easy to implement plans that get quick results. The 62nd block plan is named to imply just that Create and name your lead magnets. Keeping this in mind, this ad is from all Butch. The video ad immediately grabs your attention with an animated character on top off a static shoe image. Can you see this text on top and coach? That's a customer testimonials. They proved their value with it and ensure you'll agree by offering a risk free trial. They don't mention the word comfort, which is quite common and regular. Every man and his dog in the shoes market uses work so they don't use it. Instruct. They rely on the imagery and the description, like clothes for your feet. This indicates the fact that these shoes are, in fact, very coughed. This is from Doordash. No. Nash is an AB that connect restaurants and customers. They facilitate the door delivery off food from nearby a stretch. But as you can see on this ad, they talk about major benefits in a few words. And this ad features exactly what the people want. Mount watering, delicious food. They showcase what potential foods are user could buy. See here hungry. So the ad folks on the positive outcome off getting that food fast by just downloading the app. This is from Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club is a company that sells men's grooming products. They're automatically delivered at your doorsteps. Periodically, the video ads starts off with the reasons why men are switching the Dollar Shave Club. Then it quickly moves into highlighting their benefits off Dollar Shave Club. As you can see, the video is done that quick cuts there's grabs users attention with these cruel on the feet, and this checklist with the copy makes it easy for the users to understand some of the additional benefits This is from Abby and be as a part of the shouting economy. Have B and B connects homeowners who are willing to offer the whole for rental to the traveling guests. This is a win win deal for both homeowners and the travelers. The copy starts with the vote and ask you to do something. Everyone wants to earn extra income, so that's powerful. Also, they quantify the income to make it super specific. The video asks a question and immediately offers you a tool to help you answer an air B and B. Make sure the highlight that within the copy, they show that user their best case earning potential with the platform. Finally, this ad directly speaks to the users within a specific location. This means they are utilizing the personalization to make the ad resonate mawr, that the diet audience in that particular location, I mean the location specific to show they are writer on the corner. All in all, that's a great act. 14. Advertorial Copywriting: he will come back. Let's look at advertorial copy writing. First of all, what does an advertorial copy? It is a farm, often advertisement in a newspaper magazine. Our website. This copy gives information about the product in the form of an article. Usually a brand pays a publisher for such an article, and advertorial are paid content. These are used by marketers to educate prospect of consumers about the features and benefits off a product. It can be used to target a specific set of people by choosing the right medium to publish the advertorial. For example, an advertorial in a business newspaper would involve educating a set of people who are more interested in a barter economy. Stock markets financial products in the like. It's an effective medium for a company to connect with its consumers through his story. So it is different from a traditional print. Dad in a magazine newspaper are on a website as a ban. Arrack, an advertorial, is more detailed than an advertisement, so it helps consumers to understand Maura Mother product. Usually ad agencies are the clients ride these laboratories, then they pushes the ad space on the website are in a newspaper or a magazine. Let's look at some examples now, but it comes to studying edge. Do you ignore the ones that are gimmicky, like this? Rub the Buddha awful luck at You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you do, because even though there are some bad ones out there that are plenty that are successful, it's not an easy dads to justify purchasing up with that that produces money miracles. When you rub it this example and have Bean running on and off for over 25 years, they contract the beach for a gimmicky product by putting all the focus on his strong guarantee. If money blessing doesn't happen upon receiving Buddha, you get double money back and they're advertising mainly to readers off fake news publications. The examples are like National Enquirer and The Old World News, so the readers are very open minded. But most other publications wouldn't accept such an act by targeting the right audience with a very strong anti. They ended up with a successful campaign. It's a proved that there are plenty of superstitions and gullible people out there. They're just need a little bit of justification to make such approaches so money back is a big strategy to make this a more logical purchase and kindles are feeling off. Why not give it a try? There's nothing to lose. So the driver of the air is the guarantee, effectively conquering the fear of being embarrassed for the order. This is showing extreme confidence in the product and much harder for those interested capacity. So instead of highlighting a convincing proof which isn't going to happen for a Buddha you wrote for money, a very strong guarantee is used to contract the ridiculousness of the product and the claims. Without that guarantee, their only be able to keep their tension of the least skeptical crowd. I mean, anyone who's even mildly sceptical, it would stop reading. However, the guarantee changes the offer a lot building of the general guarantee and then turning it into a double money back guarantee right before the con. Traction makes it seem impressive when it's needed the most. On top of that ah bonuses mentioned in the bottom left corner, making a final effort, tipped the scale. Lastly, the phrase this Buddha rubbing experience as a research experiment that's brilliant. They're making something gimmicky but sound scientific and smart. Instead of feeling like a stupid for robbing a Buddha, they want you to feel like you're a part of a research experiment. They have turned something that Cillian superstitious into something that sounds scientific . Here's another example. This is a lead generation, and from Gary Halbert, a genius copywriter, the topic is free book by foot. This seven year old swimsuit martyr reveals a top secret way to lose weight extremely fast , and that is a story behind this ad. Once Gaddy was at a medical clinic and it was time to bay for his visit, he struck up a conversation with the secretary. Impressed with their physique, he asked whether she had done some modeling or not. It turned out that she was a 57 year old lady, and she was a model feature and many notable magazines. On the way back home, he told this to his fellow copywriter. He wasn't sure he would use her yet, but it'll definitely think of something. Couple of days later, they went back and signed Iran for this lead generation, and you're seeing here that is a great example of using an impressive and fascinating persona as a main theme of an act now that sees some of the features of this air. First of all, the it offers a free lead magnet. It portrays a fascinating character as the center of attention, the appeal off top secrets and finally, it dramatically stated benefit all in one headline. Then he immediately eliminates big objections and dislikes that are going on in the prospects mind this will keep the interest up to continue reading there. After boasting her credentials, he reveals and struggles. Then it relates her the prospects. The message is like Debra's ad wise must work are she would lose her job. It's an information you can get anywhere in and so many other benefits you get from this book. But notice this. All of these sentences are way unrevealing and hide a surprise element inside them. Some of the remarkable diet secrets you'll find in this book how to lose £10 off fat and fluid in just two days. The secret is easy to do and actually makes you lose more pounds and inches. Then, if you run 12 miles every day, why secrets in this book are even more effective and safer at producing rapid weight loss. Dan. Strenuous exercise. Why should never try to lose weight by dieting? Strictly. How to lose all the weight you want without ever feeling hungry again? Freedy, Since why should never count calories if you want to lose, made extremely fast How to cleanse Detoxify Junaid, your body Liz in 24 hours for under $5. The greatest beauty secret in the world and many more undulant. Alice, you get the book. You never know what these exits are. And for a person who want to lose weight, the offer looks irresistible, and quantifying, whenever possible makes it seem easier and more really, and about all it's free. So if you are serious about weight loss, there's nothing that will stop you from claiming this. And this is for people who may think it's too good to be true. Why would someone give away the book for free? Every single is an important wording. This page. Nothing has been left out again. Another confirmation that that'll be no hidden ways to charge money limited, supplied and create faster action again, clean up high demand and shots up like art to encourage quick action and see how, at the end of the air, Gaddy goes into the details about what action the prospects need to take next. He provides detailed instructions on how to get it step by step. The ordering is done by food, so a thorough explanation is needed. But overall, the message here is you should get into the habit off, clearly directing prospects on exactly what they must do next. You don't want any confusion when it's time for them to take action, right? You can no model this air if you have bland to make one. Actually, the concept is same for any type of ad you please. So please learn these concepts again and again absorbed. Take notes. If a quiet, then when you actually plays an ad, your mind will bring these ideas back to the fore. Like in this air. Having a fascinating and often unbelievable character with a success story can be extremely powerful in your marketing. Try to grab the reader's attention first, then give the bitch believability by giving a concrete example. It'll make the prospect feel that if this person can do this, so can I. And finally add a powerful card reaction. All in all, that's a great example. Often, Andrea Doria 15. Awareness and educational ads copywriting: Hey, welcome back. Let's look at how to ride a van Nus in Educational Edge have Agnes. Our educational advertising is a marketing strategy. It is designed to increase consumer familiarity with the company's or on message. And the services are products that offers how a madness advertising develops. Goals and objectives for your business depends upon Yard Doggett consumer market and the company image you wish to portray. You reach out to the target market and educate them about how the process works. Before the final product, our service is delivered to the customer. You tell them that you run your company based on certain values and principles. You are a transparent company, and a product delivered is in the best interest of the customers. The message or business chooses to convey should not be. WREG are easily misinterpreted. If you give any room to your consumers to confuse your company message, it become easier for your target market to make false assumptions about your brands and products. So you need to convey a clear, strong message through your advertising campaigns. This way, you're easily understandable and memorable. This allows easier recognition off your brand when consumers come across your company's products are and I your business locations. The ultimate purpose off Venice advertising is to increase your company's market share by increasing consumer knowledge off your businesses, products and services. You're a Venice. Advertising campaigns are an attempt to drown or the wisest off your competitors. If these campaigns follow the rules off simplicity and memorability, consumers may begin to frequently our business. This will give you the opportunity to steal sales from competition on a permanent basis. Now let's see a couple of examples off this at type. What you see on screen is a McDonald's of anise and educational hat. Check out this beach for D days. Their campaign was an excellent example of the power of transparency and product education in marketing. Let's face it, McDonald is the butt of the joke. Almost every time when it comes to a fast food and Employeessalaries, everyone thinks their process is a mystery, and because of that, plenty of rumors are created. The only way to shut them up is to come out and say, Hey, VR, ask us anything. We're not hiding, and that's exactly what they did. In fact, they even higher the farmer Mythbusters co host Grant Imahara to be the phase of the campaign and give it credibility. So always educate your customers totally on your process and products. You want them to think that you aren't hiding anything whatsoever. Honesty is important, and it kills rumors before this start. But if your product is already perceived very badly, education and transparency is not enough to convince naysayers if they make existing customers feel better about your product. But effectively can word the knees airs, you'll be more effective changing the actual quality off your product and then highlighting that via Hatch. Now let's look at another example off. This type of the story dealing ad is from one degree. Organics. It's one of the smartest marketing strategy I've ever seen so far. One degrees slogan is Every ingredient has a story, and one degree backs that slogan by telling you exactly where each ingredient used in their foods come from all the way down to the actual farmers. What's so great about this is that consumers of organic foods are often skeptical of products labeled organic, because a lot of big brands tried to cash in on that term. However, one degree makes any skepticism, and consumer may have dissipated with an incredibly in depth look at the real people behind the ingredients. They smartly plays a smiling photos of each former on the box to build personal connection that really mixed a brand, however big, are cooperate. They are look very human and down to her. They even until it a prominent cure court to lead people to their site and see how it is wonderfully emphasized, with adults pointing to it once on the side, you can read the stories and wash the videos. All the farmers you can even use an ingredient tracker prominently displayed on their home beach. Or all this is an excellent example of being transparent. Building rappel in connecting with your customers through the power off storytelling. So go ahead and humanize your brand like this. People want to do with other people. An easy way to humanize your brand is to include photos and videos. Are the people behind it, along with personal story telling and background information and use call to actions with pointed arrows like this to draw attention and use a supporting called reaction like this to bring the prospects to the site customers unnaturally skeptic off a branch honesty and authenticity. When you share some of your activities in depth, you build a trust significantly. 16. Fight with a client: Hey, welcome back. And finally, let's talk about the fight. I told your bar with a client of mine, By the way, when I say fine, it was not some kind of a wine and behavior are using abuse the woods. It was an argument that do for professional research. He's a good friend of mine. So he took it and then write sense. So let me tell you the stories, so you know the context. My plan is an entrepreneur, and he's conducting the venture. He has a decent sized email list, and he wanted to send out a brochure to his list telling them of our some of his upcoming. Eventually, he just told me about this. He also told me that he doesn't want to solve like a salesman. Why of sending this twist list? So he just want to send out a brochure that tells the list members about the event and this canoe in H I golden that just sending out April Shore would not be very effective because every dad and his dog does the same thing. You need a copy with irresistible offer to make it stand out, but he was not willing to do it because he was worried the copy may make the whole thing look. Saves. He doesn't want to preach anything. He just wanted toe. Give the information to its list members. That's it. Pretty dumb move, in my view, even he knows about that. But his fearsome portraying himself as a salesman was stopping it. Then we had an argument on why our respective positions were correct. Then I somehow convinced him that to make this campaign successful, he needed a copy that provides an irresistible offer. Remember that 50 30 20 room? He was ignoring both 30 and 24 then, in their view, daughter copy with an offer and made sure it was his soft shell as much as possible be included. A bit of urgency and scarcity because this adventure get filled up pretty fast and the brochure doesn't talk about that. So you were, in fact helping us A list members to register in advance so they don't miss even and some early bird discounts for the first year. Registrants happy to say, Don't not to be a successful campaign. I just wanted to share this with you because sometimes people feel that sending out a copy with his sales pitch may portray them as sincere. But take it from me, it depends upon the way you write your coffee. Yes, some back copy. I can ruin the whole campaign. And yes, the copy has a power toe. Make or break the whole camp. Take a look at the copy. Usual. Do your first name. It pains me to see when you wanted to attend an event we organized. But you can't because the event a sold out this happens time and again. I'm still working on getting bigger venues, but you to find out. In the meantime, the next few events are scheduled now, and I thought off telling you the dates in advance. I've also entered a small brochure with a brief description off each event for you. As you may know, these events get filled really fast. So if you would like to secure your seat to one of these events, step one. Please visit the website Step to choose the one you want or 10. And step three deserve your seat. You invest 30% list by securing your seat in advance. Prices will go up as you approach closer to the end date. From now on, I'll be happy to send you the priority notification toe. All this could dual events, so you'll never miss any hope. You're having a great holiday season to your success name. That's it. The copy is carefully crafted, with a lot of focus on what the list members were. Game see the number of use and yours we've used. We have carefully a wide of the word VR ar and many places, except for a few places where it must need it. It starts off with a mini story in a pain point. It's a pain not only for my client but also for the list members. When they missed the event, it's an implied one we haven't ordered. A step by step called to action a specific, quantifiable benefit to see the value. And we've included the scarcity in urgency factors 17. Conclusion: Hey, you Welcome back. Congratulations for completing the score successfully. I'm sure you'll learn a lot from these lessons. If you feel so, please leave a review for me. This will be really helpful. If you wanted to participate in the contest, you're already taken the nurse. Please send in the form to include you in the contest and keep watching for MAWR. In this course, I'll keep adding new lessons here and revisit the same lessons again and again because reputation is a mother of skin. You achieve your mastery by repeatedly learning and refreshing what you learn before, because my pleasure and privilege to be a part of training, I've showed great sexes and good luck. 18. BONUS-Keywords and SEO: Hi. Welcome back. A lot of people think that as Theo is Allah bar appearing on top off search results when you search for a brand name. But that's not what issue is all about. Yes, your is Alabbar appearing on top of search results when you search for a general keyword our phrase No water key witch Key words are the words that are typed in the search engines to find a solution to a problem as a consumer. If I want a solution, I would probably go toe one of these. Search engines like Google are being are Yahoo on typing a few key words. The watch I type into those search engines are considered to be key watch within that business on industry. Now, as a business owner, if you write great solutions in the form of articles on block posts within that website that you own, search engines will show your website on top of others so that when I search for a solution , I can click on Europe's side and find solutions. This is how your website gets traffic. So we talked about huge. Now let's talk about Cuba research. Keyword research is a process as your professionals use, define and research actual search terms used by people in search engines. They use these key terms, got you better rankings in search engines. Now, in this course, I'm going to show you how to achieve better rankings and surgeon your results page for unbranded generate key does. Now, when we talk about it, there is a clear connection, but bean reputation and search Let me explain you why, when our people are searching for specific unbranded generate key watch and if they find my site on top of the search in your results page they may consider me as an authority are reputed person within that industrial business. So when they enter into mine upside, but unfortunately they may not be able to find what they were looking for in my sight. So they may have to leave empty handed on that. Those circumstances Google will think that my sight is not really relevant for those key which my reputation takes ahead on Google will be more be in searching genital space. So we've seen how people searches are linked to your reputation. So your job is a website owner is to do this optimize your rip side on Lee for industry specific, relevant keywords that people are expected to search for in search engines. In other words, optimize your product pages and content pages in such a way people can easily find what they're looking for, get convinced and decide to buy our offers, then optimize your cart and pages in such a way. The after sales service becomes pretty smooth in the form of product demonstration videos, service manuals, search forums and so on so that your buyers become returning customers after buying a product from Europe side, Let's say a digital camera, your customer would naturally want to know how to use it. He might refer to the information Manuel, but most of the times it's quite difficult for anyone to understand everything about how to use a product from a booklet. So there is a chance that in my head, Google are He might come back to Europe side to understand better about your product. So if you have a product demonstration video created posted in Europe side and optimize it for Seo, he can come back to Europe side and easily find that video on learn from it. So the point here is s your helps even after the product is Soder and all round information . I want to pass on here as S e. O. Is very important for an overall user and consumer experience. 19. BONUS-Keyword research basics 1: Hi. Welcome back. Surgeon Organization is incomplete with our keyword research. So in this section, I'm gonna cover keyword research in depth. Since we're already seeing what keyword research is I'm going to start with, Why keep your research is so important. There are many people like you who can list products and write content on their website for your key, which this is your competition. So if you want to do better better than your competition in the search engines, you may have to write better content with those keywords. Moreover, you may have to identify certain keywords which are least competitive and write content for those givers. This is where Cuban research and optimization comes to help. If you do it right, search engine crawlers will find your content and showing on top of your commentators to the people who are searching for solutions using your keywords. If your site sells yoga courses and your videos, you may want to come to the top of the search engine results for these key watch, but getting to the first page takes time and effort. Cuban research is a part of market research, so it will not give a conclusive answer to your questions, but it will definitely give you some valuable clues, and with them you can take your decisions. So our aim here, when researching key words, is to find a list of target keywords that are number one relevant your offers never do searched and likely to bring in visitors. Number three moderate the low competition keywords so that they can be ranked and number four. They are commercial Internet keywords so that they'll convert visitors into buyers. Well, if your keywords don't do these four things they're not worth spending time with, please keep this in mind. Your customers will pass through four stages on the journey from researched raving French. The Stage iStar Number one Research number two Consideration Number three Purchase and number four, Lion Lee and Eat State. They use different search techniques. The number of words used, the order of those words and the meaning off those key watch. Help us identify how close they are. The makeup purchase research keywords tend to contain one art do words, and they're usually called head toes. Consideration. Keywords tend to contain to our tree watch, and they're also called body terms. Purchase keywords tend to be longer. Having three are more words, and they're also called long Guilty Witch. And finally, like yours tend to be shorter, but usually brand names ask huge. Often you can increase your return on investment by attracting searchers in the consideration and purchase stages of their journey. A good rule of thumb is this. A longer search phrase suggests better darting and increased conversions that is, long. Tail keywords can be great diets, especially for new websites. Shot a key. Words are used either by people who do research are who are really know which brand they're looking for often search. Mark does stock about the head, body and tail off the huge Let's talk About all these categories have been in detail in my next video. 20. BONUS-Keyword research basics 2: keywords can be categorized in two different methods. The first method is into head, body and long tail keywords. The second way to categorise them is into informational keywords and commercial keywords. Now let's take a look at the first method. Let's take the example of the key term yoga. This word is ahead. Go. This is the main theme of the keyword niche yoga industry. The term your our lessons would be part of the body you're got. Lessons in Cheney will be part of the longer key, which likewise yoga Lessons Online and Jenna Yoga lessons are also some examples off Long Turkey, which now when searching for suitable keyword niches, we are interested in the long Turkey ridge Now why Long day long tail keywords are the best , and this is because of the following reasons. Long tail keywords make up the vast majority of searches. This is because of various permutations and combinations off different related, which, for example, yoga lessons online online. Your Alisyn's online lessons on yoga are all different keywords with their own search volume and actively searched by real people online to buy them. More searches conducted on the Internet are long Turkey, which this means if you're not targeting long tail keywords on your site, you'll be missing out on a huge proportion off your possible traffic, maybe even up to 90% of the traffic. Moreover, longer key words are very specific and tell you more about what people are really looking for. That means it gives the rial intention of the people. The head keywords, such as yoga doesn't tell you very much about the searches intern. But as a keyword such as Best Yoga trading online tells you that this person is interested in yoga and they're looking to buy a training video online. In addition to all this, usually, long tails are least competitive, so it's easier to rank those Gingrich. And these are some of the main reasons why long tail keywords are very important to your online success. Now let's briefly look at the second way too broadly. Categorised huge informational keywords are those that are searched to conduct research are that merely pass on some information? They are used a large and articles on block posts so that people who are at the initial stage of their conversion cycle are at the top of the funnel get attracted to them. Examples of such informational que ajar, how to cook pasta, how to use Camp Asia and so on. Most of the how do key watch and numbered list, like Nine Ways to Make Money Online and Sean fall into this category. But commercial keywords can be brand names are e commerce dumps that I used in product pages. They can work better mainly because they attract people at the final stage of their condition cycle. Are people at the bottom of the funnel some examples of Commercial Key, which can be like by Nike Shoes online, Best canon camera for YouTube videos and the like? 21. BONUS-Site structure and keyword targeting: Hi. Welcome back in this video. Let's see how keywords are dog. It'd and rang. Let's say you haven't e commerce upside. The head terms are usually on your home peach, but these are usually low value, and you'll face a lot of competition for them. It's usually diet body keywords on category pages. More valuable long turkey words are on our product. Pages are on a block post, for example. For a website on yoga training, we might target yoga as a head cured. We would have a category for weight loss yoga, and you would have several product pages with larger yoga's not training. If we knew a lot of unique content on that page, we may pick up long kill traffic for Dems, such as best yoga, training for obesity, best yoga training for new moms and so on. But very you actually start. The sites are structures from top down. That means, as I said earlier, home page with Hector Jobs than create categories with body terms, followed by content with long tails. Once your research well about your niche market, you create a keyword map that shows the key which your dog getting on each page. Here's how the map would look like for a yoga site. Level one would be head jobs such as yoga training, and this will be on your home page. Then level two with body doves like yoga, far elders, yoga for adults, your four Children, your off of women, Yoga for ailment and so on. These are just examples than level three with long tail keywords like yoga for off these women. You go for tight, I'd issues. You'll go far back pain and the like. If you're building a new website, you should consider rich is the best place to start. And what keywords should you be dieting on your home page category pages and product pages for lots of sites. Your home page is your most powerful page. It's the pay that get most links, and it's your links that will get your rank well and Google results Generally, your link Popularity spreads from your home page through your category pages to the pages that are targeting long tail buying huge. So it's always better to design the pages in such a way. The link juice doesn't have to travel a lot to reach product pages. This means any page with long tails should be reached in two or three clicks from the home page. This should be your benchmark are some rules. Some sites are likely to have more pages and deeper site structure. This means more categories with sub categories are converting. Keywords are further away from the powerful home page. This is absolutely fine if you're having large business with a lot of resources for link building. But if you are a smaller business, it's much better for your site to have just 50 to 60 pages packed with great content about yoga than it is to have thousands of low quality pages spirit across a broad range off cured baggage. 22. BONUS-Keyword relevancy: Once you remove the duplicate key watch, you have another important objective. This is to keep on Lee the most relevant keywords on your list. This is manual work. I suggest you go through the entire list of keywords carefully and remove all the irrelevant key watch and keep on Lee the most relevant keywords to your topic. This is very important because this will attract very targeted traffic. D Our website. Those who visit your website will stay back and spend time on it. This is very important user experience signal that will give an indication to Google that your website is very relevant. Toe your visitors if you start optimizing your pages for every keyword both relevant and irrelevant. When people visit Europe side based on the ranking, often irrelevant keyword. Pretty soon they'll realize the pages not very relevant to them, so they'll press the back button and go back. This behavior is called bouncing. Increasing bounce rage. Give a strong signal that Google that your webpages not very relevant to the users so Google algorithms will start demoting you in the page rank for those irrelevant key which eventually you lose rankings for those keywords. So all your efforts time money spent two rang Those irrelevant kee which always did so Take extra care to rank on Lee for the most relevant key Watch very important. 23. BONUS-How to find keyword difficulty: hi guys will come back. Let's see how to find keyword difficulty in this video. There are a few free dudes to check this out, but the data provided by them it's not reliable. So let's see how to extract this data from a well known market leader called mas dot com. This is a paid do, but they also offer a 30 day free trial. So please go ahead and we just about that, go ahead and click on most Pro. How do you go click on this button and register yourself for this 30 day free trial? I already have an account with them, so let me just log in what you are in. Please click on Mars Pro and Key. Would Explorer They're just come down a little bit and think on Create our upload a new list. In my previous video I wanted, he shown you how the generate freaky, which you've already saved all of him in an Excel file. Now you can upload that Excel file in here, and please notice that you must have only 500 key Watch our lesser in each list so you can break that list into several smaller lists on upload those files in here. Once you upload a list, you'll have something like this. I just click on that, Maiken, see the results for your list of keywords in here? There we go. Your individual T words are analysed in here with the wall. You difficulty opportunity on potential. I can't start the key watch based on ascending or descending order. Now, this is based on a sending order. This keyword is the least disfigured. One are easier to rank. That's it. You just have to choose those key watch with difficulty. Score off less than 30 and you're gonna use mas dot com to do that. Now there is another cure. Difficulty to call. Key would find a dot com. They have a freemium version with a maximum off three words to check per day on a free plan . Let me show you an example of hard to use the stool. You're on the home screen. Just type in a key wording. Here, choose a country or here. There we go, not hard. This is how you find a keyword difficulty for some of the keywords identified. Once you find a few key words that easy to moderately difficult to rank. Check if they are commercial key watch and really easy to rank in the sub. Our surgeon, You deserve speech. Let's do that manually. I opened google dot com and go ahead and install this Mars bar from us. It's a free air on the chrome. If you're using Chrome browser, this will be really handy, not type in a keyword in here. Since I've installed Mas bar, I'm getting this data. Hi Paige Authority and High Domain Authority shows that the website is an authority website in that industry, trying to find weaknesses in this page for each of the Q A Geo chosen, for example, a page authority of just one here here. These are some examples that shows this particular keyword can be ranked on the first page of Google. So check out there are 4 to 5 results with lawyer domain authority and beta authority with lists. A number of links because the authority off aside also depends upon the number of links and the quality of each of those links. If Upside is having high quality back wings, it would naturally rank well on the Google surgeon. Your results speech If you're convinced that you can beat the results in the first page for that particular keyword, you may go hair and find content. Writing ideas for the chosen keywords content is in the form of articles and block posts, with several type off media content in ID like video podcasts, infographics images and so on. Let's see how to do all that in our up kind videos. 24. BONUS-LSI Keywords: Hi. Welcome back. Not right. Quality content. You may have to target a lot off lad and semantic index. Que ege R l aside, huge and include them in your content. Ls a key watch. Are nothing back related? Huge. These are the key words that are related to the CDE key work not merely synonyms, but related, for example, the words like yoga retreat, body mine, meditation, breathing around related to each other while writing about yoga. You mean naturally used these words, And that's why they are Ella Psyche, which now how can you find Ella Psyche, which it's pretty simple. Search for a glossary of terms for a Sikh? Your let's go ahead and find the glossary of terms for the word yoga. There you go. Ah, huge list off. You got laid a huge in alphabetical order. Now let me show you do more ways to find Alice like huge. Let's go to amazon dot com. Now let's search for Yoga for Dummies books from dummies dot com. Very comprehensive and well researched. So let's make use of them. They make take on the second result yoga all in one for dummies. Now let's click on this. Look inside and let's go to content speech. There you go. Table of contents. I can find tons and tons off L. A. Psyche. Watch in this page, for example, Mind body connection is an L A psyche word for yoga. Fruitful yoga standing doll. You're got wrist dynamic postures. You're golf package power, yoga, warmups. Powerful woman's exploring push down and she wants You may go through the contents page in full and no down as many allies like you and just possible. Now let me show you another resource. Let's try pin yoga, plus Victoria again. Go to the conference space that you go when. Classical yoga, Ashtanga yoga, hot yoga, vending, ascetic practices. Who? Bunny jets. Sandra with dry in A. These are later keywords for the word yoga. So no down these huge and include these G watch in your content to make your content very powerful. Any content with plenty of a list like you watch will definitely outrank your competitors, but the most important part is while using a lot psyche, which the content should look natural. So please make sure that 25. BONUS-Content Ideas: Hi. Welcome back now for Carter died years. Let's do some research, not type in the sea. Keyword on drink on topping. Now can you see here? I mean 7400 questions. There we go, a massive list of questions for which you can write content on your website. The key watch used in these articles will improve your issue. Questions like Can we reduce belief Act by yoga 12 men there. The yoga classes. What is the best your golf on a dancer? Now search for a topic in your industry. Click on questions and start writing articles on those questions. Let me show you another source. E how dot com Type in your seat. You are here, then you go. Some more questions. How to start a home yoga business. How blue Super brain Yoga. How to do a rabbit Pulls in yoga. Help being yoga Match. How do your heart whole? Now let's see another resource. Let's click on Vicky Hall. There we go. A lot more questions from Vicky Hall. How do yoga? How glow Yoga. Meditation. How do yoga for absolute beginners? Harder your heart whole. Four ways to perform yoga postures Now I have content ideas. You can ride block posts, create infographics off videos are simple audio messages. So the kind of content you want to create us fully up to you. But these are some of the sources where you can find great content ideas for keywords in your industry. So please make use of them to give a massive boost your S U.