Copywriting Boss: How To Turn Your Copywriting Skills Into Lucrative Business | Jackie Jones | Skillshare

Copywriting Boss: How To Turn Your Copywriting Skills Into Lucrative Business

Jackie Jones, Sharing what I know in bite-sized vids

Copywriting Boss: How To Turn Your Copywriting Skills Into Lucrative Business

Jackie Jones, Sharing what I know in bite-sized vids

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Copywriting Basics

    • 3. Low key Money Makers: Hidden Skills That Set You Apart

    • 4. Looking After You For Continuous Success

    • 5. Let's Get To Work: Moves To Make For Copywriting Bossdom

    • 6. Getting Clients

    • 7. Branding For Your Copywriting Business

    • 8. Promoting Your Copywriting Business

    • 9. Hey There Copywriting Boss!

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About This Class

You just made $5 on Fiverr to create a 500-word article and walk away smiling. Good, another client acquired! But as the day wears on and you’re getting deep into research you wonder, “Jeez, is this even worth it?” 

Or maybe you’re applying for every copywriting job but with no portfolio of completed work to show potential clients, your PayPal account’s looking pretty bleak. 

You want to write goddamit! You want to be a copywriter for a living and not the kind of living where 

Ramen and cans of tuna fish aren’t considered gourmet treats. You know what I’m talking about.

But, as the weeks go on and friends and family are telling you freelancing is dead, you’re ready to pack it in and go back to the 9 - 5. After all why waste more time for an entrepreneurial dream that’s not panning out right? 

“Alright guys!” you proclaim, “I’m packing in my copywriter’s badge.”

You don’t have to. 

In fact, even  if you’re in a regular job and want to be a freelance copywriter for extra income, you can do this successfully with the right tools in place. 

That’s why you’re here reading this right now - you’ve just stumbled onto the right tools to become a true Copywriting Boss. 

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Hidden copywriter skills that will set you apart from the competition. 
  • The power of writing what you know.
  • How to get freelance and contract remote jobs (that pay well).
  • How to deal with difficult clients.
  • Effective time management (so you work less for more).
  • How to brand and promote your copywriting business (for free).
  • Networking and engaging brands and editors.

You get to share multiple new skills with the class too, as the Dream Publication Project let’s you put them into practice! You’ll get to write a killer headline, intro, and create a brand graphic for the copywriting job of your dreams

NOTE: Please use the digital products I've provided for you. These contain loads of additional information.

As you go through these lessons, you’ll have access to free templates and resources including:

  • Copywriter Basics (How-tos and quick info).
  • Remote Jobs Toolkit (Get started on the remote job hunt or improve your chances now).
  • Charge-O-Matic Template (You’ll know how to charge for services, every time).
  • Time Manager Chart (Which kind of time manager are you? Find out).
  • Brand Me Toolkit (Branding your business effectively for cheap).

This course is perfect for beginner copywriters who want to do this full-time, or those already in the game wanting to improve their cash-flow and reach. 

Whichever end of the scale you’re on, the info found within will help you achieve your copywriting business dreams. These are the same techniques I’ve used that have landed me consistent remote freelance and contract jobs - paying more than just the bills! 

Nope - I didn’t just wake up this way. It took months of tears and gnashing of teeth figuring out what doesn’t work, before I started to make the impact I wanted. 

Don’t spend loads of time with trial and error, when you can piggyback on my experience instead. 

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments,  and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. 

NOTE: Please use the digital products I've provided for you. These contain loads of additional information :).

You’re not alone in this copywriting business journey, and I can’t wait to see you in there :)! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jackie Jones

Sharing what I know in bite-sized vids


I'm a Creative Content Developer, with 7+ years of remote work experience. Remote working allowed me to produce content and complete projects for clients worldwide. I use my accumulated knowledge to help others who may be now starting out, want to learn something new, or just want to improve or "think outside the box" on a topic they're already familiar with. I write about writing on Pages Unforgotten, and lifestyle topics on Fudge. See samples of past writing and editing work here. 

To save you time trying to place my accent, let me help you out (lol), I'm Barbadian-British. 


See full profile

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1. Introduction: everyone. And welcome to cooperating, boss. Help to turn your copy Writing skills into critic business. I am Jackie Jones, and I am a writer, editor and contact curator with emphasis on editing, content, updating and modernizing. Now I'm so happy you're here with me. And this is great for you. If you are a beginner cooperator. No, Sorry. No wanted to get into the game. This is great. If you are trying to improve the income that bring in or you know you want to get more work , you want to do more. You want to understand the craft more? This is great for all of this. And it doesn't matter if you're in a nine to fight and you're doing it on the site. Or if you just want to make this a full time employment, that's what you're doing. Like you know. That's right. This is for you in all aspects on the reason I'm saying this is because some of the things you're gonna learn are hidden cooperator talents that will legit set you apart from the competition. You'll learn help to charge the old bugaboo. Everybody gets scared about charging, but you will learn how to do that, you will learn how to deal with difficult clients. You'll learn how to Networx and engage brands and editors and the power of writing what you know. These are just some of the things you learn. You learn other things, but these are some of the things that you will definitely get into in this class. And I just can't wait a bit of background about me. I was a journalist and editor for many, many years on, and I got very ill also, from anything to five. I got really stressed really ill andan up saying, No, I need to step aside and figure out another way to do this. So I started freelance and contract work, and it was difficult at first. And that's one of the reasons I think it's costs because I don't want it to be difficult for you on, um, basically. But over time, as I as I developed across from a I started Teoh, understand how to get certain jobs, how to reach out to people and so on. Um, sooner than later, I started working with people all over the world. You know, I work with companies have warned of bronze. I worked on campaigns. I have done work for even content, mills. And that's not something I usually I You will get into that intercourse. But the point I'm trying amazigh pretty much done anything you can think about what it comes to cooperating. Or at this point, uh, on. I'm looking forward to sharing all I know with you in this cost, you also get, uh, work on a class project, which is really fun really easy. You get to craft your dream publication. Now, you don't have to do an entire article or anything. All you have to do is, uh, you know, have your headlight. So your killer headline you're gonna have a intro, which is there's a few lines of intrude on. This will be based on a company brand publication whatever that you would move off to write for. So you'll think about you, and then you'll You'll put it together. You'll have, like, one brand graphic cause you're gonna learn grounding to on and yeah, and we're gonna get We're gonna have some fun of this. Got. So I look forward to seeing you in there again, Jackie Jones. And this is operating boss held to turn your copy writing skills into lucrative business. Let's begin 2. Copywriting Basics: I again? Guys, welcome to cooperating basics. I'm gonna touch on just a couple things in this s 01 thing I really want to get to is the importance of writing what you know. Now let me give you a bit about run with this. So when I was a journalist, I roll on many different subjects, so I wasn't, like, just like oh, features journalists are wasn't just like a business journalist. I literally did many difference. Subject markers. You know, I touch a law subjects this carry when he became a freelance on a contract worker. But the thing that I start to realize is that whenever I would whenever I would work on on subjects that I was very familiar with support example is very familiar with entrepreneurship. Will travel with fitness and help with nutrition, you know, not type of thing on. I found I would Cranko work really quickly because even if I had to do research, I knew exactly where to look. I knew exactly what will happen, and I already hot some kind of idea what was going on. And here's the thing about that as a content writer, cooperator, whatever the quicker you can crying coat work, the more money you can meet, because think about it. If you can do a 500 word article in, like, half an hour because you know the subject, then what does that mean? It means that instead of you being being able toe sorry, it means that instead of you having Teoh pick up maybe two jobs that day because maybe it takes you half a day to do two jobs. You could maybe pick up foreign jobs that day, so that's more money for you. And, you know, if you're looking to meet lucrative business, that's what you want. You want to work smarter, not harder. So I'm not telling you, don't do subjects or whatever that you don't You don't know things about because what I will say about guys that you learn a hell of a lot. Yeah, you do. However, um, I will say it's his more beneficial If you're trying to build a lucrative offices in his beneficial toe, write what you know so that you make more money a long wait, and it's the same thing With the research. You'll be able to research quicker because you'll have you know where to go? Look, you know what I mean. So it's not as difficult as when you don't have a clue where to begin. So those are my favorite. Cooperating basics. Breaking what? You know. So you can research on the flag on more money. Let's move on. 3. Low key Money Makers: Hidden Skills That Set You Apart: way are on to Loki moneymakers, Hidden skills that set you apart. Now you'll notice that I'm here on a random website. This is the people. We don't active dot com. My science seems to me by familiar whipped and make this a little quicker. And a little jeans here. You guys kind on your side as well. Okay, So what? I'm gonna start with you. See this? For nine months, your physique has enjoyed plausible deniability, etcetera, etcetera. OK, so lots of companies and grounds, etcetera will ox, you take content from one site and to rewrite and spin it. So you know, it doesn't show up in Google of an article that's already been written and not so what we're gonna do here. It's just quickly show even you can do that. I actually really love doing this. I think it's a lot of funny Kinda helps you figure out for euros pretty quickly. So let's start with, um, just sitting in the text, the text, just that we just lifted. Okay, So this is the original tax that you can see show. Let's see how we can change that a bit. Last. See, guys, let's do this And in a couple of seconds or last, Lissy. Oh, you're not the Rabel. Some wrestling truth. Okay, how about, um, Winters nearly over on? You know what that means? You know what that means and all about, uh, everyone will know the truth. It's hiding under all that alter. There are layers. You may be a bit maybe a bit. You know that dramatic. But the point is, when this goes into Google, nobody will think that it came from here. You see what I'm saying? So this is one of the things that if you can master, you can do really well. You can definitely get a lot of pork as a cooperator doing that. Just basically rewriting on spinning content, a donor thing that you will find yourself getting a lot of work doing. Let's use the new original version of this for this on. What we'll do is sometimes non native English speakers Will asks you to, you know, make their their work. Seymour English, so to speak. So you this'll might not be winters nearly over. It might be winter over, you know, you know, and I know that seems like, you know, that's in your head or like that makes no sense. What? So are because you know English. But however, like non native being the speaker, you need to change this. This'll right here. So this reads like this. Yeah. So that's another way you can you can improve and, uh, get your income ruling. So let's put those points really quickly. Really writing slot spinning contact are rewriting for non native English speaking clients . So eight films naturally, and that's another one. Okay, so, uh, what you can also do is if you are able to write in both rooms about if you're able to write trouble, uh, for different types of English. So for me, I focused merely on British or American English on other people, also to Canadian, Australian, etcetera S O. That means having healthy knowledge of how the British right things and how the Americans right things that it's having healthy knowledge of the different sliding terms that would be used in American verses. British content. So far, it's Uncle. The Brits are going to see point, whereas American might just see grab a beer, you know, but But we about the British will say you grab a like or get right, So that would be British. Whereas this would be yes. So? So they're different little things you can do to really make sure that you grab your audience and that you are able Teoh to make more money with your craft, their little money makers, and they may seem like no big deal, but they are. Here we go again. Not currently. I am a trigger happy person here. Okay? The other thing you can do. So let me put that in our placeless, uh, writing slash editing in multiple English styles. Finally, whatever out to this is editing because I just put it in up there. If you can also call P at it best from downstate because if people don't need to have someone else coffee at your work, that is great. So that is Ah, Major. Plus, it can also edit your work improve free in your own work. Yeah, that's where we in here. This is going to really help you as well. And you're on a class project because when you're trying to think of great headlines, you can do if you can do If I were more just kind of spin. Which one? You think best one to get your point across and Yeah, There you go. You're done dusted. Everything's good. 4. Looking After You For Continuous Success: again, guys. Okay, so this is protecting you, looking out through the cooperator for optimum results. Now, I really like to touch briefly on this because of many of the things that I have been through in my own journey as journeys freelancer on, uh, contract I I really feel that it's important that you understand you're worth as a person as a copywriter, because if you don't, you know, entice you Teoh. Just take whatever you can get and just kind of not be as inclined to think that you're worth making more money or that people should pay you more or give you more time. If you need more time and things like that, you'll just kind of just take whatever comes your weight on. But I do understand. Don't get me wrong. I do understand that sometimes there situations where you feel like I need to make money. No. Oh, my God. All day I get it. However, I don't want you to sell yourself short. Even if you've never, ever had a job, I want you to think about a few things. How many causes, of course, have been taken over the course of your life. Ah, what about books? Read documentaries? Watched people that have come to you for so many different things over your lifetime of asking for advice. How many articles have you written? Your spare time? How many times have you gone online and just bringing your comments just around me on something? How many times have you created an email to send out to, ah, potential employer? Because you're trying to find work? How many times have you may be written, even find meal? How many times have you gone out there? I'm just kind of read all these different articles about journalism incorporating it. Whatever. It doesn't matter if you have never hade a job. You have already started pain. June's from the time you excited. Teoh, look around and say, OK, this is something I want to do. You start actively doing it even right now, being here watching this class, you are improving yourself. You're learning, and that means that by extension you are legitimately already paying juice on it. It's a thing that a lot of people get tripped up by because they think, Oh my gosh, if I'm not writing for the president and who the hell is gonna want to hear from me. Don't let that overshadow you, okay? Don't let that stop you. There are millions of people. They're doing work every day that just came on the scene and are making money. Okay, so it's not something that you can't do. Yeah, Got it. Let's keep moving. 5. Let's Get To Work: Moves To Make For Copywriting Bossdom: time to get to work. Boost to make, for cooperating Boston. Know you've already on a few, but let's move on a little bit. No, under signing freelancing versus contract work. Now here's the thing. Both them were freelancing, you know, because it means that you know, you're not specifically employed by a company, you know, long term. Specifically, however, do you think about free Lantz? Where gets up? You might be working for a bunch of different people on time or naming one company that you're just, you know, working for all the time. You don't have a contract with this company with contract work. Now. That's where things get pretty nice at times, because what can happen is that you're either locked in something that three months, six months could be a year long contract on Sometimes certain companies they want you to continue so they'll keep renewing that contract, depending on how they and you are finding the working relationship on the combination. So it's really up to what you want to do because, for example, if you are coming from a 95 you don't want to be brought down and not way again. But I wouldn't suggest contract work as opposed to just plain or freelancing. However, if you are somebody who kind of feels like I don't know, it's just freelancing is safe enough for me or whatever, then you know the contract job can really make you feel like Okay, I'm good. However, there are other options as well. Remember, there are options remote. You can work for a company made to five it or flexible company, where they don't expect him to be made to fight. But they do expect you to be available when they want you to be available. So, for example, what often happens is so many companies will ritual on Have world wade Applicants are be able to apply for jobs at the same time. There many dot May say OK only builds in U. S. Singing on the doors is no in the UK when he does in Australia. Whatever the reason they will do that is because it has to do one with things like toxins, emptions, all types of things which you will learn as well when you go through the resources that I have provided for you. So go through guys, Andi Also, it's also, too, because on sometimes it's about time zones. So, for example, someone in Europe might not always decide to hire someone in the U. S. Because there has. When I am awake and I'm working, you're still sleep, You know what I mean? So it's a It's a a shifty bracket there. Uh, so it's really up to that is really up to, you know, before I talk on an unknown, effective time management, let me tell you, if you can get your time management down, as I said earlier in the earlier video, you can legit make more money sometimes on your our competitors, because time management swim boarded so important. And it's not only about making more money is also about just having your clients have good faith in you. You know, they know that if you say you're going to finish the job in 12 hours and the job will be finishing 12 hours and they don't have to look out, you don't have to look back at you. You know, I'm gonna say I've never missed a deadline. I have missed deadlines on in those situations. You go to the client minute, you're really you're gonna miss the deadline. For whatever the reason is, you go to the client and you let them know. Okay? You let them know. Listen, I'm really sorry. This is a situation, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, you know, And what? I have also done any pass skins put them onto. If if it's a situation support, I'm having attacked problem. And unlike, only go. I'm not going to get this done in time. Then I will put them onto another freelancer who I know will be able to finish the job. But they can also trust them. Now. You might think that this is like, Oh, my God. But if I put them on to somebody else doesn't mean I'll lose their business. No, because what happens if it also keeps the trust built? It keeps the trust secure because they understand that not only are you not going to leave them in lurch, you're also gonna provide them with a qualified person to continue the job. But maybe you can finish. No, I have not missed that links very often. But I'm just saying that it does happen because Hello, guys. This is real life thistles. Real life. Things happen so don't kill yourself. Miss a deadline. Just know to do the things that you need to do before, um, completely missing the deadline. One other thing I want to touch on is creating a portfolio. Even if you've never had a problem. Todd, a job. All you need to do is do a few articles. You don't even have to do a full article. Just do just right up some things that people can see that. Hey, this person has skills. That's all you need to do. So a few articles on a website. And if you do already have arguments, duty, same thing put links to your article so people can see or have them was downloadable files . Easy peasy. Port for your done lesson. Done. Let's go. 6. Getting Clients: Okay, guys. High again. And now we're getting into that old bugaboo getting clients, charging all the other stuff now. Okay, um, I have attached a remote jobs to a kid. He may have seen that already have skipped ahead. And you've seen it already and through it. But basically what this is this is a resource that will allow you to jump right in. It has websites, resources, etcetera. That will point you in the right direction for remote jobs, whether they are nine to fives or they're very flexible. Whatever the type of job you're looking for, that resource that I attach will have them in their score. You now finding clients who want to work with you. That's a bit of being sometimes over that, because there comes a client. So there are tons of companies, tons of brown, but they're also tons of writers. And you're like, What do I do? How I do this the way you do? This is from things like what we talked about earlier. You set yourself apart. What do you bring to the table that is even slightly different? Everyone else you know. How do you do things? A little differently. Like I said earlier for me, it was because I also was a skilled a skilled editor had also because I, um, both write and edit for British and American English. So that helped me a lot. You know, like a lot of people that wanted both would be like, Okay, you know what? Let's do this. Or, um, I was able to, like, negotiate in different ways based on the skills and I hade and things like that already. So my thing is, when you go there looking for clients, it's not just a boat. Clients who want to work with you also remember who you want to work with because you don't lost situations where you are just in a job on it is sucking your soldier. Trust me, I don't want that. I have experienced that you don't want it. You don't want you don't want it. Um and then they hope to charge thing. Now the charge amounted. Template will also help you with this. That's also attach. No, the thing about charging is and you can charge whatever you like. To be quite honest, if you think that you should charge a 1,000,000 bucks for, um, 500 words. And that's on you, you know, do what you like, because whatever you think you should charge, that's what I'm not that person that's gonna tell you this is what your charge. However, the charge about a template will help you to kind of break down kind of standard ways of charging prick. Operating on it will allow you to kind of see that you're probably charging too little already because even something as simple is charging. Five travelers were fighting your words. Get that fiver and everything. I maybe don't get me wrong fiber has got a meal with some scrapes before, but at the same time, that is really cheap for 500 words. So the charge, my template, will help you, Teoh understand that you can charge without feeling like you're stomach is gonna drop of your your feet. You're OK. You don't have to worry about what you're charging. You're probably charging too little already. Yeah, OK, one more thing really quickly. So this doesn't go too long, Um, dealing with difficult claims? No, they are some claims that you know, sometimes take a while to pee or some clients that no matter how many times you sense and lied to them, they always want something changed. They always want something change. Now here's a little trick for that kind of thing. While you do is you see, if you are willing to you say Okay, I include with my services one. Or let's say to, um, reduce or local birds or something like that. You know, you look over it like once or twice whatever again. After that, you charged Don't play. I'm serious, guys. I don't care that you're no sorry. Do not please. If you're in it already and you're doing the whole 10 20 different rewrite, stop it. Stop, stop, stop! Do not play with these people because sometimes some clients, some of them, are just difficult because they're super perfectionists. But often it is. Sometimes they're dismaying, paying you in a smart way. Or sometimes it's just that they might never, ever be happy. So when you're dealing with difficult clients, you have to remember to look up for yourself as well. Don't forget this. Always look out for yourself. I might sound like a stuck record here, but I'm serious. The customer. It's not always right. Okay, guys, I will be back in the second 7. Branding For Your Copywriting Business: Okay, guys, we are hater with the world has to know branding, career cooperating business. Now, I'm gonna go through this one pretty quickly because I want to get in as much as I can in this, uh, in this video. So, first of all, we're gonna go. Camba, don't come. That's one of my favorites. I am No, on affiliate, Cam, but I do not make any money from Cambo. I just love using count. Okay. Uh, now the cool thing about campus, I was easy to sign up. You can literally sign up through Google or email or Facebook. It's really, really easy on. They have tons of free templates, tons of creeping trans, as you can see Right here. Pulse their social in the instagram, etcetera. Septus, I know what you can do here really easily now. Okay, Some of you. First of all, let me say that some of you might be thinking What the hell do you know anything about Bronek? But here's the thing. There are tons of clients that will save things you like is so Are you familiar with my brand? Are you familiar with my website? Are you familiar with our latest products. All these type of things and it's great me just thinking like, you know, your website. It's like vibrate. Use all these great colors. You know? Usually your content is very customer focus and things. All of that is what sats you apart from others. Because you've done your homework. And let me tell you about gold. Along with clients. I'm building relationships. So let us do very quick, because remember your cost project. You have to create at least one and grab every your dream publication. So let's say in this case, your dream publication of social vehicles. Campbell makes it super easy. Now they look dated a lot of the a lot of their infrastructure, so it's really is even easier than it was before to use them. If you're not knocking in between, don't worry about that. Milking all that is, um oops. Accidentally clicked where I didn't want to go to. OK, but don't worry about clocking what clicking. What is it? Lenovo laptop seem tohave pretty load space bar, which I only discovered when my most excited wanted to get a goal today. Okay, so, to this, uh, as you can see, all of the time place and debated in tow. Kind of themes of what they are. Social behavior, Social rock days, an event. Social graphic. Uh, cool social graph. It released a social wrap it. You got a point. Now we're gonna go with sale. Social graphic now say you have to write a polls about unending summer sale are coming on to the end of summer. Is going to school soon, So let's do that. So what will ripple all hurts on? As you can see, you have a huge selection. Like I mean, there's so many now everything. Is it gonna be free of Gamba? Recently? They made a lot more of their pictures. You have to pay for a lot more 10 picks. You have paper, but still, don't be discouraged. There. So many things are free. You know, often it's courage. Okay, so let's click on one of these templates and talk about this like this one. Ah, pretty sure this picture is gonna be a seat. OK, you'll know when you have to pay for something, because it will have these lanes and the Camba watermark. So let's just very quickly change for hope. So we don't I have to pay for it on OK, herds one can use already. So here we go. Just change it. Looks more Christmas, even summer. But CEO, you not looks to change now. It is not a cyber Mondays. Mondays. Feel anything? End of summer. So? So here are just change it really quickly. You can also change things like font. So say you want todo something different. This changes the first thing. That's hair to change it. But that's too big nose change this size. Yeah, on you can also change things that color separates. Uncle, this is blocked out. So you just click on anything you want to change and it'll highlight for you and they can change it. So let's Tonto. Yeah, but now we can't see the fault. No, that won't work. So what we don't we change the color on You can just keep changing and playing around doing whatever you want to in it. See you highlighted again. Very good. Another change. So you keep doing that. Cambo leaves it really eats a career. You can either sign up free. You can pay for a year subscription or you can pay 12 minutes uh, accounts for business and things like that. So it's really easy. Not if you don't want to do any of this stuff yourself. You can also use things like or you can use that saved up work or are you are call or you can use our. You're gonna have all of this in your resources as well. So don't worry about it. You're really trying all these things in your sources. And the cool thing is, you know, as a freelance for yourself or as a contract worker or even somebody who's just doing this as a hustle on site, you sometimes will me to use other resources, other freelancers, that someone. So it's always good toe have toe have, ah, kind of a resource that we're on top where possible. But that's it. It is not easy. And this will come in handy when you were doing your cost project cause, remember, one of the things to do is to create a long graphic and any questions you have about this. If you need me to slow down anything for you or explain anything better for you, don't worry. Voted. Just message me and I will get on it. Thanks for watching this one, guys 8. Promoting Your Copywriting Business: Hi again, guys. We're back with shout a little louder promoting your cooperating business. We've done the burning on. Honestly, you don't have to do that. You know that's not necessary. But I put it in there because I think it's really good for an entrepreneur or somebody who's himself employed to really just kind of I understand their branding and have an idea . It doesn't have to be the you know, you don't have to be like Coca Cola lumber on exact, but I mean, just just have an i d. I want to do for your own branding, you know, it also saves you money. But anyone about promoting now you can network on social media without spamming. Did you know that you can't on? You don't have to be on their everyday saying, Look at me. I'm a copyright. I mean, look, look, look. You don't have to do that every day either you can legit do in smart weights. So, for example, there was a period where I was writing consistently for a trouble sign on. One of the ways and removed is you as long as it's alone. So this is if you're not ghostwriting if you're writing on your by line because I was writing with a byline. Um, if you're writing with your violent, you can literally be like, Oh, Hey, guys, guess what. Check out this article I wrote on such and such on. In a smart way, you are letting people know Hey, I'm a writer without doing a damn thing. You know what I need? All you have to do is put the stuff that you've written up and then with network venue just in the same thing. You re tweet other articles that are maybe in your feel, you this would be on Twitter. Obviously you highlight, um, other influencers in your field, you know, you approach and closer even and be like, Hey, guess what? I wrote this travel article that I think you might be interested in. Do you want to check it out? You're not spamming anyone you haven't spawned. You have not done anything. And here's the thing. We let ourselves get scared by Mittal things light literally clicking. Send on an email. Are you kidding me? No. You can do this. You can literally network out stress forgettable people that might not answer forgettable people that may not be interested. Just keep out of it. Because your whole point is that you're trying to build your cooperating business, you know? And if this is the room you want to take to do it, be bold, You know, don't worry about about anything else. You know, you're about a good product, you know you're doing doing good work. Just be bold. Now approaching editors. I'm pitching with confidence. There are tons of articles out there that will give you information home to pitch editors for different sites. So suppose you want to write for mind? Body Green, for example. Then you might tell yourself. Okay, I'm gonna pitch, and I'm going to send this big, long email and explain everything that I'm doing and edited it up. But no, you just have to give very succinct points. What do you want to write about? Why do you want to write about it? One of your qualified to write about it and told bog up email, cause most people don't even like to reading. You like to read all my emails anymore. I mean, maybe I do. Sometimes it's pretty safe reading, but generate Generally do you even like to read long emails? Probably not on a lot of adventures don't either. So the thing is, when you're pitching, just pitch exactly what you're pitching, who you are. What? You what your topic is want you want to write about And why? Why you want to write about it and why you're qualified to write about it. That's it. That's it, guys. And you're just promoting promoting, promoting without doing much. You just clicking sent. Okay, I'm done. Will be back in the second. 9. Hey There Copywriting Boss!: I think this is the final video in copyrighting balls. How to turn your copy writing skills into lucrative business. I am so glad you stuck it out till the end. I've had so much fun making this here in Sioux needed on. And I am I am so happy like that. You're stuck with me. No, I'm gonna tell you why you help to sing back, Know everything that I've taught you. It might not be like you might. This might not have been like a six month class where you're there forever. Whatever. But everything I've taught you means that you can start right away. So even if you're you're already in the process and you're doing it, you can implement these things that I'm teaching right away. That is yeah. I love that I wish when I was starting, but I have things like that's, like, resources that, um that could just allow me to just go and go off and do what I need to do. Now, make sure you make use of the additional resources, the PDS and PNG's. Whatever I have attach making use of them. They will also help you with your class project. Have you done that yet? Have you started now, remember, if you haven't started to cops project, let me just just pull it up really quickly. Okay? So this is your dream publication project on what I want you to do with this one is Teoh. Think about a company of brand, uh, website anything that you would absolutely love to write for. Who would you like to write for? You know, if you could rate for anyone, if you could do copy for anyone who would it be? And I want you to take that and then make a keeler headlight like make a headline that will make everyone want to read that story. I'm from there. Just Owen. Injuring your intro. Needs to be about 50 to 60 words us. It just in drew for your topic. And then from there, I want you to create a brand graphic because how I want you to think of this is that this is going on your dream complications site and they're gonna have a graphic with it. You learn all this stuff, so I know you guys can do this, and I am so looking forward to see what you come up with, Uh, for your for your class projects. Any questions? You have feel very, very free to contact me. I will respond within 24 48 hours, barring any natural disasters or craziness and worry about that. And, yeah, like, I'm just so happy. But we're happy that you've been with me. Thank you for joining me, Jackie Jones in Copyrighting boss Home to turn your cooperating skills into lucrative business on and go forth and make money topping those damn keys by guys.