Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales: Time-Tested Tactics that Prompt Action | Jack Zerby | Skillshare

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13 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Copywriting?

    • 3. Audience: What to Ask and Why

    • 4. Classic Structures: Frameworks

    • 5. Classic Structures: Principles (Part I)

    • 6. Classic Structures: Principles (Part II)

    • 7. Headlines: Analyzing What Works

    • 8. Headlines: Purpose, Types, and Upworthy

    • 9. Headlines: Frameworks

    • 10. Headlines: Applications

    • 11. Copy: Features and Benefits

    • 12. Short vs. Long Copy

    • 13. Improving Your Skills

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About This Class

Write a smart sales pitch. Prompt real action.

This class is because writing matters. Master your copywriting voice with entrepreneur Jack Zerby’s pithy playbook for inspiring action through words. This 75-minute class spans the history of sales letters as well as how to identify audiences, harness popular writing formulas, and create engaging headlines. Jack challenges us to improve our copywriting skills by spending just a few minutes writing every day. It's a class for everyone with a message to share.

Watch 12 short video lessons.

In entertaining and progressive units, you'll learn the principles, tactics, and writing frameworks that copywriters have been using since 1930. Why? Because they work!

  • Intro to Copywriting. Use time-tested principles from legends like Robert Collier, Gary Halbert, and Dan Kennedy. Find out what makes copywriting a matter of both science and sales.
  • The Market and Audience. Uncover what matters to your readers and learn how to leverage that knowledge in your writing.
  • Popular Frameworks and Principles. Learn classic, structured writing frameworks that create emotion, build suspense, and prompt reader action.
  • Headlines and Copy. Learn how to identify, write, and test effective headlines as well as how to craft features-and-benefits copy that prompts reader action.
  • Advice on Length and Practice. Learn exercises for writing like the best copywriters of all time.

Learn by doing.

Write an eye-catching headline and 500–1500 words of ad copy that resonates with the needs of your audience and aligns with a classic copywriting framework.