Copywriting: How To Convert Cold Features Into Benefits That Sell

Vladimir Raykov, Marketing and Sales Manager

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7 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • The Difference Between Features And Benefits

    • Convert Cold Features Into Benefits That Sell

    • What Is The Benefit Of The Benefit?

    • The Ladder Of Abstraction And Your Benefits

    • The Place Where You Should Write Your Benefits For Optimal Results

    • Your Project Assignment


About This Class

Do you want to learn one of the most important skills in copywriting that will help you sell more products instantly?

Do you want to learn exactly how to push the hot emotional buttons of your prospects and have them take any kind of action you want?

Do you want to be able to write extremely powerful marketing messages?

Well, if your answer is “yes” to even one of these question then this class will blow your mind!

Before I tell you what exactly you are going to learn and what will your project assignment be, I’d like to introduce myself.


My name is Vladimir Raykov and I do marketing.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I work as a Marketing Manager, I teach very successful courses on Marketing Fundamentals and Marketing Psychology and Copywriting. I’ve created and launched over 20 digital products. I also teach over 10 000 students from 128 countries.

So much for me, let’s see what you are going to learn:

In this class you will learn copywriting which is one of the most important elements of effective marketing. The art of copywriting involves strategically delivering words that get people to take a specific action that you want. It might be a sale, registration for a webinar, opt in in your email list and more.

Copywriting is a broad subject and if you want to learn everything at once, it might be a bit overwhelming. For that reason I’ve started creating classes which address separate parts of that subject. This approach is successful, because you master copywriting one step at a time until you transform yourself into a world-class copywriter.

In the first class on copywriting, I teach how to write extremely powerful, attention-grabbing headlines. And this is the second class and here you will learn how to write irresistible benefits that sell.

  • First of all the crucial difference between features and benefits! Even advanced marketers have hard time explaining which is which.
  • Secondly, you will learn how to convert cold features into powerful and emotional benefits which sell.
  • Next, you will learn how to identify the benefits of the benefit. Or how to dig deeper into the prospects mind and find what makes them tick.
  • You will learn what I call the Holy Grail in marketing – the ladder of abstraction. Mastering the principles from that lecture will instantly improve your communication skills and you will be able to create irresistible marketing messages.
  • Next, you will learn the best place to write the benefits of your product. And how to do it exactly by using a specific formula plus a real-life example.
  • You will learn the top 3 trigger words that you should always imply in your marketing message.
  • You will learn simple but effective 3-step framework for writing marketing copy.
  • You will learn the single most important factor for pricing your product or service. (And avoid a common pricing mistake)
  • You’ll gain access to valuable resources for copywriting and marketing. Make sure you download the PDF files.
  • And much, much more…

I explain every concept by providing you with great, world-class examples of the most successful copywriters in the world. So, you will be learning about proven strategies. Not vague theories.

Just for a second imagine what it would be to have the skill of writing amazing marketing copy that sells. This very skill may skyrocket your sales by 2 or 5 or 10 times.

Even if you have the best product in the world if you don’t know how to market it, it won’t be successful. You need to have copywriting skills to make it happen.

This course is ideal for:

  • Bloggers
  • Book authors
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Online marketers
  • And people from any occupation that requires writing marketing copy for the purpose of getting response and action.

… but I want to make something clear… when I say bloggers I don’t mean I will be teaching you how to write blog posts… I will be teaching you how to write pieces of marketing copy that sells.

As for your project assignment – you will have to draw two columns. One with features and one with benefits. Write the features of your product or service (if you don’t have just write about your favorite product) and then by applying the information from the lecture convert these cold features into compelling, prompting action benefits. You need to convert 3 to 5 features into benefits. Surely if you are serious about copywriting go ahead and convert as many features into benefits as you want. In copywriting practice makes perfect!

I will provide you with all the knowledge I have and all the resources I use to transform you into a world-class copywriter.

One quick note here. This is the second class of my copywriting series. I’ve intentionally split the topic into smaller digestible classes. The first class is Copywriting: How To Write The Most Powerful Headline Of Your Entire Life, and I suggest you watch all the courses from my copywriting series for optimal results.

I invite you to join us and develop your copywriting skills to sell more of your products almost overnight.

Click the “enroll” button,

I’m waiting for you inside the course!

39 of 40 students recommendSee All

This class was really well organized and contained great actionable information. Great for the beginning copywriter and great reminders for practicing copywriters about the basics needed to write effective copy.
The instructor gives very clear information going through step by step to give people the required information to put into practice. The visuals (slides on video) support learning so I can read and listen at the same time. I can see I will get a lot out of this course.
This was a very good class, as all the others I have seen from Vladimir, clear, very well explained, understandable. It provides and explains the strategies so you can apply them too on your business or your work, totally recommended to be better at copywriting. Thank you Vladimir, I have been learning a lot.
Sandra Castillo

Graphic Designer





Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager

Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager at an innovative and highly developing company for software solutions.

Vladimir has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has successfully completed courses on a Master's level on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Knowledge at Copenhagen Business School.

He is an author, blogger and one of his deepest passions is leadership - bringing out the best in people. Moreover, Vladimir is certified by Case Western Reserve University on a course - Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence. The course was conducted by professor Richard Boyatzis.

Social Media enthusiast with more than 60000 followers on the two of his Twitter accounts (@vladimirraykov and @tech_innovator).

His highest priorities are family and friends. He does and is interested in online teaching and learning as he thinks that these two terms are the new currency of the future.

A strong believer in education, Vladimir is willing to share his knowledge with others.