Copywriting Fundamentals: 4 Easy Steps to Write Successful Sales Copy | Vishal & Shubhi | Skillshare

Copywriting Fundamentals: 4 Easy Steps to Write Successful Sales Copy

Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

Copywriting Fundamentals: 4 Easy Steps to Write Successful Sales Copy

Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. What is Copywriting?

    • 3. 4 Easy Steps To Write Copy: AIDA Model

    • 4. How to Write Powerful Headlines ( Secret Formula)

    • 5. Using Call to Actions: Encourage readers to buy & take action

    • 6. Example of Sales Copy

    • 7. Class Project

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn Copywriting Fundamentals From Professional Copywriters.

In this class, you will master the core concepts of copywriting- 

  • How to write powerful, attention grabbing headlines 
  • How to use Call to actions (CTA) to persuade readers to take action 
  • Write Amazing Sales Copy in 4 simple steps using the AIDA Model

 Even if you don't have any knowledge or experience about copy-writing, you can still enroll in this class.

Who is this class for? 

  • Copywriters
  • Content Writers
  • Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Those who want to learn copywriting 
  • Curious learners who are willing to learn a new skill 


By the end of this class: 

  • You’ll be able to write attention grabbing headlines which convert
  • You’ll be able to write sales copy in just 4 simple steps
  • You’ll include call to actions which leads to sales and conversions 
  • You’ll be able to write sales copy which persuades the reason to take your desired action  


What do you require to take this class? 

Only 1 thing, which is the willingness to learn and you are ready to dive in. You don't need any prior experience or knowledge regarding copywriting. 


The purpose of this class is to teach the students about copywriting as it’s one of the highest demanded skills. By taking  this class, students will master copywriting basics which can transform their writing skills from average to pro. 


Meet Your Teachers:

A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers, online instructors & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers in 2016 but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

Both of us are Ezine Approved & Certified Writers. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. We have been in the online marketing world since 2016 and we would love to share everything that we have learned with you!

So when you enroll in this class, you'll be learning from those who have hands-on practical experience in this field.

See You Inside The Class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi and welcome. Yes, so excited to have you in the scars where you were going to learn about the fundamentals off copy writing in this class, you're going to know the poor Easy steps to write a successful coffee mining is shooting six n and I'll be leading through this class. I have the signs class with my going trucked over Schansman. We have seen online Marketing World since 2016 stock for but soon switched conference Life on the Post. We created content for over 50 websites. Currently, we are working as freelance content writers, bloggers and online instructors. So when you enrolled in this class, you can be sure that the knowledge and information that you're getting is from those who have hands on experience and got writing on a condom. Lighting will be sharing a few tips interests that are going to help you in becoming a better copy, right? More human long in this, you're going to cover the poor step data. Modern battle health you in writing sales copy that has the barbeau to persuade reader and make him a custom next up. Intending to form a lot provide attractive ignorance, which is going to make your headlines Extremely. I catching on, powerful enough to entice the vido gunboat into prospective buyers. Next up, we're going to tell you how to use goingto actions or cities in your copy so that you can promise really go to take action. Finally, you will be able to write the same Scotland and guide you by stating an example off perfect scene so that you can know stem Buster how to write a book, his copy that sells finally doing have some miss a class project. But you showcase your learnings from this class on being big, guiding you by giving you a proper feeds back in this class, you're able to get two templates which will have trigger words on going toe actions. These templates are going to be very handy and useful for you. Whenever you are writing a sales copy, you can simply copy the words that are stated here and create an amazing sale Skopje For online or off line broader services on courses. You'll also get a sense copy template, which would be the exact copy that we are going to show you as means that so that you can use it on. Crop down your own sales copy. So what are you waiting for? Click toe Endure in the slots on Let's start the joint off. Copyrighting Boston fundamentals off copy so you can create a solid foundation that would help you in becoming a better copyright. We'll see him inside the glass. 2. What is Copywriting?: and this like to you're going to learn about copyrighting Andi. You'll also get to know the things that you should totally avoid while writing a good copy . So let's get started. Copy writing is a marketing tool, which is widely used by brands and businesses. The pope is off copy Writing is to persuade the reader to take certain actions are to pitch for the brands to generate leads and sales. Copyrighting has become an essential part of content writing because it prompts the reader to take actions. If you separate content writing and copy writing, you will have a content which would not lead to conversion. Our cells copyrighting can be used in e mails, social ads, landing pages, brochures at the Cheeseman sales copy, print ads except Tre. It has been used in traditional advertising since years, and now it has become an important part off online, gaunt and writing. So let's take a look at the key points regarding copyrighting. The tone should be interactive on persuasive. It should actively post read the reader to take the desired action. Copyrighting is a form off sales writing. So before you do it, make sure to know the purpose off writing, whether it's being written for persuading the customer to buy or to subscribe to your newsletter or any other reason. A content writer should always know the poppers off copyrighting. It's a popular and very useful marketing tool. It's focused on call to action. You will learn about contraction in detail in one off the falling lectures in this section , the readers should be able to connect with your copy. It should brought the reader to take an action. When you're using it online, try to make it as your optimized by using keywords. Copyrighting is not boring, and it should grab the attention within seconds. A good copy does not have excessive jargon, which means you don't use technical words, which are hard to understand. For a reader who has no knowledge about the technical or industrial tones to sum up, ah, good copy grabs the attention. It's easy to understand Andi. It broadens the reader to take a certain action, which would benefit him as well as the brand or the business. There are certain things that you should avoid in GAAP, uniting Number one is using over promotional doing. You should not sound sales e or too persuasive. The reader should not feel that he's being forced today reaction. So you should focus on solving the reader with the product or information instead off selling it to him so that the company can benefit. The 2nd 1 is using excessive industry jargon. As I have already mentioned, using difficult technicals and industry specific terms would annoy the readers. And we do not want this. You're simple, easy to follow language with which attracts the reader next. Forgetting s you. When you are doing copyrighting online, make sure to optimize it or s in you so that you can get organic traffic. Last but most essential, do not dry just for the sake off promoting the brand. You should try to help the reader or customer by offering value with your woods, so make sure to use the sales copy for serving the customers before you solve the company. I hope you now know what copyrighting is all about. In the next lecture, I assure you how to write an amazing copy using the ADA model 3. 4 Easy Steps To Write Copy: AIDA Model: in this lecture, I'm going to show you a very useful model that would help you in writing. Amazing copy. We're talking about the aid. Our Modern. This model was created by Elma Lewis on its one off the most popular model, which is used for generating sales. The Modern shows the journey off a buyer from ignorance towards purchase off the product. You can use this model for writing, sales, copy or other online content. As you can see here, the Eder Modern is the acronym for Attention Interest, Desire on Action. Let's take a look at each one off them. Pension. It's about informing the target audience about the product. Andi crabbing their attention. So first of all, you should meet the potential customers are there about the product. This can be done by grabbing their attention so you can relate the product to the problem. It is solving and start your content by putting light on the problem off the reader. Next, you should bring to their notice that a product or service is available to help them out. Interest. To make the customer or reader interested in your offering, you should share the features and benefits off the product, stimulate the interest of the buyer by showing how the product can match their needs. It's really important to make them interested in the product so that they can proceed to the next stage. If the customer is not interested, then he may actually not be a potential buyer for your product or offering desire. At this stage, the customer must start considering the product more actively. Try to show how your product stands out from your competitors. The customer should start preferring your product over. Your company does broader in this stage action. In this stage, the customer should be prompted to take the action. Depending upon the type of content you're writing, the action could be to buy a product or download a file, are even shared the continent. You must create an urgency in the mind of the customer so that he is prompted to take action and buys from you. Here is the explanation off how the full stages off the ADA Morning and grace the customer to buy the product. In the first stage, the customer or the reader becomes aware about the products existence. In other words, customers attention should be bought towards the product. They must be made aware that there is a product which is available to solve their problem or fulfill their need. In the second stage. He must be interested to know about the product. It's features and benefits in the thought stage. The customer desires to have the product on also benefit from it. In this stage, he must start considering to buy the product in the final stage off the ADA model. The customer is prompted to take the action on by depending upon the type of content your writing, the action could be to buy the product or to share the content all to download a digital file. You can use these four stages off the ADA model to create a content that converts and leads to sales. I hope you now have a clear understanding off the ADA model aunt how you can use it or creating an amazing sales copy. You can also use this for creating various other online content, including articles on block post. In the next lectures, you're going to learn about creating powerful headlines on writing effective call to actions 4. How to Write Powerful Headlines ( Secret Formula): the headline The sides, whether it's going to be a now or never moment for a reader, a reader would notice the headline or headings before they noticed the rest of the content . If the headline is interesting, only then they would dream the entire content. So the decision to read further depends upon how a tractor is the headline. Now I'm about to tell you our formula that will help you and writing interesting headlines that grab the attention off the readers. The formula is trigger words plus the wood, plus our Genesee. Let's take a look at each of them. Trigg Awards. These words are used to evoke emotions and readers might. When you used trigger words in your headlines, you can create the desired emotion in the mind off the window. It is used for grabbing attention. For example, if you want to make the reader curious, you can use words like wandering, questioning, shocking, investigating and eagerness. So these words are triggering the emotion off curiosity. Powerful headline is what you should aim for because it determines whether the reader will go ahead and take a look at the content or refused to read it so it's a now or never situation. I have created a list off 40 trigger words for you. Make sure to download it at the end off this lecture and take help in writing powerful headlines. Next up we have the woods in this bombing. Keyboards are the Don's, which people use for searching Gregory's. You will learn about it in the S U section off this course, so why you should use keywords in the headlines are the titles. The major reason is that it helps to improve rankings in the search engines. Using keyboards in the title is one off the S E O practices, and that's why it's important to have a keyboard. There is another reason for using a keyboard. If you write an excellent headline without using a keyword, then people would not be able to find the content because you have not used words that people are using to search. So that's why it's very important tohave a good keyboard in your title. Arjun See toe angry the reader to read your content immediately. The headline must create an urgency in the reader's mind. If you want to get a design action from the reed Oh, it's important to put urgency in your copy. Whether it's a sales copy or any other form of content, you must create powerful headline that makes the reader thing that he needs to read the content or buy the product. Otherwise, he will miss out something really, really important. You can use this form a line creating powerful headlines and titles, various kind off content. Here's a quick reminder. Don't forget to download the list off 40 trigger words at the end of this lecture so that you can use them in writing attention seeking headlines. I will see you in the next lecture. 5. Using Call to Actions: Encourage readers to buy & take action: I welcome you in this lecture based on going toe action here, you will learn about the major ingredient off writing sales copy that leads to Convulsions CD. Our call to action is used for triggering immediate action from the reader. A potential buyer. Take a look at these points to understand what city is all about. Call to Action is used for getting immediate action from the readers. It's a call for the readers to take action. This action could be anything depending upon the website or the seller. Some of the common actions include attending any event. Download a file or any book. Get discount Copans are sharing a post are buying something or even promoting something. A call to action gives the instruction to the reader about what he must do next or getting more benefit. An effective CD, a provokes immediate response. If SETI is missing, then actually won't be taken An effort off writing an awesome piece off, saying Scott be would be wasted. A call to action to be a line off text. It could be an image orographic or anything else that triggers response. Here is a checklist for writing an effective going to action. First, it must be eye catching. You can place the call to action in those places where the reader can easily notice it. You should put it in the center or between paragraphs or at the end or at the beginning, depending upon where the reader is going to notice it immediately, the gold action must stand out. It should stand out from the rest of the text, and it should be in contrast to the website design and color. The golden action should not blend but stand out from the rest of the content so that readers can easily see it clear. Action. An effective CT? A must tell the reed Oh, what he's expected to do next. It should not confuse him and give a clear step or action that must be taken next. It should be effective and compelling the user mistake. Quick action after reading are seeing the city. It should be compelling enough to make the reader thing that if he does not take the action now, he will leave something very important. You could have more than one CD. If the copier content is lending, you can use multiple call to actions but ensure that these called actions should not create a conflict in the reader's mind and the main purpose off each off the call to action must be the same. So here are some examples off volatile CT Get started today. Let's connect now count me in download for later use. Claim your e book our product. Reserve your spot now by risk free. Make sure to download the list off 41 cities and use them in your content. These gold actions would help you to understand how you can write one on. Create an amazing sale. SKOPJE. You can use call to actions in any form of content where you expect the reader to take an action. I hope you now have a clear understanding about what a call to action is and how you can use it in your content for making it more effective. I'll see you in the next leg, too 6. Example of Sales Copy: Now I will show you an example off a sales copy, which will help you in practically using the dibs provided throughout the Skopje knighting section. Let's suppose there's a brand which creates cake mix that are ready debate. Now, As a content writer, you are given the task to write a sale Skopje for their website so that people instantly order the cake mix online. Imagine what points you should cover in the same Skopje. Think about it. Perish the sales copy as an example to this particular product. The headline off the Skopje is two ingredient, mouthwatering gigs at home. Can you identify the trigger? Would he would an urgency think about it? Yes, you're absolutely right. The trigger word is mouthwatering because it's going to make the reader creep for sweetness . It's triggering on emotion. Gigs at home is the keyboard that I have used, and two ingredient is used in relation to our agency. Now this is not exactly a word combination that is generally used for creating urgency. But here, when the reader finds that he does not have toe go toe the long cake making process and he can big it with just two ingredients. It will create an urgency in his mind to order the skate mix because it's simple and quick to make, So the underlying meaning behind using two ingredients in the headline is to emphasize that this is an instant cake. I'm sure you have noticed the lying written about the headline. I have used it here to grab the attention. The line sees no need for bakery visits when you can bake at home and sell your cravings instantly. The line makes the reader feel it's easy for him to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings right at the comfort off his home without going out and spending time or money. So he's bound to read further below the headline I have mentioned ready to bake a cake mix . This clears everything up, and the reader starts to get a clear picture off the product in his mind. This line, along with the headline, creates awareness in the mind. So here we are also using the ADA model. Next, save money on ingredients, save time on baking. Just take your time and relish an amazing gate. These two lines will further make the reader more interested in the cake mix because it's saving his time as well as money. Below this, I have written perfect for home parties. Christmas Valentine's are any sweet dude day. Now. This sentence shows that the cake mix can be used or locations are simply on any other day . This makes the reader more desire ISS to have the skate mix because it's going to be useful for him. Better or not, there's an occasion or festival. He can use it even on a regular tea on the right. I have mentioned the flavors. This is necessary information that must be given in this particular scene. On the bottom, you can see I have used do call to actions on the bottom Left. It's written. Order your first box for just $2 below that regular price. $8. Now this creates an urgency in the reader's mind, and he believes that he should order the box at just discounted price to spend less and save more money. And on the bottom right, I have written Grab your favorite flavor. This is the second gold action, which prompts the reader to become a customer by ordering this delicious cake mix. So this copy has followed the headline writing formula as well, Last the ADA model. I hope you got an idea about how a sales copy should look like you can download this template and recreate a sales copy in a similar way and use your creative writing skills. 7. Class Project: Now that we have approach towards the end of this class, there's a class project for you. Your project is to create a sale. Skopje so you can simply click. Choose a topic off your own choice. Are big dog big that I have discussed in the description. You are going to find the deal instructions in the description off this class to make sure you follow them. What you have to do is all of the four steps to right I'll shown in the class. You can use the ADA model for writing your sales copy. Next, you will have to create a powerful headline using the formula that I've shown you in the class. Finally, you'll scald toe actions, but this you can take the head off the templates that I have a dash for the trigger words on the call to actions to come pick you CD is from there, and finally, some Mitchell project for getting a feedback the science topic on which you will write your feelings. But if you're uneven, typical topic for you. Also, there are some topics which you can choose from. For example, put friends in a certain perfumes gigs on bakery items clothing on apparent our stationery items, including planners, journos or binders. Choose any off things topics. To write your sales copy, you can create an imaginary product as well to sell to try to seems coffee and some ended in the project. 8. Conclusion: we hope you enjoy this class and founds and really useful insides about copyrighting. Make sure to follow the guidelines and some in your project. They would really like to know how you practice the tips that have been shown in the lesson and how you imply them actually, for writing your own sales copy, we would love to know how much you have learned from this goes to make sure to follow the guidelines and submit your project. Also, if you have enjoyed this glass on founded use book, then please make sure to give your review on feedback because your feedback is truly very important for us. It would help us to know how much you love and enjoy the class on how valuable you found it . Finally, we would like to thank you for joining this class, and we hope to see you in one of our other classes.